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    Fuel issue

    I'll have to test that on our 1086 as well. I'm 3 states away from the farm going to school and my uncle called asking for advice on it. He was using a 20ft bush hog and it died on him, he replaced both fuel filters and says there is plenty of fuel coming from the filter base. He also says when you hand prime it that it gets firm but then feels like it loses pressure again, still currently sitting in the field until I'm back home on Christmas break.
  2. I mostly pull it but can turn it back down for farm use if need be. Just kinda curious what other pullers are getting
  3. How much boost pressure is considered too much on a "stock" DT414, 436, 466? Mine is pushing a little north of 30-35ish with a maxed out stock pump and S2E turbo. I've heard that 50 is usually the limit before it blows the stock head gasket w/ stock head bolts. Anyone have any input to that?
  4. So would running a turbo with an H head have any advantages over a no mark or + head? Just curious cause I still have the H head on my 966 although it has an S2E turbo
  5. Drewu223


    I was only 3 years old in preschool. My dad remembers it as he was at a horse show in Kansas when the news was announced
  6. Does anyone know the difference in the head castings on the 400 series engines? Like what's the difference in a "+" or "H" casting?
  7. My 966 never gets above 200° or so when pulling a 20ft bushhog. Gotta be careful with the throttle though, too much and you're running 26-30 psi of boost and 1400° EGT haha
  8. Looking to make a pulling throttle for my 966, I've heard of people using a breaker bar and a throttle cable off of a 2+2. Any tips on this?
  9. Good to know. I've only got a 10mm pump and S2e, but I'm sure I won't even have to worry about that even after an S300 and 13mm pump lol
  10. Never ran my 4l80e low but I've ran it hard. Pulled about 18k in my 98 K2500 with a 454 quite a few times and it's never given me any issues
  11. I've heard that is only with chlorinated brake cleaner, and that it doesnt produce phosgene if you use non-chlorinated cleaner. I may be wrong though
  12. I'm sure I dont have anything to worry about, but I watched a video of a John Deere 4430 intake manifold blow up while making about 70psi of boost. I have a 966 with a DT414 (originally D414, then overhauled and built into a DT414) that will make about 40psi on a good day at the track. I'm pretty far from 70+psi but I was curious how much pressure the stock intake manifold can hold.
  13. I got a reliance kit on my 966, with the pistons for the D414 not DT414, and installed the piston oil squirters, bigger water and oil pump, 6 blade fan, etc. I installed an S2E turbo and have the pump maxed out, and I've never had any issues with it. I run it on a 20ft Bush hog, multiple tractor pulls pushing 30+ psi and 1400° EGTs, etc. and have never had any issues whatsoever. Starts right up in the cold and and always runs great.
  14. What's wrong with Reliance? Not bashing, just curious if there has been reported problems with their parts or something.
  15. If you get a DT466 you better be careful, it's dangerously easy to get 550-600hp if built correctly😉
  16. I do have some experience building a couple DT466s🤔... I kinda want to hear the ol 2 stroke roar to life though lol
  17. Think it'll be good to try and start after sitting so many years? I would think it would need more servicing to start rather than just replacing the injector, changing the fluids, etc. It needs a new fuel tank anyways cause there's a hole in the top of it now anyways.
  18. I'm looking to get the old fleetstar running again after its been sitting so long (I'm 20yrs old and it's been sitting since before I was born). It has the 6-71 Detroit and if I remember correctly my uncle told me that the #6 injector (at the rear of engine) got stuck closed and it wouldn't come above an Idle. What all do you think I should do before it gets back to running order? New injectors, fluids, belts, etc.? Or just an all out overhaul?
  19. I want to swap out the Dayton wheels and 10.00-20 tires with the newer Budd wheels and 11r22.5 tires. Does anyone know the best way to get this done?
  20. It's already full fueled, droop screw backed out, and torque cam flipped up, running an S2E charger. I was really just curious on if it would gain any more hp with the advanced timing. Highest EGT I've seen while pulling was between 1350-1400° on 24*BTDC
  21. I'm still stuck with a 10mm head while I'm here in college. I'm actually in a diesel fuels class right now and we'll be disassembling and re assembling an M100 next week in class. I asked my instructor the same question and he said he would not go above 30*, if that. KRM, was that with a 13mm pump and 3lm I'm assuming?
  22. Just curious as to how much timing I can run on my 966 puller. I still have an intravance and I'm running at 24* BTDC. Is it safe to run upwards of 30-32*?
  23. I need to get the three point hitch removed from my 966 so I can install some wheelie bars. I haven't looked at it much but I was wondering how hard they will be to remove, as well as what exactly I need to do to remove them.
  24. Does anyone know where I can get some interior parts? Such as knobs, gauges, etc. And the little plastic knob that shifts the 2 speed rear end
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