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  1. Oh I definitely plan on doing an SFI Flywheel/clutch, air/fuel shutoff, as well as roll cage, ladder bars, wheelie bars, etc. before I start trying to make a bunch of power
  2. Sorry for extremely late reply, but the three pump gear bolts sheared off, they were obvious not torqued correctly when the pump was rebuilt. Got them out and replaced with new bolts, been working great since then
  3. Just curious as to what it takes to swap an A or P pump onto a 966. I know I'll need the adapter to physically mount the pump, lines, bigger injectors, etc. I'm just trying to get a list together and hopefully figure out where I can buy everything I need. Obviously going to be just a strict pulling tractor
  4. I'll have to test that on our 1086 as well. I'm 3 states away from the farm going to school and my uncle called asking for advice on it. He was using a 20ft bush hog and it died on him, he replaced both fuel filters and says there is plenty of fuel coming from the filter base. He also says when you hand prime it that it gets firm but then feels like it loses pressure again, still currently sitting in the field until I'm back home on Christmas break.
  5. If you get a DT466 you better be careful, it's dangerously easy to get 550-600hp if built correctly?
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