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  1. Drewu223

    966 three point removal

    I need to get the three point hitch removed from my 966 so I can install some wheelie bars. I haven't looked at it much but I was wondering how hard they will be to remove, as well as what exactly I need to do to remove them.
  2. Drewu223

    966 injection pump timing

    Can I get a factory pump to turn 3000rpms?
  3. Drewu223

    966 injection pump timing

    Went ahead and did 24*. I feel a little more on the low end but I gained 2 extra pounds of boost doing Hi-4 TA up launches on the gravel road making it have 22psi under that load. I've had 32psi in front of the sled on 18* so now I need to see if the timing makes a difference on the track or not at 24*
  4. Drewu223

    966 injection pump timing

    Do you think I can run 24* or should I stay at 22*?
  5. Drewu223

    D414 to a D466

    Try posting this in the general section to get more views/replies. But I believe all you need is crank and rebuild kit
  6. Drewu223

    Turbo Pressure DT414 - 1066 ?

    My 966 with an S2E turbo and pump all the way up has made 35 on the track
  7. Drewu223

    966 injection pump timing

    I have my factory Bosch/Ambac M100 pump set at the factory 18* advanced timing. The pump has the fuel cracked all the way up, "torque cam" flipped up, and high idle screw backed out one turn. The tractor also has an S2E turbo and a little bit of head work (not much just some chamber's cleaned up). Can I set the injection pump advance to 22* or something to get more power? I'm pulling 10,500 and 11,500 12.5mph and open classes with it btw
  8. Drewu223

    560 on alcohol

    A good friend of mine has a 1959 560 that he is dead set on making into a light super stock puller. But here's the catch, instead of building a DT466 or something common, he wants to the factory 263 (maybe a 301) and run it on alcohol and have fuel injection and turbocharge it. He won't listen to me and believes he'll be able to make just as much power as anyone else with that motor, and believes I just want him to waste money on a DT466. So, I might as well help him with the 301 and I was curious if anyone else has already ran one of these motors on alcohol and got decent power? Keep in mind he doesn't mind spending money on the high end parts for this motor
  9. Drewu223

    966 camshaft?

    I'm just curious, is it worth upgrading the cam on a DT466 running 3000 rpm, a 13mm pump and maybe an S366 turbo? Or will the factory cam still be just fine? If not, are there other valve train upgrades I could do without getting a 467 block to use roller lifters?
  10. Drewu223

    560 gasser upgrade

    What bad have you heard about them?
  11. Drewu223

    560 gasser upgrade

    A good friend of mine just recently bought a 1959 560 that is locked up and he is wanting to bring it to a 291 and put a Keystone turbo on it. What's the best way to make it a 291? or would it be best to keep it a 263? He will also be taking some Factory Parts off of it so if anybody would like a two point fast hitch, PTO, or rear wheels please let me know.
  12. Drewu223

    966 fuel problem

    Yes just with maxed out fuel screw, droop screw backed out, torque cam flipped up, and high idle screw backed out one turn.
  13. Drewu223

    966 fuel problem

    Well tonight was the tractor pull in Lincoln, Mo. And I was pulling 10,500 and 11,500 8mph classes. The first pull it ran just fine until about 200ft or so and it would just barley start coughing until it just shut off like you hit a kill switch. Got towed (very embarrassing btw) to the truck, and tried to prime the pump and got nowhere. I removed the secondary fuel filter and pumped the primer a few more times, then replaced the filter, and primed once more. Started up and ran great, revved flawlessly to about 2800rpm a few times, threw on the weights and pulled again in the 11,500 class. Same thing, about 200 feet and boom, it shuts off. After being towed again, I did the same thing as before to start it and load it onto the trailer. As I was leaving, a track official waved me down to hand me a shirt I apparently won, and said my injection pump is drawing too much fuel and that I need an in line electric pump to feed the injection pump. Does anyone else have any other ideas on what it could be? Keep in mind it's the factory American Bosch Model 100 10mm pump, just with max fuel, droop screw backed out, torque cam flipped up, and high idle screw backed out one turn.
  14. Drewu223

    Cub cadet 109 value

    I was just curious what my 109 is worth. I have the engine but it's apart getting a complete overhaul, including a .030 over bore, .040 shaved off the head, new carburetor, coil, and many other little things. Also has a 48" (I believe) mower deck and 52" snow plow. I can't figure out just how to add a picture yet haha
  15. Drewu223

    Bosch/Ambac M100 pump

    I plan to get an SFI rated flywheel and dual disk clutch by next year, until then I'm not gonna go a hair over 3000 rpms, if that. Too dangerous to myself and bystanders to have that much speed and heat on a cast flywheel