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  1. Thanks for all the replies.......yes the bolts are coming loose and then the pan starts to leak. I know what you mean rustred.....it isn't making sense.......we just haven't found the right tree yet. We have had 2 different mechanics locally try to get it........they haven't succeeded, so we are back to trying to figure it out ourselves. I haven't explored anything on the other end.......but that is something we will look into.
  2. They seem to all work loose, although the front are normally more loose than the rear. Then usually starts leaking from the front of the pan........had a local shop tell us the cork gasket is the problem. I can understand that to a point. Haven't been able to find a rubber pan gasket yet. Plan on tearing into it yet today or Monday. We found a balancer..........plan on swapping and at least we can rule that out. Thanks for the replies!
  3. Have bean having this issue with our 756 gasser. Starting last summer we haven't been able to keep the oil pan bolts tight/keep the gasket from leaking. Have talked with a couple forum members and had some good ideas given.......am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. We are on our 5th try right now........and it started leaking again yesterday......bolts are loose again. We can tighten them in the morning and by evening (front mount cultivator tractor) they are loose again. Have cleaned out the bolt holes, tried new bolts and lock washers, loctite, made sure pan lip is true and straight, inspected pan for cracks/deformities. Am thinking maybe dampener pulley is going bad.........at least I think that's next on the list to try. Grandpa bought this tractor new and was never an issue until last year. Any ideas/help would be appreciated!
  4. Here's a link to the post when we re-built it.
  5. I don't know about blade size for that disc.........but I would second the motion that earth metal blades are worth it. We re-bladed our 496 a couple years ago with earth metal blades. I don't remember details of price other than we bought at our dealer's spring open house and the price was just as reasonable as anywhere else we could have bought. Have always had earth metal since I can remember, and have never had an issue with them.
  6. A little history..... https://www.aaanderson.com/about
  7. Think this is what you are referring to. It's not too far from me.......have driven by it many times. https://www.news8000.com/spring-grove-farm-owners-experience-close-call-after-silo-collapses/
  8. RIck......this is my first experience with one of these.......I thought it would pull a lot harder when we buried it as we have some pretty heavy soils. Your expectations are correct........we were in 4th gear and it didn't hardly move the temp gauge:)!
  9. Lookin good!! Dad and I had an old 2 point ripper that we picked up a while back sitting in the shed in pieces. We decided it would be fun to put it together and try it out. I was also amazed how well the SMTA pulled that thing........was a lot of fun!! Had a few neighbors stop by........most of them just shook their heads.
  10. This ended up being the first project of the winter........I posted before about the 251 planter we picked up. For the most part it is in pretty good shape.....the only area that needs major attention is the fertilizer pieces.......and most of those are pretty decent also. What we need help with is the shoe, or frog, or whatever you call it that attaches directly behind the runner that distributes the fertilizer in the furrow. Those pieces are in pretty tough shape...one side is better than the other. I know they will be hard.......maybe impossible to find, but am looking for ideas on getting some replacement parts. Thanks!
  11. Forgot to post pics of the finished product last spring.
  12. Bitty........I'm all for that idea........or maybe a nice 6788.........or as long as I'm dreaming how bout a 7488?? I would be fine with any or all of them:) Troy.......I commented to the parts guy when I picked up the blades and some other parts that pretty soon I would have an old disk for the price of a new one........he assured me we were a ways off yet!!
  13. Nice work.........I love seeing those implements restored to new condition......actually probably better than new.
  14. I posted on the General Forum looking for advice on getting the gangs tightened. We started with the rear gangs first, and all four of them were kind of a bugger to get tightened up. We ended up finally getting them, but they took a lot more effort than the front gangs...........suppose by the time we did the fronts we were getting some experience under our belts:). We got the main frame painted and have the gangs ready to hang. Will get some decals coming and get them on, along with the wing wheels painted. Might (hopefully) end up getting a chance to use it before that happens.
  15. We dropped all the gangs off and stuck them in the shop and worked on new blades and bearings as time allowed. The correct police will probably get me.......its an IH disk, but I like the IH aluminum paint on the wheels instead of the white. I have the main frame wheels painted, but still need to get the wing wheels done.
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