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  1. Looking for any input on how to ship an 810 platform pickup head approximately 400 miles from Eastern South Dakota to the Northeast Corner of Iowa. Normally I would be all over this for a road trip getaway, but the old work/family schedule right now is crazier than crazy. Thought if we could get it shipped reasonably it would create a little less stress in life. So any suggestions?......TIA.
  2. ELS1466

    496 Disk Rebuild

    Bitty........I'm all for that idea........or maybe a nice 6788.........or as long as I'm dreaming how bout a 7488?? I would be fine with any or all of them:) Troy.......I commented to the parts guy when I picked up the blades and some other parts that pretty soon I would have an old disk for the price of a new one........he assured me we were a ways off yet!!
  3. ELS1466

    IH No. 25 Rotary Cutter

    Nice work.........I love seeing those implements restored to new condition......actually probably better than new.
  4. ELS1466

    496 Disk Rebuild

    I posted on the General Forum looking for advice on getting the gangs tightened. We started with the rear gangs first, and all four of them were kind of a bugger to get tightened up. We ended up finally getting them, but they took a lot more effort than the front gangs...........suppose by the time we did the fronts we were getting some experience under our belts:). We got the main frame painted and have the gangs ready to hang. Will get some decals coming and get them on, along with the wing wheels painted. Might (hopefully) end up getting a chance to use it before that happens.
  5. ELS1466

    496 Disk Rebuild

    We dropped all the gangs off and stuck them in the shop and worked on new blades and bearings as time allowed. The correct police will probably get me.......its an IH disk, but I like the IH aluminum paint on the wheels instead of the white. I have the main frame wheels painted, but still need to get the wing wheels done.
  6. Thought I would post some pics of this year's winter project since winter is still hanging on. Our 496 was in need of quite a bit of TLC, so we went at it. We still aren't quite finished, but here are some pics of the progress to date. First pic is from last spring......forgot to take a pic of it before we ripped it apart this winter. I could still make out the earth metal stamp on most of the blades......some of them were in pretty tough shape. None of them were broke, but were getting thin and starting to ripple and roll the edges.
  7. ELS1466

    manufacturer name headlights

    Cluteroche lights......not sure if that was the manufacturer or what.......
  8. ELS1466

    Advice Wanted-496 Disk Arbor Bolt-Castle Nut

    Thanks for the replies..........IHCFARMER.........I don't have any special tools for tightening other than a fat norwegian with a 6-8' pipe on each end of the gang........is there a special tool for them?? Have had dad banging on the end with a mall while I tighten......don't know if I can get much more!!.........but will keep trying. Jerry, I wasn't bright enough to get the paint off of the blades before putting them on. Didn't really think about it......was very careful to make sure dirt and any other imperfections were cleaned off & smooth. Cliff.......Once I get them as tight as they will go I plan on using it for a few acres and then try to re-torque them. This is the first disk I have done with castle nuts........all the others have had a regular nut with that steel tab that gets bent over it. That castle nut might make it easier to re-tighten after some use??? Thanks again for the input.
  9. I am in the midst of a rebuild of my 25' rock flex 496 disk. I am re-blading with earth metal 22" blades......have 1 1/2" round arbor bolts with castle nuts. It had earth metal blades on it, but they were very well used, and it seems like they were a thinner blade than the new ones. The issue I am running into is that after tightening all of the rear gangs, I can't get the castle nut far enough onto the shaft to get the cotter pin in the hole. The nut is pretty much flush with the end of the shaft.......just needs to go a bit farther. Trying to decide what my options are. The end washer is a little better than 1/2" thick. Am thinking of puttting a thinner washer on to allow the nut to go farther onto the shaft. My only concern with that would be a thinner/smaller washer putting more stress on the blade.......possibly cracking/breaking the blade? Have also thought about leaving the thicker washer and putting on a thinner profile castle nut........don't really like that option as I think the original nuts would have more holding power. I am sure the blades are tight.......I wire brushed everything, made sure there were no burrs on anything.....the arbor bolts are smooth. Looking for your thoughts on this. Thanks.
  10. ELS1466

    Disk salvage yards

    I was wondering the same......have a 496 that I could use some parts for the rock flex gangs. They seem to be quite spendy at the dealer. What I need I can probably fab myself, but if anyone knew of a salvage yard or parts I would be interested.
  11. ELS1466

    66 series, cab or no cab?

    Only have experience with the deluxe cab....it was fine as long as the AC worked!!! Would say I prefer the open station with the disclaimer that it depends on the weather.....although I could run one of Bill's deluxe cabs any day. Here is ours from last spring pulling stuff out of the shed.