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  1. This ended up being the first project of the winter........I posted before about the 251 planter we picked up. For the most part it is in pretty good shape.....the only area that needs major attention is the fertilizer pieces.......and most of those are pretty decent also. What we need help with is the shoe, or frog, or whatever you call it that attaches directly behind the runner that distributes the fertilizer in the furrow. Those pieces are in pretty tough shape...one side is better than the other. I know they will be hard.......maybe impossible to find, but am looking for ideas on getting some replacement parts. Thanks!
  2. Wes.........I thought it was a pretty good match to what I could make out from the original. I am curious to know if the model number was anywhere on the cultivator frame. I noticed in the new issue of red power on the first few pages a pic of a toy 400 with a 4 row cultivator.......that cultivator had the model number decals on the front of the tube.
  3. Here's a pic of the decal we used. It seemed to match the type and size of what was on it previously as near as we could tell from the old decal remnants. Not sure if the model number was displayed anywhere on it........I have never noticed it on any other cultivators or cultivator pics.
  4. This is a pic from before we started on ours. It's on top of the square tube........gives you some kind of idea what was on it. Should be original as my grandpa bought the cultivator and tractor new and this was the first it has been rebuilt. I will get a pic of the new decal when I get a chance.......I think we ordered it from Maple Hunter.
  5. Alice........from what you describe, I think they would work good using them as cut aways the first pass. Our soil is far from black......we have some pretty heavy clay mostly. It worked good for us this year......we set them pretty aggressive the first pass and ended up with a pretty good ridge between the corn rows. On the second pass the ridge leveled off pretty nice with the shovels, and the third pass we were able to hill the corn rows a bit. We are near the Miss. too.........assume you are farming the billy goat country also? Pretty much everything we cultivate is sloped and contoured. Only flat ground we have is the top of the hill and the bottom of the ditch. We have to cheat uphill with the cultivator most of the time to get an "even" job of placing the soil......guess we wouldn't know what to do if we had a flat 40 with straight rows to cultivate:)
  6. I don't think I have any pics of either cultivator set up with the discs.......and we have all of them switched back over to shovels now. We get the straight shaft hillers from Agri Supply (https://www.agrisupply.com/disc-hiller/p/11676/). They fit right in to the existing wedge lock brackets. The offset discs we have are old and somewhat resemble this pic I found on the web. Will try to remember to get pics at some point.....I normally try to take pics of that stuff, but wasn't thinking about pics when we were trying to get cultivating done with the limited weather windows.
  7. Alice..... might have to revise some of what I posted earlier.......normally we have been waiting until the second or third pass to hill up the corn pretty good with the disk hillers. This year we had some CRP that came out....had been in for 25 years........even though we had most of it fall plowed, it is a clodded up mess. We tried cultivating with the shovels on the first pass, but that was a disaster, so we put the disks on and used them as cut-away disks. That worked much better.....let us get through everything while the corn was pretty short. Then we were able to go back second and third pass with the shovels on........didn't get a chance to hill the corn as the weather didn't cooperate before it got too tall. We do have it hilled up pretty good with just the shovels so we'll see how it turns out. We haven't used the disks as cut-aways before........we are normally in there a couple times with the rotary hoe. That seems to give us enough time to let the corn/beans get tall enough where we can go in with shovels/shields and start getting soil pushed into the row. We have both straight shaft and offset disks........don't know the reason for them, other than it gives us more adjustment when we are fine tuning........can get pretty close to the row with the offset disks.
  8. We cultivate our corn and beans. Have 4 different rigs (1466 with rear mount, 756 with front mount, and 2 Super C front mounts). Have been running as many as possible when it is fit....or close to being fit. Haven't had too many days where it worked so far this year. We switch out shovels for disk hillers on the last pass or two in the corn......helps get anything in the row.
  9. Forgot to post pics of the finished product last spring.
  10. Both of these tractors my Grandpa bought new. The story is the last team of horses to leave the farm was traded in on the Super C. It has been on the farm it's entire life. The 756 he bought new but it left our place for a bit.....only went a couple miles away to one of the neighbor's. We got it back a few years ago and added the cultivator. Lotsa good memories on these two!!
  11. Glad to see the sale went well. We planned on heading over there, but had something come up that we had to be around home. I registered online and did a little bidding on the two point disk, but wasn't successful. Looked like a good day for a sale!
  12. ELS1466

    735 Plow

    They are a nice plow. Pic is from two weeks ago...... we plowed up about 25 acres of CRP. It was some tough plowing stuff..........as you can see it's a 5 bottom and quite a bit of the time we were running it set at 14" to 16". It gave the 1466 a pretty good fight. The stuff we farm is pretty heavy soil. I believe it adjusts all the way up to 22"......all hydraulic on the 735. I believe some of the 730's were manual adjustment......not sure if they were all that way, but have seen quite a few without hydraulics.
  13. I would say no....but not sure how recent it would have been....It looked as nice in person as it did in the pics. Auctioneer wasn't using a speaker, and I wasn't real close...... so I missed it if they did say. It went for $750. I think it will plant corn.....there is seed in the hoppers and everything seems to be loose. Was also interested in a fast hitch disc, but there was a couple other guys that wanted it worse than me.
  14. Thought I would post a few results from a sale we went to near Genoa, Wisconsin over the weekend. Ended up with a fast hitch planter out of the deal. Sale had some nice red stuff.......mostly tractors to choose from. The 1086 was pretty nice......4,000 some hours and brought 17,500. I think the 1466 brought around 10,500. The quad was actually a 9130.......decent shape, no pto or 3 point......brought just under 17,000. I think the 656 was around 6750 or so. I had a hard time hearing the auctioneer at times........
  15. Couple pics of our skiddy. Amazing the amount of work that little tree puller will do. The mini is a rental.......that little thing can move some dirt too!
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