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  1. Hydro,s

    Who was auctioneer? Wondering what prices were? Would think a 186 Tri Stripe Factory mfwd was worth a decent price?
  2. Mecum Tractor Auction

    Big Mecum Auction this weekend anyone attending? Seems the typical Red Tractors such as 1206’s, 1026 and a couple 1456’s and a restored 5088 mfwd to name a few of the IH roundup. Looks like a nice collection on Green 720/730 Rice Tractors as well. It will be interesting to see what stuff brings
  3. Building a Sentry Module

    I think Zach is in right track and not to mention taken on such a problematic piece of IH history and opened up a new possibility. I know Triple R is rebuilding them so I’m sure he knows what’s in there and what needs to happen! However that’s like Bushes bake beans............. a secret that’s making money! So why chime, this could impede the profits of rebuilding these sentry systems. Let’s be honest it’s probably so simple that’s why IH hid it under the resin. The resin surely doesn’t keep the moisture out at least after 20 years.
  4. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    I looked at it closely and it's definetly all original paint. I think what your seeing is the dealer decal was removed and the old IH paint has splintered down a bit lower like they do under the factory paint as in the hairline cracks. That's a super example of a Original tractor. I seen the original ad as well and it was listed for 22k and was told the owner would not budge.
  5. 3488 mfd

    Looks to be a real Straight unmolested tractor, those plates in their location make absolutely no sense for broken frame rails. My guess it was someone over thinking while preparing for a mounted attachment to help relieve stress or spacer plates to help move something out away further from sheetmetal for clearance issues. It would be real hard to believe you could ever crack or break the rails in center of the rail. Stress is going to be at each end of the rails and not in the center between the bell housing and front engine mounts. Not many produced in Mfwd could it have been a Mfwd prototype of some sort?
  6. hydro 186 4x4 on Govdeals

    So does everyone on here feel these hours are correct? It looks like seat may be brown and interior is maroon? With only 600-800 hours why would they have any reason to replace seat and why is tach housing is broke? Possibly seat has faded? Can't believe they would have to remove tach for any reason but maybe to get it fixed? It's possible but highly unlikely in that condition.
  7. Here a rare sight, a 7130 with ROPS

    I would say that the tractor looks good and if the guy paid what the auction page says then he is not asking too much for that tractor in opinion. Unique, different and a lot of HP for the money. We all know those tractors are rock solid. Shoot guys want 15k for 1066's. Says open to resonable offers so who knows what it could be purchased for?
  8. New 4166 being delivered

    I don't see any chains on that thing? Probably underneath but who knows back then.
  9. 3588 Radio and blower motor not working

    Ground at cab
  10. See the 88 series Front Nose grille screen on EBay and the price was $3000.00 that's getting worse the CIH!!! For a few thousand more you can buy a old parts tractor.
  11. KW truck ?

    Engine Control Module, the brains of the truck engine. You would think if it was an easy or Cheap fix they would have done it before auction. I'm guessing parts worth more then they wanted to spend.
  12. industrial tractor

    Seen this one online and it says 2706 on tag.