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  1. incorrect. the 140 inch wheel base came on all 2wd regular cab 350 trucks. the super camper special was a separate package as well as the camper special. the scs package was dead in 1976. from 1973-1979 this is how all regular cab 350 trucks came. and the trucks could have been had without either package.
  2. if you call its for crown fenders not flattops.
  3. would it fit a 806 without much or any modifications?
  4. looking good as usual. should have you go over my 806.
  5. well if i can round up the cash looks like im gonna try one for the other series of tractors. I will document how installation and modification goes. Thanks everyone.
  6. do you happen to have the part number of what you used? Do you happen to have any pictures to confirm this?
  7. Thank you again. i will look into both. 7and8and1456 have any pictures with the 756 model mounted to a 806? IHCfarmer do you happen to have a part number of what you used?
  8. well with my siblings moving back home or buying houses out in the country I am the only one with a tractor. After last weekends blow I was pretty darn cold after a few hours on my 806. Seems no one makes a direct fit for a 806 any more. The one FEMCO has is for one with the clam shell fenders. I have the flat tops. Would anyone one lying around they would like to part with? Burch make a universal fit for a 806 I asked to see pictures of how it fit and they have nothing. Thank you folks.
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