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  1. Ed, I don't want you to spend money on parts that are not the best and have to replace them with better parts.  I hired one of the best pullers in pulling to build my motor and been very happy with how it runs. I am running north of 1200 HP.  I would suggest getting custom pistons, re-ground cam, harden rods,  and a very good 3X3 turbo.  Spend your time, money correctly, and build it right the first time.  It more fun running than wrenching on the tractor all the time.  You can PM and me and I will let you know  who built my engine.  Good luck.

  2. Water is easy buy a Simpson's valve, and pump and plumb it in.  I don't want to burst your bubble, but you will need a lot more than 800 HP to compete in Pro-farm class.  1200 HP is more realistic if you want to be in top half of the class around here.  Find a builder that you trust and talk to him.

  3. Quick update.  Sleeves are done.  Head and cam out to be worked on. Waiting for pistons.   Plan is to pick up chassis 3/17 weather permitting.  Hoping to have tractor done by May 13 to go to Ridgeland Wi for test and tune and then pull that night. Parts are arrive a house almost everyday.  The wife just shakes her head.  She is being a great sport about this project.

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