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  1. twood19541

    My run at River Falls

    I need to buy a new tech. The data logger shows about 4500 off the line.
  2. twood19541

    My run at River Falls

    My run at river falls 7300 open. Second place 355 feet.
  3. twood19541

    First Run Saturday night

    thanks. The second run was even better. I made some adjustments.
  4. twood19541

    First Run Saturday night

    I have no idea. Never been to a dyno. Doing the tuning the old fashion method. I would guess north of 1000 but I am just a guessing. I have run against tractor with much more hp. and won. It all about hooking up and at light weight that is interesting to do. Have a great summer.
  5. twood19541

    First Run Saturday night

    Finney, I agree. I am getting close to boost level where I will have to girdle the motor. Still dialing the engine. Going to give it some more fuel.
  6. twood19541

    First Run Saturday night

  7. twood19541

    First Run Saturday night

    First run in 6200 lbs. LLSS class. Track was rock hard. Didn't hook up until about the 280 foot mark. 335' first place. Enjoy
  8. twood19541

    Happy Independence Day/ 4th of July

    X4. Be grateful for all the blessing this great country gives us.
  9. twood19541

    They are all home

    very nice looking family
  10. twood19541

    My run with WTPA LLSS Saturday night

    the jerk at least on my tractor is from the load hitting the motor. I did not have my hand on the throttle. I got 6th place there. It was my first run with the big boys this year. I think I was in the wrong gear. The rpms were down about 800 going down the track.
  11. Here is video of my run Saturday night.
  12. twood19541

    Turning my 886 into a puller

    If the class allows I would build a 466. Many more parts available. What ever you do, do it right the first time. If you think that you only want a 500 HP motor build it to handle 1000 it will be cheaper in the lone run. Good luck
  13. twood19541

    My run at Wadena

    We are getting close. I need to add some for fuel.
  14. twood19541

    My run at Wadena

    Here is video of my run in light super stock class. Jump to 4:30 point for the run. Had issue getting the old girl to light. But once it lite it ran good. First place by 17 feet.
  15. twood19541

    DT 466 exhaust manifold hardware

    X2. I got mine from ARP