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  1. good day pal, long time no talk,  hope all is well with you,  quick question..... do you/or some know what the largest pump i can put on a d-358

  2. I visited the cannon bronze company in keithsburgs IL. years ago and the had one of the seats. I believe they are the company that made them and oil cans for steam locomotives.
  3. Check the ground. When I rewire a trailer I always run aground wire from all the lights, and brakes to the truck. It seems to eliminate a lot of issues.
  4. Nice tractor. I love the whistle of a turbo.
  5. I would recommend using a V clap on the turbo end.
  6. I would recommend making a clamp for the rubber boot that bolts to the intake manifold. For your information I am running a 3X4 turbo with p pump. max boost is in low 100's
  7. No problem with the manifold. I run north of 70 PPSI of boost with no problem with stock manifold. .
  8. We lucked out only had to blow 8 inches of snow. It must have rained last night as the top inch was mostly water. Drive safely today.
  9. I think you should have it assayed or at least let them think so. If anyone asked you why tell them non of their business. Then set back and listen to the rumors. If you want I would be will to start the rumor that you found silver. LOL
  10. I believe you can get off set key to put in. I would just degree the cam with dial indicator as stated above.
  11. Kent Rollin's does a lot of cooking with cast iron and has video on buying them. Here is one link
  12. A little either and it should spool up. Allen, nice set up. I think one more year running LLSS and if I can't run with the boozers then I may put on an other turbo or two. My tractor is just too heavy for LLSS. It runs much better at heavier weigh. Have a great safe and fun season.
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