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  1. Identify the problem on this IH Farmall 1066

    I hate to say it. but JD either works best to start my 5240. It only take about 1/4 can for first start compared to no name using close to can. I go thru about a case of it a summer. That is after having to 2 block heaters and an oil pan heater pugged in for hour. I wonder whom JD stole the formulae from. LOL>
  2. What is the shortest time between oil changes

    No analysis on oil. Just smell for diesel and how slick it feels. The oil is black after 2 runs. I run Rotella 15/40 with a gallon of Lucas oil treatment to 5 gallons of oil. Pan holds 7.5 gallons.
  3. What is the shortest time between oil changes

    Rick thanks, I was wonder about the parade tractors. I try to make 8 runs on oil change. Cold enough for you. Only -8 here.
  4. I was wonder what is the shortest normal period between oil changes. On my tractor I change the oil every2 hours of which only about 112 seconds is under full throttle. It would be interesting to know about the restored tractors that only get used for parades.
  5. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    Raining like a tall cow peening on flat rock. It a frog strangler Gully washer
  6. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    All signs fail during wet weather
  7. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Thanks for the formula. I came up with 1078 CFM for my tractor.
  8. What welders say

    I guess I am a grinder. Can't see like use too. Fun video but too true
  9. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    I would have run an air filter but there is not enough room under the hood and I did not want to butch the nice hood. If you follow NTPA rules you must be able to shut air shut off from driver seat. I would recommend using a rod from your shut off to you dash board that way you can reset without getting under the hood. I always close mine before I haul the tractor. Have fun.
  10. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    It seal does not have to perfect. Do you have room for heavy duty rain cap? They work as good as a guillotine. I did not have room for guillotine and am using rain cap. It works.
  11. It's pulling. I think that the speed limit classes are very tough. takes more work to win. Thanks and good luck this coming year.
  12. Steve what type of tractor do you pull? What class. I would love to see picture of your tractor. good luck
  13. Thank you. I did okay. Made 27 hooks, Was points champion in one of the clubs I pulled with. The biggest issue I had was learn how to weight the tractor. where do you pull at. Here is my last hook which was my best run of the year
  14. Transmission pictures.

    Sound like your engine will be similar to my LLSS is. I also used the green rods and Edsen and Robbie picked the parts for the build. Hope to see you run some day.
  15. Transmission pictures.

    He did my cam, and head work. Very good quality. How big a turbo you doing run.