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  1. 800 planter again

    Farmalltom If I run 4-5 press monitor will read 90 and below. When I first fired it up I also had a mouse nest plug the screen at the top of the tube like you found, (love the smell of mouse urine). Back to the question: Has anyone built up the inside of the top half of the seed hopper? Is it normal for that much flex (1 to 2") ? I can't explain why I need that much press, but a local said that 12 to 15 was about where I should be for s-beans with a 144 drum. Thanks Fred
  2. 800 planter again

    Sorry Drum seal was new and has about 50 ac. on it. Seal between to halfs showed no leaks.(checked with soapy water) Fred
  3. 800 planter again

    No sensor for drum press to read on monitor. Only gauge on hopper. No restrictions that I can find. Seed depth in drum is about 2-21/2 in as best I can tell. Front of drum not real clear, and I like to stay on row. Shut off door open all the way. I understand that all seeds cannot be counted, and that this is not state of the art tech., but this is all I have to work with , that and emerged pop. I was trying to plant some pop. lower than drill spacing , and pop set for 140,000 are coming in at 95,000 to 100,000 Pop set for 180,000 are emerging at 145,-150,000.,yes I understand germ issues. thanks Fred
  4. 800 planter again

    Thanks With press a t6to 8, moniter reads 127 to 131,. With press at 12 to 15 moniter reads 139 to 143-4 per revolution. 10 to 20 % deviation from set planting population. When I stop , there are empty holes in the drum. Seed chute is adj all the way up. Thanks Fred
  5. 800 planter again

    I had trouble with low air pressure in seed box (could not keep drum full) 800-7row- 15"-144 drum. Changed oil I 540 pump, replaced o-ring in pump, press went from 5 to 9. Plumbed in to tractor hyd, finally could get 12-15 and drum was full. Then blew gasket off of fill door. Seed box had hair line cracks along fr. and rear edges, had spare seed hopper so I switched them out. Went back to field , went about 200 yards and split the top on that one. Top flexes up 1 to 2 inches under pressure. Fiber glassed the split that evening and blew the patch off 20 min. in the next day. Put the original back in w/ ratchet straps over the top and ran with 6 to 8 press so I could get finished. I plan to split the top off and glass the inside and maybe reinforce with some strips of wood. At $588.70 for a new top, I have some room to play. Has anyone done this? Other suggustions are welcome. Sorry for the length , and thanks in advance for any help. Still putting lipstick on the pig. Fred
  6. 800 planter pump

    Tractor is a 1995 JD 6300. When I had the 144 drum on for beans press dropped to 5 and seed count dropped to 90,000 per rev.from 140, 137,000. Checked lid seal, top half seal , w/soapy water, small bubbles(foam) on lid seal. New drum seal. Pulled pump apart , o-ring flat but not blown, will replace w/new, and turn press. relief valve in 1/2 to3/4 turn. If there is no change will go direct to tractor. Thanks Fred
  7. 800 planter pump

    800 cyclo planter. I can only generate 10 oz/in pressure with 27 hole drum, rubber banded to 4 rows, manifold plugged to 4 rows. Corn in drum(540 pump) I changed the oil and filter in the pump from hydrolic oil to 30w non-det . Before the change I could only get 6oz/ I bled the system, but get a pressure buildup in the pump(pushes oil out the breather) I was told that an o-ring in the pump could be blown. Should I split the case, or plump the planter into the tractor hyd? If I split the case is the pressure regulator adjustable? Or should I be looking at something else. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Fred
  8. jercky drum update

    Removed drive chain under seed hopper , had chatter in drum when turning by hand. Seperated coupling at trans and had rumble in brg on firewall ,Swapped a used shaft and brg have a tight spot (not real bad) when turning by hand. There looks like there is an adjustment on the end of the trans that I will look into tomorrow, and I have to move the drum toward the firewall. Had to chase the alligators back into the swamp. Can I replace the 2040 chains with 40 ? Will 40 work on the drive wheel sawtooth gear? Thanks to all Fred
  9. Jerky drum on 800 cyclo planter

    Forgot has a 144 drum on it.
  10. Jerky drum on 800 cyclo planter

    New to me 8oo planter. Dropped it into the ground on Sat. just to see what worked. Has new drum gasket, driver 1 set on dr 10 driven 11, driver 2 dr 10 driven 17. No air press. Bearings on drive and driven shafts and main drive shaft seem smooth, replaced some of the chains, others are free. Idler (tensioner) on main drive chain has wear spot on one side. What should I be looking for? Will replacing 2040 chain with 40 chain smooth things out? Can I use 40 chain on main drive with the sawtooth drive gear? Thanks in advance for any and all help. Fred