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  1. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    It’s just going to be for haying round baler, mower, Tedder, raking so it will have an easy life. Martin
  2. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    The project! she’s tired but safe from scrape.
  3. 1086 Split Recommendations

    If there is any in question that you think needs just do it. Do it right or do it twice. You don’t want to have to split it again for a long time.
  4. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Ok sounds good.. Fingers crossed. Martin
  5. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    My problem with salvage yards is I’m not sure there is anything within a 5-6 drive. I’m in CT I can only hope that all it needs is rings and head work. Wishful thinking, guess I’ll find out when I tare into it. Thanks for the info Martin
  6. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    So I’m going to be overhauling my other 1256 in the pretty near future and I’m wondering who’s kit to get? I did one a year or so ago with a reliance kit but I’m looking for a quality USA made kit. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Meat wrapping

    I do 4-5 steers a year and 10-15 pigs everything is vacuum packed, less mess and customers like it more also used to paper wrap. I think it was only 20 cent difference and well worth it. You just have to be a little mindful when shuffling vacuum packed stuff if there’s any sharp edges of bone it can tear little holes.
  8. West Texas IH 1256

    Makes me want to drive through Texas on a tractor hunt
  9. What is this??

    Great info thanks for sharing
  10. What is this??

    Thanks for the info gents.
  11. What is this??

    Took a trip out to Zion Park in Utah and this was in front of the lodge..
  12. 407

    It looks like a piece that broke off the turbo eshaust flange. From someone carelessly changing a turbo.
  13. 407

    Has the engine ever been apart before? When I rebuilt my dt407 it had all kinds of garbage from the previous overhaul Oil pick up screen was almost blocked off pan was also full of junk.
  14. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    My 1256 for mowing hay
  15. Have you ever been stiffed purchasing parts online?

    USPS lost hydraulic valve I bought off eBay. I received a bag with my shipping label cut out of the box the valve was in and a letter from the USPS saying my part had been lost during transit. Never got a dime for it even though they told me they lost it even after 2-3 appeals along with my proof of purchase. Don’t us USPS anymore.