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  1. Take a look at Kamik. I’ve had a pair of huntsman for 2 years and there still holding up good
  2. I was thinking a Fass pump also not so sure how good the factory one is anyway. I know the factory lift pump was replaced once under warranty when we first got the tractor.
  3. Dale do you a filter setup in mind to switch things over? Mine has the filter on the lift pump and the fuel water bowl up by the rad
  4. Thanks for everyone’s input.. I had all the piping off of the air clean and turbo when I was looking into this issue before.. No oil from the turbo that I saw in charge pipe and the air filter just gets fresh air from a snorkel had that all apart to.. I thought that maybe the muffler was causing a restriction so I strait piped it that seemed to help but it’s back to doing the same old again..I was hoping to not have to pull it all apart. The engine is a 4 cylinder ford genesis I believe but have to double check..
  5. Thanks for your input I’ll see if I can narrow down a cause. It’s just a little mind boggling to me because the tractor starts right up any temp and the smoke is not consistent. I’ll start with fuel lines and tank for restrictions and go from there
  6. I have a ts110 that seems to lack in power it doesn’t pull like it used to... I’ve changed fuel filters and the pump was resealed maybe 500 hours ago. It will smoke grey blue when I’m going down a hill and there’s no load and the rpms are up otherwise no smoke when pulling. Doesn’t do it all the time either looking for any input Thanks Martin
  7. Another one that looks awesome in work clothes...
  8. Looks like it's just about ready to go back to work. Nice job!
  9. I love all the polished little pieces! Looks like a true masterpiece. Martin
  10. Front emblem a friend made up quick.. What you think Martin
  11. Thanks 65806. I'm just happy I'm done with it and can enjoy mowing hay with it this year. Still need to put the emblems and battery cover on.
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