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  1. Tractor to Start Farming With

    I would say go with an 86 series all the way. If the AC quits pop the doors off and open the windows. You're still out of the sun and have plenty of airflow. You'll appreciate the cab during the winter or even those chilly spring and fall days.
  2. K&M door cylinder

    Looks nice. What cylinder are ya using for that?
  3. Wanting bling for my 1066

    How deep are your pockets? Stainless steel are $14 a piece. Zinc plated can be had less than $4$smthumb$webparentimage$
  4. Cream puff 2+2

    Sure sounds like it beats my way of standing under it trying to find the perfect balance point with my head and hands so I can line it up on the tracks and get it back on!
  5. While the 88 is growing on me, I like the front grille of the 56 best, but the overall look of the 86 best. In MFWD though, I like the looks of an 88 the best.
  6. Cat Sealant on Manifolds

    Only place I've seen that used is in between the 2 and 3 piece manifolds, not in place of a gasket.
  7. What ruled the roads then?

    Me and my friends were all broke as a joke and could barely keep the crap boxes we drove on the road. But there was one "rich kid" who had a 96 chevy pickup that was probably the fastest vehicle at my school. I had a geo because it's the only thing I could afford to keep gas in and only cost me $200 too buy. Once i was a freshmen my dad paid me $100/month to keep me at the farm when I said I needed to go to town and get a job like my older brother. (This was in the mid 2000s) I was tickled pink to get that but still always broke.
  8. 3588 hinge pin realignment

    I believe they have a tool to overbore the hole and put a bushing in. Probably a dealer only type tool.
  9. I sure wish this was closer------

    By the time you tack on the buyers premium that's right in line with what I paid for my 186 which was in similar-maybe a tad better condition, but in my opinion way more tractor.
  10. 5288 oil cooler

    Engine oil? Drain the fluids, remove the bottom tin skirt then unbolt the old, bolt up the new. Should take less than an hour.
  11. Home made muffler eliminator

    Thanks. I used the old calculated eyeball measurement... in my head I was only going to have 2 wedge pieces. Evidentally I need to recalibrate my eyeballs because as you can see I ended up with 3.
  12. Home made muffler eliminator

    Well for anyone that was wondering this is actually an easy job and well worth the work to save a good chunk of money. I got a 3' stick of pipe from an exhaust shop for $25 and spent a couple hours today making the eliminator. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but here is the tack-up minus the aspirator tube and braces.
  13. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    You came right through my neck of the woods. I'm sure you went through Sturgis, I live just north of there. You came through at the right time, the weather just straightened out and it's suppose to turn again tomorrow.
  14. We must stop cutting down all the trees

    One of my groomsmen is from Devils Lake. He now lives northwest of Bottineau right next to the ski hill on his in-laws "farm". It's a nice area.
  15. Opinions wanted on t post fencing

    I would definitely be interested in looking at them in person. I have been using only red brand wire and stretching the piss out of it when building new fence. I hope to not have to restretch for a long long time. But I'm sure it will need it sooner or later. Those clips would be handy when the time comes.