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  1. I've got that exact steel on my roof color and all. Shingle roof got hailed out and I was able to replace the roof with steel and pocketed a few dollars to boot doing the work myself.
  2. That's too wide of a head for me. Roads are too narrow down here and I don't want to have to get a transport too. 5 or 6 row should be about right I think.
  3. I do pick a good amount of ear corn and my dad actually just bought a picker that came with a 3 row narrow head so it would be an option and I have thought often about going to 30 inch rows but I really like the 36s. I see no yield drag in my area and I never have to move wheels this way for haying, plowing, and loader work. I do like the fact that 30s canopy quicker but that's the only advantage I can see from the outside looking in.
  4. They are metric i cant remember the size but they look like 30.5 32
  5. Well I made him an offer on Friday I guess we will see if he takes it as it was a bit low. He didn't give me and immediate F you but didn't accept it right away either so who knows. If he accepts it I will have to be on the lookout for a 5 or 6 row wide cornhead as I'm still on wide rows. All my custom work is on 30s and I have a 6 row head for that but I'm pretty sure a 2188 will be too wide to wear the 944 I currently have.
  6. I built a 7.4 and put it in my 96 gmc 3500. 5-7 at a little over 28,000 gross hauling hay and 6-8 at around 22,000 gross with a load of cows. I haven't run a tank through it unloaded since I got the engine broke in but I would guess it's in the 10-12 range. For the first 10k miles the mileage was dismal, 3-4 loaded. It was running too rich due to a faulty new fuel pressure regulator. Some of my friends have newer diesels and there is no doubt they can leave me in the dust towing heavy but my old rig does just fine and I don't need to run any faster than 65 anyway. Seems to me much faster is where tire problems can start showing up when loaded at the top end of ratings which I often am. I will say that I can tow neck and neck with the newer 7.3 as one of my friends who often helps me haul hay has an 03. We made three 300 mile round trips last year hauling squares and he was surprised how well the old gas pig did.
  7. I wonder if a 3d scanner would be precise enough to get a cad file if someone were to have one to measure.
  8. This is a one owner farmer combine and it supposedly had maintenance every year either at the dealer or by a traveling combine mechanic. I'm trying to see if I can get my hands on a complete service history.
  9. I just learned that my mother in law is working at the stonehouse saloon this week so you may have met her if you stopped there.
  10. Thanks. It has had both final drives replaced recently as well.
  11. I need to upgrade combines from my old 1460. I bought it last year dirt cheap and it got me through my corn harvest and nearly all my neighbors as well before I had a pretty catastrophic breakdown that is not worth repairing. I have drove all over looking at combines and have come to the conclusion that "field ready and well maintained" don't mean the same thing to me as many others. Lots of crap out there. Today I found a high hour 2188 that's in my price range. It has 5,400 engine hours and 3,700 sep hours. But in the last 200 hours it has had over $20k in shop work. New cone, both final drives, some augers, all new chains, some other odds and ends. It was also inspected and fixed at the end of each season. I haven't looked at it in person yet since its across the state but the dealer claims it is 100% take to the field and roll all season. The hours scare me a bit- how long are those cummins good for on the later machines? Hydro and trans? Should I steer away or is it worth the drive to take a look?. I also have my eye on a 2,800hr 1660 for $15k that is cherry. I picked up about 400 acres of custom work this year and I want to be able to take a machine to the field and run with limited to no problems (dream on right?)
  12. This probably wasn't the first place he has seen it so no clarification needed. 😄
  13. I know it's west of belle fourche which is one of the towns I do the majority of my business in with the other being sturgis, but I've never been there.
  14. I live about 20 minutes north of sturgis and I have another place about 10 minutes east of sturgis.
  15. You've got it all figured out bud. Keep berating the rest of us to make yourself feel better- I fully support your right to do so although I don't agree with your message and can't figure out your motive. I am struggling to understand why you feel the need to constantly attack religion. This topic was clearly labeled to clue people in on its contents; yet you decided to come read it and interject your ill thoughts anyway. Have you considered sharing your self enlightenment on another forum? I will be awaiting your "being told to leave, how Christian of you" response. Know that the people here pray for you.
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