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  1. It doesn't feel cheap to register vehicles but I'm not sure what it costs in other states. It has sure gone up recently as have my property taxes. It does bother me that I have to pay SD tax when I buy farm equipment in a different non-tech state such as Minnesota.
  2. More good stuff if it gets through. Might even win indy over with this one. https://kelo.com/news/articles/2020/jan/23/bill-would-remove-sd-sales-tax-on-guns-and-ammo/977833/?fbclid=IwAR1fB4i7eBQxGZSBBgUw0NasoTwDWXB0OOto08M9rdycdokVgYyHu9dBPrY
  3. Diversion yet again. You picked a poor topic to try to defend with you blind allegiance. Lick your wounds and try again next time.
  4. Thank you. I'm certain this hypocrisy is evident. After all- citizen pedophiles have liberties too right?
  5. I have no qualms with an adult's choice to have the surgery done on themselves. I think it is morally wrong but it's not my place to tell another adult what they can do to their body. I'm still awaiting an answer to my question. I answered yours I think it's only cordial to return the favor.
  6. Please restate the question- I looked back and the only one I saw directed at me I have already answered. Redirection and blindly ignoring questions is a valid tactic, but not a sound one.
  7. Should pedophiles be allowed to have relations with a 13 year old if the 13 year old consents?
  8. In my opinion, there are only two genders and anything otherwise is a mental illness. As with anything else there are going to be opinions differing from mine.
  9. What spacing is the head to get the outer rows off 6"? It should either be off 4"(if the head is set on 38") or 8"(if it's set on 40") I believe OP's head is already set on 36" rows.
  10. The outside 2 rows will only be off 4" each if you leave it on 36... I probably wouldn't sweat even changing it. The row units can be a bearcat to move.
  11. Dakota fluid power in Watertown, SD.
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