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  1. ZachGrant

    gas engine in pickup

    I did a mild build on a 7.4 in my 96. I have a tuned but otherwise stock 6.0 in my 93 and I can pull the same hills in 3rd gear at 2500-3000 rpm with the 96 whereas I'm around 4000-4500 with the 93. The 7.4 has way more low end grunt but at the of the day I'm not getting there any faster with the big block. I get considerably better mpg empty with the 6.0 but towing they are pretty close.
  2. ZachGrant

    Cat CH55

    An engine swap in standing corn. That's a new one for me.
  3. ZachGrant

    gas engine in pickup

    When I put a 6.0 in my 93 I removed the broken exhaust bolts and put studs in. No problems yet (knock on wood) and I have a good chunk of miles on it since.
  4. ZachGrant

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Good God I am glad someone finally said this because I think it all the time... also a combat vet-- recieving nothing. As far as ethanol goes- I use it but only because its cheaper. SD doesn't have an Ethanol mandate that I'm aware of but 85 octane ethanol free is generally .10-.20 higher a gallon than 87 e10 and I don't notice much difference in mileage between the two. I do get straight gas in the bulk tank though because it seems to keep better.
  5. ZachGrant

    gas engine in pickup

    I would think GM should be working on a newer gas engine by now but maybe they don't have the extra cash for r&d right now. I would still take the Chevy overall because I keep my vehicles forever and I have no doubt the 6.0 will outlast the other 2 engines.
  6. ZachGrant

    When deers go feral

    Wait, you feed these sobs on purpose? You ought to move to western SD, maybe you could keep them out of my hay yard.
  7. ZachGrant

    Fire extinguisher "testing"

    A 6 year service on a dry chem consists of discharging the powder, dissasembling the valve and inspecting the can, cleaning everything up and refilling it to the correct weight. It is then recharged with nitrogen. Generally after a 6 year or hydro a collar gets put on under the valve proving that it was disassembled. I do about 50 a year at my fire dept. Co2 extuinguishers get hydro every 5 years.
  8. Yes. I can't stand the salt they put on roads. It probably doesn't matter to the people that get a new outfit every couple years but I like to drive older vehicles. Fighting rust is the worst.
  9. ZachGrant

    Trip we just came home from

    2.80 here in western SD. Sickening to think how much cheaper it is even just on the eastern side of the state
  10. ZachGrant

    Trip we just came home from

    If I drive my 96 gmc 3500 (7.4, 4l80e, and 4.10) with the cruise on 65 and no load I can get 14mpg. It has a heavy steel flatbed and weighs about 7k empty. I built the engine about 15k miles ago starting with a brand new GM short block with a small cam and otherwise stock. It is however obdII and I have tuned it. 99 percent of the time it is hitched to a trailer grossing anywhere from 12,000# empty to 30,000# loaded. My lifetime average (I track all my fill ups in an app) is 7.7 mpg running whichever gas is cheapest (generally 87 octane e10.) I bounce back and forth between dual rear wheels and single depending on how heavy I'm towing. The moral of the story is- I am a fan of the big blocks.
  11. ZachGrant

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    If you get your bushings from the stealership and you won't have to redo them so often. I did my 93 at about 150k- they are getting to the point I need to do them again. I think I've got about 230k now and I drive either 8 miles if I'm headed south (more often) or 2 miles if I'm headed north of rough gravel roads to get to the tar. I did my 96 right when I bought it about 20k ago and they are still good and tight. It's a 4 door and the rear doors must not be near as heavy because I'm pretty certain they are stock bushings and still tight.
  12. ZachGrant

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    You guys aren't making me regret my decision to keep running my 93 and 96 models. Dead nuts reliable and cheap to fix when they need it. (Knock on wood)
  13. ZachGrant

    Duramax issue
  14. ZachGrant

    Duramax issue

    Those need to go back under warranty. That's way over max oil consumption of 1.25qt per 100 gallons of fuel even if your only getting 5mpg.
  15. ZachGrant

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    Getting some of the replacement heifers cake broke.