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  1. I plant pioneer seed. It's expensive but worth it in my opinion ($300+ a bag) I shoot for around 18# an acre of seed and get a good stand that way. You can plant heavier but it will thin itself out naturally if you don't have a perfect year. Recently I have been planting it with 4# of orchardgrass and it makes real nice hay that way, seems to have better palatability for cattle. I keep the the phosphorus levels up and get 3 good cuttings per year and graze off 4th cutting after a frost. I expect you would get at least that many or more. Depending on the year I bank on 4-5 ton/acre and average life of a stand for me is around 5-6 years before I plow it up and rotate to corn or small grain. I plant a hardy variety just in case we get a tough winter the winterkill won't be so bad. Alfalfa loves water and needs it to grow back hard and fast I irrigate every cutting except first.
  2. I would be happy with $1/pt. I would really like to get a big square baler bought so it's easier to get wheels under my hay. Overwidth really kills the distance trucking.
  3. I don't see any way hay can go that high. I would gladly get mine trucked over there for half of that.
  4. Very cool! After RPRU in Huron you can just stay for another couple months and do some custom hire for me cutting beans to try it out! The pay is bad and the company is even worse but I know you're anxious to get her in the field!
  5. Wouldn't start to back out of the shed for pictures?
  6. Well it was a long day but I laid down 80 acres of alfalfa/orchardgrass mix today. The alfalfa could have used at least another week but the orchard was ready to go. The machine performed pretty well really. I don't think it cut quite as cleanly as the 1475 but that has brand new sections and this one doesn't. I will have to see how dry down compares between the metal conditioners on this machine and the rubber chevron conditioners on the NH.
  7. Ran across this today. https://sd.craigslist.org/grd/d/menno-case-ih-planter-hydraulic-540-pump/6886993355.html
  8. You're right I shouldn't have made the assumption and I'm sorry about that. You probably aren't the type but I know many people that have the "just buy a new one" mentality because they inherited their place and a pile of money along with it. I'm glad some people are able to do that and I wish I was in the same boat but I'm not. It just bothers me when they assume everyone should do the same thing they do.
  9. Evidentally you have never operated on a tight budget. That's great I'm happy for you but not everyone's situation is like yours. I have made A LOT of parts as opposed to buying them.
  10. Sorry I never saw this post. I'm sure you've long since figured your problem out but if you haven't just shoot me a p/m. An update on this project- I have logged tons and tons of hours and the program has has only gotten better. The mess of wires is now contained in a printed circuit board and I am currently building an electric motor setup that can be more easily moved between the rest of my tractors. Using the autosteer I have planted corn and small grains, done tillage, spread fertilizer, and sprayed. It is pretty astounding how much better job I can do monitoring the equipment when I don't have to worry about driving in a straight line. Sorry for the poor video quality but here is an example of its work.
  11. That's what all my tractors are set on now for the plow (4-18s) and I can still get them down a 36" row and don't have to move wheels.
  12. I don't have much problem after the windrows are raked as they're narrow enough then. It's when I'm driving on them during cutting that I don't like. I like to lay a nice wide windrow so it dries quicker but when I run over the edges I have to set the rake nearly in the dirt to dig the hay out of the stubble.
  13. I'm not too concerned about the rear wheels. Its the front end in more concerned with.
  14. What's the widest someone has set the wheels on their 86 series tractor? I don't really use my 186 for rowcrop work anymore so I would like to set it out as wide as possible to straddle wider windrows when I'm cutting hay. Right now it is set on 36" rows. I do some loader work with it but I have the knees gusseted so hopefully won't have any issue there.
  15. Gotcha. I don't disc my plowed ground. Just hit it with the cultimulcher.
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