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  1. ZachGrant

    Abilene Machine Step Kit

    I bet the sweat rolls down your butt crack when you're in a standing crop with that thing haha.
  2. ZachGrant

    Best hay tractor?

    If I had to choose 1 tractor for hay it would be a 186. I have used mine for every aspect of haying but it shines best on the baler so that's where it sits all summer. Both 5x6 rounds and small squares. If I couldn't have a hydro for haying I would probably choose one of the small 88s, maybe a 3688.
  3. ZachGrant

    Bi-rotor combine to be auctioned.

    Yeah they did. Probably introduce it in 10 years as a "groundbreaking never done before innovation"
  4. ZachGrant

    Bi-rotor combine to be auctioned. I'm sure many of you are somewhat familiar with the bi-rotor combine a kansas farmer built in the 90s. It was featured in farmshow magazine. The inventor passed away last year and now they're having an estate auction. It's a very cool concept that would have been neat to see produced.
  5. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    Well, I figured out the problem. The bearing in the banjo arm on the drive side was completely gone. I have no idea how long its been gone but I can't believe it wasn't making more of a racket. I'm hoping I can get by with just a bearing and not the cam and banjo arm. The arm should be ok because the bearing race took the wear. I'm not sure about the cam though.
  6. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    Yep, I'm just about to go yank the sieves and diassemble the shaker. I've got a bushing kit and some pins on order. I hope not to find anything broke but I'm halfway expecting it. Hopefully I can get it back together fairly quick I would like to try it out next week.
  7. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    The bushing that the wiper motor that controls rotor speed was out and it allowed some teeth on the gear to get chewed off. When the motor would get to that spot of the gear it would just spin and I couldn't adjust rotor speed. I welded some nubs on the gear and fashioned new teeth with a dremel. It's far from perfect but it's at least functional. I also discovered today that there is something goofy going on in the shoe. The top Chaffer moves side to side when the separator is engaged. There is some definite play in one of the hangar arm shafts (part #14) so I'm going to order a couple new shafts, new needle bearings, and new shaker arm bushings. Hopefully when I get the sieves out I don't find anything broken in there and end up having to get a new frame.
  8. ZachGrant

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    That looks like a nice tractor. I've got a couple questions. Does it have bar axles? What's the warranty on them? What's the price?
  9. ZachGrant

    I see your doing something stupid

    I've been 100' on a ladder truck and that seems like plenty. 140' on a man lift sure seems like alot when you look at that small footprint.
  10. ZachGrant

    I see your doing something stupid

    I've spent some time on a ladder in a bucket as well. We have 1 yard light even the f25 farmhand won't reach. Takes a 10' ladder as well. I don't mind being on the ladder as much as climbing the loader arms to get in the bucket. I have seen some people have welded rungs on their loader arms which seems like a good idea. On a side note- LED yard lights are great!
  11. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    That's interesting about the family, I have seen a lot of grouser tracks down here... I'm interested in hearing about the heavy steel covers to prevent bearing failures. Where did they go? We have only been running AF combines a few years and haven't had much for bearing failures aside from the beater and spreaders. Thanks. I have been able get a decent fleet of machinery built up by buying other people's scrap and rebuilding it into something usable haha. It dang sure beats a payment!
  12. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    It is Hoffart equipment. I got the sold and serviced by part mixed up with my dad's 1460 which has an Aberdeen sticker on it. I went ahead and patched the boot today. The clean grain auger tube was beyond repair so I snagged a good one off a JD 95 combine be have parked in the weeds. It was an inch too small so I cut the flange off the old boot and extended it an inch... should work pretty well even if it's the wrong color.
  13. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    It actually came with that, the old boy who had it only had deere heads. I bought an all crop head he had just to have it if I ever need it. The sticker on the combine says sold and serviced by an implement in rugby, nd so if ca me out of your neck of the woods.
  14. ZachGrant

    Some 1460 repairs

    I bought this new to me 1460 for $2000 to be a mate for our other one figuring If something catastrophic happens to either, we can park one and use it as a parts machine. It has 4030 hours and has been sitting 4 years but the retired farmer who owned it said he did his last harvest with it before parking it in the shed. It could really use new flighting on most the augers and chains and sprockets but I'm going to run it a bit before I dive in too deep $$. I spent this morning doing some repairs on the upper clean grain elevator where it was worn through. I still have to fix the boot but that should be an easy fix. These sheet metal parts alone would have been $200 from case-ih and as far as I can tell aren't available aftermarket. The repairs should last as long as a replacement and were had for the cost of a couple hours.
  15. ZachGrant

    Woods du-all 3100 loader questions

    The 3100 is a bit much for a 656 but that can be a good thing because you're sure not to wreck it. Mader on here has one on his 656.... we have a couple 3100s on 1086 and they have been great loaders. Super easy to go on and off if that's required.