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  1. You have different hubs than he does as well.
  2. I run at an angle across the direction I tilled. First off to level any ridges and also so I can see where I have ran with the drill. It can get hard to see the drill tracks right next to the packer tracks if they are the same direction.
  3. ZachGrant


    Welcome to the fail army. Please tell me you did this to be cheeky.
  4. We had probably 10-12" total accumulation and wind is still blowing it around. I spent the 2 days before the storm bringing cattle in and have been feeding the last couple days... not what I enjoy doing starting in October. All my corn is still in the field but I think it faired the snow alright.
  5. I got the combine home and dished the wheels in (not a real fun job, I hope I don't have to fix a tire on this thing for a while) turns out it will fit behind a 944 head just fine even though it looks a little goofy. I ordered up a full set of filters, which add up to a considerable higher amount than they did for my 1460 $$$. Other than that I think it's ready to roll. I went through the 863 and put in all new knives and stalk roll couplers. Should hopefully start taking out high moisture corn to be cracked, piled and packed this next week.
  6. First fall calf born this year started the 20th of August. I still have about 10 hold outs but went ahead and branded yesterday.
  7. First year using electric irons here this year. I have an outlet right on a light pole in the corrals so didn't even need to run a generator. Holy cow (no pun intended) I'll never go back to a fire even though I'm stepping away from tradition. Irons never got cold, every brand went on crisp and even and calves got branded as fast as the ropers could bring them. We were whistling through the calves so fast I almost forgot to take a beer break!
  8. Picture from last year. I'm a little over 6' and this field was right at 30 ton. It was adjusted at 260 bushel grain yield. 106 day pioneer.
  9. Yep he had an auction this summer and liquidated everything.
  10. Its 170 miles from my place to ft pierre. I've got St. Onge and Belle Fourche each about 30 miles but I always catch a stronger market on fall calves in Ft. Pierre so that's where I've started going the last few years. Weigh ups usually go local though because I can't justify the trip.
  11. I'm hauling a load of yearlings to Ft. Pierre Friday- maybe you'll end up hauling them from there to wherever they end up.
  12. Looking at parts its looks like 800 knives have 2 holes and 900 have 3. Mine have 3 holes so I guess that answers my question. Thanks.
  13. I have a 863 head I use for custom work that had water pump bearings and good knives when we got it about 4 years ago. The knives are now shot (already flipped) and I am wanting to replace them but I see that the knives are different part numbers from 800 to newer heads. When these heads were updated did they convert over to use the newer stalk rolls and knives or did they reuse the existing stalk rolls? Thanks
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