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  1. ZachGrant

    Machine shed estimate

    We have a Morton on either 8 or 9' spacing that has lived through some pretty tough blizzards since the 80s. As long as the trusses are spec'd for the snow load they can be spaced as wide as 12' in snow country. But you have to do 2x6 purlins to go that wide. I went 8' on my new building.
  2. ZachGrant

    Machine shed estimate

    It sure doesn't take much for options to start adding up. Overhangs are a must in my opinion and they add quite a bit themselves- I would say a couple thousand on a building that size anyway. That level of menards tin isn't real great either.
  3. ZachGrant

    Best vehicle to pull 5k light weight camper

    We had an 08 diesel Grand Cherokee that towed 5k pretty well and got decent mileage doing it. I don't know much about the newer ones with fiat diesel but that Mercedes diesel gave us no problems over 5 years and 70k miles. We bought it used with 70k for $14k and if I hadn't smacked a deer we would probably still have it.
  4. ZachGrant

    Fuel Rock

    I either use a rock or the gas cap.
  5. ZachGrant

    Machine shed estimate

    Cost me about $8 a square foot to build my own 36'x64'. That's just lumber, trusses, tin, doors, and windows.
  6. ZachGrant

    Stupid transmission clips

    That's no bueno. I converted the trans and engine lines to jic on my 1 ton when they started leaking. Wifes yukon is all factory yet.
  7. ZachGrant

    Little known picture from the Mars rover.

    Free ice water!
  8. ZachGrant

    Main bearing not flush

    Pete is one of, if not the most knowledgable person on this board. You could learn a thing or ten from him. Tact, if nothing more.
  9. ZachGrant

    1486 with rockshaft / swinging drawbar

    That's how our 3588 is set up- not sure if it is factory or not.
  10. ZachGrant

    Who needs jumper cables anyway

    If it looks stupid and it works- it's not stupid
  11. That's a sharp looking tractor.
  12. ZachGrant

    Sugar for diabetics I guess

    We had those water fountains through the 00s when I graduated... heck, they're probably still there.
  13. ZachGrant

    Goose Neck repair

    Under what pretense did he break it? Hopefully not going down the road!
  14. ZachGrant

    The cattle thread

    I should add that the precip is coupled with poor ground. It's either so sandy it doesn't hold water or such bad gumbo it dries out hard as concrete.
  15. ZachGrant

    Loader valve connection 886

    Gotcha, I wasn't sure. There is actually a TSB from IH that suggests deleting the supercharge line to correct certain issues. That tells me that it isn't totally necessary and I've deleted it on my tractor and used the outlet on the valve stack to supply a loader valve just like you're talking.