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  1. You should really be using self adhesive stamps. Those lickable stamps are just empty calories.
  2. I've got a neighbor that runs horses on green alfalfa fields. I believe it has a lot to do with how their gut is adjusted. I feed my horses alfalfa/orchardgrass mix in the wintertime, as low of quality as they'll eat. The good stuff goes to the money makers.
  3. I own horses as well- I will take checks from people who own horses, just not from "horse people".
  4. I sell a few thousand a year. And do a couple thousand custom baling. Only take cash from horse people, too many bad checks. I will probably get set up to take credit card too this year. I do my best to sell them out of the field so I don't have to handle them more than once but sometimes I end up having to stack them. I flip the top layer of the stack stuff side up and they can take a lot of rain that way.
  5. That's dandy but no till doesn't work for 230 bushel corn stubble under flood irrigation. At the very minimum I have to disc chisel once or twice to bury some residue. I dang sure don't know what works everywhere but I know that plowing the rocks under before seeding alfalfa down works here. Plowing 8-10 inches doesn't bring rocks up like ripping 24 inches every year.
  6. I guarantee he just farmed over them. My wife, dad, and I spent a couple full days picking rocks and made a couple nice sized piles but at some point there are other things that need done more around the place.
  7. I don't doubt that frost brings rocks up- I know it does. I just know that deep ripping brought most of these up.
  8. I call bs. My dad farmed this farm for 35 years and had very few rocks. It was leased out for 5 years and it's a quarry now.
  9. Looks like this 145 is hydraulic reset. Never seen one in person though.
  10. I would think it would get pretty heavy to have trips on. I don't think I could handle using a one way plow- too much time wasted on headlands.
  11. Actually the reason I'm plowing is because of the rocks. This was land I got back that was leased out for a few years to someone else and they ripped it every year and brought tons of rocks to the surface. There aren't any huge ones but plenty of dinner plate size. I'm plowing to push them back down and seed alfalfa. I don't know that I've ever seen a spring trip rollover plow
  12. Turned about 20 acres of corn stubble under today. Could use another bottom or two and it would go a lot faster.
  13. Sickle machines are probably 2:1 in my area. Discbines are starting to grow in popularity but aren't there yet. A good 1475 still fetches over $10k here. I don't know anyone that uses a side pull mower conditioner here. Still quite a few 9' sickle mowers and rouse double 9s though out in cattle country.
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