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  1. Haven't been to Wal-Mart since Feb.26 2020. Looks like I have missed a lot of free shows
  2. Does anyone sell just the bar the sections are fastened to? So a person could make a sickle any length they needed. We have broke sickles and just ran piece of old sickle over the top as a patch and used a higher hold down when needed. Would be nice to use a new piece. Thank Tim
  3. Make sure the door is shut before you back up.
  4. How about an adapter to hitch to convert a goose neck trailer hitch to a pintel hitch. Some thing that could be removed fairly quickly so goose neck could be used. Mainly would want it to pull behind a manure spreader truck to haul a wheel loader but be taken off to haul other things a one ton pickup. Drawing or photos. Thanks Tim
  5. Lazy WP picked up a load of Flax in McClusky ND and is delivering it to Bruning Nebraska( who did I meet today thread). Is there a processing plant there?
  6. What are you hauling out of McClusky ND? Flax? I am 25 miles west of McClusky. Most of the flax around here goes to Max ND just south of Minot 25 miles.
  7. Just had it on takes a while to load.
  8. Like the BEEF sign across main street.
  9. Whats your hay worth? Around here they pay what ever FSA is going to reduce your payment by. Some people want more and get it. I won't pay more than that you already made a contract for the government and now you want more. Take it out of CRP and see what you get.
  10. Is he still getting a CRP payment? If he is how is he getting away by not controlling the trees or doesn't he have to?
  11. Don't know but looks like the picture was taken in the fall. Where is the license plate from?
  12. Maybe if you don't vote you can't protest!! That would go for any protest.
  13. There are smarter people than me on here. But I think you are off 180 degerees on your timing. And I forget how to correct it but it is simple as taking the cover off the front side of the injector pump and slide the gear off and rotating the engine or the pump a turn and I forget which. There is a thread on the General section on it to do it right.
  14. Question how is the solenoid ( number 38 section 8-17 pn 47552100)under the steering wheel attached ? Looks like some kind rivit that has to be drilled out. Second question the new one is different from the old. Does it matter which post the live wire goes on? Thanks Tim
  15. Where would be the best place to get a set of belts for a CaseIH 8465 bale? Looks like $255-325. Which is better the chevron top or the diamond pattern. one better than the other? What kind of connectors just the wire clips or alligator clips? Thanks Tim
  16. Timothy56

    Polka Party

    Don't know what " two times" is. But will have to listen at noon today. There is a gal ( Clarissa Lynn ) that is on KBMR 1130 out of Bismarck ND that has a polka party every Sunday at noon for two hours. She has a big following in central and south central ND. Also does some live shows from Dickinson, Napoleon, Strawsburg and that area south east of Bismarck.
  17. Probably 25 years ago I had about 25 gallons to much spray left in the tank. I think just Atrazine as I was doing preplant corn. I diluted it with another 50 gallons of water and opened the drain plug and dumped it in the middle of the 1/2 mile long drive way.. Didn't have weeds or grass for years along the drive way. The blade man liked the no weeds to contend with when blading
  18. I wonder if she ever collected any royalties for have her picture on the syrup bottle?
  19. Maybe blast it with some dry ice some how.
  20. SMV sign means you stay under 25 mph. Some guys around here were pulling anhydrous tanks with SMV signs at more than 25 mph and got tagged for speeding
  21. They are what they eat. Beef, pork, chicken and wildlife. Good feed = good meat. Good grass not a bunch of weeds and junk grass. Good grain not a bunch of screenings from the local elevator. We butcher a 18 month old animal. Have some late calves every year. The ones born in August and September work best for us. They get weaned in March run on pasture for the summer and brought in when we wean the other calves late October and are fed with them until first week of April (weaned calves are sold in Jan.) They are fed corn silage, alfalfa grass mix and 10 pounds of barley. We fee
  22. Got it. So next question. Is that all the horse power they can handle? If you put a 466 in a 186 and had say 175 horse power how would the hydro handle it?
  23. Question is the hydro unit in the 1026.1066, 826, 100 and 186 also the 88 series are they all the same.. 656 ? Which would interchange?
  24. Truck spreader broke down so had to finish up with the 4166 and the Meyers M700. Short haul less than 1/8 of a mile. 4166 doesn't shift well with a load behind.
  25. Planter came from an auction sale north of Plaza N.D.
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