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  1. Belt question

    When two belts are required ( matched set). Why the two belts and not a banded or web belt? When would a banded or web belt be used? Length or width? Would heat be a problem on a shorter belt like fan belts on the 1066?
  2. Windmill idea?

    How far is it to the water? We have a windmill that the gears must be wore out. It is only 40 feet deep and 14 feet to the water. We set a 2 inch transfer pump reduced down to 1 inch and stuck 35 feet of hose down the well and it works fine. The pump does't run but 3/4 throttle. Just fill the gas for as much water as we need to fill the tank at 6-8 gpm.
  3. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Please keep it up there. It was -30 at 6:30 and still at -28 a few minutes ago. Weather man last night said -14.
  4. About drinking raw milk

    Wonder what the chances of getting sick drinking pasteurized milk is?
  5. What's your favorite snack

    As I am sitting here reading red power coffee shop. A couple of small nips of Jim Beam Honey is pretty good. Okay so maybe its more than a couple.
  6. What's your favorite snack

    Cheese curds. They have to squeak when you bite into them.
  7. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    Always thought those were wild VEGETARIAN corn dogs.
  8. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    This old gal has been resting in the same spot for 35-40 years. Are there serial numbers some where? I did not see any. Where should I look? What model is it?
  9. Silage packing tractor?

    The ultimate packing tractor the 4166. 4166 bought for $3250 7-8 years ago with PTO. 10 foot dagelman blade auction sale $500 came off a Case 2590. Step son made the mounting brackets. Just added to what was there. It is connected to the sides of the draw bar in back. $150 for the iron.
  10. Grinding hay in hog feed

    Back in the 80s we had a Gehl 120 grinder mixer with a bale conveyor with an hydraulic motor and flow control. Ground alfalfa, 3-5 bales per load with barley for the sows. Yes for protein and I am not sure but I think vitamin A.
  11. Down Corn

    Blast away I think the daily limit is 20 or may be its 30.
  12. Down Corn

    Couple hundred thousand snow geese will take care of a quarter section in a day or two. That is what going on here in central ND today even with 3-6 inches of new snow on the ground yesterday and today. You can hear them a mile or so away.
  13. National anthem protests

    Don't think Bud Grant (Vikings), Don Shula(Dolphins), Tom Landry(Cowboys) Chuck Knoll (Steelers) Vince ( Packers) would put up with crap like this.
  14. How dry is it in your area?

    Just out checking cows a few minutes ago and saw a gopher running across the pasture with a blade of grass and six cows chasing it. 2.98 inches since April first. There won't be a lot of cover for wildlife this winter as every low spot, slough, road ditch or any other green spot has been or will be cut for hay. Hay crop is one fourth to a third of average.
  15. 856 PTO clutch pack replacement

    Take the 4 bolts out that hold #67 on. Lift that off then take snap ring #60 off. Remove the disc and plates put the new ones back in in the same order as you took them out. Soak the fiber disc in Hytran before stalling. Once a every thing is in and snap ring back on slide the drive shaft #64 in but you may have to line up the disc as the drive shaft is going on. Try to line them by looking down the from the top and line them the best you then start installing the drive shaft slowly you may have turn it back and forth. Make sure the little O ring #70 is in place before #67 is all the way down. This is just to replace the clutch pack. If it needs more than that we take it to some who knows what else needs to be replaced. Most of the time it was $300-400 bill for complete overhaul.
  16. Seal on filter side on 1066

    Is this the right part number for the seal that fits on the short tube going from the filter side to the hitch pump? 1280599C1 It slides on the tube OK but when I fit it in place before having the tube was installed it was a little loose. Should fit tight? How tight? Thanks
  17. MTO church parking lot ?

    You mean like SOB (Sorry Old Bum)
  18. 2011 Silvarado NO START

    Fuses are all good? 40 amp ignition fuse under the hood?
  19. Cooling off

    Had a few minutes today 7-6-2017 to uncover a snow bank from 12-5-2016. The husky coyote cross found a cool spot today after the 102 temp yesterday. The snow was under about 2 feet of silage and hay that got pushed together with the snow after the early December blizzard. The snow was piled 12-15 feet high in this area.
  20. bobcat trouble

    Shoot it with your thermal temperature gun in different spots. See where it gets hot first.
  21. Pto clutch change help 1086

    Do you have it out of the tractor? There is a short bolt on the left lower side that gets forgot about sometimes.
  22. IH Radio fix

    The radio in the 1486 quit working. Can they be fixed in any way? Cause of failure was more than likely high voltage. Alternator went crazy so it maybe toast already. It was wired without a fuse. AM/FM MPX Radio W/8-Track Tape Model No. 111647C1
  23. Art From DeLeon Finds This Stress Relieving

    27 views so far how many of you tried it?
  24. 1066 won't move

    Just wondering do the hydraulics and or 3 point work?