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  1. Hey Dale I am looking out my window at #24 Trace Goven grand parents and uncles farm two miles down the road. I think grandma is from the Rugby area Grandpa use to farm some family land in the Rugby area.
  2. A lot of big racks ? The Blind Pig Hannover ND River Rat Hensler ND Dam Bar Pick City ND (west side of Garrison Dam) Strawberry Kooler Strawberry Lake (Butte ND) Magic Mushroom North side of Bismarck ND early 80's
  3. Let the Calender girls take care of the snow. APRIL , MAY and JUNE.
  4. I am all for term limits all the way down to your elected Township elected officials!! I am tired of being on the board and nobody else is willing to step up. Oh they complain about roads and snow removal and other things. I tell them Township election is third Tuesday in March be there and I will nominate you and vote for you. I am tired of it after 35 years being elected unopposed and little pay and no pension. Rant over. And my driveway is not even paved
  5. Auction time has a 4300 listed. Anyone know if this is the same one that was for sale a while back? Swenson & Sons from Minot ND have it listed. They were the ones that had one listed before. Same one or a different one?
  6. Timothy56

    Bought a bus

    A few around here a few have taken the shell off and use them for calf shelters for the baby calves in the spring. Seem to stand up good. All the glass it warms up quick.
  7. Looks to me like a few less than a million.
  8. Timothy56

    Dog toys

    For out side an empty 1 gallon rinsed out antifreeze jug. They don't seem to like the 1 gallon milk jugs as well. After a couple of weeks or so they get thrown away. But keep the full jugs up so they can;t get at them or the full ones will be out in the middle of the yard.
  9. Bought this 1968 #60 Hough from Miller Truck Line in Rugby ND Aug.1991. I am spoiled. Grab two bales and go. It has a crude home made grapple fork. It had the 3 valves on it. Used as the main feeding machine until new years day 2009 when some gears broke in the converter. Could not find parts so bought a 1992 Michigan L50 with a 2 yard bucket and the 3rd valve. Arena welding from Pettibone ND built the grapple fork for it. Found parts for the Hough in May from Mitzel in Aberdeen SD and got in going again. The Michigan had problems last winter so the Hough was in action again for most of the winter until the Michigan got fixed. One problem with the Hough it is hard starting, 358 V6 cummins but parked in the unheated barn plugged in and warm can of starting fluid is takes off. Like I say I am Spoiled even if the loaders are old they still get 100 plus cow herd fed every day. I know they can not do pto work or pull a plow but you never have to weld on them. These loaders are not big but big enough for what I am doing.
  10. I think you are reading it wrong. It was getting all the hay and pasture it needed plus the 3 lb coffee can of feed store mix ( protein and/or vitamin and mineral )
  11. Just wondering what is in the 3 lb coffee can?
  12. What do you think? 1500 lbs.. live weight 60% dressed or on the rail would be 900 lbs. Take home would be 75% of the rail or 675 lbs or 337.5 lbs for a half. $4.00 lb x 675 lbs = $2700 or $1350 half Close or not?
  13. Are you guys butchering a cow or a 1300-1500 pound grain fed steer. Big difference. We sell a couple of 16-20 month old steers ( late calves) every year in late April at 1400-1500 pounds. They are fed barley,oats and corn silage from early November to late April. The ones for this year will be priced at $2 a pound on the rail they pay the processing Processing is 75 cents lb plus $100 for slaughtering.
  14. Get him into a hunter ed class. He may not like it after that. My daughter and her friend where all fired up about hunting and guns until the did the hunter ed classes. Then it was all boys after that.
  15. Wait til your walking across the calving yard at midnight and you trip on some twine string because you didn't lift your feet high enough. The flashlight goes flying 20 feet ahead of you and before you can get to your feet there are half a dozen cows blown snot down the back of your neck. The last couple of years I pushed the calving back to the fist of April and now just take the 4 wheeler and idle through the herd.
  16. Timothy56

    Water in Oil

    Whoa wait a minute. You can do what you want but there is no way I am putting diesel in the crankcase and letting idle for 30 minutes. I have done a lot of stupid things but the crankcase is for oil.
  17. Got a few more acres done today as I am a one man show. The field is close to yard so do not use the truck just run around the corner and dump then pack every two loads The guys that I hired are at $1300 an hour ( on the cutter) (JD 7800 10 row) they do every thing. Trouble is I think they could move faster. Last year they ran across a 40 rod wide field, instead of cutting in the middle. Told him he had better have had the cutter shut off. 25-30 seconds to drive across the end cost $10 it adds up after a while. Had a guy from Canada for 3 years he was $8 a ton plus $1 to packing ( Krone Big X something 12 row). 3 years ago had a guy out of Mandan ND he was at $1100 an hour for every thing ( Class 9 some thing and a 10 row) and I put the fuel in the chopper and the packing tractor. Probably about 1.5 gal to the acre for both.
  18. Waiting for the custom cutters to show up. So got started with 1486 and the 720 that hasn't been used for 6 years. Filling the wagon in 7 minutes in 2nd gear. Got 30 acres done 65 to go. Custom guys to show up Friday.
  19. For 15-20 years we have been using #2 fuel with recommended rate of power service. When it get to minus 15 or more we mix 3-5% gasoline in a full tank. As soon a the temperature gets to zero or better the tanks get topped off and a few days later topped off again. We run it in the 1066. 1466 and the Michigan L50 and Hough #60 wheel loaders. We also have shields on the tractors to keep engine heat in. The wheel loaders are some what enclosed.
  20. #10 You think the last words of the Star Spangled Banner are Gentlemen start your engines Reminds me that all the employees at the local coop are all related because every phone call that comes in is for some one with the last name Line one. Bob Line one, John Line One
  21. Our local coop gets swamped with farm tires and semi tires and ya a couple of employees have their phone in their hand most of the time but the others left their phone in the pickup and might check at the noon break. I was going to have look at a pickup this morning but they had 8 semi tires and 3 farm tires to do first so they have not got to me yet.
  22. Does that thing run!! Follow the linkage. As far as I would know the pedal on the left is the clutch the two on the right are left and right brakes. The lever on the right is the throttle. The long lever on the left with the rubber knob is the gear shifter.
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