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  1. Timothy56

    1566 shifter help

    Are you sure it's behind the dash? There is a cover under the steering wheel, two bolts I think take that off and look to see if any thing is moving on top of the transmission There are two arms that do the shifting. There are short rods that connect to a vertical shafts. Some times the little roll pin comes out of the shaft and it won't shift.
  2. Timothy56

    5240 WILL NOT MOVE

    Is it moving yet?
  3. Timothy56

    5240 WILL NOT MOVE

    Make sure you don't have water in your transmission oil. Could be freezing a solenoid not letting the oil flow until it's warmed up.
  4. Timothy56

    Oily fluid out of exhaust manifold IH 1466

    What is the square thing on the frame just ahead of the tool box ?
  5. Timothy56

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    -42 right now. Need to turn up heat in the entry only 40 out there. No wind Last August 11 2018 it showed 108
  6. Timothy56

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Checked with the closest body shop Thursday 25 miles away. He said if any thing has been taken apart or pry marks they would not even look at it. Guess he doesn't need the business. I have an appointment with dealer body shop in Bismarck 60 miles away Wed. if I can't get it before then. Yes extended cab with rear swinging doors (that latch to the front doors).
  7. Timothy56

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    I am headed to WalMart to get a 48 inch flat screen TV box ( need to put some kind of wight in the box). Some how block the passenger side door leave the TV box in the front seat with seat laid back with the window down just an inch or so See if some one can get the TV out!!
  8. Timothy56

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Power door locks. Already tried the key. I can see the lock rod move up and down That is what I am thinking. May be when it was opened last time the catch piece didn't get all the way up and got shoved down when the door was shut and it broke shutting it the second time. Maybe if I took the seat out to get more room the panel might come off but will still have to cut into the inside metal to get at the latch. I was thinking if I could get the back door open the front will come with it. Been looking at the back door on the passenger side. The top latch can be tipped with not much problem so just have to figure out how to get at the bottom one.
  9. Timothy56

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Dealer has a new latch ($195) so looked at that to see how the levers work. The inside handle pulls a cable that pulls a lever down to release and the out side handle a rod down to release they are some how connected inside the latch as they work together. Thanks
  10. Timothy56

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    I need a little help here. 2011 chevy 1500 extended cab drivers side door will not open from inside or out. The other night I got into the truck shut the door but it did not latch. Not thinking thought maybe seat belt was in the way so pulled it up and buckled it ( I don't think the seat belt was the problem) slammed the door again, it didn't sound exactly right but it latched and has been latched ever since. It will not open from inside or out, the lock goes up and down. Dealer not much help. Said to take inside door panel off. Great only one problem I see you can not take it off with the door closed. With the window down I can see the latch and with a 3/16th rod can push down on the part that the out side handle would push down to open but nothing happens. Some thing must be jammed some where. Any one have any clues on how to get the door open. Besides the torch or angle grinder. All kinds of videos on youtube but none that I have seen show how to get the door open. Thanks
  11. Timothy56

    Easy method for checking your block heater.

    I am going to learn some thing here. So in the first post Lorenzo has 9.3 amps so would it be safe to say he has what would be called a 1000 watt heater? Will all heaters like Lorenzo has draw 9.3 amps? If represented as a 1000 watt heater it should only draw 8.3 amps? Why is it drawing more? Thnaks
  12. Timothy56

    Easy method for checking your block heater.

    1000 watts makes a KW? Might be wrong, but a 1000 watt heater .10 an hour a 500 watt .05 an hour, So two 500 watt s for waters times 24 $2.40 a day x 30 days $72 a month 1 tractor 1000 watt 20 hours a day $2 x 30 days $60 so an extra $132 a month for the winter
  13. Timothy56

    General battery question

    Anybody use Crown brand batteries? Good? Bad ? Just put a 4D-XD 1300 CCA in the 60 Hough payloader with the V6 cummins. The one I took out was a Crown that was 5 years old $220 Cat and Interstate were both $279
  14. Timothy56

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I haven't seen Pete 23 on here for along time.
  15. Timothy56

    Hydro 84 - Puking out oil breather tube

    I am sure you checked the engine oil, right? Is it over full? Smell like diesel in the oil?