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  1. Been to HF in Bismarck ND twice. Bought 5 items total all made in China. Don't think I am ever going back to the China store. Is every thing in HF made in china? What % is made in USA? I have e-mailed HF twice about these two questions in the last couple of weeks .No reply.
  2. Some how Harper Valley PTA came to mind. Now can't get it out of my head. Dang You Tube!!
  3. Find the track hoe ( with wheels) with the knuckle boom with a hydraulic powered snow blower.
  4. Any one have one on their trailers? How dependable are they? Any special brand? Made in USA? Thanks
  5. Is that am or pm ? 5:45 minus 3:20 = 2:25
  6. How many of you are being shut down for a period of time by your electric company? Just got a call from our local power company. McLean Electric that Western Area Power will be shutting down substations for 45 minutes then move to the next. No time was given when this will start but it is thru Thursday. There are 8-10( not sure without looking) substations for this coop. Wonder where our power is going? There is Hydro power from Garrison Dam and 5 coal fired plants within 50 miles of me.
  7. Bottineau ND. Northwest of Dale 560 60 miles or so
  8. Had our 1486 freeze up plowing snow with dozer blade. No fun when I got back to the yard and tractor running wide open and not really knowing what was going on. Some how got the pin or bolt out on the linkage and tractor slowed down and shut off. I think the rubber piece is not keeping water out. Could this be corrected by letting the cable hang down (in summer or heated area) letting the water drain for a day or so then putting a dab of light oil on the cable and tie it up so the oil can run down the cable a ways? And put on a new rubber protector. When we plow snow with now we just
  9. The guys that use the yellow bucket oil scatter it over the whole farm one drip at a time. Better oil gets recycled.
  10. So were the missing cattle counted in the USDA inventory report? Would more numbers mean lower prices for feeder cattle and higher prices in the store?
  11. We have L50 Michigan same as the Volvo just a little older. Automatic transmission turn signal switch for forward and reverse . Right hand control for loader in just 3 little short sticks to run with your fingers, very easy and simple. Only one slight little problem with the transmission shifter is after running the loader all day some times when getting back in the pickup I find myself pushing the turn signal down to back up and nothing happens but blink blink blink.
  12. So NO WORMS proper amount of Zinc = Less Covid ?
  13. Guys all got the herd immunity. They haven't herd a thing she has said for weeks.
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