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  1. Thanks that is what I was thinking but I just planted 12 acres of silage corn at almost 40,000 ppa dry land. Seed size is R2 bag says to use B 0 seed plate . Chart shows 12 driver and 8 driven 24 cell should plant 29,800 with the 15 inch wheel that should have been less with the 18 inch wheels. I was thinking around 26,500 maybe. The seed size puzzles me some what R2 seed size should be a medium round and use a B 1 seed plate
  2. I have a 4 row planter with 15 inch wheels and a manual for the planter. I picked up a planter an 8 row planter with 18 inch wheels and NO manual. Question is will the 18 inch wheels plant faster or slower? Same planters one is JD 1240 4 row the other is JD 1280 8 row. All the drive gears and sprockets are the same.
  3. What was that Pioneer brand spring wheat years ago 2375 I think ? I think that stuff started shelling out as soon as the combine pulled into the field.
  4. Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are at the bottom of my list. Thought Waylon Jennings was great in his younger days.
  5. Not going to mess around with trying not to break some thing. Got the 1486 back so I can put it back on it. Have the duals on and a 9 foot dozer blade on the front. I have had the spreader for 15 years and always had it on the 1486. All the hauls are less than a quarter mile and nothing on the road. I don't think I have ever had the tractor in high range with a load on. Hauled one load without the duals and never again. Had it on the 4166 for a couple of weeks but that was hard to shift to a higher gear as you rolled to a stop before getting shifted up a gear so just stayed in 4 low as field was a 100 yards from the lot.
  6. How much weight can this draw bar handle? I have a Meyers M700 (700 bu. ) manure spreader hooked on the 1466 but that looks like that could be to much weight on there ( I know don't take full loads) . 24" over hang. Draw bar is 1.5 inches X 3.5 inches I was pulling it with the 1486 with a swinging draw bar and just bolted it so it would not swing. Thanks Tim
  7. Which one is your daughter? Good luck!!!!
  8. Not much clearance there when the axle, spindle or tires break it will be a short fall. Should put a set of beefed up steerable skies under it,
  9. Where would be the best place to find a water pump for a 60 Hough with a 352 V6 cummins? Is a 378 the same? Its about a 1966 model? It started leaking I have the two bearings and the seal to fix it but the inside bearing is kind of loose so don't know how long the seal will hold. SN number looks like 342 312C O435. Inside bearing 6303 Outside bearing w5304 seal 3071085 Water pump casting number 152082 This a backup loader but some times gets used a lot to feed in the winter. Thanks Tim
  10. What is wrong with the engine in it now?
  11. For front and rear wheel bolt on an H or M 45662DA 1" and 1 1/8 Not totally sure but when we were kids we also used that wrench on the oil plug. A 355448R1 is a newer style 1" and 1 5/16
  12. I have never raised the back endto take the pto out.Just put a bucket under it and catch the oil , most of the time it is not over 5 gallons. Don't forget the short bolt on the lower left side. Watch where the couplers come apart. There is a one on pto to a shaft and one one the other end of the shaft. When you have the pto out you can also check for your noise you have been hearing. Drop a magnet in the rear end to see what you can catch.
  13. Are you sure it's behind the dash? There is a cover under the steering wheel, two bolts I think take that off and look to see if any thing is moving on top of the transmission There are two arms that do the shifting. There are short rods that connect to a vertical shafts. Some times the little roll pin comes out of the shaft and it won't shift.
  14. Make sure you don't have water in your transmission oil. Could be freezing a solenoid not letting the oil flow until it's warmed up.
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