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  1. This has worked more times than not. Have the calf nurse from behind and let the heifer urinate on him to get the heifer scent on him. Or catch some urine and pour on him to get her scent. It may take a few days Had the dog thing happen once and the dog wasn't aggressive. Had a heifer calve and a hour or so later the kids showed up with a dog. The dog ran into the pen about half ways before the heifer chased the dog out. That calf never got tagged until it was separated from mommy. That cow was on the look out to chase any one or thing that came close to her calf. 2nd calf same way so down the road she went. I don't need cows like that.
  2. Guess I have been a little bite backwards. Most every one around here will calve heifers first. I always turn the bulls out with heifers 2 weeks later. The cows and 1st calf heifers all run together at calving time. So just like stated above the heifers see whats going on. Haven't had a problem with heifers taking their calf.
  3. Another deck question. Will a 50 inch deck from a XLT 1050 tractor fit my ZTR that has a 50 inch deck ( 2012 model)?
  4. Don't quite get why EVs need charging stations. Why can't each EV have a portable generator in the trunk.
  5. Had couple of guys flag me down on Hwy 83 50 miles north of Bismarck ND about 20 years ago mid Nov. cold and windy and 7 pm (dark) . Said they needed a ride to get gas. I sold them 10 gallons from the service tank on the pickup.
  6. Is there a knocking sound when cutting? The bearing in the weight is out or going out. Running to long will wear the bearing hole bigger.
  7. Have you checked out the motorcycle fixer Dana on you tube under Biker Stuff. Looks like she can fix a lot of stuff!!
  8. Happen to remember what the 03 ford 250 went for and the bumper pull tandem 10000# axle trailer also? Is Mel retiring from trunking or is that a different Mel?
  9. Dilute it and spray it on the neighbors lawn when he gone. Then watch him mow every 3 days
  10. Any idea how much water is coming down the Missouri River before its meeting the Yellowstone a little south west of Williston ND. What is the level of Fort Peck Dam above where Yellowstone and Missouri meet. Went by Garrison Dam Tuesday and it looked like it is down 12-15 feet from a few years ago, so a lot of storage plus the 2 dams in SD. Just a few minutes a ago KXNEWS reported water behind Garrison Dam will raise 5 feet by the first of July and there is plenty of storage and some increase flow though the dam will equalize down stream water.
  11. Could not find Red Brand 2 point barb wire in ND for 3 months now it is showing up and so is price. I paid $75 a roll 3-15 2021 new price is $130-$140. One TSC could order some might get it might be a month or 2 $120 plus freight. 3' x 24' super steel (for wind break panel) $72 a year ago now $170. Bought all 16000 ft baler twine (22 packages) in our little town in Feb. for $48 a package (2 rolls) kind of got made fun of buy twine in snowstorm. I see some prices from $62- $75 now.
  12. One spring 20-25 years ago had flat on the 1566 5:30 Saturday afternoon. Swiped the back tire from the 915 combine to keep going. The dish different so the tire had a lot of space to the rub bar.
  13. Don't all the County Extension people have probes you can barrow? Or they will come out and take samples if they have time and send them to the University Lab.
  14. Are you watching the forecast or the Weather Chick giving you the forecast and you is dreaming. Like Dale said here in central ND forecast for 20-30 inches of snow. I think we got all that and 1.30 rainfall yesterday with snow and ice to the west. Every thing here is mud with snowbanks 4-5 feet deep yet. Very little dry ground for calves any place. Had a couple of cows that have not calved yet go out the gate while feeding. They wondered around where they have bedded down in past went up the pasture couple hundred yards and came back into the corral that has 2-3 feet of packed down bedding of cattails and straw. Weather person has been pretty much right on including the wind 67 mph yesterday 56 mph gust today. Pretty much 35 mph + for 4 days. Been 30-34 degrees for 4 days day and night.
  15. Can a banded or web belt be used for fan belts? Or why not? Had that problem on a pump jack. Went to a banded belt and that works a lot better.
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