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  1. Photo of the back of the tractor and mower please.
  2. Timothy56

    IH 444

    Is there gas in the tank? If so does the gas run out of the tank?
  3. So, how long a pipe did you have on it? 4 , 5 , 6 feet?
  4. Timothy56


    Hey Runner it has been 1 year 1 day 670 replies and 35,693 views and a couple of women. How is The Barn Owl Project coming along?
  5. Timothy56

    WK40 wheels

    What model is that? 1200 or 1300 or something like that? There was a tractor like that sold at an Ulmer auction June 12 2019 3 miles north of Plaza ND. $13,000. Auctioneer said it went to Montana but a local guy told me it was a local guy that bought it. It did not run and most of the glass was cracked or broken. Probably sat in the same spot for 40 years. It had a Krebsbach Implement Minot ND sticker on it.
  6. A little off the subject. Do I have to remove the radiator to change the front engine seal? On a 1066
  7. Calf was stealing milk from another cow. Sucking hind tit.
  8. Kind of off the subject a little but there is one gripe I have why can't the windows be cleaned? You take a car or pickup in for any kind of work and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix it. You pay the bill go out get in to go home and with windows are dirty. I know they were dirty when it came in. But if the windows would have been cleaned I would have had a different attitude about the cost of the repair if there were nice clean windows for the ride home. I work for a local repair shop in the early 90s for a couple of years just the owner and me. Small stuff water pumps, brakes, and tune ups and stuff like that.. After a couple of months working there owner suggested we clean the windows just the wind shield and the two front windows. Lots of comments came back about the clean windows. Kind of made them forget about the repair bill.
  9. Is that irrigated or dry land?
  10. I can't get pic to load. I bought a 4166 a few years ago the Pto shaft from the transfer case to the pto was missing. I got one from an obsolete parts depot in Beaver Dam Wis. but had to go thru a dearler. Mine has two couplers both the same splines but one is 2 and quarter long and has three holes for a pin. Two are opposite so a pin can go all the way thru. The other coupler is 3 and half inches long with just one hole. Also the first half inch on each end is smooth the splines start a half inch in. The spines go all the way thru on both. I think the longer coupler came with the shaft the other is from a pto shaft from a junked pto from 756 maybe not the right one but it works. When we are not useing the pto I take the shaft and couplers off becuase that runs all the time the engine is running. Mine fell off in the yard one day while setting there idiling suppose the coupler slipped ahead and the thing fell out. pics still won't load
  11. How many acres are you planting? If it's just a few acres I would mix some fertilizer ( 11-52-0) with the millet. I don't remember how small the millet seed is, is like sorghum or little smaller? Mix 60% fertilized and 40% millet.
  12. Is the transmission fluid at its proper level? If it is to low the Pto will not work. I bought a 1466 last summer at an auction sale. I didn't get to drive it before the sale as I looked at it the night before the sale and the keys were pulled. I pulled the engine dipstick and the transmission dip stick , engine oil was ok but the transmission was just barley on the stick. Sale day the tractor was running but there were to many people around to move it. The pto did not work. I had a buddy haul it 60 miles home. Added hytran to the proper lever and the pto worked. I still took it out and over hauled it $160 for parts and a couple hours labor
  13. Thanks that is what I was thinking but I just planted 12 acres of silage corn at almost 40,000 ppa dry land. Seed size is R2 bag says to use B 0 seed plate . Chart shows 12 driver and 8 driven 24 cell should plant 29,800 with the 15 inch wheel that should have been less with the 18 inch wheels. I was thinking around 26,500 maybe. The seed size puzzles me some what R2 seed size should be a medium round and use a B 1 seed plate
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