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  1. X2 Micotil will kill you!!!
  2. RDO has over 900 ads on Bismanonline as of a few minutes ago. If I am looking for some thing I always have to hit private seller only other wise it seems RDO is every other ad. Going over the tractor stuff it looks like 75% over the stuff is over priced and has not sold for months or relisted.. A lot of private guys think their stuff is gold like RDO.
  3. Can't seem to find the information I was looking for. Found a 2350 loader that came off a 1256. Will this fit a 1066 or 1486 with out mounting bracket major modification? Thanks Tim
  4. You were 35 miles to the south of us, depends on which from Wilton you were. We are 20 miles straight north of Washburn the town west of Wilton.
  5. Still have room for 84 hd at 750#? or 96 hd at 650# How do you figure x amount of square feet per animal at a certain weight?
  6. It is a H60 serial number 3071085. V6 Cummins 358 or 372 don't remember which. Has a third valve for the grapple fork. Here we unhooked the grapple and are running the post hole digger. There is a hose leaking just below the cab on the right side. A larger hose about a foot and half two feet long with 90 on both ends. with a nipple on one of the 90s . It runs the steering, it only leaks when I turn the steering wheel. Just thought it would be nice to have a part number sometime but it probably would not do any good. After digging through 50 year old dirt ,grease and oil I got it off. Going
  7. I this thing August of 1991. It has a V6 Cummins
  8. Are there any online parts book a for a #60 Hough? Last time I needed some water pump bearings thought I would check out the dealership in Bismarck ND which is General Equipment and sell Kamotsu (sp?) . I had gotten some other parts there 8-10 years ago. Walked in and told partsman what I need and he just looked at me and said never heard of a Hough.
  9. This seems to work for us on some state school land. Been in the ground 8-10 years now Hand dug RR ties and a 10 foot brace at about 30-35 inches from the ground and an old disc blade on the end.
  10. Timothy56

    I married up

  11. Does anyone sell just the bar the sections are fastened to? So a person could make a sickle any length they needed. We have broke sickles and just ran piece of old sickle over the top as a patch and used a higher hold down when needed. Would be nice to use a new piece. Thank Tim
  12. Make sure the door is shut before you back up.
  13. How about an adapter to hitch to convert a goose neck trailer hitch to a pintel hitch. Some thing that could be removed fairly quickly so goose neck could be used. Mainly would want it to pull behind a manure spreader truck to haul a wheel loader but be taken off to haul other things a one ton pickup. Drawing or photos. Thanks Tim
  14. Lazy WP picked up a load of Flax in McClusky ND and is delivering it to Bruning Nebraska( who did I meet today thread). Is there a processing plant there?
  15. What are you hauling out of McClusky ND? Flax? I am 25 miles west of McClusky. Most of the flax around here goes to Max ND just south of Minot 25 miles.
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