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  1. Timothy56

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Farmer came in the local coop to get baler twine. Sales man said it was $49.99. Farmer said they are selling for $39.99 the next town over but they are sold out. Sales man says ya we sell ours for $29.99 when were are sold out. No rain checks
  2. Timothy56


    I go in the second week of the month on a Tues. , Wed. or Thurs right after the open 8:30 or so, no waiting most of the time. Never go the first week of the month or the last three days of the month.
  3. Timothy56

    1466 PTO

    Thanks Red Tech Tim
  4. Timothy56

    1466 PTO

    Recently bought 1466 red cab at an auction sale knowing the single speed (1000) pto was not working. Yes the small little pin is in there Pulled the unit out and took the carrier assembly off the check the clutch disc. Disc look OK not burned , but will be replace when going back together . Here is the question. between the carrier assembly and the housing there is a gasket. On the 1486 and 1066 we have I have replaced the clutch packs a couple of times over the years and they do not have a gasket on them just an O ring for a seal on the small oil hole. Which is right? Will have to take it to the mechanic to see what is wrong as I have not gone any further than pulling the assembly and replacing the clutch pack. Thanks Tim
  5. Timothy56

    Identifying this part

    What is stopping you from take that plug out to see what is behind it ?? What model tractor is that?
  6. Timothy56

    Appliance parts

    I know not very convenient but a couple of drill stem pipe and some smooth wire along with the sun and wind will dry your clothes for free. I know the kids don't like the stiff jeans. but they smell so fresh.
  7. Timothy56

    IH 715 Combine choking at feeder mouth

    Pickup header or straight header? Everything is clean under the auger and between the auger and the feeder chain, no dirt?
  8. Timothy56

    How have your anhydrous supply holding up.

    I should have looked at the 2018 Crop pictures. I see the truck deliver to the field.
  9. Timothy56

    How have your anhydrous supply holding up.

    Loadstar and Poor Farmer/Logger how are your tanks filled? Is there a truck that delivers to your field to fill or do you drag the tanks to your local supplier to fill them?
  10. Timothy56

    Belt question

    When two belts are required ( matched set). Why the two belts and not a banded or web belt? When would a banded or web belt be used? Length or width? Would heat be a problem on a shorter belt like fan belts on the 1066?
  11. Timothy56

    Windmill idea?

    How far is it to the water? We have a windmill that the gears must be wore out. It is only 40 feet deep and 14 feet to the water. We set a 2 inch transfer pump reduced down to 1 inch and stuck 35 feet of hose down the well and it works fine. The pump does't run but 3/4 throttle. Just fill the gas for as much water as we need to fill the tank at 6-8 gpm.
  12. Timothy56


    Please keep it up there. It was -30 at 6:30 and still at -28 a few minutes ago. Weather man last night said -14.
  13. Timothy56

    About drinking raw milk

    Wonder what the chances of getting sick drinking pasteurized milk is?
  14. Timothy56

    What's your favorite snack

    As I am sitting here reading red power coffee shop. A couple of small nips of Jim Beam Honey is pretty good. Okay so maybe its more than a couple.
  15. Timothy56

    What's your favorite snack

    Cheese curds. They have to squeak when you bite into them.