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  1. It depends on when you checked the dipstick. If it has set awhile like over night the better oil will come to the top and look fairly good. If checked shortly after it has been run the oil will look different. Been going though a problem with a L50 michigan wheel loader. It would not move couple of days ago -30 out. Transmission had water in it, same thing dipstick looked good. Pull the plug and drained the oil and it looked like slush. Warmed the pan up and put new warm (in the house warm) oil and it worked for one day. Pulled the oil again and still looked milky so another 5 gallons of new oil. Will see what happens tomorrow mourning. Set the first bucket of old oil in the house for 4 days to let the water separate and will set it out side tonight to freeze the water (-26) and then pour the oil in another bucket.
  2. I cut almost all the old baler belts in 12 foot and 6 foot lengths and weaved them into a 6 x 12 foot mat for the stock trailer. Kind of heavy but one person can roll it in the trailer. I have it in the back of a 7 x 24 no slipping when loading and extra grip when stock jumps out.
  3. On the 120 we had the bottom bevel gears that throw the tank unload auger in gear got to be a pain. To remedy the problem on ours I put a hydraulic motor on the top of the tank unload auger and plumbed it into the line coming off the other unloading auger. The way it worked was the long auger would start a second or two before the tank unloading auger started. Never had any problems unloading after that. Don't know about all of them but ours had its own hydraulic system on it.
  4. Just priced a 16 foot 6 bar 2 inch farm gate $347. Last price was $223. 1 inch 4000 psi hydraulic hose $23 a foot from Force America Bismarck ND, made in Turkey.
  5. Just a few miles (10 or so) east of Minot North Dakota
  6. What keeps the L on the adjuster link from working its way out of the hole? Is there a hole for a cotter pin? Or a clamp down on the cable?
  7. We have loaded bulls out of the pasture with just the 4 wire pasture fence and 50 feet of electric fence wire (no power) and a bucket of oats. They respect the electric fence wire it is the turbo wire from galhager. (sp). Once I get them close enough to the trailer I just grab the electric fence and keep it tight and walk slowly toward the trailer. Loading cattle out of a pen or barn it always works better if the front of the trailer is slightly lower than the back. Cattle will load down hill way easier than up hill.
  8. I removed the MCV from a 1066. Question is how many o-rings fit on the tractor side? I wasn't paying attention when it came off. It looks like a large one on the lower left, that one was in the tractor yet. Then there are 3 smaller holes above the pump (almost in line) that kind of look like there could be for o-rings but there where none there(don't see any that could have fell out) Online parts picture I can't tell. Yes the small spring is still in on the lower right side. Thanks
  9. Might not be an oil problem. Me thinks maybe the Boogie Man has got one up on you.
  10. Any of you Canada guys raise Flax this year? I see our little elevator in Turtle Lake (60 miles south of Minot) ND posted a $30 a bushel bid a few minutes ago. I raised flax until 5-6 years age then the local elevator didn't want to handle it because of a poor distributor at the top of the leg. That was replaced a year ago and he is now handling flax again. I went to canola in mean time. Canola is at $32 a hundred.
  11. We have a couple of quarters that are fenced so we can graze the stubble after harvest some times there is a lot to graze some not. Any way our fence is set off the center of the section line a little over 33 feet so we can make 2 passes with the haybine. Some years the grass is really good some not so good but not uncommon to get 4-5 bales on a half mile. Some how the section line trail is on my side and the BTO farms his plus a little. When I cut my side I take take the 2 passes and cut what ever he has planted on my side. If I need to drive that trail I move over to have one wheel on his crop.
  12. 97 chevy 2500 with 7.4 liter. 75% gravel roads. Pulling trailer 1/2 the time. Worst tire Copper Discover maybe 15,000 miles. On the other end Toyo M55s 3 sets went 60,000 or a little better.
  13. Could that have been cut with a shear? 5/8 or 1/2 ?
  14. Have a little problem. Putting a new clutch and shaft and bearings in the 1066. The problem the shaft that holds the throw out bearing fork looks like I need to take one of the cab mounts off to get it out. If so what side is the best to go out.? Thanks
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