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  1. Timothy56

    Polka Party

    Don't know what " two times" is. But will have to listen at noon today. There is a gal ( Clarissa Lynn ) that is on KBMR 1130 out of Bismarck ND that has a polka party every Sunday at noon for two hours. She has a big following in central and south central ND. Also does some live shows from Dickinson, Napoleon, Strawsburg and that area south east of Bismarck.
  2. Probably 25 years ago I had about 25 gallons to much spray left in the tank. I think just Atrazine as I was doing preplant corn. I diluted it with another 50 gallons of water and opened the drain plug and dumped it in the middle of the 1/2 mile long drive way.. Didn't have weeds or grass for years along the drive way. The blade man liked the no weeds to contend with when blading
  3. I wonder if she ever collected any royalties for have her picture on the syrup bottle?
  4. Maybe blast it with some dry ice some how.
  5. SMV sign means you stay under 25 mph. Some guys around here were pulling anhydrous tanks with SMV signs at more than 25 mph and got tagged for speeding
  6. They are what they eat. Beef, pork, chicken and wildlife. Good feed = good meat. Good grass not a bunch of weeds and junk grass. Good grain not a bunch of screenings from the local elevator. We butcher a 18 month old animal. Have some late calves every year. The ones born in August and September work best for us. They get weaned in March run on pasture for the summer and brought in when we wean the other calves late October and are fed with them until first week of April (weaned calves are sold in Jan.) They are fed corn silage, alfalfa grass mix and 10 pounds of barley. We feed barley because it easy to grow and is harvested in August unlike corn that may not get harvested until who knows when.
  7. Timothy56

    Hydro ????

    Got it. So next question. Is that all the horse power they can handle? If you put a 466 in a 186 and had say 175 horse power how would the hydro handle it?
  8. Timothy56

    Hydro ????

    Question is the hydro unit in the 1026.1066, 826, 100 and 186 also the 88 series are they all the same.. 656 ? Which would interchange?
  9. Truck spreader broke down so had to finish up with the 4166 and the Meyers M700. Short haul less than 1/8 of a mile. 4166 doesn't shift well with a load behind.
  10. Planter came from an auction sale north of Plaza N.D.
  11. Was going to get a picture but for got. Yes , front of the hopper big sticker Sunflower Special. It had a smaller drive pulley. I guess for less air pressure for the light sunflowers. Which dealership?
  12. So what what combo did you use 14-16 15-17 or 16-18? 34,000 + or - some . Think I had 14-10 or 10-14 (have to go look) for 28,300.
  13. They are the same as long as the tire size is the same. Had a 500 until the hydraulic pump quit. I picked up a 400 last summer at an auction sale for $400. It was a so called sunflower planter. There main drive pulley was smaller only difference. and it came with a bigger drive pulley. Didn't get a book with it but found the chart under the hitch cover. I used the same sprockets from the 500. Planted silage corn at a little over 28,000.
  14. Thanks Any idea why Dorman 645993 is called a Low beam high temperature. No other mention high temperature?
  15. Got this 2011 chevy 1500. 5.3 engine, 4x4, automatic. A couple of annoying problems. The low beam headlights don't work half the time( high beams have never been a problem). There are 208,000 miles on the truck know. The problem started around the 130,000 mile mark. The problem is in the light bulb and the connector it plugs into. If I wiggle it some times it will come on for maybe a minute maybe couple of days. After taking it apart the ground side of the connector is corroded and looks like it has been hot as some of the plastic is melted. Seems like it is not making good contact. Have tried scrapping the crud off both terminals but again it might last a few minutes or a few days. Have tried a new end and a new bulb ($15) that might last a couple of weeks. First it was only the left one doing it now they both are acting up. Is this a ground problem some where or what? The other annoying thing. If you sit with the engine not running with just the radio on in about 15 minute the alarm will go off for a low battery. There may or may not be enough battery to start the truck. Is that all the longer these trucks can sit before the battery is run down ( got a 97 chevy that has sat all afternoon with the radio on and starts right off).? Had a new battery put in one time and it took maybe 20 minutes to run down.
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