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  1. Engine Knock

    It seems to stay consistent through all temperatures.
  2. Engine Knock

    Thanks again everybody. What does everybody think about in frame vs. complete overhaul? From my understanding the c200 is a sleeveless engine.
  3. Engine Knock

    Thank you for the responses so far. I should have added that it has about 5500 hrs. New 93 gas.
  4. Engine Knock

    Hi folks, I need some advice before I go spending a ton of money. I've recently purchased my third IH/Farmall, a 68 544 gas gear drive. It has developed a slight knock and I'm trying to figure out if it's valve, piston, or crank/bearing related. I changed the oil, old oil came out dark but no shavings at all. Put in straight rotella 30 with a bottle of lucas oil treatment, Fram filter. Knock is most noticeable at idle and goes away as you increases RPM. I unhooked the #1 plug wire and the knock goes away completely. The knock sounds higher in the engine. Any advice or relative experiences will be greatly appreciated. Ehere should i start? Different oil? Should I rebuild? Pull the head? Pull the pan? Thank you.
  5. 404 Seat

    Looking for an original 404 complete seat with frame. Anybody have any leads on one? Thanks, Nick.