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  1. worked with a 766 tractor before did all the medium jobs around the farm and silo filling. Had fuel pump rebuilt and engine. after a really good break in on a heavy disk it dynoed 116 hp. for field work better with 38 inch tires than 34 inch tires. great handling tractor
  2. Why are you using the Quick hitch? I see the plow has accommodation for top link. plow may trail better and drop the back more going into the ground I use to have a massey 880 plow and used that set up. maybe on back furrow switch to a deep suck share
  3. netto55

    Cool it

    worked with a 766 for a number of years. It had new sleeves and piston done due to cavitation. Fuel pump re built. it produced 119 pto horse power it was on a larger forage blower for 809 foot silo. Man could we unload wagons fast. And great on big manure pumps and agitation. Fast on the road and small enough to run a square baler. Had differential lock all around excellent tractor
  4. wow that bring memories. Here in Ontario I remember Vincent farm Equipment In Seaforth with a full line up of tractors but most of them came with cabs. A lot sold in our neighborhood. 966 , 1066 and 1466 were most popular One neighbor had the 1468 tractor with cab.. Remember it pulling a 32 ft cultivator
  5. netto55

    roof collapse

    Had this issue in Ontario with large sow barns back a few years ago. we had snow a thaw and then more snow until the load got too heavy Roof collapsed and sows were saved by the gestation stall that protected them. One barn we shoveled off with 25 guys. Had to have a high hoe take snow away at the eves as it piled so high
  6. Well a differential lock would make for full two wheel drive. I use to hit the brake on a non differential lock tractor and lose some power and make it hard on the drive system. Most Canadian 1066 tractors have differential locks
  7. Yes 856. Our neighbor had a 856 with custom cab and 20.8 x 38 tire this tractor had a real bite but could not rememeber about it having a diff lock Most John Deere had a diff lock right back to the 2510 tractor
  8. Toyota placed 1st 2nd and 3rd. Yes bring in dodge and have the big three battle it out.
  9. I see so many USA sold tractors in the 56 /66/86/series tractors that never had differential locks. Many other brands the same like Case in 30 and 70 series tractors I have driven and or owned 766 , 1086 and 1066 with diff locks and they were very effective in traction issues. Did the 865 tractor come with option for differential lock?
  10. They have a sound matt that is installed on car to make them quite may want to check that and really insulate the cab floor from tranny noise and can cover the cowl too from engine. then install the cab kit
  11. had a neighbor that bought a 856 with custom International cab. had 20.8 X 38s tires and duals. great tractor. He had some land with heavy clay and he pulled 4X16 and in light soil he has 5X16 and the 856 worked well. Big tractor in 1971 and he had only a clutch replacement once in 40 year she had the tractor A few years later he bought a 4320 John Deere and it pulled the same plows in the same soil and could do not much better than the 856.
  12. Had this same issue with a 574 rebuilt starter alternator and batteries and it end up being loose connections on the ammeter back of the dash tighten up the connections and After that best starting tractor. Please check this let us know
  13. netto55

    IH plows

    Plowed with 5 bottom 735 vari-width. which had lots of ground clearance. 720 slightly more clearance and option for bigger bottom width than 710 I believe
  14. back in 1977 I have friends who had a 1066 Black Stripe model with cab and 20.8 X 38 tires pulling in heavy soil 6 X 18 John Deere plow. The friends neighbor who has a number of John Deere's and a 4630 with cab and 20.8X38. When my friends were setting the plow up with the John Deere plow the John Deere neighbor saw this and claimed the 1066 would not handle it. So when he watch that the 1066 pulled that plow he realized the 1066 could pull the plow quit easy and also get up in high speed So he asked to plow with them in same field with the 4630. So a match was on. 1066 went first and then the 4630. Measured up the depth to match and see what happens. On the forth round of the field which is a long 75 acre field the 1066 had paced it self behind the 4630. The owner of the 4630 also claimed he had increased the power of his 4630 to 175 hp as he is a diesel mechanic. He could not believe how the 1066 could put up such power and speed vs his 4630. He also had a 4840 John Deere but did not want to get in a challenge. with it. My 1066 had the same charteristics with a dyno test at purchase used from a dealer here in Ontario (Stolz) and it put out 210 hp for a 30 minute stint and she never ran hot. 414 International engines seemed to be a tough engine. Ran it on a Wetmore grinder to put up high moisture corn. and we could keep up to 2 X 6 row combines. Have a John Deere restoration company and they mentioned that although they restore and rebuild John Deere's and yes in a lot of ways the 30 series tractor had some better features the Internationals were always a tough tractor to match power against. all true stories for those form Ontario I can supply name of the tractor owners. There is passion in this now older equipment. And I do like the 30 series John Deere's just could never afford one so had to go red
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