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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Funny face and HiC but the rest not even a little bit
  3. Ya had me worried for a minute there. When all I saw was Fort Atkinson my first thought was the Hoards Dairyman farm
  4. 51cub


    Wanted one as long as I can remember and needed something bigger than the Cub
  5. 51cub

    South paws

    One of my sisters is left handed, even now after growing up in a time when the nuns whacked her hand for using it. My father did everything right handed except at bat
  6. If I remember right, there is a way. I think you do have to have a tv that has an hdmi connector. Then the cable between the tv and computer. Again, don't rely on the names I'm using, but they're close enough that when you go to get the cable, they know what you're saying. The cable I have I think I got at an office supply store
  7. If I could keep the bibs and coveralls I'd do it for free but I'd willingly accept any pay they felt a need to give me. I been trying to come up with a way to fasten my braces right inside the coveralls so when I start them off the braces come too and pull my pants right down with them
  8. I had another thought after my last post. Depending on alot of things like your own comfort level and learning curve and how long a wait for a new one. There's always building your own. You wouldn't be the first to do it
  9. I got to second the forestryforum. There's alot of good people there. One other thing I've been hearing is he'll have to decide how fast he wants it. Some mfrs are weeks and months behind. Alot of people have taken it up being locked up at home
  10. I'm far enough north I only got 5 or 6 inches. At least one town right down on the Mass line got about 15 inches. I haven't heard about any power out anywhere. There was some wind earlier today but even that's not doing anything right now. Chance for flurries and snow showers all day
  11. If I could get my mind to go as slow as his I could oh wait - a firetruck!!
  12. You'd think the second one woulda ducked!
  13. Thanks,men. That's about what I figured but wanted to be sure. The only things I ever got to see changed were a loader and an excavator bucket. The loader of course the cutting edge was bolted on, bolts were cut off and replaced when the edge got changed. It wasn't always 24-7, but sure could be during the winter loading salt sand, and summers were long days with drainage material
  14. Here's a chance for me to learn something. Where I used to work they always welded the wear plates on, then some beads of hard face. I have a couple ideas but don't know if I'm right. So my question is, why do you bolt them on?
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