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  1. Downfall of our society

    I can't tell you how good it is to read this. It's hard to find that attitude around here, anymore. As much as I hate people on the phone while they're driving, the thing that jams me up even quicker is the ones that look at the paper while they're driving. I shouldn't even say driving. More like, while they're on the road. And it happens more than normal people would think. I guess phones and computers are like anything else. They have their place, but we get to where we take advantage of it. Now, you might want to take all that with a grain of salt. It wasn't until a year ago that I broke down, and bought a computer, and I was kicking and screaming the whole way. Truth be told, I still get kicking and screaming when it does what I made it do, instead of what I was trying to get it to do
  2. What can I do to help?

    Other than being there for her, I agree about collecting any personal things from work. I can't add much else to what's already been said, except my own thoughts and prayers.
  3. The Aftermath Of The Great War

    I can't sat what I'm thinking without stealing this. Thanks for sharing
  4. Full Bloom!

    Beautiful pictures, thanks. I'm waiting to see what happens here. We had an early bloom, and a late snow and freeze, and thanks for the pictures of the bees, too!
  5. My thoughts and prayers for the three of you, and your family
  6. Got them all out of the shed

    Very nice, thanks for showing us!
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I've been there, it's a hard thing. My best to you, and your family. I'm glad you could get something to remember him by. Could be he's going to be alot of help to you with it. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that my father is watching me while I do something, usually when it's a good time for a swift kick for a bonehead move.
  8. life in our corner

    Oh, I'm liking this, thank you for posting. I sure would have liked to find this forum sooner to keep up with it. I don't know when I'll get to sit to read it word or word. I only ever get to visit farms. I learn something new every time, or, I suppose it could be something I knew, but had forgotten. Keep the pictures coming!