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  1. We are lucky enough to be in a spot that soybeans and corn appear to be one of the best crops ever for our local area. (Does not apply to the entire Delta area) Makes you wonder how many bushels can come from an acre (talking about sizable acreage (500----1,000+)------not test plots.) We have seen 90-----100 bu soybeans in small acreages in recent years. So what are some of the better yields from the past in the mid-West. Our yields always trail the mid-West slightly. And---sure don't want to count the chickens before they hatch. (It's thundering as I type)!!!!πŸ™„ Any sincere comments appreciated-----just curious. I remember back in my farming days-----I thought I had a reliable formula for estimating yields on soybeans. Worked pretty well while I was in the 40 bu range. Then the estimate jumped up to 3---400 bu/ac!!!!!. I ditched my formula and haven't estimated any since.πŸ€πŸ€”πŸ€£ DD
  2. 400 hogs!!!! 1st time to hear it-------but dammn sure can identify with it!!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ΄ Thanks for posting Fireman. Don't reckon I ever heard a Tom T. Hall song that I didn't like. Keep 'em coming. DD
  3. πŸ‘-------he's a good one. Sorry to hear the news. DD
  4. Professor--- Lots of confusion in your above post referring to Mike and his rank. But I do remember you explaining some of that before. So should I refer to Mike as "Kid" Colonel, Sarge, or Farmall Kid??? Sure am glad he had his utilities on in the picture-------or I would have been really confused as to who wuz who. (you put your stamp right on his face!!!!!!)😊 ******* Furthermore-------"had dibs" is a past tense phrase. "My" is as of now (current)!!!! I really appreciate Roger taking care of it for me. ******** "Hoe house" and git your favorite "hoe" can be very confusing in itself. Did you mean "favorite ho"-------------or hoe (as if for chopping)???? Either one doesn't seem to fit my needs anymore!!!!!!!!!!! 🀐😏🀣🐴 Good luck to Mike and his troops on the fire detail. DD
  5. This thread caused me to Google "grain vacs"------I see they have expanded in offerings since my last exposure with any of them. Don't know size/rating of last one I was familiar with------but ran off of PTO and would move alot of grain. What size are some of you using?? ****** Most caking/crusting takes place in the "center cone" of any size bin (where the fines, dust, and heavier particles tend to accumulate). I did not have Stir-Alls. On anything being held for long term storage------I always rotated the cone area from one bin to another ocassionally. Held some Milo for near 4 yrs while in the gov't loan-----Gov't came with a program that paid the farmer storage and I kept rolling it forward. Delivered with no dockage. DD
  6. I don't have any first hand advice------never had any unloading problems on my smaller bins. But---- I was always intrigued with the VacuVator. Just thinking about the size of your bin (that is big). Maybe cut holes and install gates at 2 different levels (6 holes rather than 3???)-------avoid pulling out a big cavity in bottom at of bin so to avoid a huge collapse of grain all at one time???? You could also add a bigger reinforcement plate behind the red side gate if you felt necessary. Keep us posted------all interesting to a retired farmer and old and tired farmland appraiser who has found his as$ in similar traps before.πŸ™„ Be careful!!! Go to school-----get a plan and get started------won't be fun-------but its gotta be done. DD
  7. 53.090909 mph!!!!! You must have a self loading scoop-------just scoop them up as you drive along the fence!!!!!πŸ˜… You meant it when you said "turn and burn".πŸ‘ ****** I had never thought about live cattle being hauled so far until reading along on your earlier post a couple of years ago. But gotta remember the old cattle drives back in the early days. Always part of the process I reckon. I met two cattle trailers here in Mississippi today----both headed west as if to cross the Mississippi River at Greenville (Hwy 82). Wonder where they would be going.??? One had "Wild Tide" on the nose of his trailer (maybe from Alabama------Alabama football team is known as the Crimsom Tide????). Seems like the other was titled "McCabe". Don't believe we have enough cows in the close vicinity to load one trailer-------keeping up with your travels made me notice them. DD
  8. We do plant ends on soybeans and corn ---------in addition, in reality many fields in the mid-west are larger than many in the Delta area. Weight is getting to be a problem down here under damp or "seep water" conditions along the Levee. Many growers use a drill or smaller planter for planting the ditchbanks. ***** Had forgotten about the little Rust picker on the Fords Fred------thanks for the reminder. DD DD
  9. Above post would not accept the picture--------nor allow me to sign the post as DD. But here goes--------beginning to think all computers, cell phones, apps and programs are female. (have a mind of their own)🀐 DD
  10. While on our "semi political" subject-------I have never subscribed to Fox Nation before. My wife was telling me that Lara Logan had a good report tonight. I pulled Fox Nation up and discovered that military and veterans could sign up for a free 1 yr subscription. Just passing this on to anyone that qualifies and would be interested in Fox News material. nothing political here------just a common, everyday Mississippi redneck that is proud to be an old and faded Marine!!!! (USMCR----1962---1968) ****** re: old and faded I snapped a picture of my discharge dated 1968-------and realized that not only is the old Marine faded; but my 53 yr old discharge certificate is somewhat faded in itself!!!
  11. What's the HD-7 compare to in the Caterpillar line-------maybe a D-4+??? It looks larger on the trailer than in your 1st pictures. Track tension looks good on the left side. Glad you got an angle blade------although ARMSTRONG powered. I have always been able to move more Dirt working at an angle (seems like you are rolling the dirt rather than on a dead push??) Tip for getting started: Work in a higher gear with throttle knocked back a little-------get used to the feel for a smooth cut-----then kick throttle to full power and have at it. It should have a float position for once you get a full blade-----push to float and she will pretty well follow the ground contour. Most of my experience is on a TD-14 manufactured the same year that Gary and I were (1943).🀐 DD
  12. Mader---- Used combine tracks (IH, J-D) would be worth you watching for. They typically are not run that much and rail/pitch size will be somewhere close to what yours is. I picked up a set from a 1460 combine for scrap values number of years ago------thinking I might replace my worn undercarriage on a D2 Cat. Have forgotten the dimensions------but something in the 6 1/4" pitch range. Wouldn't have been to big of a job to cut and replace drive sprocket ring. The combine tracks had wide pads------would have needed to trim some width off the pads ai to fit within dozer frame. Anyway----- found another D2 with good undercarriage, but never got around to getting them up and going. Sold the two of them together. Hauled the combine tracks to scrap yard. But have seen several sets abandoned down this way. You would need to search in the wetter climate areas. Trend now is to the big wide flotation rubber. What does the tension look like on the other side----looks to me like you will take up slack with repaired front idler------and still have adjustment left?? Good luck------no substitute for a dozer. Keep us posted. πŸ‘ DD
  13. Gary---- With all of the comotion that is currently taking place in Afghanistan------my mind wandered back to Mike and his days in Afghanistan. I would think they all are experiencing a mixed bag of thoughts/feelings on the situation. D.C. and the "left field" may not appreciate them-------but we appreciate them all. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ DD
  14. Roger--- Special, Super, and Roadmaster-------were they all equipped with the same engine?? Tell us about the '48 Transmission?? ***** Can identify with you on some items needing to find new owners. At least your collection includes alot of paint and "shine". Needless to say------I am more into rust and dust. Am afraid I have waited too late to dispose of my junk-----I didn't intend to age quite this fast. Losing my son (Reb) placed a whole new picture on what in the he!! I am ever gonna do with it now. I just need to clean up my shop area------if for nothing else for the farm tenant to have parking space. This new equipment has gotten huge. DD
  15. Roger should be able to fill us in on the 48----50 model Buicks. He has a pristine Buick stashed away with "my" AutoWagon. Come in Roger. Seems like I do remember something unusual about the transmission shift---------being an automatic; but not the Dynaflow which came later. Those Dynaflows sounded like they took a day and a half to get wound up------but I managed to get the old '53 Roadmaster wound up tight enough to get my 1st speeding ticket one night (prior to having a drivers license).πŸ™„ DD
  16. Weed Assault Vehicle I like that terminoligy IowaBoy!!!πŸ‘ and they definitely come in all sizes and shape--------all the way up to the 100 ft spray booms, cropdusters and helicopters. Always good to see others innovative thinking on something like this. DD
  17. Fred------OK; I don't remember the starting apparatus on the 48 Buick------but do remember the foot buttons on all of the GM trucks of that period. My dad had a '48 3/4 ton with 4 speed transmission GMC for the farm mgr------it wore out 3 or 4 half ton Chevys. At that time-----I always thought the GMC was a higher quality truck-------maybe it was the Buick engine?? ****** Some early corn having been harvested up this way this past week------strong yields. Expect corn harvest to go wide open this next week. DD
  18. I think it works out better if we skip the birthdays on the calendar------just don't skip the cake!!! Be sure and share some cake with us-------and keep on counting!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘ DD
  19. "starterrator"??? You will have to fill me in on that terminology Fred. ***** Louise Hotel doesn't ring a bell------ was nothing but a kid at the time. Doing good to remember what I do. Gotta remember that back in those days------everything was hotels. Those new fangled "tourist courts" (aka: motels) were just around the corner yet!!!!. DD
  20. Definitely remember the Rice Hotel------but also remember being in Corpus Christie also. What might have been the big hotel in Corpus at that time?? I am thinking we had the engine swapped out in the Buick in Corpus Christie. I was only 5+ yrs old-----many moons ago. DD
  21. Fred---- Somewhere in the past-----I saw where J Wayne was being recruited for Gunsmoke and he recommended James Arness. ****** Where is (or was) the Rice Hotel----Corpus or Houston???? Thinking back to my 1948 trip to the Rio Grande Valley. (I am thinking Corpus??) My dad had bought a new Buick for the trip------ran over something in the road and knocked a hole in the oil pan. We laid up at the Rice Hotel for several days while having the engine replaced. DD
  22. Wrangler was not my first horse. This 1984 Bronco makes that claim----------ran it and ran it and ran it some more. Over 300,000 miles when I did some swapping with a guy in south Mississippi for a little D2 Caterpillar and some scrap steel. Worked out good for both of us---------but I really lost a friend in the deal. 10 miles per gallon up hill or down hill-----switch on or switch off; but she would get on down the road-------had the 351 high output engine. Reckon in all practicality-------my current 4 door F150 might be more serviceable for my type work-----------but I really enjoyed the Bronco. This old horse even made a lap with me at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1987 or so. Was in Indianapolis seeing a land prospect for a couple of days--------made the bus tour, etc. but before I left I just had to make one lap-----------even stopped and kissed the bricks (at the start/finish line). Never have been to an Indy race---------but kept up with it on an active basis from the time I was 8--10 yrs old. Used to listen to it on the car radio while parked under a shade tree in the yard-----remember running the battery down once. (Daddy wasn't too happy) Don't watch it much anymore-------just too fast and out of touch with reality for an old dizzy headed codger nowadays. First picture I have been able to post from the new laptop------here goes.
  23. Ron Diesel----- I don't think you ever told us the ratio of running lights to axles ya'll are mandated to???πŸ€πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Glad to see you out and rolling. Will be looking forward to your reports------always interesting. Good luck------play safe.πŸ‘ DD
  24. The truck looks to be a International? The man outside the truck "might" be a Texas Ranger??? Resembles a Ranger I met down in the Valley in 1948. My dad carried the family with him down to line up the Mexican labor for the cotton harvest. While eating supper one night-----My dad struck up a conversation with this little average looking guy who was a Texas Ranger-------hat, gun, badge and all. At 5 or 6 yrs old, I wuz highly impressed!!!! The labor agent he worked through was named Joe Pettis (Brownsville---McAllen area). Joe brought several hundred hand pickers up to the Delta each year until the mechanical pickers took over. Used to hear from some of Joe's descendants ocassionally----- but nothing in years. By chance-----if anyone knows or is a relative of Joe Pettis------Sure would be good to hear from you. DD aka: Anson Sheldon, Jr. Avon Ms
  25. "looking for hobo's"--------or Watermelons,!!!!!πŸ‰πŸ˜ ******** wonder what the life expectancy for a boxcar is for active work on the rail line???? DD
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