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  1. Good job in describing the design Mike--------of course if you are in the northern hemisphere you would simply need to turn Mike's "synopsis" up side down!!!!!! A close and enlarged view of the side view of Gary's TD-18 gives you a full picture of the angle and tilt mechanisms. This situation is a case where a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!!!! I bet the old Marines and SeaBees thought it was a major innovation during WWII. DD
  2. Yep-----that is me (circa 1980 or so) The bar (main frame) the boys are standing on also made for an easy step to climb up onto the tracks with. Probably handy item in the ice and snow???? DD
  3. The heavy bar that the crew is standing on is part of the Bucyrus Erie angle dozer attachment. The blade mounts with a pivot pin at the point of the V out front------with side arms that slide front and rear along the big bar that the boys are standing on--------angle done manually with pins dropping in to lock it in position. Here is a picture of my TD14 pushing Dirt with same set up. For drawbar work------I sometimes left the entire blade on or part of it as pictured for better weight distribution. I believe these old boys have the drawbar pull just about maxed out in the cat train picture!!!! (wonder about braking when going downhill-------come in King of Obsolete)????
  4. I am 78+ yrs old-------always active and always noted for my high pain thresh hold. But have absolutely been ground to a standstill due to back, hip and shoulder pains. All reports come back severe arthritus. Don't know where the answer is -------BUT I am using Hempvana with a self added mixture of cabannis oil to the original Hempvana cream on my back, hip and one shoulder. In addition to a prescribed painkiller medicine from the doctor. The local drug store sells the oil. I have been in so much pain that I asked my doctor about it. He said that I could pour the oil onto my pain areas and not worry about adverse effects--------also saying it might help or might not. He didn't see any problem-------go for it and see what happens. My "unscientific" mixture definitely helps smother back the excruciating pain for 4 hrs or so-------and has enabled me to cut back on the prescribed pain killer (for what the doctor is concerned for longterm use). Needless to say I am not flying an airplane nor driving a semi-------so I can't advise if it will show up in a blood or pee test. I 've got a basket full of other health issues (heart, etc)-----so just trying to grab a life preserver to lighten the load and keep on living a few more days or years!!! This has helped but not cured the problem. Never say Never-------until you have been there and worn the pants. I have always been clean on drugs------never smoked a joint in my life. Getting old ain't no fun!!!!! Getting older can be a major ordeal!!
  5. Have experienced similar situations in my real estate practice (appraiser and broker) as well as with family land. My 2 cents worth: have surveyor who set corner------survey and flag location on each marker post you intend to set. Set posts and record survey with posts noted at courthouse. Don't quite fully understand everything-------but with Mississippi law a tenant can not claim adverse posession. (can't say for your state) No doubt big equipment makes for meandering property lines. Might be worth your while to run by an attorney???? Good luck DD
  6. Quote: "Rumley Oil Pull Cup grease bucket for $1980.00"--------blows my mind!!!!! Where was the auction?? Was it expected to bring something in that range of value----or just a fluke???? Still scratching my head.......... DD
  7. I dunno Roger-------something don't quite sound right here???? He claims to be my age (born in 1943)-----I am wondering if that might be a typo and should be 1843???? But no doubt about it--------the black top hat sure looks better than the polka dot Easter egg hunt caps Gary likes to wear!!!!! DD
  8. Professor------ Based on Robert Blackburn's hat-------was Abe Lincoln possibly a steam enthusiast and we never heard about it??? Could it be that me, you, and Roger are all wrong about the "official" steam engineers hats????? Roger and myself will be trying to scrounge up an extra tall top hat for you for Christmas. (Let us know if you already have one). DD
  9. In keeping with this being a tractor related forum-------Wrangler refers to me as the "operator" rather than rider. If we do in effect get the chance to help the Border Patrol out-------I will have to get ol' Wrang back up to using the old Texas ranch lingo. DD
  10. Really appreciate you keeping your eyes open out that way TwoStep. I'm gonna track those melons down yet. I strongly suspect the Cartel in the watermelon heist. Just last week, I thought I had a plan that would put me down on the border to do some sniffing around-----but it did not work out. Wrangler had seen where the Border Patrol was using horses in an effort to control the rush against the border. Wrangler immediately wanted to volunteer his services-----but much to our dismay, the use of the horses were called off. We were both looking forward to helping out the Border Patrol and doing a little behind the scenes investigative work on the missing watermelons. Oh well...........the investigation continues. Was signed out of forum again-----can't pull up emoticans.?????? DD
  11. Fred----- Glad to see you back on board------always enjoy your input. πŸ‘ DD
  12. Funny TwoStep-------but your comment brought to my attention another change in the times. We don't seem to see the old domino games and B-S sessions around the gins , etc anymore like in the old days. Life seems to move at a much faster pace than a few years ago. What kind of year is Booger Creek Gin expecting. No pickers in field yet here locally-------cotton is late. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡------it's such a strain; but I am trying the best I can.😰 DD
  13. I apparently just snuck in the back door------had tried numerous times earlier tonight. Tried one more time and RedPower came up with me signed in without going through the sign in process?????? Glad to see the "old codgers" back together. I ain't gonna make nobody no promises-------but will make an extra effort to behave myself. It will be much easier to do today than it was a few years ago-------so let's roll the dice and take a chance!!!!πŸ˜‡ (notice the halo I am wearing) ****** After reading of Gary solving his problem with a new security program-------may be that I have the same problems??? Send me some info on what you did Gary. Delta Dirt Avon, Ms 38723
  14. Mistuh Hillbilly------ We are not heading for "them that hills" yet. We are 300+ miles inland-------looks as if the eye is stearing slightly eastward which is leaving us right along the westernmost path. Rainfall and wind looking lighter for right now. Keeping fingers crossed-----but that doesn't help folks to the East of us. Major damage and effects in south Louisiana and Gulf Coast as I type. DD
  15. "Calm before the storm"??? Its a bright and sunny day here right now--------you would never suspect that hurricane Ida is sneaking up the Mississipi River toward us. Expecting 30--40 mph winds----and 3--8" of rain. Should have moved on through come Tuesday. Hurricanes and Harvest don't mix well. DD
  16. Howse used to be located in Laurel, Mississippi--------50 yrs ago. DD
  17. I can't remember Cleveland or Winsdor-------it did have High Output on the air cleaner cover. I was determined to improve the gas mileage-------changed jets out in carb several times to no avail. Ran best and best mileage with factory jets. DD
  18. '84 big Bronco------351 high output engine (was the high output a Cleveland or Windsor????) This old bronco was a workhorse-------put well over 300,000 miles on it. Would pass everything but a gas station. (10 mpg-------switch on or switch off) Faithful old horse-------always brought me home!!!🐴 DD
  19. Delta Dirt


    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ-------a salute to them all. DD
  20. How wide spread is it to bale corn stalks for feed------or just special cases where the grower is also in the cattle business. Here in the Delta-------you normally see a disk not far behind the combine and start the deterioration of the crop residue as soon as possible. DD
  21. Just ran across this old black (congregation) church located in Estill, Mississippi-----note the window A/C and chimney sitting side by side. I don't know how old it is-----I am 78 and it seems to have looked the same for my lifetime. I snapped this picture several years ago------was still active as of that time. Many photographers have photographed this church through the years-------it is definitely an old Mississippi Delta landmark. DD
  22. I would think you should definitely need to drain off water traps. Hope you are dealing with pure diesel-------I have had major problems with bio-diesel that has set up 6---8 months. Good luck DD
  23. Professor------ Be best for you to keep all of those hoes, shovels, rakes, handtools, etc resting and cool up there in Montana. Temp was 101Β° here this afternoon with extremely high humidity. Heat index musta been in excess of 115. Too hot to breathe. DD
  24. Coons or deer??? For a couple of years I grew approx 300 ac of sunflowers in some fresh cleared new ground. They will definitely attract every bird, insect, animal and some humans to the field. Plus pre harvest loss to the farmer and his wife. My wife and her friend win best of show at one of their garden club shows. We had a friend who was somewhat of a "tomcat" around the local bars. Me and my old crop dusting buddy used to pick a box of sunflowers and distribute bouquets to all of the ugliest ladies in the bars------telling then the flowers were from our old tomcat friend. The women would rush to hug ol' Raymond when he showed up. Most all of the men folk knew what was going on and would razz him about it. πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸ˜‚------lots of fun. ------- most bird and deer damage usually comes after the seed have dried down------seems a little early for that stage??? DD
  25. Give us a report-------everything still flowing out of bin??? DD
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