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  1. Ace--- I believe Ford's "427" was actually a 429. I have a '89 F-700 with factory propane. (lots of power--------4 mpg!!!!!) I talked with a very knowledgeable shop foreman with a Ford dealer who was one of my best friends when I ran upon this truck for sale in maybe 2000 or so. The shop foreman was a noted "hot rodder"---------he immediately told me to buy the truck; ------he wanted the engine. Going on to tell me what all could be done to it. Being factory L-P-------he said it would be high compression and ever switched to gasoline would need to burn high octane premium. You are probably right with your thinking. Hope you are moving along with your harvest------good luck. DD
  2. Well stated by Augercreek-------I might add: "ain't no bad looking scenery in the background either!!!" Watching the paddlewheelers was a very smoothing and enjoyable experience for an old codger who just got home from a 10 day rehab stay in the hospital. Thanks for posting U-C. ******* Way back in my younger days: I always wanted to build a side wheeler style raft powered by a Volkswagon engine and drive axle utilizing brakes for steering. Time never allowed it. Maybe some of you "young bucks" will pick up on the idea. Keep us posted. Uhhhh------don't know what we will do about the landscape and scenery-------U-C's is sorta hard to compete with!!!! DD
  3. Hey ya'll--------it's ol' DD slipping in the back door this morning on my old cell phone. Hoping to get the new phone reloaded at AT&T this week. Have not been able to sign in to RedPower much lately between new cell phone and a week stay in hospital. Have been monitoring the Blue Smoke clouds floating out of Montana------sure is frustrating when reading the smoke signals and not being able to reply!!!! I do recieve Text messages on the cell/office number listed above. DD
  4. I found a helper spring system on one of the old 14 parts tractors I acquired along the way----‐saved it but never installed it. I don't think I have ever run an 18----the reins steering talk made me wonder about the TD-18s----being they were larger than the 14s. I was able to handle the TD-24 ----well before the TD-14.
  5. You boys don't worry 'bout me--------Roger is the one with the problem!!!!!🤣 I am back home-----but not moving very fast. 'Course, I ain't never been no race horse.🥺 DD
  6. Based on my past experience of tugging on the TD-14 "sturring" clutches-----you might need some pretty strong reins to tug on the TD-14 clutches. Question: Did the TD-18 have any kind of power assistance??? ****** Sorry to have missed class for the last couple of weeks or so. Me and the missus celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary and she had me locked up for a few days. Helluva place to celebrate anything. DD
  7. Several yrs ago my wife bought me a bargain box of 22 LR from WalMart. I was shooting Nutria in the swamp from the pickup window (excellent prop). Shots jumped around all over-----I could hear the differences in the load. (some no louder than a mouse fart). Back to my high velocity 22 LR (more expensive cartridges)------immediately back on target. DD
  8. Wrangler sez it don't git no better than Sweet Grass, Montana.🐴👍 DD
  9. Oleman---- In Mississsippi----‐we are "supposed" to obtain a permit (registration) for drilling prior to drilling from the Delta area water board (located at Stoneville, Ms). The well digger normally handles this formality---‐been my experience in 35--40 years of farmland brokerage and appraisal work to never see anybody out specifically checking for unregistered well sites. I accidentally discovered the two irrigation wells on our family farm were not permitted several years ago--‐--and followed up on getting them permitted. Ironically----we're originally drilled in 1977+/-. I seriously doubt that many of the general public know where to find the office. No doubt our Water Rights will become more and more of an issue as we move forward. Exemplified by all of the interest in the recent thread discussing water diversion from Mississippi River to the Colorado River. (Now closed here on RedPower? Protect yourself if by doing nothing else but drilling a pitcher pump----I like the idea of a pitcher pump (still get water without electricity)---‐--and it sure drinks good when you are thirsty. Out West-‐---are water rights addressed in your deed??? In my real estate ďealings-----I have always addressed "all water rights" in contracts written by me-----but never addressed water rights in the appraisal process. (taken for granted)------but no doubt not far away. DD
  10. Thanks----- Matt and Iowaboy. and as I think about it a little; may be that I should have bought my new phone with no keyboard, no screen, no speaker. hear no evil;-‐------ see no evil, --‐----------speak no evil??? Damn------I had one like that once and dumped it. I had fixed it with my 4 lb shop hammer---‐------and I just didn't know I had the perfect phone!!!!!!! 🥴 DD
  11. Been switching cell phone = more confusion;--‐-‐-------head in a vacuum........... DD
  12. None of my tractors were in good enuff shape to make it to D.C.!!!!😏 Somewheŕe I knew a couple of the boys from Louisiana that were active in organizing the "tractor cade". Seems like ------ I held a "B-B-Q" cookout in my farm shop for them. We had a nice crowd------even if we were all broke. Later received a sponsor plaque from them as thanks. Still have it in the office--‐----need to take a picture. Didn't accomplish much-‐----but thanks for the effort Troops👍 DD
  13. Art‐--‐ Please help me explain to Gary how these new fangled pictures work. (even though she is part of the older stuff that Gary specializes in)???? Yep----the "media darling" starts out with the small picture. If you punch (👊) the picture carefully with your finger------it will enlarge (expand, explode,-‐----start talking, bĺowing smoke, etc.................) hold it, hey, hey--- wait a minute; the Damm picture is exploding out of my screen........!!!!!🥴 DD
  14. TwoStep---- I am losing confidence in your and the Professor's reliability with your identification on some of this older stuff. Anybody should be able to recognize the 13 Studebakers midway of the middle deck of the load of cars????? In the picture below------based on the front "rocket style" bumpers; I am thinking this must be a load of bumpers for Oldsmobiles. Hoping you or Gary can help in identifying the year model!!!!! uhhhh----- have always thought she was an attractive woman until she opened her mouth???? ******** Can remember seeing loads of automobiles moving along the Mississippi. Must be a thing of the past------have not seen that in a few years. DD
  15. Happy 4th to everyone. Hoping flags are flying high everywhere!!!! I must still have a hang over from the 4th from 50 years ago???? can't find the flag with the emoticans??? ***** Gary----- I had noticed that yellow spot on the big River------I wuz worried about you. Talked to Roger-----he said not to worry------he figured it wuz a spot off of your "Easter cap"!!!!! DD
  16. Searcyfarms---- My service time was 1962---1968. My Reserve unit was never activated------sorry I did not point that out. Everybody contributed their part----no matter their branch of service. Regards to your uncle. DD
  17. Some of your golf, tennis ball guns may fire as much distance as the old civil war projectiles. Out of curosity-----I googled artillery distance during civil war. A mile was pretty much max for those days. In the '60s (Viet Nam era) our 105 howitzers had a max range of approx 7 miles (with full powder load and high arc trajectory.) Never were able to see what we were shooting at but once while at summer camp out at 29 Palms, Ca. One night----Were able to see the flash of impact high up on a mountainside out in the desert. That was a thrill for all of us. Always wanted to find a surplus cannon to set up here at my shop office-----but no luck. ***** Hammer---- I vote with you on condition of 160 yr old gunpowder-----let alone stored in a lead container and in a cotton field subject to 52" annual rainfall and several Mississippi River floods along the way. Best way for me to hurt someone with it would to be drop it on their toe!!!! DD
  18. All interesting to me. No experience with the golf balls, pumpkins, etc-----but spent 6 yrs in Marine Corps Reserves as a member of a 105 Howitizer crew. Plus------one of my farm hands plowed up a civil war era cannon ball with a chisel plow back in the '70s. I still have it in my shop office-----I weighed it and determined it must be a 12 pounder???? Several knowledgeable people said I should have some expert examine and defuse it in case it was loaded with powder. I can't find anything resembling a fuse on it and have dropped it on a concrete floor without exploding-----so the cannon ball remains as it was when we found it. Must be going on 160+/- yrs old now. It was in a field near the site of the old plantation house during the civil war-----approximately 1/2 mile from the old river channel at that time. Figured some Federal gunboat musta fired a shot at the old house during the war. Never heard of any action here on the farm----but there were some skirmishes nearby. (Vicksburg is downriver from us). Grrrrr-----Damn Yankees!!!! Keep us posted on your progress---have fun. DD
  19. Don't really know that much 'bout hay machinery------but we sho' nuff knowz 'bout Hay!!! You boys better send a couple of samples down and let me get Wrangler's "stamp of approval" for each of you!!! Shipment via steamboat will be fine. I can remember back from the 50's------the hay boys liking the "T-A's" when cutting hay. DD
  20. Years ago-------friend had a hot little ride (maybe a Charger???). Anyway the older and very likeable constable took pursuit behind Beatty and his zoom machine in the constable's old and faded station wagon. They new each other well. Beatty ran off and left old Strick and the old station wagon------sort of forgetting that Strick was chasing him. As Beatty and the zoom machine pull into the outskirts of the next little town-------he comes up on this huge road block of Hwy patrol and city police. Beatty had no where to go------he was caught. As the roadblock officers were interrogating Beatty-------they all hear a siren in the far distance slowly advancing in their direction. The siren pulls up beside Beatty's car and it Strick in the station wagon. Beatty comments: Strick you are gonna have to get you a faster ride if you are gonna chase me. Strick answered: Beatty you might outrun my old wheels here------but you ain't gonna outrun my MOTOROLA!!!!! End of the chase. Beatty and Strick are probably both gone now-------a good laugh from the old days. DD
  21. A mix of baking soda and white vinegar in a small plate/pan does a decent job on neutralizing skunk scent-------just in case he leaks a little bit on his last breath. From what I understand-----if the lead hits them up around the head or heart and makes an instant kill----they won't spray. I don't remember the mix ratio-----but believe I found it on Google. Be best to google it for yourself---been several years since I needed any. DD
  22. Ain't nuthing wrong with that flower garden Oleman!!!! I planted 300+/- ac of sunflowers in late '70s on some fresh cleared ""new ground" when it got too late for soybeans. Did alright as a crop------but had lots of fun with the flowers also. My wife won "best exhibit" at the ladies flower show. And my old crop duster buddy and myself really had fun presenting special order bouquets to all of the single ladies at the local bars "from one of our bar-hopping buddies". Didn't take but a couple of bar stops that night----- and Raymond was aware that Rod and I were in front of him. The ladies overwhelmed him with love and joy!!!!! Uhhhh------only the overweight and snaggled tooth ladies got flowers. Well-------------there were a couple that had several of their teeth. Have fun!!!! DD
  23. Re: Heritage Thanks Hammer-----owned since new sure makes one unique nowadays. May have to have you and the Little Man take my qualified "heritage" (rusty & dusty) pieces out to Grand Island next year. Should have at least one good load----reckon I better count up: 2 x Farmall Regulars 1 x F-20 1 x TD-14 with angle blade (1943) 1 x Farmall M (1947 model with bill of sale) 1 x 1600 Loadstar ('62 or '63 model) Hmmmmm--------I come up with approx 53,000 lbs. Need to shake off a few lbs of rust and dust! That's a pretty good load for the F-700 watermelon truck!!!!! In reality------I need to get myself to one of the shows. Ain't gonna happen anytime soon-----but it don't hurt to dream!!!! Grand Island would be a good place for TubaCase and the Professor to pair up and serenade the crowd with some of their music??? DD
  24. I was wondering what age qualified a piece for the "Heritage Collection"??? I am a "Rusty & Dusty" fan myself-----but tip my hat to everybody that has rubbed and scrubbed on any piece of farm equipment in order to make them shine as most of these displayed do. So many of these restorations didn't look this good when new!!!! May be the next time I go to see the doctor-------that I tell him I came in for a full "restoration"?? DD
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