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  1. I had to have a talk with Wrangler and explain to him that Gary was pulling double duty right now acting as the Professor in class and taking care of Sharon. And------there were times that old tractor talk just had to take a back seat. Really though-------everytime I think of a steam engineer acting as a care giver for his wife; I cringe over concern for Sharron!!!??? Hope everything is going good Gary keep us posted. DD and Wrangler
  2. Excuse me: I took the opportunity to make a post on the old codgers thread while my ol' ranch hand is dozed off and his cell phone wuz laying here handy. Damm------ would snap a couple of pictures of him (like he does of me) if'n I could figure out which button to punch. If'n ya'll are out of old tractor and scrap iron stories------we could always talk about Horse power, Mule Power, Oxen power, etc....... It's all interrelated toward making a crop; delivering the mail or robbing banks. Wonder why the early tractor folks didn't use the term Mule or Ox power?? I dunno-------reckon "horse" must be more classy than the others?? Horses definitely were a smoother ride and much faster for riding purposes. I've been wearing my bandit mask some-----so to be use to it in case we need to run another train down. Alot of people never understood that the horses went incognito and used aliases just like the bandits. Luckily-----all of my ancestors were pretty fleet afoot and got to ride with some notable characters back in the day. Great Grampa Lightening used to tell of seeing nuthing but them Pinkerton agents in his rear view mirrors as he and the James Gang made their git aways!!!! Wrangler?
  3. Thanks for remembering Palouse for us Professor. I would like to hear news from him also. DD
  4. Ace---- Heat is recommended to loosen off Loc-Tite. We used to use it alot back in my Howard Rotavator days. I would think welding a nut on would be a good shot. (best verify left or right hand threads??) ***** I made a comment several days ago on the "Juneteenth" thread you posted. Don't know what happened------but I saw the thread was gone, plus I could not access RedPower when first trying to access again. Sorry------if I screwed your thread up. ****** Good luck with your crops------crops look good south of Lake Village/Greenville right now. I understand last weeks storms were rough on McGhee/Dumas across through Clarksdale. DD
  5. Roger----- Ol' Hillbilly might be from Tennessee-------but he knows his geography alright!!!? I really don't know quite as much about Land as I do DIRT.. But regardless of whether this is Dirt or Land in your two pictures-------those ol' boys appear to have their butts stuck in some deep a$$ Mud!!!! Worth noting from the first picture: in the old days, the houses were built right adjacent to the wagon trail or roads for easy access. My mother's old house (where I live) was originally built back in the 1920's right along 'Possum Ridge Rd. As the house was remodeled and roads improved------my dad had the road changed through the county so to cut the "fast traffic" from near side swiping the north side of the house. Very few of the county roads (or country churches and cemeteries) in the Delta actually have a right of way or ownership deed. So-----they are basically at the will of the landowner. We also had a black church sitting out back------Wrangler's barn occupies the old church site now. My surveying knowledge is limited to looking to see which direction the water is flowing-------unless something has changed recently------most of the time the water runs downhill. If the surveyor says otherwise------bet on the water!!!! Re: crops and rain here locally Ironically-------our local area has missed most of those heavy rains of the past couple of weeks. Our crops look good. Lots of damage 20+ miles north/northwest of us. (no problems making this post) DD
  6. My cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy also. The last post from me above-----was a culmination of 6---7 efforts to complete plus some edits. (kept losing parts of paragraphs???) Right now seems OK???? DD
  7. Gary--- I keep getting the funny error codes also. Have for several weeks now-------sometimes pictures post; ---sometimes not. Appears to be related to my Google Chrome app????? Site won't normally load on Chrome-----I switch over to the old Google button and am usually able to pull RedPower up?? And------then apparently (with one of my comments) I caused the Juneteenth thread started by Acem to be pulled. When first trying to access RedPower this morning------it showed a warning that I was "unable to view this site"-------and then RedPower popped up. (and I noticed that the Juneteenth thread was gone) May be this is some sort of filtering of the old codgers to move us on out of the way?? I certainly don't come here to fight and argue----life is too short for that. Hope I didn't offend anyone----partucularly Acem. Everybody should be able to speak their own mind without getting into a fracas here on RedPower. Everything seems to be in a worse case of dis-order today-----jumbled???? In case I get lost from the crowd; Delta Dirt (Anson Sheldon, Jr.) can be contacted via phone or text @ 662 335-5213; or e-mail @ dltadirt@tecinfo.net . We don't answer many unknown numbers anymore-----please leave your name and number stating your call relates to RedPower and I will get back with you. Hoping site gets back in order soon. DD
  8. I dunno--------this special undercover agent might be too much of a distraction from the intended purpose of this old codger's scrap iron thread. May be best I just keep this sweet middle aged lady as my personal "caregiver"-------as much as I leaned on my wife yesterday; the wife would probably be glad to have her around also!!!!? Probably need to place her under the auspices of the Puppy Patrol for now. More on the Puppy Patrol later---------time out for now. DD
  9. My thinking is Mike Newman and Pukeko are brothers?? Regardless-------two interesting characters in the least. Keep the reports coming. DD
  10. From 1973------hipping rows with 1943 model TD-14 using homemade 3 pt hitch designed by Red Neck Design & Fabrication, Avon, Mississippi. That's my late son Reb riding shotgun-------he was about 3 yrs old at the time. 1973 was a high water year on the Mississippi River-----we experienced extreme seep water levels along the mainline Levee . (spongey-----soft surface; rubber tired tractors did not have enough flotation to stand on top of ground) Zoom up picture and you can see the mainline Mississippi River at the baseline of the trees. The trees are on riverside of Levee. Also pulled a chisel plow a good bit with the 3 pt hitch------along with a little 12 (?) ft model 37 disc harrow with the 14 that spring------all in an effort to "tickle the crust" so for the soil to dry quicker. DD
  11. While this picture will post------ better post it. If Sharon can put up with a steam engineer as her caregiver----maybe I could get by with this middle age lady as my "special undercover agent" in the missing watermelon saga???
  12. TwoStep----- Keep that Lone Star camper trailer locked down tight------I see the cartel is back in action. (stole 2 semi loads of ammunition----see thread started by Acem) Don't reckon it would hold many people (maybe 37--39?)--------but would just about be ideal size and shape for smuggling 1 large watermelon!!?? DD
  13. TwoStep---- Tell the boys out at Booger Creek Gin that they would do well in picking up Hammer & Son as a gin client. They are one of the largest cotton growers in the Mid-West. Good folks------I have furnished them their cotton seed in years past. They were working small acreage back then------but I am sure have expanded lots by now. ?? DD
  14. To maximize your exposure on school bus modifications-----Probably be worth your while to make a trip to Talladega for race week end. (see the whole assortment) I have never been to the race-----but my wife and I have been through there on way to Atlanta when the crowd was headed to Talladega. One particular ocassion-----It appeared that other than ripping some seats out to make room for some beer coolers and installing an ultra loud music system------the modification emphasis must have been placed "under the hood". This was a mid 80's 600--700 Ford gas burner who was setting the pace on the interstate @ 80-85 mph. The ol' boy driving was having a helluva time driving-------and his buddies were having a better time riding. We had a big laugh watching the shenanigans!!! I blew the horn at them as they took the Talladega exit!?? (I wondered if they made the race that Sunday) Looks like you have alot to work with there-------good luck DD
  15. MTO---- Be careful as to what you spray where horses will be grazing. A horse's stomach is much more sensitive than for cows. I have no idea about the sensitivity of diesel fuel to horses or cows. Do know from experience that some horses have a finicky stomach. Good luck DD
  16. Up until the mid 70's we never saw armadillos on the east side of the Big River in Mississippi. Same thing with Coyotes-------bang, seems like overnight they both were everywhere. Really makes you wonder how they migrated across the Mississippi River????? But------didn't need to be but two and the factory was in business. DD
  17. Gary-- The doctor will probably prescribe either Xrelto or Elequist (as one of many) when she goes home. Either is highly rated for prevention of blood clots (and subsequently strokes). both are Hellacious expensive---------be prepared. I don't know the details------but we ran our prescription through several times before finally getting a reduced price. Talk to your doctor and druggist. (Milinda takes Eloquist an I take Xrelto-----along with many more-------all equals $$$$$$$) Get all the free samples the doc will give you. Good luck again. DD
  18. Gary---- Tell Sharon to keep her chin up and keep on coming forward------just do it one step at the time. (no hurry) Take care of her--------don't worry about this old tractor forum for old codgers. Most of us at our age have strokes, etc stuffed back in our closet somewhere----I have two (last one being 1998). Wish ya'll the best.? Keep us posted. DD
  19. ?Hammer---- The way you are turning products out------it looks to me that you need a logo and serial number for these factory built items!!! Serial Numbers: My dad said that both Deere and Harvester were noted for skipping a few serial numbers occassionally back in the Farmall Regular days. And------all of the Farmall boys had seen a 4 cylinder JD being tested. "You don't want to buy that old obsolete 2 cylinder!!!"?? DD
  20. Can't help from wondering what happens to the owner of these new "computerized" tractors when the warranty expires??? (all brands) Does the manufacturer then offer an extended warranty program???? Some of the new fangled "computerized" tractors are now at the age to have considerable hours on them. When they are 10 yrs old-----who can afford to run one??? Why does the resale value stay strong on these units. Reckon my questions need to be passed on to Machinery Pete. DD
  21. More of old and new (from my tenant's arsenal): The Versatiles date from the '80s-------they have 6 of varying models (all in 300 hp range-----all with 20.8 duals). All bought used and cheap-----basically stays hitched to one implement so they can jump on and go to work when needed. One or two came out of Kansas----and they carried one out to Kansas for an overhaul. Have been landforming on approximately 50 acres------finishing last 20 acres has been a tough go between constant showers. The Versatiles have been in the mix pulling scratchers, disks, and finishing type land planes I trying to keep the field aired out for the big scrapers. Big scrapers are pulled by current high hp John Deere full 4 wheel drives. Just need a couple more dry days to finish------and plant to soybeans. DD
  22. Controlling the diet has a big influence on the laminitus. Wrangler has had a couple of serious bouts with laminitus-------including just this spring. He don't exactly like the muzzle-----but after a couple of days he got used to it. (has small round hole in front of mouth) Been limiting his feed, grazing and Hay-------pull him into barn at night and take the muzzle off at night. Lucky for me that ol' Wrangler can read.!!!!!?? ****** Seriously-------Anybody with diet control issue with their horse-------I highly recommend the muzzle. Found it does better to attach to a separate halter------slip the entire muzzle and halter on and off. I ordered this yrs ago from one of the equine supply houses. DD
  23. Searcy-------I don't see the crack; but you should be able to braze the cast Clamp OK. Clean real well------Vee out crack. Braze with fluxcoated rod. Good luck-- DD
  24. times are changing------everything is bigger The farm tenants 300+ hp Deere and double 12 row planter; my 1983 model 2090 Case (108 hp): With the 1989 model L2850 Kubota (28 hp) hidden in the background. In the early---mid 80's the 2090----2590 class tractors were the big boys in row crop farming here in the Delta. Lots of Case/IH here-----but JD appears to be the predominant brand here nowadays. Everybody is either leasing or trading most every year-------too big and too complicated for the average man to attempt to work on. ****** Some pictures post------some will not???? Appears to be something in Chrome???? DD
  25. Oil field maps-----? And a true IHC related story. my dad sold his Farmall dealership here in Greenville, Mississippi and went to work for Harvester out of Chicago as a "Farmall expert"in the mid-1920s------promoting the Farmall Regular in 16 southeastern states. He rode the train into Chicago on his first trip to the main offices. Got off train and flagged a taxi to take him to the hotel. The taxi ride seemed to take him all over the big City. Oh-----he wuz impressed. Once he got in his room and looked out the window-----he could have thrown a rock across to the train station!!! Taxi driver done took advantage of another good ol' country boy coming to town!!!?? DD
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