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  1. ?------the Acme truck always looks to be a class act Roger. Shame to expose it to the dust, etc. Fill us in again. What yr----what kind of power, etc. I don't remember-----does the Acme belong to you?? DD
  2. Lots of service time with those boys Gary-----that is something to be proud of.??? Weatherman says we may get another couple of inches of rain today-----maybe I can get Roger to throw a tank on the back of the AutoWagon and head your way with a load of water. ***** Never have been able to find any evidence that Jesse and Frank spent any time here in Washington County, Mississippi. But I would not think they walked around broadcasting who they were. They definitely stayed on the move. ******* I never considered myself to be an outlaw------but near the end of my illustrious farming career; I stopped by the bank to borrow a little more $$$ @ 18%+ interest. My banker said come on in-----what can I do for you. I told him I thought I needed to rob his bank----but didn't figure he had enuff in the vault to do me any good. He laughed and commented: Hel!----I was just thinking you might have already robbed my bank!!!! Luckily------he was able to fill my needs. AND--------even more lucky was that I finally got him paid back. So-------may be that I have more in common with Jesse and Frank than thought????? DD
  3. Hammer------ Sometimes things are unverifiable. Just like these stories I hear from the famous horse Wrangler. I have sometimes doubted the full truth being told-----but then again I have never caught him lieing to me. So-----I just take him at his word.?? ******* I do have two friends (brothers) who are wildlife specialists here locally. They were originally from Adair, Iowa-------home of the first known train robbery (thought to have been carried out by the James gang). Their great grandaddy had ridden with Quantrill during the Civil War with Frank and Jesse. He was always suspected of being part of the James gang and the train robbery at Adair, Iowa------but never was arrested. (neither were Frank or Jesse) We hit it off immediately------I told them any friend of Quantrill would always be a friend of mine. (I call them the Quantrill brothers) Supposedly Jesse and Frank would hide out here locally with some cousins who owned a large tract of land here back in those days------including our family farm. Therefore-----my interest in the James boys (and their horses due to Wrangler's family ties). DD
  4. Those old 760s had alot of capacity for their day. It was a little heavy in the mud-----the 750 was a more popular combine down this way-----especially with the auxiliary Mud Hog drive. We custom cut soybeans with two 750s w/Mud Hogs when the rest went to the house. Seems like my memories are more of cutting in the mud than dryland------but I know that's not so. Just the pain and hurt that sticks in the front of your mind.? I tilted the cutter bar upward slightly so to make header ride flatter to the ground. Installed a set of J.D. helper springs on the header lift cylinders and adjusted the springs with an air wrench so the conventional header would just barely bounce as it skimmed the ground. No cutter bar digging in mud as we cut at 45┬░angles to the row. Cut much cleaner than any of the flex headers at the time. What an old Marine won't do when they tell him it can't be done. When the going gits tuff------the tuff git going!!!!!! Wasn't pretty-----but we did it----------in the middle of 16---18% interest!!!!!! There is a huge difference in paying 18% interest-------than being paid 18%!!!!!!!?? Drought, mud, embargos along with 18% interest will turn many a good farmer into farmland real estate agents.? Damm--------that's an off course "rabbit trail" in itself. And--------don't forget. As we all used to say: "M-F don't stand for Massey Ferguson"-------even though they were extremely popular combines in this area.? I probably still have a M-F cap stashed away somewhere here. DD
  5. Back in the 80's------I remember seeing a number of cotton picker and combine fires that burned on the absolutely last rows of harvest. Completely burning the combine/picker and that big heavy a$$ note dragging behind it!!!! Shame for anybody to lose a machine on start up of harvest----OUCH-----that hurts. DD
  6. Name doesn't ring a bell TwoStep. This couple toured some playing front for some of the big names------and then we lost count of them. Mama and daddy were proud of their daughter-----------and proud to be from Muleshoe, Texas. (he got a kick outta me asking for his license). Apparently-------you don't just say you are from Muleshoe; but from Muleshoe, Texas!!!! ******* We are getting a good slow rain today-------much needed across the Delta area. (2+" -----so far) DD
  7. Muleshoe, Texas--- Never have known a woman ginner-------but used to keep up with a husband and wife who were gifted travelling musicians from Muleshoe. Can't remember their names-----but first saw them in Jackson, Mississippi in a small bar. My old crop dusting buddy Rod Wells and I stopped by the bar and there were no tables available. A couple occupying one table said you boys are welcome to pull up a chair with us. Turned out they were parents of the the girl singer and from Muleshoe, Texas. I made him pull his drivers license out to prove their was such a place as Muleshoe, Texas. The daughter was stomp down good looking and could sing like a mocking bird!!!!!! Real nice people. So-----folks there is really a Muleshoe, Texas!!!!? DD
  8. Wrangler sez the "critter" pictured is of his great, great Uncle Sleepy. Sleepy wuz one of Frank James main steeds. Sleepy wuz fast enuff-------but what Frank really liked about him was his uncanny ability to go from a full gallop to full rest in just a matter of minutes------leaving the impression that he wuz just an old nag out along the way. Frank and Jesse would be hiding out in a nearby cave------with Sleepy standing by grazing. And the Pinkerton boys would ride right on by ol' Sleepy without paying any attention to him. When they talked about the James Gang--------it included men and horses. Everybody had an alias. Everybody had a special niche in the plans. Sure looks like ol' Sleepy had his act together-------who would have ever thought that he had just participated in a train robbery???????? DD
  9. ?----- to all of the "horse/mule power" pictured Professor. I will show the above picture to Wrangler and see if the critter pictured might be some great uncle of his??? Hard to tell if this is a mule or horse--------but he definitely has a great personality?????? ***** What will Mike do with the hay?? DD
  10. Some free advice to anyone thinking of getting into appraisal work------(coming straight from the "horse/mule's mouth"!!!!)? Just ran across this picture and got a good laugh from it. Kept it hanging on my office wall for years as a reminder of what life was all about. And------(for any youngsters out there); this profound statement applies in some way to most all professions. Keep it in mind as the calendar moves forward. ****** I know the Professor doesn't like horse/mule content posted here on this scrap iron thread-----but then he will be the first one talking about how much "horsepower" one of those big huffing and puffing steam engines is putting out.?? DD
  11. Our first buggy tops were on 8N Fords------one if them probably burned on the 8N Fred got his distillery fuel tank from. (Fred wuz a dozer operator------not into cutting firewood). This Fred should in no way be confused with Fred B. from Corpus Christie!!!! I still have two red IH "four corner" umbrellas in my old shop------not the best shape in the world, but they are red. They could be bought very reasonable (along with alot of other clutter)------some of ya'll need to come see me. I am running out of time fast------not much family interest in the rusty/dusty stuff since I lost my son (Reb) last year. Problem is-----I am physically no longer able to pack and ship. (Hammer's forge is still on back order for shipping)?. Things need to be picked up------gotta do some clean up work before I catch the train outta here. Maybe Hammer and Hammer Jr need to ride off down this way when it cools off some this fall? DD
  12. The whiskey still could have been somewhere here in close vicinity to me. Used to see them everywhere when I wuz a kid. But the operators didn't keep everything quite as well kept as da gentlemens in da picther!!! One of my dad's old "aces" Fred had borrowed a small L-P tank from my dad from a 8N Ford that had burned. Then one day a couple of deputies and the local constable came driving up laughing and telling my dad that Fred insisted on carrying Mistuh Anson's tank back to him before going on to jail with them------as they pulled it out of the trunk of one of the cars and tossed it under a tree. I seriously doubt that they had handcuffs on Fred-------he was a "regular customer" with them.? I reckon country whiskey stills are a thing of the past now-------and street drugs are filling that gap?? DD
  13. Hillbilly----- Do ya'll intermingle the watermelons and cantaloupes within one row?? Looks as if I see cantaloupe plants and watermelon plants together?? Whatever----the rolled out plastic is the way to go. Looks good-----no weeds.? ****** Fred---- I would not use Round Up-----it will translocate within the plant from anywhere it makes contact. Gramoxone is purely a contact type chemical. I killed off some young soybeans once when I sprayed a heavy dose of R--Up as pre-emergence in some heavy infestation of nut-sedge. (killed the grass-----and then young soybean roots absorbed Round Up from the heavy grass roots?) The hooded wand will let you spray close to the ground-----without dripping over top of melons.) And------neither Gramoxone nor Round-Up are labeled for post garden applications. But other than suffering from the typical 78 yr old horse that has been rode hard and put up wet all his life-----I show no ill effects from the "experiment. I sure hope the "cartel" doesn't spot Hillbilly's watermelon patch!!!!?? DD DD
  14. I've got some better pictures on spraying the watermelons-----but can't find them tonight. DD
  15. Fred-----(watermelon weed control) The commercial growers roll out black plastic and trickle irrigation-----don't figure you nor myself want to go that route. Grass and weeds were swamping me until I put together a hood for my spray wand with flat tip. BINGO I mixed equivalent to 1/2 pt Gramoxone plus surfactant and sprayed at low pressure with the hood almost dragging the ground as a post emerge in all age melons No crop damage. Made the hood out of two 99 cent dust pans------used it almost like a paint brush weaving in and around the vines. I also covered the seedling plants with small cups-------and broadcast gramoxone with the 4 wheeler just as the plants got fully emerged. Gave me a clean start. Growing watermelons, cantaloupe, okra, cucumbers, all seemed safe using the hood. Corn also was safe spraying at the base and avoiding the stalk. Best to spray a small sample area and see what you've got------you will see any burn/wilt damage within 12 hrs. Warning: legume plants such as beans and peas and most probably tomatoes are very susceptible to vapors off of Gramoxone ----AVOID I figured there had to be something to out run the hoe. A hoe just never quite fit my hand!!!!? Don't give up-----probably need to build a real tall row and till in some straw mulch/gin trash on your clay soils for drainage???? Have fun!!? DD
  16. No matter who was right----who was wrong . One man is dead and one man will have the memory on his mind for a long time. I am not a rider------just occasionally the 4 wheeler on the farm. I would like to compliment the riders that wear helmets and safety oriented coloring. I have seen motorcycles appear out of nowhere when they were blended into the background. All black (helmet, jacket, cycle, etc) seems the worst to me. Don't know what color is the safest. I met a motorcycle a week or so ago-----he had on a "highway safety green" helmet and jumpsuit. I musta noticed him for more than a mile away while in traffic. Play it safe-----have a good time. Wish I wuz riding with you. DD
  17. You musta taken that picture in my back yard TwoStep???? ****** Fred-- Watermelon, cotton, corn or what have you-------all crops and all growers are at the mercy of the weather. Sometimes it's hard to figure whether the weatherman is friend or foe????.? Always liked Milo. What shape is the cotton crop down that way. We are a full 30 days late. Corn and soybeans looking good here locally-------but too much rain not far north of me. DD
  18. Thanks Ace-----I had never understood the difference in sorghum syrup and molasses. While on the "syrup" subject-----some years ago before my last surviving aunt died in south Mississippi. She told me how to reheat syrup without burning it. The key is to place the syrup in a small pan------and then place the small pan into a larger pot with water. Warm the water in the large pan and keep the direct flame off of the bottom of the smaller pan with the syrup in it. Stir gently as syrup warms and re-incorporate the sugar into the syrup mix. Don't figure that's anything new to the Maple syrup makers on here-----but was big news to this ol' Mississippi Delta red-neck. DD
  19. Molasses/syrup is made from sugar cane------still called sorghum. Plant produces sugar in the stalk. Grain sorghum (milo) produces a large head of seed------primarily used as a livestock feed. And-------I hear growers talking about sorghum grass. Apparently-------sorghum is a broad spectrum of similar grass/cane like plants. I have grown Milo here in the Delta------and remember my mother's folks growing small patches of sugar cane and grinding and cooking down to a syrup back in the 40--50's in south Mississippi. The sugarcane stalk was good to chop into short sticks and chew on for sugar-----the spit the dry matter out. I am sure someone can shed much more light on the subject than me. DD
  20. "Any horse's a$$ should know that" I am betting that your dad and Paul Harvey would agree that your thread here on RedPower is: the Rest of the Story!!! -------commenting that at least one of those old codgers always learns something from the Professor's little one room school house broadcasting out of ButterMilk Curve, Montana. I did learn the real purpose of the crupper today (stabilizing a loose saddle)------sorry to screw your dad's joke up. That's a good-un.? edit: sure would like to hear Paul Harvey's views on the state of affairs of our country nowadays. Lots of changes and he ain't been gone very long. DD
  21. Following up on the crupper----- Looking on google I see several videos on using a crupper. As stated earlier-----neither me nor Wrangler know much about a "crupper".---------so I looked it up to see what I might learn. I had been under the impression that the crupper was used for decorative purposes in "setting the tail upward in a cocked position". Evidentally this use is partially true in that it fastens the saddle to the rear of the horse (and under the tail) so to keep the saddle from working forward in rougth terrain. Ironically------I saw several warnings that a crupper pulling against the tail could break the tail and injure the horses back. I am sure some of the real cowboys on here can shed more light on the subject. But------wanted to pass this bit of knowledge on to Gary and Tuba--------sure wouldn't want them to break their tail while performing on the bandstand. OUCH!!!!!!!? DD
  22. Professor---- Neither me nor Wrangler know much about a kruper (cruper)???? Wrangler sez he is 21 years old and never worn one------don't see "fixing something that ain't broke"!!! Do you and TubaCase wear one when playing in your band??? If so----------------------no wonder the bluz music never made it out there to the wild west!!!!!??? DD
  23. Professor-----I can see that ya'll are going to have quite a recording session. No doubt some big numbers coming. I forgot to mention that Wrangler plays a horn also. You might want to have Tuba Case sit in with you and Wrangler on this session. I am not musically inclined enuff to know what type of horn it is------but it is big and loud (like Tuba's) Strong enuff to blow his tail up when he "honks" it!!!!! (Whh-oonnkkkk!!)?? DD
  24. Great news on hearing from Palouse (Greg).? DD
  25. TwoStep---- Maybe we can hook ol' Wrangler up with Gary and they can record on the squeezebox "the Horse's Mouth Blues" for us. -----and I feel for sure the two of them could readily come up with a flip side (other end of the horse) recording for us!!!!??? We need to here your new recording Gary. DD
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