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  1. Thangs been moving mighty slow for this old faded codger lately-----but there always seems to be something here on the Professors thread to make you laugh and reminisce. This time the Professor and his line up of cell phones. Lots of changes along the way. I swore the last phone I bought would be my last------now looks like I am gonna need one more. Just about the time I learn all the tricks------phone goes on the blink and you start over new with the next one!!! Good thing about the scoop-------same old process through the years (just keep on huffing and puffing!!!!). DD
  2. Several years ago there was an ongoing thread on Anartica on the ACMOC (Antique Caterpillar) forum with some of the boys that were there and who had been there. Was always interesting-----good luck in your searching. DD
  3. Thumbs up; thumbs up!!!!!! From one old codger to another. (be 79 in April)-------wishing I felt that young. DD
  4. Roger---- The orange flagging tied onto the little Adams grader indicates that it is a keeper for my son-in-law and grandson (BoogerBear). They are attracted to steel wheels and open gearing as yard ornaments. If......IF, for some reason they change their mind-------I will let you know and you can bring your AutoWagon down to START negotiations !!! I will take more pictures------am thinking the linkage (or part of) for the front steering is missing?? Glad to know your dad was a combination "skinner" -----bet he could teach both of us a few "tricks of the trade. DD
  5. Ace---- 1962 Loadstar 1600 single axle; V304 engine; 4 speed w/2 speed rear axle; vac/hyd brake with a 22 ft Grove Deluxe roll Back implement bed. (Tilts and rolls back to a 11° loading angle-----with hyd winch----all steel body construction) Quit running truck because of brakes----now engine is seized??-----needs tires. Body and glass in good shape--------probably total mileage in 130----150,000 range. Empty weight @ 13,000+/_lbs. We sold the Grove bodies along with Howard Rotavators-----used truck as demo and moving Rotavator around. W.B Loyd (Lake Village) ran one on a tandem Loadstar. Will send you some pictures in a couple of days. I am on Hwy 1-----about 25 minutes from Lake Village. DD
  6. We could add my Adams "Junior" road grader to the Professor's hitch and turn the road county into an Interstate in short work. (Triple Hitch) May be their 32 hp rated Reeves was a truer hp rating than everyone thought???? I have pulled the little Adams with my Kubota L2850 (28hp) before on a similar dirt field road. Re-school us on more info on the early HP ratings (nominal, belt, drawbar......). And that's one of my Regulars sitting in the background. Here is a close up showing the LP conversion that we mentioned several pages back. We cranked on gas-----switched over to LP: I never ran this tractor after a tornado blew my implement shed away in 1975. Had a belt drive Lincoln welder mounted on her most of my life time. Always loved to hear the bark of the little "pot style" muffler (all 28hp ?). when burning a big rod. Can remember my dad saying: "don't need to inspect that weld-----I could hear it burning in-----that's the way it is suppose to be done!!!" For ease of cranking------I switched the welder over to a pto trailer mount and used it mostly on a 9N Ford. The little Ford was definitely short a few hp vs the "mighty Regular" when burning heavy rod. DD
  7. Give us his phone number and e-mail address SandHiller. I've got a handful ranging from Loadstar with Grove Rollback, TD-14, Farmall Ms, F-20s and Farmall Regulars that I am ready to move. Central Nebraska is probably too far away for freight to make it practical-----but he might know someone closer by. I am in the Mississippi Delta. Avon is 12 miles south of Greenville-------150 miles south of Memphis. Thanks. Where is picture of your F-20 loader??? DD
  8. Won't be long TwoStep-------and those little girls will be asking ol' PawPaw to teach them the TwoStep.!!! No great grandchildren here. Our oldest granddaughter just graduated from nursing school-------to wake up with her second case of COVID Christmas morning. And----she had been vaccinated twice??? It's not that I am running too slow. The world is just spinning too damm fast!! ...........another year showing up just around the corner. DD
  9. I always heard that "like minds hang together"????? UhUhhhhhh------------- --------I am wondering if instead of "a one room school in Montana" if; it might should have been called "a one room asylum" in Montana!!!!! DD
  10. Live and Learn-------a must have for the old codger from Mississippi. I have a high pressure 12V compressor for my vehicles--------but it won't make music!!! DD
  11. Thanks Mac----- "red-headed stranger------from Blue Rock, Montana" I am thinking ol' Willie said that Blue Rock was on outta Guilt Edge aways--------way on beyond Buttermilk Curve, Montana. I ain't never been no musician nor played an accordian-------but could pat my foot while drinking "a cold-un"-------------all while listening to Willie Nelson!!!!! DD
  12. Quite a rig you got there RonDiesel!!! I always figured the reason you "bull shippers" drove so fast was to outrun the smell of your cargo. I feel confident that the light dose of Blue Smoke I might have with me would not be noticed!!!!! Truth of the matter is that I have let my getting out and around health slip away to the point that making most any trip not feasible-----I just missed a local doctors appointment Wednsday. Not very dependabe on keeping appointments anymore. THANKS A MILLION-----what a great idea!!!!!! Keep us posted on some of your runs-------they are always interesting. Tell us about your truck. DD
  13. Professor------ Your above P&O plow advertisement would have been ideal to illustrate yours and Wrangler's vertical exhaust system for horses and mules. Wrangler sez that tractors would have never been invented if somebody had just come along with the vertical exhaust system for his ancestors. Looks as if the unusually clean cut gentleman riding this plow would have definitely have been a buyer!!
  14. TwoStep---- Sure would have been great to have met you in your crude oil hauling days while loading a tanker off of our family farm. I always heard how profitable growing "Texas style" 2x1 skip row cotton was--------(2 rows of oil wells x 1 row of cotton).!!!!!$$$$ Very little production here in the Delta------mineral values are minimal. DD
  15. once a Marine------always a MARINE!!!!!!!!! Be careful where you spill those polka dots. DD
  16. I dunno TwoStep-------I didn't recognize the Professor without his trademark polka dot cap. My friend Wrangler researched his library going back to the steamboat days-------saying he had alot of colorful pictures even of steamboats; but saw nary a polka dot cap in any of the historic and colorful pictures. DD
  17. Fire in the fields-------while pulling the thresher with a steamer. That looks like he is pulling a full load in the top picture. How often did the old timers encounter a fire started by the steam engine smoke stack??? Have always wondered-----even realizing they had a screen in the smoke stack. ***** Sorta like that road grader. DD
  18. Thanks for acknowledging Pearl Harbor Day TwoStep. I had read a couple of posts relating to it-------thought I had paid tribute. My emoticon selection recently changed-------can no longer find a hand salute, thumbs up, nor Anerican flag. So here is a big wave of all three in honor of Pearl Harbor and our WWII vets. Thanks DD
  19. The Regulars pictured cross plowing cotton would be 1924-25 models. The two I have left on hand serial numbers identify as later models. ..........even though knowing my dad; either or both could very well have scavenged parts from the two in the picture. Daddy wasn't concerned about originality------and scavenging parts from the dead horse was a common practice back in those days. Both of mine have the enclosed steering gears up front (similar to the F20s).-------most likely added in later years. Both have been converted to L-P. Freight is no doubt a killer for most collectors to consider in moving any of my items up Nawth where most of the collectors reside. A couple of years ago---a near original, steel wheel Regular sold at a farm auction for $350. Weighing approx 4,000 lbs-------it would have brought that much or more at the scrap yard. And--------at that particular time I would have readily have bought the tractor if I had known it was for sale. Shortly thereafter-----my son Reb died unexpectedly. Not that Reb was a big proponent of rusty scrap iron-------but he did understand where it came from. Sorta opens up a new can of worms as the old codger and old scrap iron move forward. DD
  20. ------The howl of the side by side flathead V-8s would sound just about as good as a howling Detroit!!!! Music to my ears. Bet the buzz of the P-51s with the roar of the B24 in the background made somebody sleep good also?? Never heard of the Thorco-Ford either TwoStep-------thanks for another day of living and learning here at the Montana 1 room school house!!!! ***** The two Farmall Regulars pictured in Gary's picture a couple of posts back are not the same tractors that I have on hand. More comment later............ DD
  21. Sorry about the fire. I had seen a news item on it-----and looked the location of Denton up. That would hurt anywhere. ********** Not to be considered as an advertisement-----just seeking information. Who knows of a sales site or sales yard that specializes in older pre 1950s era farm equipment??? I have a yard full of primarily I-H related equipment dating back from my 1962 Loadstar with rollback----Farmall Ms----TD-14, on back to a couple of Farmall Regulars. All is rusty, dusty, and crusty-----(sorta like me!!!!). I am to the point that I need to clean up my shop yard before I catch the train outta here. Time to find it a new home-------even if it is the scrap yard. Anybody know of someone who specializes in the sale of this type equipment------please advise me if you do. DD (Avon, Ms 38723)
  22. Quotes: DD.........."to Triple-E" It's time to call the old professional in here-------no more guessing. Roger would you pull your calipers and give us some accurate dimensions on the smokstaks pictured. (we do know that Gary has photo shop capibility) ******** Serious machinist's question: Am afraid micrometers would be too small??? Where do you start measuring with Calipers vs. Micrometers???? DD
  23. Professor---- According to the internet-------Barbara was Standish's second wife-----married after first wife died. Lots of second and third spouses back in that day-------lots of early deaths (especially in childbirth). All interesting reading--------if I could just remember what I just read a few minutes ago. I may be confused-------Did you say this is your great, 8x greatest grandmother Barbara???? DD
  24. Mader----- The Mayflower arrived in 1620- today is 2021. Please excuse me if my mind is a little foggy on the dates and details-------but it's been a few years. I always "understood" that Roger Conant had come across on the Mayflower-------but in reading last night I have learned that Roger came across on a ship named "Anne" in 1623. (as did Standish's second wife) There is alot of info available on the internet concerning Roger Conant, Myles Standish, and George Soule. Roger Conant apparently wasn't at the first "Mayflower" Thanksgiving------ but with no more people than there were there for the first few years------damm good chance they all knew each other. Conant and Standish definitely knew each other--------being political enemies. (Conant: Puritan; Standish: Pilgrim) So-------it is only natural for Gary and myself to argue over polka dot caps, etc............. I used to know alot more on the subject-------but seem to have lost a big bag outta my rememberer somewhere along the way. DD
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