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  1. Finally snuck in the back door via the new laptop. for the Professor: model T roadster and duck boat; somewhere cold. DD
  2. Looks like a blue chip linebacker prospect for the Corn Huskers. Glad to know it wasn't photo shopped. I thought maybe you had inserted the boat in the picture???🤐🤣 DD
  3. Wuz able to get back in via cell phone this morning. I still have sense enuff to know that it iz probably more grey hair causing issues than hardware or software??? Then it sez "re-submit"????? Damn if I know. ****** Did go back to some early pages of this "Montana" thread last night-----just as much fun as if I had never read them. (sorta like Gunsmoke) Lots of old posters that I haven't heard from in awhile. Don't remember when I first posted here. Had followed the thread for a little while before I came to the conclusion that Old Binder Guy and Highwheeler on Smokstack were the same ol' codger. You must be a big shot when you have to use more than one alias???🤐 Now if I can manage to not sign out and re-submit submits?? Here goes again-----4th try on posting. Testing DD
  4. Same thing going on here Gary. I had started to type a post asking about you-----when I see you have posted. Looks like my new laptop is blocked from this site. Keep getting a post that "there is a problem----contact RedPower". I clicked on contact and got a phone number------lady answered. She was to have B.J. (Farmall Fan) or Sallie contact me. Several days ago-----no contact as of yet??? I am thinking RedPower has turned into a young man's site??? If so-----that's their business------I have never paid for any access/use of this site-----so have no reason to complain. Would all of you regulars send me your e-mail address-----so far have not been able to pull up any old e-mail addresses from old computer. (Delta Dirt----Anson Sheldon, Jr.) e-mail: dltadirt@tecinfo.net Who's got some pictures to post----will probably be mostly in a monitoring status here forward. Living life in the slow lane down here in Mississippi!!!! DD
  5. ?-------Iowaboy. Do ya'll still have your Grampa's Regular?? DD
  6. I had mentioned new computer under separate thread several days ago. I did get it up and running and scrolled through many old pictures that I had not accessed in years. Wanted to post some here-------but problem today in remembering how I got connected yesterday!? Sure hope the Professor is not giving us an exam anytime soon!!! This post is from my cell phone-------at least it should bump us back to page one!!!? DD
  7. The older I get-------the more I enjoy the sound of "silence". ******* re: sparsely polulated counties---IH related story Issaquena County, Mississippi in the south Delta is sparsely populated but not as thin as Cherry County, Nebraska. Sometime in the late 40s early 50s----IH ran a nationwide ad stating that IH cornered 100% of new truck sales in Issaquena County, Mississippi for that particular year. It was true--------the 1 truck purchased for the year in Issaquena County was an International!!!!? Mr. D Bogard----mgr of the IHC dealership in Rolling Fork (Delta Implement) used to get a big laugh out of that story. (he sold the truck) DD
  8. TwoStep--- You can buy current computers with 10 pro or 10H. But some are configured only with 10S. On mine it was advertised as free upgrade to 10H or 10Pro. Turned out upgrade to 10H was the only free upgrade. Needless to say I am in the dark on computers yet------but Ross (my tech) is very savy. The computer loaded with 10S would work fine-------as long as the programs you were running were available through their app store. Some of my programs that I wanted to download forward from the old laptop were not available on the Windows 10S app store. I thought Windows 10 was all the same----the clerk at Best Buy stated they all interchanged. Live and learn. Glad to see Farmall Fan take note of this thread. He probably can shed much more light on the subject. The Booger Creek Gin definitely needs to keep your drawing program up and running. I was lucky to be able to rescue most of my files from the old computer. SAVE-----SAVE----BACKUP........ DD
  9. You may not be able to download files from your old computer. You are limited to apps available from their special app store. See my thread recent thread on subject. Good luck DD
  10. Ian Beale------ Luckily I had my computer tech retrieving files from old computer to download onto the new H-P laptop. We had to discard Windows 10S and buy Windows 10 Pro to get done what we needed. Supposedly it was a free upgrade to Windows 10 H and Pro-------turns out free upgrade only to Windows 10H. So--------in reality; I bought a $700 computer in lieu of $600 (as advertised by Best Buy)------plus alot of tech time in downloading and sorting it out. (lots of false information floating around) Ross learned that 10S was introduced in 2017------then discontinued in 2018 after 10S was not a good sales item. Apparently they had left over product from 2018 that they are now reintroducing in 2021 in an effort to clear stock. And-----here comes a Mississippi Delta redneck who gets caught in the trap. He does think I now have alot of computer to work with after buying Windows 10 Pro for $99. With 10S------you can only download select programs that are purchased through their app store. We could download nothing from my old laptop until downloading 10 Pro. Everyone be leary of Windows 10S!!
  11. Well------live and learn. I figured some of you "gurus" would know. (lots of knowledge scattered across this forum----?) Thanks------you never get too old to learn. I had wondered about the Holts-----they were combining rice in California with them. But California soils are probably much drier than he rice land soils here in the Mid-South and south Louisiana. A pull type combine of any make never seemed to make it far in our Delta mud. DD
  12. Anybody know the history of the spike tooth cylinder. I always presumed that the introduction of the combine to the rice field brought on the change from rasp bar to spike tooth threshing cylinders. Were there any of the early pull type combines with spike tooth cylinders? (maybe California???) DD
  13. They did. My dad had an Eddins (built in Stuttgart, Ark) in the early 1950s. Seems like it was approx 200 bu???.------maybe smaller. edit: most likely 150 bu?? Eddins were very well built for the time-------having been built for the rice fields. Combine hoppers in those days didn't hold but 45--50 bu. DD
  14. Late 40's------early 50s; the old Masseys were the leader in combines in the Rice fields and continued to be a main force until the IH rotary came on the market. Layne-Arkansas (home office in Stuttgart) had several Massey dealerships across the Arkansas rice country. Their motto was: We cover the Rice Belt like the morning dew!!!! DD
  15. ?------to Brady Boy!!! So-------how many miles on your round trip?? Always enjoy "traveling along with you" on your trips. DD
  16. What are they spraying the corn for-------worms maybe? Colorful pictures----thanks. Just realizing with our "corn season" here in the Delta------we are normally maturing ahead of the worms. I see some of our corn already showing a change in color toward maturity. I have never grown corn other than in the garden-------but corn has gotten to be a big crop across the mid-south in recent years. DD
  17. Yep-------it's hit or miss with me Gary. Much better since the recent update-------but still has it's own mind. More problems in pulling up forum than others----lots of error messages or "site unavailable". May be it's just me--------head not to clear here lately.??? DD
  18. Anybody familiar with advantages of or disadvantages of Windows new 10s program on laptop. Apparently------the 10s is faster and more secure; but----any apps added to computer must be ordered through the Windows app store. have had new laptop delivered to my computer tech-----he is not familiar with Windows 10s. You can convert from 10s to 10h or 10 pro at no charge-------but can't go back to 10s once converted. I wonder what all is available through the app store------I really am not looking at that complicated of a machine-------but would need to download some special mapping programs ocassionally. Any thoughts/ experience on the subject will be appreciated. I am 78 yrs old-----deal in farmland real estate. Never intended to buy another computer------but here I am going one more time. Thanks DD
  19. I was thinking the Acme was your truck. That looks to be a heavy duty old truck for its day. No matter--------I am still going to "take" the AutoWagon as my personal choice!!!! Gary really don't need the AutoWagon-------What with his "model Tee-Tee Ford" to pi$$ around in!!!!??? ****** I sure am glad Montana is along ways from Mississippi-------that ol' codger might want to "correct" me for bad mouthing his model TT. ****** Cotta transmission-----I have a Cotta oilfield type transmission and clutch unit in my homemade self propelled ditcher tractor. Drives a heavy duty PTO with a belt pulley drive for the hydrostat. Seems like I found Cotta in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in the early 1980's??? (good product) Had it powered with a 453 Detroit------hydrastat and drive axle from M-F 750 combine. DD
  20. ?------the Acme truck always looks to be a class act Roger. Shame to expose it to the dust, etc. Fill us in again. What yr----what kind of power, etc. I don't remember-----does the Acme belong to you?? DD
  21. Lots of service time with those boys Gary-----that is something to be proud of.??? Weatherman says we may get another couple of inches of rain today-----maybe I can get Roger to throw a tank on the back of the AutoWagon and head your way with a load of water. ***** Never have been able to find any evidence that Jesse and Frank spent any time here in Washington County, Mississippi. But I would not think they walked around broadcasting who they were. They definitely stayed on the move. ******* I never considered myself to be an outlaw------but near the end of my illustrious farming career; I stopped by the bank to borrow a little more $$$ @ 18%+ interest. My banker said come on in-----what can I do for you. I told him I thought I needed to rob his bank----but didn't figure he had enuff in the vault to do me any good. He laughed and commented: Hel!----I was just thinking you might have already robbed my bank!!!! Luckily------he was able to fill my needs. AND--------even more lucky was that I finally got him paid back. So-------may be that I have more in common with Jesse and Frank than thought????? DD
  22. Hammer------ Sometimes things are unverifiable. Just like these stories I hear from the famous horse Wrangler. I have sometimes doubted the full truth being told-----but then again I have never caught him lieing to me. So-----I just take him at his word.?? ******* I do have two friends (brothers) who are wildlife specialists here locally. They were originally from Adair, Iowa-------home of the first known train robbery (thought to have been carried out by the James gang). Their great grandaddy had ridden with Quantrill during the Civil War with Frank and Jesse. He was always suspected of being part of the James gang and the train robbery at Adair, Iowa------but never was arrested. (neither were Frank or Jesse) We hit it off immediately------I told them any friend of Quantrill would always be a friend of mine. (I call them the Quantrill brothers) Supposedly Jesse and Frank would hide out here locally with some cousins who owned a large tract of land here back in those days------including our family farm. Therefore-----my interest in the James boys (and their horses due to Wrangler's family ties). DD
  23. Those old 760s had alot of capacity for their day. It was a little heavy in the mud-----the 750 was a more popular combine down this way-----especially with the auxiliary Mud Hog drive. We custom cut soybeans with two 750s w/Mud Hogs when the rest went to the house. Seems like my memories are more of cutting in the mud than dryland------but I know that's not so. Just the pain and hurt that sticks in the front of your mind.? I tilted the cutter bar upward slightly so to make header ride flatter to the ground. Installed a set of J.D. helper springs on the header lift cylinders and adjusted the springs with an air wrench so the conventional header would just barely bounce as it skimmed the ground. No cutter bar digging in mud as we cut at 45°angles to the row. Cut much cleaner than any of the flex headers at the time. What an old Marine won't do when they tell him it can't be done. When the going gits tuff------the tuff git going!!!!!! Wasn't pretty-----but we did it----------in the middle of 16---18% interest!!!!!! There is a huge difference in paying 18% interest-------than being paid 18%!!!!!!!?? Drought, mud, embargos along with 18% interest will turn many a good farmer into farmland real estate agents.? Damm--------that's an off course "rabbit trail" in itself. And--------don't forget. As we all used to say: "M-F don't stand for Massey Ferguson"-------even though they were extremely popular combines in this area.? I probably still have a M-F cap stashed away somewhere here. DD
  24. Back in the 80's------I remember seeing a number of cotton picker and combine fires that burned on the absolutely last rows of harvest. Completely burning the combine/picker and that big heavy a$$ note dragging behind it!!!! Shame for anybody to lose a machine on start up of harvest----OUCH-----that hurts. DD
  25. Name doesn't ring a bell TwoStep. This couple toured some playing front for some of the big names------and then we lost count of them. Mama and daddy were proud of their daughter-----------and proud to be from Muleshoe, Texas. (he got a kick outta me asking for his license). Apparently-------you don't just say you are from Muleshoe; but from Muleshoe, Texas!!!! ******* We are getting a good slow rain today-------much needed across the Delta area. (2+" -----so far) DD
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