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  1. The Professor's above picture sez "Mississippi Delta" all the way. That is such a typical 1950's picture from my local area------M or Super M, front mount cultivator, cotton field, faded red tenant cabin and umbrella. Looking closely at the print on the umbrella you can see the dealer as Delta Implement plus I believe to be Greenville, Mississippi. That's home for me. The late Harold H (Holiman) from RedPower's dad Slim was the long standing store manager for the Greenville store. Harold worked a sales territory in our younger years------before taking up a railroad management position. Am betting ol' Harold could tell us all about that picture. Delta Implement did have network of 5 dealerships across the Delta including Blytheville, Arkansas. Never saw many M or Super M diesels here--------most were factory L-P or field conversions to L-P. DD
  2. Google: SCOTUS RULINGS ON OKLAHOMA LAND Will pull up several articles relating to the subject matter. Lots of reading-----various opinions. My concern is that this will be far reaching beyond what constitutes the Reservation. (one step today-----another tomorrow------and the day after) in a redistribution of the wealth oriented program. My head is slow this afternoon------think it's worth keeping our ears to the ground here and our antenna on full alert. DD
  3. U.S. Supreme Court. I saw a little on Fox News last night-----plus the links Ian Beale posted in the Black Lives Matter thread-------but haven't seen anything today???? Seems like I am missing something?? This news referred to "the eastern half of Oklahoma". Anybody got a "spin" on this?? DD
  4. Ian Beale posted under the topic "What's going on in Black Lives Matter" a post referring to the recent Supreme Court ruling declaring part of Oklahoma as Indian lands. I just added comments to Ian's post. He wondered if it was off topic for the Black Lives Matter thread. I also feel that this topic deserves a thread of its own-----even though it somewhat follows the intent of the Black Lives Matter movement. Take a look-------I think this court ruling could have far reaching effects on land titles in the future. I must be missing something-----maybe some of the gurus from the "RedPower deep think tank" can help resolve my confusion here!!!😏 Thanks---- DD
  5. I agree----This should be a topic of its own. This could be far reaching. I am not an attorney-----don't want to be accused of being one; but have dealt with farmlands as a real estate broker and appraiser for the last 35----40+ years. Anyone purchasing property wants a clear title while at the same time any lender involved wants to know their position status in the title chain. Our courthouse records don't go back far enough for an attorney to determine "Who Owns the Land" according to what I am reading from this Supreme Court ruling. My impression is that if it can apply to Oklahoma-------it could be applied to anywhere else. Somebody owned the land long before Columbus discovered America, with the same situation being so throughout Europe, etc I must be missing something?????? This further substantiates the old saying that: "only God truly owns the land-----we are only stewards of the land for the short time we are here". DD
  6. Maybe a better use for heavy pitch roller chain?? (slower speed application----less torque) 2" roller chain------door hinges Fire box door End result Good advice for everybody DD
  7. I would think you didn't need any seat belts riding the bronco down the hill at the ButterMilk Curve rodeo Professor. Your butt was biting the seat like a pair of Vise-Grip pliers!!!πŸ˜‚ ****** Somebody go back through the 125 combine designations for us. (125 SP, SPVC, etc...) Really not sure what mine was other than a 125. Ironically-----when the 141's came out Daddy mostly parked the 125 in favor of two 141's. So----even as it sits now; the engine/drivetrain are low houred. Wonder what else the differential was used on-----always figured it was from the truck line?? I had a local dirt track racer who wanted to buy the differential for years. He said it had quick change differential gears------and apparently some close ratios to work with?? DD
  8. Re: Pay us what you owe us---reparations............ Some of the mainline politicians need to bring up the fact that they may owe us. Just look at the monetary damages caused by the recent rioting and looting. It's been going on for years. Surely------the federal government won't throw $$$$ in to rebuild these areas. I feel sorry for the business owners------but the locals either did the burning and looting; or stood by on the sideline and let it happen. Very little active protection of their own property. Stand up America!!!!! We are losing the war right here in our back yards!!!! DD
  9. The IHC model125 SP combine had something similar to the Mack and Ray's M-H combine------but were manual brakes to each side. (not much braking power)-------but they were located at the wheel hub. Pictures of my old 125SP cut down to make a hoist out of. Roger------for giving us such a prompt answer on the Mack Bulldog; I will recommend to the Texas Ranger's Chief Watermellon Investigator to pass on to the judge a recommendation for a 3 day reduced sentence for you. I am not into heavy trucks-------the little AutoWagon will suit me fine!!!!🀐 DD
  10. Ol' Roger needs to go ahead and come clean on what happened to the watermelons. Costs of the investigation are mounting. The hole he is digging for himself is deepening (evidenced by the dragline pictured). Roger, you could probably forfeit the AutoWagon, the ShovelNose, and Model T and walk right now!!!😏 In the meantime------he could show good faith to the court by identifying the truck hauling the dragline in the above picture. That is a load. They probably left a string of broken down bridges behind them. (my dad did when moving the TD-24). He had a surplus WWII tank retriever (probably overloaded most bridges in itself)------the TD-24 (50,000 lbs)----pulled by at least two Farmall M's hitched in tandem. Time is running Roger-----we are on your trail. DD
  11. Turbo------ Great idea with your BIGGG rock. Will be laughing most of the day over your picture. Hel! of it is-----if I had the wagon and rock---------my local friends would be shaking their heads saying "when is that old guy gonna learn better???"πŸ™„ I actually have a Studebaker wagon running gear that I should set out on display-------but there ain't no rocks for miles around!!! Ya'll keep them coming------great thread. All make for great displays.πŸ‘ DD
  12. I am enjoying my visit (via TV) to Mt. Rushmore for any of ya'll out that way. Have never been there in person------but have always been impressed with both the area and the artwork. That's not only a monument, but a monumental tribute to the country!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ DD
  13. Don't know how it happened Boss??? But I used to raise He!l about it when my farm labor would pull such dumb a$s stunt as scrubbing a tree limb a little too close and breaking the side glass out of the cab. (glass everywhere) Just mowing on the yard-----knew better than working that close. I saw the limb getting ready to whip lash. Clutched the 2090 but wuz too late. Maybe your buddies up at Dumas will have one. At 77 "years young"----- itz obivious my tractor driving skillz ain't what they wuz a year ago when I recognized that I wuz 76 years old!!!!πŸ™„ Wish we had an emoticon for kicking me square in the a$s!!!!🀐 DD
  14. Yep------looked in the console over the weekend. I follow what you did just fine (thinking along the same lines as I am). Location of the pivot point and length of travel on the arm are definitely critical. For right now------I am going the "old redneck way" with a 10" Crescent wrench pivoting off of a 1 1/8" hitch bushing--------all operating on top of the console and lifting on the nut under the knob. I won't be using it a whole lot. Been getting frequent rain through the spring and just getting cranked off to mow the lady's yard------so figure I don't want to take something apart that will work. Update: I started this post early in the afternoon. PTO wuz working fine when I scrubbed too close to a tree limb and broke the side window out of the cab. One more thing to fix!!!😰 No wonder Ralph's tractor looks better than mine. DD
  15. 12 Guy-----I can't answer your question. My TD-14 is a WWII model(1943) and was originally olive drab (so no chrome). I remember seeing pictures with the chrome (maybe advertising)-----so maybe later years tractors after the war??? I don't know whether I have seen a real tractor or not. That's a good question from an "eagle eye". I notice that the TD-24 in the picture s few posts back had no chrome-----and I believe the 24 came out in 1947. The post war trucks had chrome grills. DD
  16. I agree with everybody's thoughts------and going one step further: I had the temp sensing tube broken off from the temp switch (resulting in the temp switch not working on my 2090 Case I straight wired a simple pull/push switch to get to going over the weekend. It will tell you if the compressor is working. Uhhhhhb-------I am still running it by turning the compressor off occassionally. If the compressor runs continuously--------more than likely the coil will ice over. Air flow is normally the culprit. Good luck------hot weather is here today in Mississippi. DD .
  17. Ran up on these pictures dating back into the late 1970's. Had a wet spring----could not get soybeans planted on approximately 300 acres of fresh cleared "new ground". Planted sunflowers well up into July----and did not have to scrub the header along the ground and hang up on chunks and stumps. DD
  18. I am thinking Union 76 evolved from the old Pure Oil Company. Seems like to me the Pure Oil tire line was named Fiskin my younger years?? Pure Oil had lots of stations across the mid-south back in the '50s-----60s. DD
  19. I like your rock display floor Rusty. This should be an interesting thread.πŸ‘ DD
  20. Re: surveys-----legal descriptions We see some of it all here in Mississippi. Fan shape sections along the Mississippi River, supposedly square sections (but not necessarily so as discussed above), all the way to the old Spanish Land Grant's in southeast Mississipi. In Claiborne County, Mississippi------there is one Section with 5,000 acres in it and not far away a Section with 0.5 acres. Apparently identification of the sections followed existing landowner lines at the time. Very few straight nor square property lines. Best to plat the legal description. There are some very accurate platting apps available now that will illustrate a metes and bounds description onto a satelite map----providing you can positively identify your point of beginning. (until recently----we use to do it all by hand using a scale and land compass in the appraisal process) DD
  21. Getting back on track of the original question (land prices): I commented "strong" in my earlier reply------meaning they are basically level to inching up slightly. We don't see any weakening. Cropland prices in the Delta are running in the $4,500----$6,000 per acre range. The higher values go with better soil types-----landformed/irrigated land. Higher values typically follow higher rent values. Investment buyers are always looking at the Cap Rates (return on investment). Elevation, drainage, topography, soil types, land forming, irrigation, and improvements all play a major role in determination of land value and rental rates. DD
  22. So-----how is little Haven doing??? ***** As discussed here before------my dad had a TD-24. But everytime I see a picture of one-------I continue to be amazed by their massive size. DD
  23. Thanks for the info on the 94 series levers Fireman. To anybody looking in------Just make sure the engagement pull is locking into detent. You can feel it when it clicks into detent. Note: do not operate if PTO disengages while engine is running!!!! I burned my PTO clutch out several years ago by sticking a prop under the knob to hold in engagement. PTO operated------but apparently was slipping slightly. That's when I learned about the full detent-------costly education on my part. PTO should only disengage when engine is shut off (and no hyd pressure); or by knocking the knob down manually. Properly set-----it will take a slight effort to engage and slight effort to bump it out. ****** My tractor has less than 2,000 hrs on it------- but not as near as clean as Loadstar's 2090 with 8,300 hrs. You take good care of your equipment Ralph. DD
  24. My wife was attaching stamps to a couple of letters today when this colorful steam locomotive caught my attention. U.S. Postal Service commemoration stamp for 150 year anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad. Ya'll may have noticed them before-----but I never pay much attention to the mail anymore. Wife mostly handles it. The stamp on the left represents the Gold Spike. Suitable as a "wall hanger" in my book. I don't have any idea as to what steam pressure this old engine is running--------maybe Gary can fill us in!πŸ™„ DD
  25. Was just thinking this morning: Why not advise the left wingers that want to tear down the statues, burn the flag, do away with the police, now the Star Spangled Banner, etc..... Yes------you can have all of that; make your own decision. Just click below. Do you want to get your welfare checks from: β–‘ 1. Uncle Sam β–‘ 2. or Black Lives Matter DD
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