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  1. Delta Dirt and the lawn posse rides one more time today------thanks to some fresh and cool air from Montana?? Really beautiful day in Mississippi today. Cool air helped this old codger move around a little. (my air cleaner must be plugged up??)😏 DD
  2. Lorenzo----- My grandaddy would take offence to your title: "Yankee Ingenuity" (presuming that your friend is a neighbor way out there in Nebraska??) Grampa moved from Nebraska to Mississippi in the early 1900's. When accused of being from up Nawth or a Yankee-------he was always quick to reply that Nebraska was out-WEST!!!! I was always so relieved to hear that----it really concerned me that I might have yankee blood in my system when I was a kid. My mother always made me feel better after explaining that her heritage came from so deep in south Mississippi that they got today's sunshine late tomorrow afternoon.🀐 Be proud to be from out-West boy!!!πŸ˜‰ Uhhhhh--------my friend Rube Goldberg wasn't above building or modifying things using my farm shop either!!!!🀣 Ol' Rube sure got around------never knew where he might show up next. He always said it don't make no difference if it's purty or not-------as long as it works. DD
  3. Professor-------ya'll beware of that smoke from the left coast----------might be more than smoke from the raging fires!!! "Organ recital"---------that's a good description!!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜… Keep us some rusty/dusty "scrap iron" pictures coming.πŸ‘ DD
  4. TwoStep--- Have seen the Challenger picture somewhere before. That's a strange mount on the tank-------and I don't understand the wraps on the tank??? ***** Still puzzled on the Farmall Regular picture. How tall do ya'll think the driver might be??? Just to much resemblances here-------even my wife sees it. ****** Can't sleep------can't breathe------can't think. Doctor sent oxygen to the house today. Any of ya'll using supplemental oxygen???? Did learn one thing out of the deal. The 110 volt "oxyenator" (pump) is no more than an air compressor--------not as much chance of getting too much oxygen in your system vs the raw oxygen from a tank. I do have the small tank for travel. Doctors are obviously the ultimate mechanic (serviceman)-------the human body is a complicated piece of equipment. But------I have worn out numerous tractors, trucks, etc along the way!!!! Just not hitting on all cylinders right now. DD DD
  5. Gary--- Daddy worked with IHC promoting the Regular until maybe 1931 or so. Establishing a date on the picture or the tractor itself would help narrow the possibility. I do not think that would be him here on the farm. I always understood that the vertical exhaust was added by IH (or offered as an option) in later years of production?? He always said that they sold so many Regulars that he began to believe that you could farm and make big money with them. He quit Harvester and came home to farm just in time for the 1932 crash. After 1932-----he said he was to broke to get out. Grampa Sheldon had managed the farm for him while he was travelling for IHC. I am thinking that may be a picture snapped at some demonstration or promotional event------noting that the tractor seems to be the item being emphasized in the picture. Sure wish he was still around------so to give Roger and TwoStep some competition on this BLue SMoke thing.😎 DD
  6. Gary---- see if you can find out anymore on the above picture of the Farmall Regular. (location, date, etc??) The operator very much resembles my daddy-------who traveled 16 southeastern states or IHC promoting the mighty Farmall Regular after selling his original dealership herein Greenville, Mississippi. They did alot of demonstrations back in those days Nose, mouth, ears, body,feet all resemble Daddy too much-------I have seen that same bite in the lips and squinted eyes many a time. Hard to tell how tall this man is with all of the clothes. He was stocky and approximately 5-11 in height. Always liked a big hat??????? Interesting. DD
  7. Glad you got a picture of the first tractor in new shop. I built my "new shop" in 1975-------seems like they finished up in spring during planting season. Things get sorta hectic during planting-------I have no idea as to what the first repair job was. Wish I did. Enjoy the shop Tanker-----(and keep the deer fed. DD DD
  8. πŸ˜…----------you got that right!!!!!! On the ground; in the cab; on the drawbar;--------everywhere. I must be wealthy and don't know it???πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ Good thing I wear glasses---------amazes you as to how much scatter from the "explosion" that takes place when this happens. DD
  9. I played that game earlier in the summer and got a little too close to a tree limb. Broke the side window out of my old 2090 CASE while mowing my yard with the Bush Hog. Was lucky to find the glass from a neighbor who had junked out 2390 still in his shop yard. Searching the salvage yards-------found a glass in Wisconsin for $500 plus shipping to Mississippi. Good thing I had a friendly neighbor. Felt replacing the glass was a little more than this old codger should take on------so had the local dealer send a man out and do it. Uhhhhhh--------$432 in shop charges later I had the window in place.πŸ™„ I know folks who would say my 2090 is not worth the $432!!!!!!!🀐 DD
  10. "Caretaker" ?? My memory is not that good??? Wasn't "Caretaker" in Cool Hand Luke??? May be that Fireman is shooting for a new handle here on RedPower??πŸ˜‰ DD
  11. Farmall Nut----- Take pride in your land-------they are not making any more. As an old faded farmland appraiser and broker-----your thread makes me feel good. Sorry to say------my farm headquarters is looking somewhat rag tag nowadays. You might want to mark me on your calendar as your next clean up job!!!!😁 Land looks good--------and the Farmall M looks right at home. They will still do alot of work. DD
  12. Re: Bumped oil pan Good job-----eagle eyesπŸ‘ Looking closely at the oil pan brought back lots of old time memories. I have brazed up several cracked oil pans on Farmall M's in my days. Regardless of being a staged picture or not---------the picture sure is realistic to to what I remember seeing in my younger days. I collected up several toy M's while tagging along with my daddy on parts runs to the Greenville, Mississippi Delta Implement store. Frank Foresman was the long standing parts manager------extremely knowledgable, and a super nice guy. Frank (old enough that I should have been calling him Mr. Frank) also was a toy tractor and model train collector. The store manager was Slim Holiman----father to the late Harold H here on Red Power. Thanks for the post and eagle eye comments. DD
  13. Professor----- You get it organized on your squeezebox; bring Tuba Case in on it for a random big honk; we will get TwoStep on the dance floor with a couple of "settled age ladies (you know, about 23---24 yrs age)------with Roger in the background blowing on the steam whustle; SledgeHammer tapping on his anvil for the drum corps and Fred and myself selling tickets and putting out a little conversation promoting the Cotton Patch Polka. It will be a WINNER all the way around!!!!! Plus-----if we get lucky; TwoStep might bring in a bus load of those "settled age" cotton strippers that hang around the Booger Creek Gin. We could use Tony's big RV as the band bus. The Califonia license plates would automatically give us national recognition. I can't see anything that could possibly go wrong!!!πŸ€πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ There is something about that tune that both relaxed me and livened me up at the same time after spending all afternoon in the doctor's office. Thanks for posting Fred. DD
  14. Delta Dirt

    Beans froze

    Jimw----- Where are you located??? I say you are caught just a few days short of safe maturity. Looks as if the beans are just before shaking free from the hull??? My farm tenant sprays a light dose of Gramoxone on their beans very near that stage. Makes them dry down fast and he will be harvesting a week before most of the neighbors. Better get your combine ready NOW. Keep us posted on the results. I always said about my farming if it wasn't for bad luck------I wouldn't have any luck!!!. When served lemons------gotta find away to make lemonade. DD
  15. Seeing all of the little Fords on the lot reminded me of Mr. Hub James with the local Ferguson dealer (and on into the Massey Ferguson days) sales presentation of why the Ferguson would pull more than a little Ford. The way Mr. Hub explained it-----the Fords were just pulling from the two lower links---------while the Ferguson (with its draft control system) was pulling from the two lower links and pushing with the top link!!!! Makes sense to me???? Anyway they sold lots of the Fergusons here at Greenville. DD
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