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  1. Damm--------Hammer that sounds way to technical for me.!!!! After having studied this subject for 76+ yrs (including wearing it on my face and clothes) and obtaining my degree from "Turnrow University"----------I did conclude that the "dirtiest" 4 letter word in the English vocabulary is: DIRT (pronounced as DURT)!!!!!🤠😳🤣 Dirt is more of an old timer's terminoligy commonly utilized here in the Delta area -------as well as the word "turnrow" for field road. Do ya'll hear the term turnrow used in the mid-west? 4 letter words associated with Dirt: Land, soil, farm, sand, loam, sand, silt, clay, dust, rock, acre.........etc. There is an old saying in real estate that says: "beneath it all is the land". That goes for farmland, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, or houses----and therefore everything requires a legal description. DD
  2. Back in the '80s----I had a casting sand hole show up in the cylinder wall of a 3208 CAT in an 1805 M-F. This was a sleeveless engine. I treated with Liquid Glass (sodium silicate) without pulling the engine down. I did pull the injector on that cylinder and ran for an hour or so with no compression. Replaced the injector and worked it hard for 2 years. NOTE:. You need to run sodium silicate in a pure water coolant mixture------drain antifreeze before adding sodium silicate. Drain sodium silicate mixture and replace antifreeze solution after sodium silicate has set up. Sodium silicate is a concrete sealer------has been used in engines for years as a stop leak (including NASCAR) DD
  3. Meanwhile-------back at the Ranch: Things have been pretty slow for the ol' Ranch Hand and the famous horse Wrangler lately. With the cool weather coming------Wrangler seemed to be hanging around the barn and I wuz hanging around the house too much. We decided that I could walk him-----and he could walk me---------do both of us some good. The big brown pill sure is good medicine for this old codger-------worth more than all those pills from the drug store. Tell little Haven------Wrangler will give her a ride when she recovers. He loves little children. DD
  4. Bull riding----or bull fighting (clowns) is definitely a young man's game. That's a looong 8 seconds!!! For what its worth------the PBR championship rodeo in Las Vegas is on Direct TV channel 221 tonight (9:00 pm central time). Watched it last night also-----tonight is the 3rd round. DD
  5. Good luck on the baby's heart surgery tomorrow Gary. Keep us posted------will be thinking about ya'll. DD
  6. Will be monitoring this thread----I plan on converting a couple of my 24 ft bins into storage. In searching the internet for ideas------I found a couple of ideas from some old issues of Farm Show magazine. Plans and actual doing have gotten to be far apart for me!!!😳 DD
  7. Seems that some form of cancer is blowing in the wind everywhere you go. Luckily----My wife survived an extremely serious bout of colon cancer going on 10 years ago. One way of keeping her positive and fighting was I kept reminding her that just because I didn't have it today--------doesn't mean I won't have it tomorrow. Hang tough Mader--------life is fragile and we all are vulnerable. Best of luck to your friend. DD
  8. And--------one of the ladies wuz kind enuff to leave the KING with a very colorful scarf. You should be able to find it in the snow!!!! Always good to get a report from the Kingdom. 👍 DD
  9. Be sure and change your hydraulic filters------and then keep a check on them. Good news that you are back to going. DD
  10. I have an identical Harsh Hoist under a 16 ft grain body on my single axle F-700. Seems like Harsh is located in Colorado. I bought truck , bed, and hoist all used and separately. Called and consulted with Harsh on the mounting dimensions------really good people and a good product. Don't remember the load rating for the hoist?? DD
  11. Baby looks much more relaxed vs first picture. (probably dreaming about polka dot hats and steam engines).👍😊 DD
  12. 👍------looking good Two-Step. I may have to move my ginning out to Booger Creek!!!! (I feel sure I could drum up several bales from the cotton in the top of all of my medicine and vitamin bottles)🤠 Cotton harvest has been at a standstill for last week or so over this way------been wet------more rain predicted for tomorrow and Thursday. Late crop due to wet spring------subequently a late harvest. DD
  13. What is the proper terminology for the "horse powered treadmill"?? Never have seen one in action------do remember seeing the horse/mule turned sugar cane mill operated in south Mississippi back when I was a kid. (mules walking in circle) Great work ethic from both men and animals back then--------don't see soft and overweight folks in those old pictures!! DD
  14. This appears to be some sort of early threshing machine. Can anybody fill us in with more details?? Do you know what year this picture might be from-------that's a great picture. Note: The kid on the wagon is holding his dog. DD
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