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  1. Never have dealt with mold on tires------but concentrated Chlorox (bleach) works well on mold in houses and buildings. Might spray some on----let it set a few minutes and rinse; see what you've got. Be careful with breathing the concentrated Chlorox-------be best if you had a respirator or work upwind------it can be strong. It will kill most mold spores. DD
  2. Sure appreciate your kind offer. Don't know what we will do about picking the AutoWagon up. All of my satelite surveillance shows Roger has the mighty AutoWagon parked in the very back corner of his shed. (I think the Professor may have spooked him with some of our conversations a couple of years ago) I told the Professor that it might be best to just let Roger continue to store it for us--------it's much less maintenance and upkeep on our part. And------ol' Roger is out there rubbing and polishing on it most everyday. (He is retired now-----and probably needs something to keep him busy) 😏🤣🤣😅 DD
  3. question for Roger I see the Equipment Junkie posted the AutoWagon as being a model MW. Wonder what the MW may have stood for??? My understanding is that it was offered in water cooled and air cooled versions (at the same time?). What was the model designation for the air cooled version. DD
  4. Gary and I already own a pretty nice AutoWagon in partnership------we have a friend over in Minnesota storing it for us. I am satisfied with just a picture of it hanging on the wall for right now (less maintenance). 😊😎😁😀 DD
  5. MoRoger---- refer to the seperate thread here on RedPower 1913 IH Auto Wagon I plugged your name in for anyone looking for information---------somebody has posted a picture of one for sale. Great looking AutoWagon-----looks to be fully restored. DD
  6. Those AutoWagons are great looking trucks----one of my favorites.👍 Roger Byrne here on RedPower has one-------and could shed light on the subject for anybody needing information on them. DD
  7. Even though I am no cowboy-----there are other alternatives. Way back in the early '70s-----one of my men on the farm called early one morning saying he was going to be a few minutes late to work. His steer had been out most of the night------but he had just caught him. I commented thats good Billy------how did you finally catch him?? Answer was: "with my 30.06-----I just need some time to get the baztard cut-up and in the freezer!!!!"😂 DD
  8. Welder---- I've got neighbors who just returned from a guided bear hunt in Alaska. (stayed at Stephan Lake Lodge northeast of Talkeetna). But flew out elsewhere to hunt. So unique to hear their story-------they hunted from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM (saying it never really got dark). Just the opposite from our legal hunting hrs down this way. Were bow hunting for Grizzly. Didn't get the grizzly------ but got a nice black bear. They are already scheduled for going back next year. (gotta get the grizzly 🐻) Before going-----I suggested they mix some doe in heat scent with honey and apply liberally to their feet. But-------- don't think the wife let him try it!!!🤣 DD
  9. Thanks-----12 Guy. The front lever for depth control makes much more sense. **** What year did the F-12 enter the scene? DD
  10. Did the F-12 have a 3 speed or 4 speed transmission?? ***** In the picture of the F-12 moldboard plowing---------the Armstrong power lift lever looks to be in an awkward position (so far forward for operator to reach)??? Sure is some good looking dirt he is plowing (not a clod in the picture). ******* Glad to see your oats looking good Gary. Need an oat report from Montana Matt. DD
  11. Another find from the old shop last week: Massey-Harris No. 8 Cotton and Corn planter hopper. Went with the 1936/37 model M-H Challengers. I knew the hoppers were here------just didn't remember where. I have a picture (somewhere) of one if the Challengers planting-------most likely with this old hopper in use. Gotta see if I can pull it up. DD
  12. Professor------- I don't figure my dad sold that electric chair. He always "corrected" me with a wide strap leather belt!!!!😳 (he thought it would correct anything-------and it pretty much did so-----my butt is still smoking!!!!!)😮🤐 You mention Tallahatchie County (in Mississippi Delta). I recognize the courthouse at Sumner in the background-------looks like the picture was made on the square in front of the courthouse. Parchman (the state penitentiary) is just a few miles south of Sumner. From the looks on a couple of those boys faces------it looks like they may have gotten a "lasting impression". It's a damm shame------but looks to me that "ol Sparky" and that "wide strap leather belt" needs to be reintroduced to the younger generation. I am going to send this picture to a couple of my friends up in Tallahatchie County------by chance; they may know someone in the picture. DD
  13. Hagan mentioned Lilliston's--- 6 row Lilliston (on a 1206)--------cultivating cotton-----1990+/_-----Leflore County, Mississippi. When those Lilliston's were set right------they were like music to my ears. Picture is on a farm that I managed (farm real estate practice). I had the old Lilliston left over from my farming days-----gave it to the small black farm tenant and helped him get to going with it. We narrowed it toward the row after he got the feel for it. Ol' Willie could really shoot it down the row once he got acclimated. Willie called the Lilliston "the goat"-----got alot of use out of it. "Give the ball to Willie Stonewall!!!!" (one of the good guys----lots of fun) DD
  14. Mississippi is still above flood stage down here--------just beginning a slow fall. This morning's report projects us to move below flood stage on July 21st. Been a long flood season. DD
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