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  1. Mike----- "When guns are outlawed--------only the outlaws will have guns" Must be the time for all of us law abiding citizens to become outlaws. We are all living in a sick and rapidly deteriorating world. (not just New Zealand) DD
  2. Oooohhh---------uhhhhhhh, I now realize this thread is not really about the old gas guzzling and faithful Ford Broncos!!!!!!😀🤣😎 I must be getting old. I hardly noticed what wuz wearing all of that red paint----------was thinking they wuz some fresh painted tractors!!!🙄 DD
  3. My old '84 Bronco sure would have enjoyed those flashy "amenities" that ya'll keep showing pictures of. I found it to be a very dependable ol' workhorse--------always brought me home; and got a very consistent 10 mpg (uphill----downhill; switch on-----switch off)!!!!🤐 Put over 300,000 miles on it-------did replace engine once; never touched transmission. (351-----C-6 transmission) At 200,000-------I had a leak on the gas tank. Was patching tank with fiber glass------my neighbor laughingly stated that I had worn the tank out from the inside from pumping 20,000 gallons of gas into it.😳 Something to think about vs mileage on the newer vehicles with the overdrive transmissions. DD
  4. 👍----------can't find a Green thumb, so the "gold thumbs up" will have to do Matt!!!! Don't know where Roger and the mighty AutoWagon are---------think he might be out scrounging up wheels to go on the BIGGEST 4 tractor . Apparently---- he has already hauled the 660,000 lb crankshaft in to his shop???😏 Good luck at the auction today. DD
  5. Rumor is that an old cranky guy from Racine, Minnesota is building the tractor to go with this crankshaft. It must be the BIGGEST 4 -----Roger????🤠 That's one big Hammer Knocker!!!! My son forwarded the picture to me (someone had sent it to him). The same company built the engines on two off shore seismic boats that he used to work on. I like that idle speed of 22 rpms. DD
  6. If it's Tuba's birthday-------here is some more orange paint for his cake. Not quite as old as Gary's pictures------but still "obsolete". and------Case 2090 tractor; Case K-23 disk; with IH Loadstar and TD-14 for a little faded red paint in the background. Keep on marking those days off the calendar Tuba!!👍 DD
  7. Not familiar with the Dayton brand welders---------but Dayton was a trade name for power tools sold by WW Grainger (large wholesale supply company). I have a Dayton grinder and chainsaw. The chainsaw was manufactured by Poulan. Anything I ever purchased through Grainger was a good product. Most likely your welder is common with another common manufacturer brand?? Asking about choice of rods is similar to discussing motor oils. Everybody has a favorite. Been alot of good info posted already. 6011 is an all position (quick freeze) rod with deep penetration-------good on rusty/dirty metals-------minimum slag and near weather proof (pick up off wet ground and will burn easy enough. Does not form quite as pretty/smooth bead as some of others. 7018 is an all position rod also-----welds best on clean metal------more slag------but gives a smoother finish bead. At 70,000# tensile strength is stronger than the 60 series (60,000#) rods. Moisture can be a real headache with the 7018-----gotta keep dry. For what its worth-----you can buy 7018 in AC/DC now. I see the 6013 as a pure limited use flat (downhill) rod. Will leave a smooth bead-----heavy slag. Never used much. All rods have a specific purpose------and alot overlap in their uses. Through the years 6011 has been my go to rod (basic farm repairs and fabrication)------still enjoy tinkering, but don't do much anymore. Let us know when you have partnered up with Finney. And-----we will know you have mastered the art!!!!!👍 DD
  8. bkorth----- Tell us how the picking contest worked------ I presume they pick for a certain amount of time and weighed results, plus maybe grade the corn for trash??? All interesting to an old codger way off down in cotton country on the outside looking in!!! DD
  9. Impressive-----------if a 20 year old could hang with him, I would like to meet the 20 yr old!!! I don't know nuthing 'bout picking corn-------but do know about birthdays. (I am 76 now)---------I tip my hat to your dad.👍 And------that's a great looking team of horses and wagon. Thanks for posting the video. DD
  10. 👍------to Hillman for posting the article. It seems to be well written. 👍------Old F-20 for restoring the Regular. As mentioned in the article------most probably the tractor used was staged ahead of time, so to come off the line at the right time. Whether the actual number or "proclaimed" number------management said make it special. Who was there counting them (none of us for sure). Also as mentioned in the article----they were in the business of selling tractors (and apparently were pretty good at the game). They had a red hot product and celebrated the 100,000th Farmall as a sales promotion to sell more. As stated in an earlier post------my dad worked out of the Chicago office promoting the Farmall across the southeast. He used to quote certain numbers and talk about the old Regular serial numbers like he was reading from a book--------and always stated that occassionally a few serial numbers were skipped so to counter act the same action being taken by their competitor John Deere (probably done by alot of manufacturers). Regardless of actual number or proclaimed number-------it appears that Old F-20 collected up a real prize winner when he rescued this old tractor. And-----sure did a good job on the restoration. ******* Does anyone know Harold Sohner mentioned in the article I posted the link to back earlier in this thread?? There was alot of good information on the Regular in that article. DD
  11. Looking at the picture of the '37 Plymouth coupe. My grampa had a '37 sedan like that (grey----4 door-----3 speed with stick in floor). I never knew of Grampa having any mechanical problems with it--------and he wasn't bashful about putting his foot on the throttle. He was well up in age--------the family was urging him to give up the keys but he wasn't ready. He was going up to my aunt's house out north of Greenville and insisted on driving his car. As Grampa left out-----my dad quickly told me to go follow. I almost never caught up with the old Plymouth------and once I did, I had to maintain 80 mph to stay with him. Probably 1958 or so------luckily not much traffic back then. I think that was Grampa's last drive------the keys got lost after that trip. DD
  12. I know about releasing the pressure. Have gotten along pretty good in the past-----------but have lost alot of my grip and strength in my arms and hands. Just looking for a better mousetrap. DD
  13. 👍------That's a great Sunday morning speech Professor!!! I can see you touring the country in the Model T and making those enthusiastic political speeches from the "apple box" while wearing your trade mark polka dot cap--------creating a new demand for the polka dot caps just like Trump with his "Make America Great Again" caps. Hel! of it is----------America was great at one time until all of the namby pamby nay-sayers and free loaders showed up!!!! Still is great------but sure divided. With the Army "kid Colonel" Mike already having experience working with the Marines (and having rank on both of us)---------tell him he can count on the two of us; just point us in the right direction!!!!!! Uhhh-----we better get back to looking at pictures of tractors, trucks, mountains, or women----------we don't want this thread to turn into a political thread. Post us up some more conservative tractor pictures. DD
  14. Arm and elbow aching----can't sleep; so been Googling. Anybody using or familiar with this Pioneer lever action quick connect? Looks like it will accept my current male connectors------would require fabricating a mounting bracket which would be no problem. Would really like to relocate female connectors so hoses would clear quick hitch better anyway. And-----would need two for the dual remotes. DD
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