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  1. ????? Maybe not as safe-------but the bawdy house might be more fun!!!😏😎 From what few rumors I have heard about bawdy houses and blacksmith's shops-------I gather there is a different technique in the way the explosive energy is applied. I don't really know-----maybe Gary and Roger can provide further insight here. 🀐 DD
  2. I don't have any names to add to the list-------but honor each and every one. Not all cops are perfect-----but there are a helluva lot more rotten people roaming the streets than rotten law enforcement officers. We owe a sense of gratitude to all. A special thanks to Diesel Doctor for starting this thread. πŸ‘ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ DD
  3. I had to look swage block up on Google------pulled up several videos. I may need to contract with Hammer for a hatchet. Never dreamed this coon tail would be so hard to clip off. I was doing it with large tree snips. Really needed a sharp hatchet so to chop it off. Have had coons and possums stealing cat food. Bought a trap and in 3 nights caught 2 coons and 1 possum. This particular coon was so rambunctious about getting out that I negotiated a trade for 1 of my 9mm pistol bullets for his tail. My grandson (Booger Bear) needed a coon tail.
  4. Thanks I am located along the Mississippi River-------it is highly unusual, but I have seen broken ice flows passing under the Greenville Bridge (Hwy 82). Those pictures make me feel cold down here today!!! DD
  5. The coons and possums have been stealing cat food from my cats. I bought a trap from Tractor Supply. Have caught 2 coons and 1 possum over the last 3 nights. The coon I caught last night was so rambunctious to get out this morning------I swapped him one bullet from my 9 mm pistol for his tail. Seemed like a fair enough trade to me-------my grandson needs a coon tail. DD
  6. That's a real piece of history showing in your pictures IHKeith. Where would the pictures have been taken?? Thanks for posting. DD
  7. Man------that is one shiny red Diamond T p-up. Just like I remember from years ago-----but not that much shine. ***** Thought the horse shoe process might be interesting for some of you. I also see a large number of horse people here locally that had never heard of it. In our episode 10 yrs ago-----the farrier applied a quick setting foam gel to the inside of the shoe for a cushion effect against the bottom of the foot. Wrangler referred to the foam cushion as his "tennis shoes". Hopefully----the bottom of the foot will harden back up to where he can just go barefoot whi
  8. πŸ‘------to the Doolittle Raiders. That's unique to hear from some of the relatives. I too remembering reading the book (30 seconds over Tokyo??) when in grade school. Was always one of my favorites. Thanks to that generation. They had hair on their as$-------todays generation has too much hair on their head. Little or none on their as$. Trying to remember further-----when was the Hornet sunk?? DD
  9. Never saw but a few of the Diamond T pickups-------as a kid, I was always impressed with them. The ones I remember musta been heavy duty 1 tons?? ******* Not tractor related but horse related------and tractors have horsepower: The famous horse Wrangler came down with laminitus (aka: foundering) in his feet several weeks ago. (ironically-----we had a similar situation with him 10+/_ yrs ago) He is doing much better now. Have been treating him with medications, cut back to a light feed, wearing a muzzle to regulate grazing when in the pas
  10. Ace----- I am talking 35-40 yrs ago. Haven't been to the elevator since 1985+/_?? Hardly see anything but hopper bottoms around here now. DD
  11. 🐴 Yep-----they left here on the Highwheeler alright. I strongly"suspect" several parties being in collusion. Who knows------after all of those spottings out Texas way-----the watermelons could have been smuggled into Mexico for the cartel's use??? I understand the cartel has far reaching powers. Ol' Roger sure seemed to be the trusting type--------and I find it hard to believe bandits would even consider highjacking a guy like Roger (what with that ornery look and scowl behind his trademark mustache). πŸ€πŸ˜πŸ‰ DD
  12. I had a '73 Ford F-750 that originally had an oil bath air cleaner. When I swapped it over to propane I don't remember what I used for a base plate-----but I double stacked two of the larger paper filters availabe (with long stud bolt). Worked fine. I had troubled with oil bath cleaners spilling oil into the carb when dumped steep at the grain elevator. Good luck DD
  13. There is never a dull moment around the old Codger clazzroom.πŸ˜… I can remember my mother warning me about removing mattress and blanket tags. I knew they were important somewhere------now I finally found out! ****** Never stops amazing me as to how so many old timers wore a white shirt and tie on a daily basis back in those days. I presume those old boys were the truck drivers/deliveryman. (don't see any ear rings and drooping pants in the picture either!!!)πŸ‘ ****** Keep up the good work TwoStep------I will see you in the asylum.🀐 DD
  14. Thanks Troy-------live and learn. Took me 78 yrs to learn about hops and it is right there in your back yard. DD
  15. Thanks for the further comments on barley Ray54. Really interesting that barley can be irrigated with a saltier water content than other crops such as cotton. (salt water has adverse effects on most all of our crops grown down here in the mid-south). Luckily-----we have no known areas of salt water here in the Mississippi Delta. There are some random salt areas west of me in Arkansas. I presume that barley is also more tolerant to colder weather than Oats and wheat. Catfish do well in high salt content water-----has been used as an alternative crop in the salt water are
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