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  1. 👍 ******** The good Lord just made the human body more complicated than needed-------look at the simplicity of Gary's model TT truck. And it's still running. I just came to the kitchen for something sweet and quick to eat. Blood sugar crashed too low-----not a pleasant feeling. Sure would be nice to have a set of gauges for a quick review. I would think: blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar level, air pressure (breathing) and a tachometer would do for a start. Sounds like a good project for Roger. Let me know when you have us a set ready Roger!!!😊 And-------
  2. Roger---- Did the 10-20 story about the self steering tractors determine what happened when the front tractor, or one of the operators went to sleep?? Based on my luck------that took alot of courage!!!! Here in the Delta we could tear up enuff with two drivers per tractor in lieu of two tractors per driver.🤐 DD
  3. Professor------sure would like more information on your Farmall Regular picture. The driver sure looks alot like my dad from other pictures of this time frame. That's a clean and shiny Regular-----as I has discussed earlier; he travelled 16 southeastern states for Harvester promoting the Regular. I am wondering if this might have been a "demo" picture??? See if you can learn more-----thanks. ******* Don't worry about reposting pictures. They keep replaying my favorite TV show Gunsmoke------and it's always a new show to me. I never remember how i
  4. Well noted Cliff.👍 Most likely this lady wasn't donating enough to the church/school. Not just the Catholic church------but seems like most all churches are warped by insider politics and $$$$$$$. But-------what is not these days. So--------What did it cost you to join this site MTO????🤣 DD
  5. I have a 10" auger operating into bin; or loading into trucks on a 24 ft bin circle. (feeds out of pit) We used a 8" horizontal auger for unloading into pit from bin. Not sure which auger you are thinking about? I do want to sell the 10"-------used, but pretty decent shape. edit----location: Avon, Ms 38723 150 miles south of Memphis---near Greenville-----may be to far away to be practical??? DD
  6. Delta Dirt


    edit: would recommend both sides split cost of survey------protecting property lines and ownership inevitably is a cost of ownership. The surveyed line protects both parties for the future.
  7. Delta Dirt


    My experience as a farmland broker and appraiser--------fences and ditches make for good property line identification. BUT,-------fences and big equipment don't mix well. Alternative suggestion: have property lines surveyed with survey identified on satelite maps------record at courthouse along with an agreement that the surveyed line will always be acknowledged by both parties as the official proprerty line. The GPS surveys on aerial imagery opens up a new ball game. Good luck. DD
  8. That guy called Hammer is either: The oldest young codger I know of, or; The youngest old codger I know of???? No doubt-------he is on a tract to make Old Binder Guy's (Gary Yaeger) collection of plunder look minute. Gary and I are 77---------Hammer has lots of years of collecting in front of him = piles and piles by age 77!!!👍👍😊 And----he always has it restored and organized. DD
  9. A recent study made on women's opinion of their as$: (1) 10% felt that their as$ was to skinny (2) 30% felt that their as$ was to big (3) 60% were not really that happy with their ass-----but felt like they would just keep him after being married to him for 30+ years Dang-------I can't get no respect!!!🙄 DD
  10. But------the famous horse Wrangler is enjoying some warming sunshine from the comforts of his sun porch. View to the west from inside house-----barn fronts to the southwest. My neighbors (with 6 horses) called Monday morning offering to feed/care for Wrangler during this winter storm. The old ranch hand took them up on the offer------Sunday night chores had taken its toll on this old codger. DD
  11. 👍----TwoStep Reckon that Texas TwoStep must be a good way of keeping the blood flowing (similar to leaving the water dripping??) We got lucky with the ice accumulations right here locally. Lots of ice on limbs and lines-----but nothing down. There are areas not that very far away that lost power. Its comforting to know the propane space heaters are burning-------at least as long as we can afford to buy more gas???? Our old house had central air & heat------the big central unit went out when my daddy died in 1983. My mother was insistent that she just wanted to go
  12. Hoping our buddy TwoStep is staying warm in Abiline. See on morning news where a man was found frozen to death in his recliner out in Abiline. That's TwoStep's stomping grounds. DD
  13. That Sauer truck looked to be a work horse U-C. I noted the rear axle ratios @ 13 and 11 to 1. That 11-1 high side ratio is much deeper than the 9.77 (+/_) low side ratio in my F700 watermelon truck. Based on the grunt my F-700 has------the Sauer just needed a drawbar and it could have been called a tractor!!!!!🤐 I do need Sauer to tune me up on the fuel mileage. I get approx 4 mpg-------and I see the Sauer at 10 mpg!!!😏 ***** Hammer------you be careful working around those anvils in these icey conditions. Supposedly----Big Willie warped his first anvil when he sli
  14. "wouldn't let the help ride in their Cadilac"🤣 True story here: Not a Cadilac----but a Buick Electrica 225. (big long hood-----long trunk lid; we called my friend's big Buick a "Duece and a Quarter". Harry's shop was across the highway from the country store. I was coming out of the store when I saw the big Buick turning off of the highway and into Harry's shop----and stretched out in the spread eagle position across the trunk lid was Harry's ace combine operator Big Willie. Willie's eyes were as big as a full size dinner plate as he used his big hands as suction cups to grip th
  15. Regardless of the reason------it is having an impact far outside of the electrical power supply. The shortage on electricty has a number of the Texas refineries shut down. Apparently there is a shortage (or anticipated shortage) on propane------local distributor is limiting delivery sales to a maximum of 100 gal as of yesterday. It's a complicated world nowadays!! DD
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