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  1. Delta Dirt

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    All interesting Professor------especially the just 2 psi increase in pressure getting you back to moving. Don't sound like much--------but you gotta remember the story of "the straw that broke the camel's back" and think about the 1600-1 expansion factor. There is a wealth of information in your above report-------thanks for explaining (and re-explaining for some of us). ****** For any of ya'll that have not visited Old Binder Guy's thread titled Red Tractors on a Montana Farm-----check in some time. Lots of good information shared on a wide variety of subjects -------along with a little bit of ribbing and foolishness. ****** Talking about steaming--------yesterday and today were the hottest days of our 2018 summer here in Mississippi. DD
  2. Delta Dirt

    Soybeans and IH period video (good)

    That's some great black and white footage. Thanks for posting. DD
  3. Delta Dirt

    Follow up MF65

    😁-----brought back memories of summer of 1961+/_ My dad had bought a little Mercedes diesel and kept a few gallons of diesel over at the farm shop. He realized someone had "borrowed" some diesel-------could not imagine any of the farm neighbors stealing diesel for their tractors. Wasn't but a few days and I saw some of the local farm hands pulling their older model 88 Oldsmobile up and down the highway-----pulled it for most part of a week. It would only sputter and spit lots of blue smoke out the exhaust. I ran into one of those farm hands at the local country store. (the locals called me Brother as did my younger brother) The farm hand said: Mistuh Brother-----how does yo daddy's little car burn that diesel fuel???? I commented that it took some really hot spark plugs as I walked out!!!!!!😁😲 Thanks for the laugh from the old days. DD
  4. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary---- "Us steam novices" are still asking questions on the Case 150 HP thread. Check back in over there when you are up to it. We need to invite some of them over to join in on this thread (if they could over look some of my foolishness!!!) ******** Cotton pickin in Dixie------yesterday. DD
  5. Delta Dirt

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    Further explanation of my question regarding the "stall" of a steam cylinder at full load. What made me wonder about this was that somewhere recently I saw a plowing video where they apparently hit a tough spot in the field. The steamer lugged down almost to zero-----until apparently several of the plows were lifted to lighten the load and allowed him to get back to going. Better clarification of my question might be: Wouldn't the volume of steam within the cylinder shrink as it cooled (lowering compression)--------allowing the piston to move backward if there was a negative load pulling against it??? (more load than engine power) ****** Gary (the Professor) has some pictures of steam explosions. Explosions are massive based on the expansion rate of 1600-1. He will be back and provide more info. DD
  6. Delta Dirt

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    I understand the max torque at 0 rpm. Just wondering how you would get started again-------if engine is at full stall at max boiler pressure??? Using a hypothetical situation of no brakes: Presuming engine would hold the stalled position until pressure began to increase at which time you should be gaining more torque to move forward. (but the engine stalled out at full boiler pressure)------so What happens if the engine held in stalled position and boiler pressure began to decline. Would the engine be pulled into a reverse motion by the load??? Just wondering again. ***** In Art's video-------the drivers were slipping. He got back started with a very gradual feed of power to the drivers. Different scenario to what I am wundering. DD
  7. Delta Dirt

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    He looked to be getting everything she had to offer------that is impressive. Question: what happens physically when the steam engine actually stalls??? Does the piston just stall at a standstill with the pressure holding against it until enough more pressure is generated so to get started again??? Looks like getting motion started again after stalling would be a major problem-------sure is with a tractor or truck pulling an uphill load. ***** exSW---- Can you fill us in on the start up process for the modern diesel/electric locomotives. That is something else I have always wanted to see. DD
  8. Delta Dirt

    Pain in hands/joints

    When a Mule complains-----it's got to be serious!!! Question: should we send him to a vet or a doctor??? Seriously------best to get it checked out. I have been saddled with Epstein Barrh virus (aka: chronic fatigue syndrome) for years. It has a lot of those symptoms-------and is real similar to Lyme disease symptoms. Good luck---- DD
  9. Delta Dirt

    Suburban ac question

    Looking from a different perspective-- First----I agree with all of the advice on flushing, evacuating system, checking expansion valve/orrifice----replacing dryer, etc; -----BUT first thing I would do is get gauges and check both high and low side pressures. It appears that you stated it had quit popping the relief valve???? Did you add any refrigerant oil? Just by chance you might get lucky and the relief valve has bled off the excess pressure and your current pressure situation is now alright??? (providing you have no blockage) You will never know for sure without testing with the gauges. Is it making cold air?? Regardless-------if you do have contamination from the first compressor; your supplier is most likely not going to warranty the new compressor. Make sure high and low pressures are in range---------and go ahead and run it if it is making cold air. (you don't have anything to lose) Based on your quote on charging------you said nothing about adding an oil charge. The compressor should have been filled with oil when you got it-------but I have always added a can of refrigerant oil in the charging process. Note: the refrigerant oil adds volume to the system--------so you still need to be reading the gauges after any additional charge. I have no experience with the newer GM systems------and am not a professional serviceman. BUT have serviced numerous A/C systems on my vehicles and farm equipment. Slightly different design------but all the same principle. Don't be bashful about getting some help/coaching-------lots of people don't know about fencing. Experience is the best teacher. Note: Back in my farming days------I made an evacuation pump from a small portable air compressor. (using intake for suction) Pulling a vacuum on the system will help dissipate moisture and contaminants------in addition to letting you know that you have no leaks. Good luck------keep us posted. Keep Mama and that baby cool------won't be long and you will be needing to check the heater!!!😊 DD
  10. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks for posting the links on Kory Anderson's story. I had wondered what triggered his interest. That whole story and project is amazing. Looks as if we put Kory Anderson together with Roger and his Big Four friend------they might be producing space shuttles for us. ****** Re: choo-choo caps, tactics and babes Here it is well past bedtime in Mississippi----and you have me laughing out loud!!!!😁🤣🐴 ****** I posted the unknown horse powered picture on Smokstak under the "Horse Drawn Equipment" forum. (really high quality photo for its time) DD
  11. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary posted this "horse power" picture with his reply on the other thread. It's too good to not be pictured here on the old codgers thread. Any idea as to where that picture was taken???? ******* The "whustle" must be what I need. I've been wearing my official blue striped steam engineers cap religiously. The Booger Bear Robinson is now in the third grade------and is having better luck with the "babes" than I am!!!😨 He has enough energy for all of us-----if I could just figure out how to borrow some from him. DD
  12. Delta Dirt

    OT sorta, tractor related just not IH.

    Tanker---- Those were real popular utility tractors down here. My experience with that age group of M-F--------the pto shafts had the 540 rpm shafts, but the pto shaft actually turned @ 730-740 rpms. This worked great for light duty pto work------allowing the tractor to move forward at a faster speed and still do a good job of mowing, etc. In reality------the pto was running off of a higher ratio set of gears; and therefore doing more work through speed rather than torque. When operating a heavy pto load-----a conventional 540 rpm implement needed to be geared slower so to equalize pulling power with a conventional 540 rpm tractor. (similar situation to different rear axle ratios in a truck) Hope I haven't confused the issue. They were very popular and dependable tractor (all fuel types) here in the mid-south. (65+/_ hp??) DD
  13. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks for the help on the other steam thread Professor. Beware of infection-----still has not been long since that surgery. DD
  14. Delta Dirt

    Life in Alaska

    Welder--- In looking at the roads-------they mostly appear to be dirt. Do they have some gravel spread on top------seems like they are always slick/smooth and I never see dust?? Fill us in on road composition (other than paved). Sure enjoy your pictures------providing us with our remote tour of Alaska. DD
  15. Delta Dirt

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    Have made a request for Old Binder Guy (aka: the Professor) to come back over and address some of the steam questions posted above. He is a steam guru-----very knowledgeable. DD