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  1. Delta Dirt

    This happened to me...

    Sorry to hear your story Hammer. These days you absolutely don't know who you can trust------and who you can't. With the "electronic/computerized" world we are living in-------in all probability we are going to see more and more of this type of activity. You've got your work cut out for you------I had a friend that went through a similar situation several years ago. Real nightmare. Good luck-- DD
  2. Delta Dirt

    Love my new doctor

    Gonna have to get me a new dictionary----if'n these boys up nawth keep on slinging the big long confounded words out!!😨😏 DD
  3. Delta Dirt

    Love my new doctor

    Thanks for the referral to your heart doctor MTO-----sure makes sense to me!!!😁😁😁 DD
  4. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    TwoStep------ Reckon the buildings had to meet some sort of Postal Service standards-------but over this way, you would find them in most any kind of building. Lots in the old country stores. This little building had once been the local cafe-------known as the "The Hitching Post". In approx 1946------my mother drove up to the cafe in my dad's pickup. Her foot slipped off the clutch------and knocked the little building off it's blocks. My dad took the farm crew up and jacked the building up and set it back on its blocks. No damage to truck or building-----other than bumping it off the blocks. All in an everyday happening in rural America at that time. Nowadays there would have been national TV coverage, government investigations, and 13 lawsuits filed!!!! edit: who else has some old post office building pictures? DD
  5. Delta Dirt

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Welcome to the "world of bureaucracy"------------where common sense is too simple to make any sense. DD
  6. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Don't know if I ever posted this or not. Picture of the old Avon, Ms 38723 post office building (complete with the Confederate flag flying). Picture was taken in 1984------after a new modern brick post office had been built. My family owned the lot and close friends owned the building----their grandmother had been the post mistress here for years. They were getting ready to move the building. So---we capitalized on the moment. The site is now vacant. The picture frame was made by another neighbor from a cypress plank off of one of our old tenant cabins-------dates back to the late 1800's. Wish I had some wood working talents. DD
  7. Delta Dirt

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Wouldn't none of me!!!! 😨 Randy was the one talking about "tickling the tassels". You gotta watch those old crop dusters.😁 DD
  8. Delta Dirt

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Thanks for backing me up Acem------didn't want them boys up Nawth to think I wuz crazy. I have always been confused on the "tassle/tossel" termonoligy. DD
  9. Delta Dirt

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Thanks for the clarification FarmerFixEmUp. Good description of corn plant-----will swipe it to my files. Uhhhh------I may have to do some research in an actual strip club to find the official nomenclature for those "things that the ladies wear". They are definitely real interesting objects-------especially when they are rotating in opposite directions!!!!🤤 (All of my old crop dusting buddies were always fascinated with them-------and that was long before we started growing corn here in the Delta) DD
  10. Delta Dirt

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Brings up a question: is it "tassels or tossels"??? I did not grow up in corn country but in cotton country where corn was a rare commodity (not anymore)------but was always under the impression that: Tossels applied to corn and Tassels applied to strippers (attire)???? I figured an old crop duster pilot like Randy would know-------("tickle the tassels-------hmmmmm!!!)🙄😁 DD
  11. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I've got a couple of old Regular manuals I bought off of e-bay a number of years ago. One has a parts list and illustrations in it. Times were much simpler back then. These books are definitely authentic------with faded yellow paper------and the aged smell/odor of 80+ yrs. Need to pull it out and post a picture while we are on the subject. ******* Looking at those tubas---------looks like a tuba might have all of the base ingredients for making a helluva steam or air whustle???? What do you think TubaCase??🎵🔊🤔 Sure should be large enough. DD
  12. Delta Dirt

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Sorta changing the subject here-----but still with great concern for MTO. I read on Fox News that a woman and her automobile mechanic were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning her garage by the woman's husband. She was paying for her "service work" with sex------the serviceman was collecting his fee------and the car was apparently repaired and left running. That's a bad combination MTO. Be sure and take the caution to turn the engine off before collecting the bill for your service work!!!!!😨 This was actually reported on Fox News today-------so glad to see it was not our friend MTO!!! Da husband sayed: "dat she wuz laid out--------and he wuz laid out". My thoughts on this story-----Luckily he didn't have to shoot either one of them; and the automobile was fixed. So the husband got a good deal. 😁😂 DD
  13. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks for explaining the number system George. Now------if I can just remember. No doubt-------WWII brought great change to all aspects of industry (very far reaching in all directions). DD
  14. Delta Dirt

    Loading chute

    Finney-----you really do some nice work. Keep the pictures coming------always enjoy your projects. I knew an old welder that always said: "I can weld anything but a broken heart and the break of day---------but I've worked on a few broken hearts!!!!"😁😗 He was my dad's age and a real character-------I learned a lot from him. Gave me great pleasure to weld things up for him once his eyesight began to fail. Now guess who's hair is grey and has failing vision!!!!😨 DD
  15. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    The old F-30's would out pull a M on drawbar pull. The F-30 would be the "go to" wheel tractor when something was stuck-------while the M's set by and watched. Lots of farmers down here referred to the F-30 as "Big Boy". Later in life-------I wondered if this fact might not have been related to the F-30 having a higher drawbar height (pull point) than the drawbar height on the M. I still have the rear end and radiator from my dad's old F-30. It must have been under full load when a connecting rod came out the side of the block--------left a sizeable "window" in the block.😨 (but Leroy didn't here it knocking!!!) It's hard to visualize how hard our Delta labor force could/can be on a piece of equipment. Anvils, cannonballs, railroad iron, engines, etc............could all be destroyed in short timeframes. God bless the old mules that worked the cotton fields----------they had to withstand a lot. ****** When did the Duckbill steering come out.? What was the difference in it and the conventional enclosed steering box??? DD