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  1. Aberdeen, Mississippi is located on the far eastern side of the state along the Tombigbee Waterway (bottom lands) and adjacent to the rolling black prairie region with a wide mixture of soil types and agricultural practices in the area (livestock, pastures, row crop----including cotton back in those days-------making a good territory for a dealership). The early '60s were a transition period from pasture/livestock over to soy bean production in the prairie area. I never knew the Smiths in my travels------but remember seeing two 806's hitched in tandem on a farm just north of West Point (prairie area) back in the mid 60's. That black prairie soil could eat up some horsepower when you the dropped the implement in the ground. (heavy clay topsoil with a limestone sub-soil) Thanks for rekindling some old memories Hydro.👍 DD
  2. Delta Dirt

    1980s S1600 propane engine- gasoline convesrion?

    Correction: the factory propane F-700 does have a fuel gauge in the dash------same as gasoline model dash. But apparently never read the propane level. So much for that theory.😨 Best to check the line set ticket if you can find it. DD
  3. Delta Dirt

    1980s S1600 propane engine- gasoline convesrion?

    The propane set up looks similar to what I have on my Ford F-700. The Impco model 425 is a popular and dependable vaporizer for those size engines. I have identified the different items in your picture. Really don't know if this was factory or not???? Liquid pressure line should run from tank to the safety shut off switch; and pass on through to the inlet connection on the vaporizer/regulator. The vaporizer has coolant hoses attached so to heat and vaporize the liquid to vapor which passes through the elbow and into the mixer. The vaporizer also acts as a pressure regulator-------cutting the high pressure down to low pressure vapor. The mixer acts just as a gasoline carbruretor--------mixing air and gas. The safety shut off solinoid is designed to cut the high pressure flow from the tank in case of a wreck, etc. . It is electronically actuated from the ignition switch. I agree with Acem on the safety valve-----------I have by passed (done away with alot of them). Just connect the pressure line from the tank directly to the inlet on the vaporizer. I have had lots of trouble with the electric solenoid not opening-----------and cutting gas flow off. Good advice from Acem on connecting a small propane bottle directly to the inlet going to vaporizer just to see what you have. Cranking process: A. Open valve at tank----------feeding line going to engine compartment. Check for any leaks----------if leaking you should be able to hear or smell . B. Pressing the button on top of the vaporizer releases some raw gas into the mixer if needed for cranking. That's also a good test to know you have vapor passing through the vaporizer---------you should be able to hear a slight blow when you press downward on the button. And-----------a small shot of starting fluid might be needed. Just don't over do it. If getting gas to mixer and does not crank--------------check ignition. Ignition is a key issue with L-P gas engines------you need a hot blue spark. After you get it cranked: 1. Adjust the small idle screw until engine idles at smoothest and highest rpm. At this setting---------engine should crank near immediately when hitting starter. 2. There is a load adjustment screw (larger screw with hex head) on front of mixer. You need to set it for maximum power with a load on it. Uhhh------along the lines of doing away with the safety switch; I have ridden along adjusting on the load screw with a driver holding a steady throttle on the accelerator pedal. You can get pretty close by setting the load screw while someone is holding the brake. With everything set on the money--------------you should smell little to no propane out of the exhaust. Everything is basically the same principal as with a gasoline engine--------other than you are operating with a different fuel source. Good luck-----have fun. Keep us posted. Delta Dirt Avon Ms 38723 edit: just thinking about determining whether factory propane or not; see if there is a gas gauge in the dash. I don't believe my F-700 has a gas gauge in the dash.
  4. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    ArkLa------ If I don't answer--------leave a message and I will get back with you shortly. We get so many crank sales calls-------I don't always answer. DD
  5. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    ArkLa 1086----- That's a 1962 or 1963 1600 Loadstar with a 22 ft Grove rollback implement bed with hydraulic winch. I also had grain side boards for it. We sold the rollbacks at one time and used the truck as a demonstrator. Seems like Doyne Loyd had the same rollback on a CO truck there in Lake Village. Tires had gotten bad and it needed brakes. I got out of farming and let it set under shed for number of years. Was moving it and engine was stuck------so left it sitting outside. It needs a new home. I was going to make a goose-neck out of it------but never got around to it. Good restoration project--------or goose neck conversion project. And------I have a heavy duty goose neck (neck) . Come over and take a look-----we need to meet each other anyway. If interested or you are over this way sometime----662 335-5213 rings my cell phone. I am one mile soh of Avon on Hwy 1. DD
  6. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hammer------ I finished patching up my disk today and pulled it outside. One of the last things I did is remove the small hydraulic "accumulator" pot that was associated with raising/lowering the hydraulic wings. It crossed my mind that what we have been referring to as the "auxiliary reservoir tank" should technically be referred to as the "accumulator tank". Just wanted to point that out before Roger chimes in and corrects us!!!!🙄 The 1 1/4 brass valve I mentioned is actually a "trigger valve (as referred to by you). In looking closer at my compressor-----my regulator on the compressor tank outlet is 3/4 bushed down to 3/8. And---------not gonna be as easy as I was thinking to set my accumulator tank outside of shop near my air compressor. I realized today my sliding door rolls past the location of my air compressor. But innovative minds always prevail. Give me some time---------and I will have something whistling!!!! But------I did get the old disk out of the shop. And-----that's a major accomplishment!!!! My welds sure don't need any inspections-------but I am giving it a lifetime warranty. (my lifetime or its lifetime!!)😎 Grinding, polishing and painting will have to wait------was time to move it outside. DD
  7. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    If I am understanding your design Hammer-------you have a pressure regulator on your air compressor tank outlet going to your reservoir (auxiliary) tank. Pressure remains @ high working pressure in the compressor tank-----but you are controlling pressure going to the auxiliary tank via a regulator seperate from the compressor cut off switch??? In effect--------you are regulating pressure (and restricting flow) to the auxiliary tank. But with a 300 gallon tank------you've got considerable volume to work off of. I am wanting to keep the full volume of the compressor going to the auxiliary tank---------if I can luck up and find a large size regulator. (May want to blow more than one whustle???) With the full volume of the compressor going to my auxiliary tank--------I should "recharge" the auxiliary tank faster. I might find a large size regulator right here in my old shop. The 1-1/4" brass valve has been lying under my nose forever (just stumbled across it this past summer). Gonna go to school on anhydrous regulators also-------some neighbors probably have some of them laying around. Something else to dream about-----got some other projects to clear out first. ****** 12_Guy I talked with Roger several years ago about whistles. Roger stated the need for high volume and lower pressures (most likely in the 40---50 psi range). I built a homemade "whustle" and was feeding it with my 3/8 air line at varying pressures fro 90---125 psi. Making noise------but not exactly what I wanted. I don't think Roger has the musical talent that the Professor has (playing that squeezebox thing)-------but in the course of our conversations; ol' Roger admitted to having helped build a calliope once. (that's beyond my wildest dreams!!!!)😳 Hope we haven't completely confused everyone with our "whustle" discussion here. Worth noting: those big brass whistles shown in Hammer's videos are legitimate steam WHISTLES. What I am working on is homemade and just known as a "whustle"!!!😨 DD
  8. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I am following you now Hammer------you are just working off of compressor pressure. Could do that easy enough-------but prefer to keep compressor pressure up in the 100---125psi range. My compressor regulator switch is the electric "well switch" (as you described)--------but takes some tinkering to adjust up and down. I will find a larger capacity regulator. Sorta like to have it where I could make a quick mount onto a propane tank if wanted. Propane has more expansion quality than air---------but nothing like the Professor's S-T-E-A-M !!!! Working off of a large tank pumped up to 125psi--------you could blow much longer @ 40--50 psi before running low on air. And------I would put cut-off valve in line to auxiliary tank so it could be disconnected if desired. Plus------the larger tank would be handy for my general shop use from time to time. DD
  9. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    The log truck picture reminded me of my dad's days of moving the TD-24 around back in the early 1950's. Was nothing uncommon to break in a county bridge------not much fun at the time. But as I look back-------I reckon the old TD-24 made a major contribution to updating the Delta's outdated road system. Ironically-------currently the Delta has a huge number of bridges closed and our roads are in lack of maintenance. Taxes are higher than ever-------but seems that the counties are spending $$$$ everywhere but on infrastructure. Might be time to bring the old TD-24 back???🙄 ****** Hammer----I have a couple of large outlets in my air compressor tank. But figure I need a larger regulator valve than the 3/8"------so not to restrict air volume. DD
  10. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    My regulator is 3/8" size-------for use on paint gun, etc. I know it restricts max flow from compressor. DD
  11. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    So really you are carrying a max 40psi on your reservoir tank??? I was thinking to pump reservoir tank up to 100--125psi based on compressor regulator switch--------place regulator on outlet in front of valve. That way have more capacity in working off of the "reservoir tank". Plus-------have larger reservoir tank capacity for general compressor use in shop. My air compressor has a 25---30 gallon tank. Probably could work straight off of it-----------but would prefer to be further away from noise from compressor (and outside shop building). In reality-------probably don't need a very large tank for short bursts from the whistle @ 50psi as long as you have a high volume available--------with a replacement flow constantly feeding the reservoir tank?? Also-------I keep thinking about working off of propane (as hanging on the side of the watermelon truck-----113 gal tank). It's really not fair for the Professor to have all of that extravagant expansion factor associated with his steam. But at least we don't have to cut the wood and feed the firebox. Did you ever notice the lack of trees out there in Montana---------looks like they processed them all through the old steamers!!!🤗 My shop is about 1 mile away from the Missisippi River. I just want my "whustle" to be loud enuff to send a "mating call" to the American Queen" riverboat as she passes by. DD
  12. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hammer--- Snap a picture of your regulator when you get a chance---------that's my limiting factor for now. Was it an anhydrous regulator??? Haven't fooled with one of them in near 50 yrs---------but might find one around some of the neighbors. Anhydrous used to be a big item with cotton growers------gradually switched to N-Sol. Eventually the meth heads made anhydrous totally impractical. You've got a good sound for 40 psi. And------I checked my brass valve today. It is 1-1/4". Sprayed it up with penetrating oil--------don't really know when I will get back on the whustle project. But your videos sure give a fellow an itch!!!!👍 DD
  13. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Re: air whistle With a 65 gallon L-P tank connected o my air compressor for added reservoir volume----------with 125 or 1.5" pipe going to my control valve: Shouldn't I have a large diameter pressure regulator between the valve and whistle inlet? (try to keep pressure constant) Roger said once that I probably didn't need but 50---60 psi at the inlet------but a high volume of air. Are you blowing the steam whistles at whatever steam pressure you have-----or through a regulator?? And-------I do realize the compressed will not expand like steam. My previous toying around was just using a 3/8 air hose feed. All of that tooting, whistling and honking in the steam videos has re-kindled my thoughts on my red-neck air "whustle". DD
  14. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I just don't believe those steamers would have ever been so popular if it hadn't been for their steam whustles!!!🤣 Gotta get back to work on my "air whustle" Professor. Did find an 1-1/2" spring loaded brass valve in some of my dad's old flame cultivator inventory last summer------plus I've got a reservoir tank in mind so that I can get a high volume of air. Gotta get back on that project-------way I am going it might be good to have something around that can wake up the dead!!!!! Besides-------the old saying is: "all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy". I damm sure don't want to be accused of being dull!!!!😆 Whooooo---------whooo-------whoo!!!! Sure enjoyed the steam video links. DD
  15. Delta Dirt

    Metal roof coating------paint/sealer??

    Truth of the matter------something similar to Flex-Seal would be good. Thanks for all of the feed back-----will be doing some research on different products-----plus gotta find someone to apply it. Not an emergency for right now-----but definitely a maintenance item to be tended to. DD