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  1. Not intending to hi-Jack the home CB thread-------- but what do you trucker's use to talk truck to truck traffic on the road. (understand there has to be alot of cell phone use where you know others numbers etc------but how about UNKNOWN drivers and local road alerts, etc.)??? Just wondering how much CB activity is left??? What has replaced it??? DD
  2. ACE---- Yep-----we've got pipelines crossing River right here and crossing our place; but still lots of fuel shipped by the River. Rumor has it that there may still be some "moonshine" moving out there--------most likely from on up the Arkansas River though from what I understand???? Low River or High River--------the Mississippi Basin is far reaching. Let's hope for the best. DD
  3. update: Saturday----October 1st MISSISSIPPI RIVER barge traffic is CLOSED south of Greenville, Ms near all time low River levels being experienced--------loaded barges are sitting aground at and near Greenville main elevators @ Greenville closed-------no barges available Major impact on grain exports to New Orleans. Not much said "YET"??-------but this lack of barge movement could very easily could effect fuel/gasoline deliveries moving upstream???? The Mississippi River (near all rivers) play a much more important role than drainage-------also are major transportation arteries for the entire country!!!! DD
  4. I wuz thinninking a "bull hauler" for RonDiesel------but then realized not enuff chrome nor lights!!!! DD
  5. I should have further explained the gauge readings: Gauge readings at all locations are just "randomly" set by the Corps of Engineers------each gauge has a known MSL elevation reading @ 0 gauge reading; but has no relevance as to actual River depth other than a reading of 25ft would indicate that the depth was 25 ft deeper than @ 0 ft stage. Not uncommon to see Memphis @ a -0 reading? edit: and 0 is not a common or correlated reading between any of the gauge locations Different areas of the River are always at different depths-----there is near always ever shifting sand bars developing and then moving downstream from the ever changing currents. The Corps stays busy dredging on the navigable channel-----but eventually the channel will get narrowed to "one lane" and then to closed. Reportedly elevators are loading out to only 80% barge capacity to limit the draft effect------already slowing shipments. Most of our local elevators are full and dumping trucks only in daytime-----loading out barges at night. Slow go for farmers without grain bins. I think the barges need approx 8---11 ft draft depth to operate??? Ironically----the old steamboats apparently could operate in shallower water--------but were toting much lighter loads. Good luck to everyone. DD
  6. Mississippi River level projected to fall to the 5.5 ft range here at Greenville, Ms------barge traffic typically shuts down in 6.7 ft range. We had a barge run aground last week while in the 11 ft range approx 3 miles below me. Closed the river for several days-----had adverse effect on local elevator prices inmediately. Don't know how far upriver may be effected---------but everyone shipping for export to New Orleans needs to take notice. DD
  7. Wondering what a new fully equipped Harley sells for nowadays??? $$$$$$$$$ Worth reporting-----Ms River level continues to fall. Expected to fall to the 5.5 ft range. Barge traffic south to New Oeleans for export will be interupted. Not good news for grain market. River was @ 11 ft last week when barge ran aground and blocked traffic approx 3 miles south of me. DD
  8. TwoStep---- I wuz just thinking how much fun we could have with the Harleys "po-licing the roads" up in Montana------all of them speeding Model T's; let alone the overloaded model TT trucks. (We know of at least one TT that for sure would be overloaded with Blue Smoke!!!) Can remember the day when I wuz a kid that most every town of any size down this way had a motorcycle on the police force. Near thing of the past now???? DD
  9. Keep your reports coming Ron-----always interesting to see other parts of the country. Don't see many cows down this way------let alone "bullhaulers". Met one headed west on U.S. 82 at Lake Village, Ark a couple of weeks ago. Didn't figure it wuz you------not enuff chrome and it appeared he wuz runnin within the speed limit!!!! keep on rolling DD
  10. Great stories about a great generation of people (and their aircraft). I am alot younger than Professor Yeager-----not having been manufactured until 1943. So please excuse me for not having his first hand WWII expeience. All of these stories did bring up remembrances of my first airplane ride in the early 1950's with my dad and the pilot Lee Abide. Lee operated a crop dusting service here in Greenville, Ms along with his old B-17 (?) co-pilot Eddie Ruether. They had flown the "hump" across the Himalayas (spellin?) and become lifelong friends. (I presume it was a B-17??) and had one sitting at the Greenville airport for several years. Truly great pilots and great people. I have posted numerous stories here in the past about my now deceased friend and old B-52 pilot (turned crop duster) Rod Wells. Rod was 10 yrs older than me and had an older brother Richard (Dick) who flew the P-38s in the Pacific. Dick was shot down and killed in 1945 just before the end of the war. Never met him in person-----but Rod brought his old tattered leather flight cap and jacket out to the farm to burn and bury. I have a picture of Dick flying escort in his P-38 hanging on my office wall. Will have to post up a picture of these two old friends on this thread----give them one more salute. Gotta be careful of saying who was the best pilot of all pilots (lots of good ones out there). I just always said: "there were few who could fly with them-----but the ones who could wore feathers!!!!) I also have a copy of a personal letter to Richard's family thanking them for Richard volunteering for the special mission that he was killed on signed by Gen. Douglas McArthur (another one of my real heroes). Keep the stories coming....... DD
  11. Anybody have any experience with EXO Ranger Plus??? 1/2 mile range-----obstacle avoidance----$350range----advertised as good for beginners???? Gotta take into consideration we are reading from the internet here-----where everybody is sworn to the truth. Uhhhh-----It's very comforting to know that all RedPower members have been sworn to the truth by Sallie and Farmall Fan!!!! One thing for sure------you can pay as much as you want to (going all the way up to Elon Musk and his satellites if needed)!!!! attn: Loadstar Don't forget to post us up a video of listening to the dual glasspacks on the way to the elevator in the mighty Loadstar!!! DD
  12. Man------that's some fast service Ralph. Fixing to take a look right now. DD
  13. I am 79 yrs "too old"----lots of serious health problems are keeping me stalled out. Have always been an active/outdoor type person-----spent a lifetime of farming and brokering/appraising farmland here in the Mississippi Delta area. Am limited to sitting on my butt nowadays. Idle time seems to be my worst enemy-----I definitely need to find me a "somewhat effortless" means of keeping my mind occupied. Would some of you boys with drone experience chip in some information and comments that might help educate an old codger on where to start looking. Would definitely want a decent camera for viewing farm and hunting land----but need to keep it as simple and economical as possible. Just thinking hobby type application------Doubt that I will ever get back active in my farmland real estate practice and not in a rush to buy. This thread will be a good starting point for "keeping my mind occupied" for awhile. Don't laugh too hard if I ask some really dumb questions!!! Start from ground level-----I have no experience with a drones but lots of photography experience. Discuss models-----range capability----price range-----ease of operation, do's and don'ts, etc..... Come in Loadstar??? Thanks in advance DD
  14. Well----that's definitely an interesting project that someone apparently put alot of thought and work into. Would be interesting to talk to whoever to learn more about the reason for adding brakes to a tricycle front end of a light duty tractor??? My first thought/concern would be "how safe it would be applying brakes up front with the tricycle front end"-----how the tractor is going to react??? No doubt-----to go to that much effort and work;-----there must have been a special need/reason. Keep us posted if you learn more along his line of thinking. Necessity has always been said to be the mother of invention!!!! Looking forward to hearing more about this project. DD
  15. Mississippi River is running on the low side-------also usually happens 'bout the time the cypress trees start changing colors (fall is here); but it's still hot!!!! Below is a River gauge chart posted by Corps of Engineers----applicable to most major streams in the U..S. This particular page illustrates Greenville, Ms.. Hopefully-----some of ya'll will find it useful to your area. Interesting enough----mid week we had a tow boat run around approximately 3 miles downstream from our location. Has the River blocked------elevator in Greenville is full and CLOSED waiting on empty barges so to load out more. Trucks scattering to other elevators resulting in open elevators raising their basis as much as $1.00 bu.(discount from Chicago Board). Farmer gets kicked in butt once again. All the while-------the weirdos on the left coast want to pump our water from the Mississippi to Los Angeles. Grain bin storage is the life saver right now. The "transportation" side of our Rivers is a HUGE overlooked benefit of all navigable waterways. Most all of our local grain moves downriver to New Orleans and export. Not getting political here-----just an old grey haired farmland appraiser observing the facts. Below pictures are from several years ago at near same date and River stage. Looks like alot of water but the navigable channel is constantly watched and dredged open by the Corps of Engineers. Looking upriver---Greenville Bridge (U.S. 82 in far background). DD
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