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  1. Nothing iz more evil than a damm Boll Weevil!!!!!! ********** Hay ya'll-------me and old Anson are still around. We just ain't been running no fast horse races recently. SLOOOOWW is the word!!! DD
  2. All of this negative news on the scrap market makes me more nervous than when my bins would be full of unsold soybeans--------and the market would be locked down the limit. Noting that I have my 4 wheeler trailer loaded with 4--5 years worth of aluminum cans!!! We did get a little scrap iron moved from the shop yard. Funny-----how just 2 or 3 days later you want a piece of scrap that just caught a ride on the last truck!!! DD
  3. NEWS FLASH just saw on Fox News that the steamboat NATCHEZ had a fire while in "drydock" for renovations in New Orleans. I did not realize that it was actually steam powered------sorry I can't post the news link, but it will show up in the news for you. Hope it did not harm the steam WHUSTLE. This news hit me like a sledgehammer------I love those old riverboats. Here is to you old friend!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO-----Whoooo----whooo!! DD
  4. Good info for the curious Owen----thanks. DD
  5. Looking back through Gary's pictures---- and noting the lit cutting torch: When did bottled compressed OXYGEN become readily available??? How wuz oxygen supplied before the high pressured bottles as pictured??? I am familiar with the "carbide generator" utilized for creating acetylene (?) gas. (wuz there more than one gas in the early days)???--------how about propane) I have a left over generator from my dad's days------will try to get a picture of it soon. uhhhhhhhh-------is the guy wearing a steam cap or a "cutter's cap"?? DD
  6. Not much cotton planted as of now-----we missed a rain last night. Would think everybody that missed last nights rain will be running wide open come tomorrow. Time to get it in the ground!!!! Experts are calling for an increase in cotton acreage for '22. DD
  7. Thanks for posting. Wuz born last week (Apri 26, 1943)----- just a couple of weeks old!!!! DD
  8. Another "Leotis" story------relating to a Harley Davidson very similar to the Professor's 1953 model but maybe 4---5 yrs earlier. Color was near same green as the '71 GMC p-up. (I had same color in a plain jane version------was thinking I paid $3,000????) Anyway------Leotis and his older brother had bought this big Harley used and were excited all week about riding it into Hollandale "dis Satiday night". Well-----Satiday night come and Dub and Leotis draw there paychecks and leave out riding tandem for Hollandale (10 miles east via gravel road)----the gravel road is now paved state Hwy 12. Along 'bout 10:00 pm there iz a knock on the door and its Dub and Leotis wanting to borrow my dad's pick up to bring the Harley Davidson home. "If it's alright with Mistuh Anson-------we will leave the Harley Davidson under the equip shed tonight. Further investigation the next morning revealed that (as Leotis reported)--------"Miztuh Brothers---- we wuz low down crusin out there where the big gravel starts in the big curve where da old man lives that owns them big old RedBone hounds.........(whmmmmm (?)-----I could tell the story was fixing to get interesting!!! And Leotis swore the rest to be the absolute truth........nuthin but the truth::::::: the front wheel of the motorcycle hit that great big RedBone hound in the ribs------it sounded like a 10:00x20 truck tire blowing out--------the dog wuz in the air, the cickle wuz in the air, Dub wuz in the air and I wuz in the air. I passed the dog once, the cickle twice, and Dub three times. We all landed in a pile of rocks with the the dog and cickle on top of us.!!!! It wuz a helluva wreck------sure hope that old man dont find out who run over his big hound!!!!!! Luckily no one beyond the big redbone hound suffered serious injuries (his were fatal)----nd the motorcycle showed no serious damages------but the Harley Davidson set right there in the same spot under the equip shed for 4 or 5 years-------leaving a lasting impression on area residents. DD
  9. Better not try the "three step"--------or you might be "layed away on the runway" Two-Step!!!!!! Reminds me of the "Good old Days": of one of our 4-H club trips to the Mid-South Fair in Memphis. (sometime in '50's). My dad always sent Leotis (big 18--20 yr old black boy from here on the farm) along with the ass't county agent to help with the care of the cows, etc. Leotis had been there for a couple of days when us 4H boys arrived. Leotis wanted to talk with me in private no sooner than I arrived on the scene------saying "Mistuh Brothers'-----you got any extra money with you? I'ze sho nuff wants to go out on out on da runway tonight!!!!" (mid-way????-----runway-----highway------some kind of way!!!!!) I took up a light collection from the boys and a great time wuz had by all. (we found the way) Leotis Stanford-----where are you???? Come to see me----you need to meet Wrangler the horse!!! DD
  10. "Elvis" (the Green Diamond engine) has left the arena!!!! Went to the scrap yard this morning. DD
  11. Thanks Owen for your identification and comments on the Impco system. I have used some Impco products before------but never have seen that setup. Thanks DD
  12. Not familiar with the Fords other than 8N--9N. But we ran L-P on 8N-9N plus Farmall Ms and trucks. Still have a F-700 truck and 3 Ms on L-P. Just offering a quick observation on your L-P set up------ am wondering if it is plumbed correctly??? As a general rule: L-P requires a hotter spark plug and slightly advanced timing than gasoline engines. Also in colder weather (in Mississippi)-------we would sometime give them a shot of either and/or shut liquid off and open the vapor line to carb. Once cranked and begins to warm up-------slightly open liquid as you close off the vapor and try to run on liquid. I note your setup has two vaporizers hooked in tandem----also am unsure of how the rest of the lines are being fed to carb??? Am working from cell phone-----not very good with illustrative drawing from cell phone-----but have marked several points with colored dots on your picture. I never have seen a dual vaporizer used----makes me wonder what was going on here. The 2 RED dots indicate the Vaporizers. The vaporizer acts as both a conversion point from liquid to vapor and a pressure regulator-----cutting high pressure liquid (100---200 psi) from the tank to low pressure (2---3 psi??) Vapor for intake to the carb/throttle. The engine actually runs off of low pressure vapor. Straight liquid will flood it as will high pressure vapor. The pipe nipple connecting the two vaporizers together should be the point of Exit for vapor passing through a large low pressure hose going to the carb. The engine will actually pull a vacuum and suck the low pressure vapor through the intake hose (outlet from vaporizer). Vaporization is made possible by heat from engine coolant passing through the backside chamber of the vaporizer unit. I am presuming the Green dot illustrates the high pressure feed from the tank. And the small Blue dot illustrates a vacuum line for cracking the vaporizer valve for venting purposes when 1st starting. The small button (point where the one pressure feed line is attached) is a primer button that when pressed inward gives a shot of raw gas for starting purposes. Hard to explain without a diagram to work from. Give me a couple of days and I will snap a picture of one of the set ups on my Ms or F-700. Vaporizers are rated for different HP ranges------but the basic layout are all the same. Might be nothing wrong other than your connections------or possibly the original vaporizer went bad and someone is trying to cure the problem with the second vaporizer??? Have you ever seen this engine running-------As-Is???? Do you know any background on past L-P repairs??? Don't be scared of L-P------its very simple once you understand it. I doubt this being a factory set up----do you see any evidence of a factory L-P or gasoline fuel tank??? Sure is a nice looking lift----gotta git it up and running . Have you seen it running in this configuration?? In the meantime------check the vaporizers over closely. Most will have inlet or outlet on the different ports. DD
  13. ????----judging by the elongated hole in this old F-30's drawbar-----musta been at least one that did it's share of pulling. Don't remember ever driving the F- 30 myself-------but they had a good strong reputation here in the Delta. Just snapped the picture of the well worn drawbar this afternoon while reviewing my rust & dust yard. Drawbar looks to his have been rebuilt at least once------evidence of some years of scarcity during WWII. I remember the F-30 coughing a rod out of the side of the block sometime in early 1950's. Still got the rear end and rails. F-20 in background DD
  14. Back down to the speed of tracks--- Don't know if this 1st picture has been posted here or not-----going back to wet spring of 1973: side view of improvised 3 pt hitch on my TD-14. She wuz slow-----but faster than sitting on rubber tired tractor at the shed. 'Ol Mama" would walk along on top of the crust pulling 8 rows of hippers on top of the seep water spots. There were seep water areas across the field that water would be seeping up and into the hipper tracks on the return round. Mainline Ms River in background of both pictures------that's my 3 yr old son Reb riding "shotgun" with me. (we lost Reb a couple of yrs ago) No substitute for tracks when you need them. (FLOTATION + TRACTION) ******* It surprised me that the CAT Challengers (rubber tracks) were never that popular across the Delta area. We see alot of JD rubber tracks------but very few CATs here. Who has the scoop on a comparison???? DD
  15. Professor----- Appreciate the Mike Tyler report-----now I feel like I have sorta 'bout half way met him!!!!! He fits in our "old codger" age range alright-----I will be 79 on the 26th and readily recognize the big 4 hole Roadmaster Buick like ya'll were touring in. Uhhhhhh------seems like I got my first speeding ticket @ age 14 in the folk's big blue Roadmaster. First auto that I had seen with A/C. Don't remember the A/C running but about 3 days at a time. Car itself ran up to high mileage. Well----------somebody needed to loosen it up. Mama didn't drive fast and Daddy didn't drive it that often. DD
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