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  1. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Eric V Bielke--- Interesting article and pictures. I will swipe to my picture files. Thank for posting. ****** Geeee Professor--------it appears that you know alot more about cotton than I do about steam engines. DD
  2. Delta Dirt

    1941 TD 14

    Before pulling or trying to crank------I would recommend slightly cracking the plug on the oil pan----just see if any coolant drains out (even though the coolant has been drained). If it had a cracked head or coolant leaking past the o-ring at bottom of sleeve while running-------you should find some coolant settled out in bottom of oil pan. Steering clutches are not the end of the world--------just labor intensive getting them in and out. Based on current scrap values------it should bring $1500---$1800 for scrap. If the undercarriage is good-------there will always be buyers looking for that. My 1943 TD-14 was running when I parked it under the shed-------but had just been run hot that day and I feel probably has a cracked head. (engine now seized-----and I found coolant in the oil pan------most likely has one piston seized??). Explain your concerns------and make him an offer. Common sense "sometimes" will go along way. Good luck. DD
  3. Delta Dirt

    IH Refrigerator Shipping Crate

    Thanks Bud W.---- I just figured they were manufactured by one of the major appliance manufacturers for IH. Use to see alot of IH window air conditioners also. Fudwayne''s crate looks to be a match of those being unloaded in the picture. Should make for an unusual collectible.👍 DD
  4. Delta Dirt

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    Changing directions a little-------not wanting to hi-Jack Pete's original question. Fill me in a little on the operation of a pellet grill. I presume the feed auger and controlling thermostat are electric???? Never have been around one--------have done alot of smoking/BBQ in the past with conventional charcoal and firewood. Are the pellets slower burning than charcoal?? I have wondered about using pellets behind the charcoal/wood or in lieu of---------maybe maintain more infinite control of my heat??? Hard to fix something that is not broke-------but always looking for a better mousetrap. Thanks DD
  5. Delta Dirt

    IH Refrigerator Shipping Crate

    These refrigerators most likely were sold in the Greenwood, Mississippi area. The man in front---ground level is Jack Johnson. Question: who made the IH refrigerators?? Use to see quite a few around down in these parts. I just recently spotted this picture from a collection of tractor books and magazines passed on to me. DD
  6. Delta Dirt

    Shooting down a drone

    Tanker------thanks for keeping a close eye on MTO for us!!!!😉 ******* I can easily see where problems could arise from improper use. Most likely I would shoot down the drone and then the operator when he came looking for it. But I am 75 and think different from alot of folks. But--------if I was younger, I would definitely have one in my truck for inspecting farmland in my farmland real estate practice. They can be a very useful tool. One piece of "new fangled" technology that I would really enjoy. DD
  7. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Was through Clarksdale, Mississippi today. I rode my wife out to Hopson Plantation to show her the Shack Up Inn. A destination place for tourists come to "experience" the blues while staying in old tenant cabins and converted grain bins. I enjoy some of the blues music------but have "experienced" about all of that life style I need. Fortunately-------today was Sunday and everything was sorta quiet (I dunno-----maybe hung over from last night)?? Anyway------Hopson Plantation was instrumental in the development of the IHC cotton picker. Here are a few pictures snapped there today. This is an early style picker-----must have operated for awhile based on the SMV sign on the rear??? Down in the Delta where I was born---- the crop wuz Cotton and the liquor wuz Corn!!!! Will let the Professor and his squeezebox take it from there. That's about the limit of my music ability!!!!🙄😎 DD
  8. Delta Dirt

    You tube links for dad

    Mader-----sorry to hear the news on your dad. I did recently have a friend that battled a brain tumor for some time. Gerald's communication skills tended to come and go. Funny story. I had stopped by one afternoon to visit. He was stretched out on the couch staring out the window. We weren't sure he even knew who I was. I asked him "if he would read a Playboy magazine if I brought it by for him". No response-------I kept on visiting with his sitter for 10--15 minutes; when out of the blue Gerald responded: "Anson-----I couldn't read that Playboy magazine; but I sure could look at the pictures!!!!" Everybody fell out laughing-----including Gerald. So you are on the right track in finding something for him to watch. Don't ignore him just because he can't talk or be his old self. As with my friend Gerald-------sometimes it takes awhile for them to comprehend. Good luck-----make the best of it. DD
  9. Delta Dirt

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    Impressive workmanship Finney. Looks like you did a good job in thinking the process out. Always enjoy seeing your posts------keep 'em coming.👍 DD
  10. Delta Dirt

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    The young pilot in the video was one of Sam Walton's (Wal-Mart) sons. Somebody had posted this several years ago. Seems like young Walton was killed later in some home built airplane crash?? Also------seems like someone reported the video to have been shot in Lake Village, Arkansas??? Those old Stearman's use to be swarming like flys around here. DD
  11. Delta Dirt

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Still laughing and visualizing this story. Maybe start the story off with Randy giving Marcel flying lessons from a short and rough grass strip. Aircraft would have to be an old and ragged looking Stearman. Open cockpit-----leather flight caps-----Marcel in overalls (no shirt and barefooted)------------with lots of tall trees and low hanging powerlines.😆 ***** As I type this-------I hear a turbine spraying Round-Up on our farm for our farm tenant. DD
  12. Delta Dirt

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    "Marcel and the cropduster"!!!😂😂😁😂🤣😃😃😄🤣😂 You need to produce that one TwoStep. You could use Randy as the cropduster pilot and you play Marcel Ledbetter. Would be an award winning video!!!👍🤣 Will be laughing all day on this one. DD
  13. Delta Dirt

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    We had a 3.7 earthquake late yesterday afternoon. Center was approximately 5 miles NW of Hollandale, Mississippi. (5--6 miles east of me) Hollandale is approximately 20 miles north of Anguilla (one of Randy's old stomping grounds). Latest news from yesterday's quake: "Reportedly"-------a cropduster was working in the area when the quake hit and he felt the tremor in the air!!!!😳 His son told the story to one of the lady teachers this morning-----and she believed it.🤣🤣 Sounds like the son has all of the makings of being a cropduster pilot himself????? It's best to wear your hip boots around those cropdusting pilots.😂😄 DD
  14. Delta Dirt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    More Hollandale, Ms earthquake news: "Reportedly"-------a local crop duster was working yesterday when the quake hit. He states that "he felt the tremor" in the air!!!!😳 My thoughts are he musta been flying pretty low!!!!!🤣 ****** Re: Marilyn "was all shook up" That must be what Jerry Lee Lewis was talking about with "whole lot of shaking going on"!!!!😉🤗 DD
  15. Delta Dirt

    Mississippi River near New Orleans

    Haven't been that way in several yeras-----but it's always been pretty common to see lots of grain barges stacked up in the New Orleans area. New Orleans is a major grain export location. Most grain is off loaded onto the large freighters for overseas shipments. Freighters can navigate the Mississippi as far north as New Orleans. Corps of Engineers keeps a deep channel maintained fof the big ships. Seems like that's 90--100 miles inland from the actual mouth of the Mississippi River near Pilotown. (where a Mississippi River pilot takes over the ship) You should see some ships being loaded also. Like mmi stated------the barges wouldn't fair too well in the big waves on the ocean. There is some barge traffic close to shore in the Gulf across to Mobile and toward Louisiana and Galveston. Going to the west----it moves through the inner coastal waterway channel. DD