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  1. What width swath is he covering?? Impressive------big rig-------huge fields. Presume they are seeding wheat? DD
  2. Ian----that is quite a read on the P-38s. See the 1944 price was $97,000+ (hard to fathom in today's inflated market). And-------they were sold off at $1,200 as surplus at end of the war. Thanks for posting the link. ****** I also have a copy of another friend's dad's log book on his P-51 flights primarily out of Iwo Jima airfield. Some going to Japan right at the end of the war. All interesting. DD
  3. I wasn't always old and cranky. Back in my younger days-------we always had lots of fun at the local country store. Lots of us would stop by and have a couple of beers on the way home. There were two or three that were more serious about having a drink by mid-afternoon and kept their personal bottle under the counter. One was a close friend of mine who liked to start his scotch sipping off about 3:00 PM-------and be back for several more before the afternoon was over. Got to the point that he had to have his scotch by 3:00------would come in the store in a rush to pour one up like clockwork. Temptation was too great---------I just had to Super Glue the top onto his bottle. (letting the storekeeper in on the secret) Sure enough he arrived at 3:00 PM in a rush to pour up his drink. Wrestled with the bottle for about 15 minutes before slamming it down while cussing the bottle maker and would get a cold beer from the beer box and be gone. This went on for 3 or 4 days------even trying to open the bottle with a pair of pliers. (I was getting the play by play from the storekeeper and others were in on the joke by now) Then--------the next day my buddy comes into the store with an ice pick in his hand. Ahhhhhh-------- problem solved. Storekeeper stated that she had never seen a more satisfied look on a man's face as the scotch began to stream out of the bottle and into his glass!!!!🤣😂 That Super Glue is a good product. We don't even have a country store in the community anymore--------times sure change as time passes on. Enjoy your country store or community hang out if you still have one. DD
  4. Following along with Randy's closeup notes of the mechanical aspects of the P-38 (Busy Lizzie)-------if you zoom in close, you will see Richard appears to be wearing cut off sleeves shirt and cut off pants. Looks to be have been hot weather wherever this flight was taking place. And--------looks like he has his left hand on the throttle quadrant------"tickleing those throttles" for position with the other aircraft. Shame to have lost him within approximately 4 months to the end of the war. DD
  5. That articulated WD9 looks to be a well balanced 4 WD tractor. Somebody did a good job putting it together------and probably could have gotten some real field work out of it based on the WD9's time period. Makes the old codger's mind dream. (I will be alright as long as I limit the process to dreaming!!!!🙄🤠) DD
  6. While on the P-38 subject. Here is a picture of one of my good friends that I never met--------1st Lt. Richard (Dick) Wells. Richard was the older brother of my old crop dusting buddy (and B-52 pilot Rod Wells). Richard was killed in April 1945 while flying a volunteer photo reconn flight for General Douglas McArthur in an unarmed B-25. (I was born in 1943) Rod and Richard grew up in Crescent Beach, Florida. Picture was taken somewhere over the south Pacific during WWII. (Rod figured this photo was shot from one of the bomber's turrets???) Delta Dirt Avon Ms 38723
  7. Neat collection Troy. By all accounts I have--------Oliver was ahead of the times with alot of things that later became "run of the mill". Your model 60 was streamlined for those days---------also think Oliver was first with live PTO???? ******** That is an impressive picture of the Ford Tri-Motor with the smoke jumpers out front. I had never realized that it had such a thick (section depth) wing. Looks like it was designed for a heavy load. DD
  8. 🤣-------haven't seen that joke in awhile!! Reminded me of the Silver Dollar Cafe located along Hwy 65 (at Chicot Junction) between Lake Village and Eudora, Arkansas (back in the '60s). They had silver dollars glued to the floor as part of their decor. Pretty good stop-----farmer hangout back in those days. It burned and never was rebuilt. That's down in Ark-La 1086's stomping grounds. Maybe he has a silver dollar souvineer from there??? DD
  9. Big River----------rumbling on South toward the Gulf of Mexico. My wife snapped this photo looking South off Greenville Bridge (Hwy. 82) today. River is approximately 6--8 ft above flood stage (ground level elevation) and approximately 2 miles wide (levee to levee) right here. Fast boiling current-----lots of water. Way this spring has been------we might be looking at some water and sediments from Last Chance Gulch, Montana, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota or maybe even New York????. Sorry-----I don't have any scenic snow covered mountain back drops to show here. (the glittering sediments from Last Chance Gulch is the best I can do today)!!!!😉🤠 ****** I always enjoy the gold mining stories/pictures (from wherever). We have a copy of a diary (1851---1855) made by my great uncle while he and my great grampa were in California during the gold rush. They returned home to Vermont in 1855----rested up and started back to California in 1856 via the overland route when they determined to homestead land in Nebraska. Maybe--------I need to place a filter in the Mississippi and filter out some of those glittering gold nuggets from Last Chance Gulch??😂 DD
  10. I have to vote with Ace-------but, I might be somewhat prejudiced!!!! Delta Dirt is my real estate logo------I pulled the "most fertile on the globe" statement off of a survey dated 1914 of my grampa's land describing the Delta area by an old time surveyor. The quote was just too good to pass up!!! We do have some highly productive alluvial soils here in the Delta-------but some are better than others. Our soils were deposited here by the Mississippi River flooding before establishment of the mainline Levee system. Based on the drainage pattern of the Mississippi River basin-------our Delta soils may have washed in here from as far away as Montana, New York and even a small area of Canada. So thank you boys for sending your Dirt down this way!!!🤠 I am located just south of Greenville on the map. We do have a moderate climate, good soils, and most of all a good underground irrigation water source recharged each season by the Mississippi River. But who's to say where is the best soil-------alot depends on what you want to do with it. Worth noting-------the flatland Delta region encompasses only approximately 25% of the state of Mississippi. Hoping Farmall Fan doesn't take my post as an advertisement!!!!!😏
  11. Great report on Montana Professor------looks like everywhere is scenic and everything is interesting. The pilot who flew between the spires on the cathedral probably took up crop dusting after the war. I have seen several flip a Stearman or Pawnee up on its side and fly between close standing trees . I used to tell the story on my old crop dusting (and former F-86 and B-52 pilot) Rod Wells-------that there were a few who could fly with him. But------most of them wore feathers!!!!!!🤣 Hovering the big helicopter in place (as pictured) always impressed me as much as any other flying. Pictures of the Lady of the Mountains statue is great. Keep em coming. DD
  12. I wore myself out spraying the yard and shop yard this afternoon (actually yesterday now)-------and now can't sleep. Never was a fan of Willie's life style------but always liked his music. Willie is older than Gary and myself-------living proof that drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, women, and long hair must not be detrimental to your health. I checked Google Maps again tonight-------and they do not show a Blue Rock, Montana. We did talk about Blue Rock, Montana years ago here on this thread. Google Maps does show Eddie's Corner and Buttermilk Curve, Montana. Willie also had a song about riding his "Horse called Music" across Montana (don't remember the actual name of the song)-------but me and the famous horse Wrangler both liked it. Since I no longer have ol' Wrangler here at the ranch------I am just riding the horse called Life. Gonna ride that bastxrd until he falls out from under me--------or I just fall out of the saddle!!!! (me, the horse and the saddle are getting somewhat "depreciated"--------good days and bad days)🙄🤠 DD
  13. Stay strong Mader. It's all part of the process of life-------even happens with the trees. The old tree falls over--------the young tree grows big and strong. You are the young tree--------stand tall. (you will become the old tree before you know it-------happened with me (age 76)-----happened with your dad). Take care of your family-----good luck. Keep us posted. DD
  14. I never knew much about Montana before running into this thread years ago. I had heard of "Blue Rock, Montana" in one of Willie Nelson's songs. (Red headed stranger from Blue Rock, Montana). I am thinking "Blue Rock" would make for another scenic Montana picture-------if ya'll happen to pass by it!!!😏 ***** In the meantime-------I am glad to be able to post again. Never could figure out what was wrong-------but could not post or access Board for past several days???? DD
  15. Delta Dirt

    rolling rice

    I remember watching an older family friend do some water leveling back in the '60s up in Bolivar County, Mississippi using a couple of M-F 90 tractors and a small blade. Unbelievable how much dirt they were moving (rolling/floating) with the aid of the water with such a small tractor. Just kept cutting the ridge in shallow water and dumping in deep water. Bigger 4 wheel drives plus laser nowadays probably work much better. The Massey 85 & 90s were popular tractors in the rice fields due to their high clearance. Worth noting--------by all accounts water is the best engineer of all. Water has proven an instrument or mis-calibrated laser wrong before on more than one ocassion!!!😏 Interesting thread going here Ace-------keep filling us in. Last water seeding I saw was back in the days of the Stearman (60s or early 70s???). ***** Wednesday night, we had 4---7" rain across the area-----water was everywhere yesterday. (more predicted today through weekend) It takes 27,154 gallons for an acre/inch. So---- 4" of rain = 108,000+ gallons per acre. Multiply that time the acreage in several states--------its mind boggling as to how much water falls out of one of these big storms!!!! Good luck to everyone in getting their crops in---------it is not a routine year. DD
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