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  1. You're lucky, mine are passing out flyers to people while I'm still alive. We're all that way, I'm not into all the same things dad is but I do enjoying keeping things just because a family member or friend had it and liked it.
  2. I did try about ten years ago. I had a pan, did the leg work but at that time the $16,000 to make the pattern was the killer for me. People want the original and don't want to pay the big bucks it costs to remake something.
  3. When they made him they broke the mold, that's for sure. Then they beat the heck out of the mold makers! I keep sending him bible verses and quotes and I get these horrible things in return.
  4. I got stuck trying to get out. Moved 2 ft forward and started sinking. Bring your mud boots.
  5. If anyone goes be careful of a guy selling ih stuff, he got me to buy two ih push mowers. Just ornaments to hang on the wall, no way I'm going to start push mowing my yard.
  6. I think he's got grumpy old guy syndrome any more. I think he drew a ten mile circle around his house and won't leave that. I'm going to try and find some rain gear before I come out today, I'm so sweet I don't want to melt or deloot down.
  7. I'm staying in St Peter tonight headed there for 50 degrees and chance of rain tomorrow.
  8. I think you need to send that to me for a week, no longer as I couldn't afford any more ammo then that. Looks nice! Just out of curiosity what type of license do you have to have to own one?
  9. Well we let our rainy day projects pile up. We really didn't get enough snow to talk about either.
  10. It quit raining here about a year and half ago. Just a little shot here and there.
  11. There's a second creek that runs into it and it's all farm ground around it. Its about two miles from the Floyd river it dumps into.
  12. It finally happened, my creek has run dry. I've never seen it dry, mom hasn't and she can't remember grandpa every saying it ran dry. I saw a few puddles up stream. Most times it's 12-18 inches of water at the lowest. I can remember as a kid in the late seventys crossing the creek with the 1066 and disc with grandpa getting stuck. That was the last time we crossed it and dad had it dug out to keep it in one spot. I can clearly remember riding with grandpa banging my head on the window of the 1066 black stripe with a year around cab. Hurt like heck but no way was I going to sit in the house.
  13. I think every business owner has that thought run through their head.
  14. I seeded grass around my house and shed so I got the super c out to disc. My sister wanted the horse arena worked up so my son handled that. It's the most I've disked in a long time.
  15. I just saw these listed in a parts flyer, $177. I wish they went a little bigger.
  16. Those look like a use it once and I'm tickled I bought it wrench.
  17. I just wish that was my car now.
  18. The spring works but seems real loose. I'm thinking I'll change him out first.
  19. I just put a used manifold on as the old one the pipe was loose. The heat riser was free and the spring is intact.
  20. Any ideas on making a 656 less cold blooded? It's got electronic ignition in it already. It was 55 today and I had it in a a heated shop, backed out and drove it a 1/4 mile and you still had to play with the choke when I got there.
  21. I'd be collecting the discarded tanks and such.
  22. To bad, he seemed like a very nice man. I enjoyed talking to him at shows.
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