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  1. Looks like you had a good time, that's the most important thing now days.
  2. Are they the correct pots? 16 series and 21- newer are different.
  3. Let me know how you like the crane, I bought one but haven't put it up yet.
  4. Just think when you're a grandparent you can do that or something worse to your daughter as a parent. I remember my grandpa bought my sister and I drums for Christmas one year after my mom told him no, so mom got grandma a house dog. The dog outlasted the drums by many years.
  5. I can't take credit for this one my son took it tonight while driving to the corn field.
  6. The background farms are 3/4 mile away. Don't know why but I like bean harvest pics.
  7. I have to disagree with you, my first 1020 I thought fed alright until I got one with full finger. My auger broke last fall and I used a standard one for the last 20 acres and I remembered really quickly why I liked the full finger heads. If I combine going down hill the beans will ride there without coming in then a bunch goes in. The 1020 still fed better then the old John Deere head I started with.
  8. Now you know where the egg came from.
  9. Proof a man will do anything to prove his theory right.
  10. You beat me to it, I figured someone would ask before that.
  11. Belt buckle for someone without dunlap disease.
  12. No, I just specialize in making things look easy.
  13. I'm adapting a 3020 head to my 2388. I found the head locally very reasonable with a head cart that I didn't need and sold it to have an even cheaper head after my 1020 broke a full finger auger twice. Next I found a used bish adapter and then I ordered a headsight wiring adapter last year. Last week I found a single point hydraulic hook up for the hoses. I got the hoses hooked up and they all worked, even the right direction the first time! I'm taking a long break as that's a first for me not to have to change a hose on something because it's the wrong direction. After the Iowa Iowa state game I might try and calibrate the headsight kit to the combine. So far it's been fairly easy.
  14. Our 1480 didn't have brakes but the 1680 had a 1688 transmission that I think had an extra brake pad on each side always work good. I don't know if it was a fluke or all were that way. When I worked at the dealership the 2188's were introduced and our district guy told us the story of a couple young interns that were moving prototype combines between fields and one was eating a bag of popcorn while driving it down the road when it ran out of fuel. Of course those brakes are good enough to lock up going down the road and there was popcorn all over the cab and the kid was talking 100 mph when he got out of the cab.
  15. Bitty does this mean you're coming out west to a red power not that you'll have all sorts of free time?
  16. That's a neat patch. Someday they'll be all gone.
  17. Good to hear that things sold well.
  18. These two followed me home several years ago from Jeff Foreman at the half century of progress show. I swear he can see I'm a sucker for signs on my forehead somewhere. I needed a night light in the shop so these are perfect.
  19. Wow Lyle, I thought you were older then that. I was thinking your first car had stone wheels, maybe even steam powered.
  20. I missed Don as he snuck out before I got there but talked to Scott for a while.
  21. They somehow followed me home from the tractor show, so I guess I'll find a spot on the wall for them. The battery cable sign I've seen before but not the tune up one.
  22. Dyno and my friend has the fuel pump booth. Not hard to find there isn't many tractor related vendors. More chick stuff all the time. I did get to watch Allen run his tractor tonight and talked to him in the pits. Very nice guy and the tractor looks just as nice up close as it does going down the track.
  23. 5 is when vendors shut down.
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