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  1. Happy birthday to you guys
  2. Yes I do, I was thinking of getting it out tonight, I'll try and get a pic. It doesn't run right when you get after it but it's hard to find someone who knows what they're doing to work on it out my direction. I love it's smooth ride and nice body lines, the ac will freeze you out.
  3. Black is the best color for regals, but then you'd have a grand national. Win win!
  4. I don't know what it is but take a hammer and smash every one of those things so I never see one!
  5. We had a fire on our old 1480 almost twenty years ago. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. You've got to replace it right in peak time when stuff is priced to high.
  6. Not very often I can get invited somewhere, a second time is even less. It was greatly appreciated!
  7. You'll have very interesting stories.
  8. Check your potentiometer on the head to make sure the arm hasn't flipped over opposite of what it should be.
  9. I don't think doing it the first time would have been bad, the second time when someone was around complaining you didn't do it right or the neighbors fence was wrong would be worse.
  10. Dad's running there combine so I have a little break sitting in the grain cart. I can't help but think your family farm has some interesting stories to it. My family farm was purchased by my mom's side from the railroad back in the late 1800's. At that point it was the last stop between Sioux city and Cherokee, when the winter came they left to winter in Sioux City. It was the county seat for a couple years until the railroad missed it and they moved it to LeMars ia. Union troops were stationed here one winter during the civil war. There are a dozen families that settled this area, sadly they're disappearing with time. Let's here other interesting heritage stories
  11. I was on top of my 24,000 bin but the road right there has a 10 ft drop off ditch there
  12. The vin number is what you're really after, everything else can be bought off there internet.
  13. That's the one, mine came apart and sometimes the light stays off but most times it's on. If I'm really lucky the buzzer comes on.
  14. I just ordered an adapter from you so I'm hoping you've got everything I need.
  15. The whole front cover and everything on it, oil pan and rear plate will have v to be changed. Almost same labor to overhaul what you have in my opinion.
  16. Looks nice! I'm going to have to put that museum on my list of things to see for sure.
  17. I read a JD book once and they complained about the 1206 that it landed where they didn't have a good answer for it until the 4320. They didn't have anything good to say about it but it was the same HP then a 5010 and would go higher with a turn of the screw.
  18. Check your final drive couplers, very easy to do.
  19. Maybe I should have started a thread, these are on back order, here's what I used or found to help others out.
  20. It's getting to be a bigger problem then it should be. I've had an oil temp sensor for the quadtrac on order since June. It was supposed to be in there first of Aug. They still can't give me a date yet. Today I called and asked for a water pump style bearing for my 1083 corn head. Parts guy said two guys came in and took the 24 he had on hand. Tried to order it and the computer said back order. Luckily his other store had one for me to grab. I just took one as usually I'm the unlucky one that gets told sorry I'm out the last guy was hording them. How many others are waiting on parts from the dealer. I know it's not just a case ih thing either, all colors are going through this.
  21. Spelling is horribly important, just ask all my teachers that yelled at me for 14 or 15 years, whatever it to to get me out of there. Shop teacher was glad to have me but everyone else escorted me out the door.
  22. My 7250 was doing the same thing, I removed the rubber ring from the coupler and cleaned the crap out of it and they hold fine now.
  23. I called today but your on eastern time so just tech guys were there. I'll call and ask for you.
  24. We had a young punk come into work and grease the back of our wrenches that were hanging in the wall after he was told not to. Out came some Limburger cheese and little plastic viles with wires in them to hang them around. Defrost vents, under the seat, in the hole your seat belt comes out of and one from the rear view mirror for good measure. He traded the pickup cause he couldn't get rid of the smell or figure out exactly who did it.
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