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  1. I have two uncle's that ran 8820's with 12 row heads. They pushed allot of acres through them. They loved them.
  2. You see some companies boast about their numbers when they run the same as everyone else, but the unknowing have to have that brand of pump. When they brag 200 more CC's then the next identical pump you know there's a problem somewhere.
  3. Since I posted this in coffee shop by mistake I'll post it here where it should be. Can you change the PTO input shaft without splitting the ta housing? Is there enough room to slide the bottom gear forward by removing the bolt or can I tap the bearing off the shaft and slide it out? Looks like I get to do the radiator while I'm in here also as the support frame is loose.
  4. It's been at least 25 years since I have done one of these. I'm betting it won't come out without another split, an I correct or can I try and tap the rear bearing of it off to let it come out? Can I slide the bottom gear forward enough to make it come out?
  5. I tried shaving a couple minutes traveling across a field with the dozer. Never again, 6 hours later and many cuss words I'm starting tomorrow where I work would have been at 10:30 this morning. The back end was 6 ft in. It didn't appear to have any water in it before I crossed, it sure did when I was done.
  6. Normally concrete roads heave around here. I have seen one like that. Normally it's hotter then blazes and everyone has gone home for the day. It takes a couple hours to remidy this type of problem, usually both lanes of traffic.
  7. If that's your new guardian angel, I'll follow her around watching out for you also!
  8. All the nails on that road. Magnet gets pulled all the time and it's always got nails on it.
  9. My 806 was that way, when cold out wouldn't turn on. Finally before harvest I changed oil and that looked good so I pulled the PTO and the disks were gone, it was metal on metal. I can't believe it would hold but it did. Very easy to rebuild.
  10. I bought the smaller one first, I liked it so much and my wife works on a gravel road and gets lots of flats so I leave that one in her car and I bought the bigger one. I don't know how I got along without it.
  11. I'm just glad you had your mask on or that would have been really scary!
  12. My grandpa told me the story of when he was very little he and his older brother were riding in the wagon pulled by horses and his parents were picking corn by hand. He said it was cold out and she tossed ear into the wagon and hit him square in the head. He said I cried like **** cause it hurt! Of course she felt horrible and comforted him and started picking again. He said I no sooner got done crying she did it again!
  13. Good to hear you're heading the right direction.
  14. It's this going to be a broke back mountain version of an ad?
  15. That's my experience for acres in belts. I've got a 30 ft head so it's a couple days and then a belt. I keep one on hand now. The shop foreman said make sure you have the extra idler pulley and mine does. A big no-no is cutting 90 degrees to the direction it was planned. My 1020 was 2-3 years on a belt.
  16. I did the same move from a 1020 to a 3020. It's an ok head, worst thing is the scycle belt. I get about 150-100 acres and it breaks. Shop foreman said yeah keep one on hand. $180 a belt is a pain.
  17. I've been keeping track of all my rides and trails with the ride command from Polaris. I like it much better then on my phone. I mark which trails we like and places where friends live. If I had more free time I'd be out there more often.
  18. I'm still exploring, driven over pactol several times. I liked riding around silver city.
  19. Drunk person coming in a house of sleeping people.
  20. I have a 7700 carb, but I'm not letting go of it. I had it on my M, I liked how it didn't hesitate off the line.
  21. You're a day early, don't make me any older then I have to be! I shouldn't worry so much about it, my wife says I'll never grow up. I haven't figured out what she means, I'm sure she'll let me know what it means when she wants to. I spent 3 days and will take off tomorrow for home around noon. I rode some very nice trails around Deerfield lake today. I might schedule that for next time.
  22. Here's what it looks like when your aren't to lazy too walk out just a bit. I think it's Deerfield lake.
  23. I'm too lazy to get out of there side by side all the time!
  24. My wife took this at a cemetery while I was reading the history of it. No photo shop.
  25. I've got another day of riding and then head home. These were out the back door this morning.
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