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  1. It's funny if the dog gets hot by the electric fence he just yips about for for just a couple seconds and I can laugh. When the wife gets an electric fence education she yips about it for years and at no point can I laugh.
  2. The concrete is 8 inches thick all the way back as wide as the door. I did this so I can pull loaded semis in and my d7 cat. I wanted to be able to pull it in under worse case scenario. The square hole is for my overhead crane anchor hole. It's 7x7 square 5 deep if I remember. I had to buy the minimum fee so I just made them bring that much out. The floor drain runs 40ft in the middle of the door.
  3. I'd like to take the humidity out, not ad to it. If I could send the humidity to Pennsylvania directly to MTO's house I'd pay extra just for that. Just the fan in there makes a huge difference.
  4. Officially gave my wife the biggest rock I'll ever give her today. I forgot to have dad weigh it when he picked it up with the side dump but it's all I wanted with the excavator.
  5. I packed the ground with a sheep's foot and ran the loaded scraper around on it. Everyone was complaining about how hard the ground was packed. My plumber showed up with a spade to dig in under my footings to bring water in and my contractor laughed at him and said what are you going to do with that. He said I've dug all the water in for years with this. Contractor said good luck, after a about 6-7 tries with the spade he left and got his mini hoe. When you have your own dirt work equipment I didn't want cracked cement from lack of compaction. I'm not worried about an invasion from MTO as he doesn't b venture that far from home. Probably because his wife wouldn't let him back in the house.
  6. It's whatever you design and it shows up on 3 semi trailers. It comes with a set of plans and everything is numbered. The attic is blown in insulation with plastic sheet and perferated steel for noise. The holy steel was a little more but I don't get any echo so far. Grinding and flopping those I beams around it's quite in there already.
  7. Poke buildings aren't near as tight as this EPS building. I'm not even sure bugs can come through the wall as it's glued all the way around. Rafters are every 4 ft. This is the first one my contractor built and he's impressed by it. I guess they're making houses with this style.
  8. I've got a couple quotes on cooling it. From what I've been told it takes nothing to heat or cool it. I didn't put insulation under the concrete as the engineer that I asked about the concrete and my loads said it wouldn't work. He suggested a heat reflective product under the concrete. It looked like a thick bubble wrap with tinfoil on it. I think it works cause we all got sun burnt working over it laying the in floor heat tubes.
  9. If you guys like pics I have more of what's going on there yet.
  10. It's a trenched footing around the perimeter with insulation. The panels are glued everywhere with nails every six inches around evening. The panels are 8 inches thick and go together like a Lego with 2x4s running upright. That thing is solid, they put bracing up with it but I don't think it would have needed it. I think they killed one first on just the bracing for the overhead door.
  11. Pulled the trigger on a new shed this winter before the big price hikes. It's a 52x80 heated shop with 18 side walls. I'm putting a 28 ft hydraulic door on it. In the last pic I'm building the overhead storage that'll run the length of the shop over my work bench. I'm waiting on the door, electric and how I'm going to pay for it.
  12. You guys are way off, Lenard Skynyrd song would be the first one that comes to mind.
  13. I have several but this is a family site so I'll leave it alone. I've even got a song that'd go with it.
  14. I had a 97 dodge with the nv4500. At 120,000 miles I gave up on the 5 speed and put a 6 speed kit in there from a place in Oklahoma. I had to have a different clutch plate made from hycapacity and never looked back.
  15. I'm curious how you met that many people because I'm sure they were speeding to get away from you after they met you Mark. Were you using that special Cosby iced tea? Maybe just dancing in public again, you know the one where you look like you found a tick somewhere and can feel his buddy trying to find a home also. Enquiring minds want to know so we can avoid the stampedes! You poke the bear long enough he comes out of hibernation for a bit.
  16. Right back at you man. I've been taking pics of what I've been up to. Will share soon.
  17. Now I know the reason why there's more horses rear ends then horses. Mark if you'd come to a show or come to Iowa I'll fill you with good information and all sorts of one liners. You're still an amateur in the one line category buddy, but keep trying some day you'll make it up to the top with me.
  18. Pete1468

    PTO Dyno

    I do have dynos, I'll send you a message.
  19. I still read but after getting covid running it's course, you have a completely different out look on opinions of covid. My parents were in the hospital for over a month between the two of them. So from Thanksgiving to a couple days after Christmas it was trying to get feeling better and take care of parents. Dad was in the hospital for 16 days and 2 days after he got home mom had seizures and was in the hospital until after Christmas. I was the only one to be able to visit her so almost every night was spent at the hospital. Dementia isn't any fun. I did have lasting effects until the end of January or so and dad slowed down some. My dyno business stopped for 3 weeks and my dirt work business stopped for the season about 5 weeks short. As I do dynos by myself most people understood I was sick but I had some that didn't. My dirt work is dad driving my side dump and me running equipment, all of those customers understood. I quit reading most of red power for a while as it was mostly covid stuff that the majority of people writing it didn't have any first hand knowledge of so it was much easier to not comment or talk about it. I don't want a pity party or anything. I do know where I got covid from and he had symptoms, gotten tested the morning before I met him and didn't say anything. So long story short I don't like to mix political views unless face to face it was much easier to disappear.
  20. P355 has a smaller oil cooler, smaller PTO shaft and was 50hp less. Nothing major just an earlier version of a 400.
  21. I carried them way longer then she did! She doesn't appreciate it when I tell her that.
  22. I made these for my wife 11 and 13 years ago, does that quality?
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