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  1. I'll be interested to see if the developers add in an easier mode. I'm a pretty dedicated gamer and even I'm finding the early part of the game a little bit of a slog, trying to do enough jobs to save up some money for some new vehicles! Currently anyone hoping just to jump in and instantly;y get behind the wheel of their favorite rig will be disappointed.
  2. I've only got the Fleetstar so far, and it's got then Inter name above the grille I'm impressed they actually reached out and licensed the various makes of vehicle for the game. Of course, it's a video game so there's going to be a level of disconnect between reality and gameplay, the Fleetstar is a "weak" truck you get right at the start so it's struggling with a flatbed load + one trailer to get up dirt road hills, which feels pretty pathetic! Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people will experience these old rigs in this game, people who'll never sit in a truck seat in the
  3. I know many members here might have no truck (hah) with video games, whether you think they're a waste of time or just not something for your generation. But if your kids or grandkids play playstation, xbox or PC then check out the newly released Snowrunner. I'll let one of the preview trailers do all the talking It's a bloody good time fanging around in old and new gear getting bogged, winching out, customising your trucks in the garage, trying to complete deliveries and contracts in both North America and Russia. The visuals of a fall landscape in Michigan and ve
  4. So 4 years after the first Palethorpe (RIP) auction where I got the 35, and 2 auctions since, the very last bits of gear are being sold by the realtor... Turns out all this time this was sitting up the back paddock! Tony must have used it as a parts machine, and it has the radiator I need! Just need to work out how I'll collect it...
  5. It's going to be left up to my tame mechanic to get into it at some stage, though I don't see it happening any time in the next decade with the list of stuff he's "gonna". With any luck it's simply the water cavities want cleaning out...
  6. Finally got to use this machine at the local big vintage show, and the bloody thing overheated in short order! There really is something not right in the head with it. Hoping we can rip the blade kit off of it and pull the head to find out what's going on sometime in the future...
  7. Just a bit of "a year later" on the first thing I painted, if anyone is interested to see the results. Both grey parts were painted at the same time (on the left it's mostly rusty now) The horizontal bar in the centre was wire brushed back, cured with a paint on rust converter then airbrushed with grey primer. The right hand wheel was sandblasted, though not completely to bare metal, then airbrushed with grey primer. As you can see the cleaner surface and lack of rust underneath means the wheel is still looking relatively beautiful, compared to the left hand even thoug
  8. I think I'm getting a bit clever, I'll tie up a tarp to the front axel and have it under the machine lower towards the rear, creating a catchment sheet. Everything should run down the chassis and off the sump onto the sheet then to the back where I can collect it with a plastic tub. Steam cleaner sounds really good, does it get everything off or do you still degrease?
  9. So I'm degreasing larger and larger parts for my Fordson Major project, how do people degrease large parts? My technique is a squirt bottle filled with degreaser diluted with water, scrubbing, spraying, scrubbing more, spraying, ragging then rinsing. However as the parts get larger how on earth do you do this in a way that catches all the residue so you can dispose of it somewhere environmentally responsibly? So far I've been using a big plastic tub with parts either held or suspended on a saw horse over it, which I then go and tip out the dregs on a firebreak somewhere on the property where n
  10. You could buy mine it's only in Australia Great thread les mais, more photos of the pulled apart engine please!
  11. A few more photos from today on this imgur album https://imgur.com/a/09kHuKW
  12. If that ain't a country song already someone needs to make it one ?Possibly Woody Guthrie style, though he'd use dust instead of rust...
  13. All going well, gaskets made up. Going to give the things a lick of red primer (with my beloved flood penetrol additive), still have to get my steel strips made up. Used some steel putty to block up the old bolt holes, had a small amount left over so I sloppily stuck it onto a broken bolt hole edge. Thing set rock hard and with a bit of filing looks almost the same as the rest of the cast, really impressed with the stuff. Then there's the matter of dragging the tractor up to the shed with shot tires, and it's seized to boot... guess I'll pour some diesel in the bores overnight then
  14. I should have checked this thread before, lots of good ideas! I really liked that one of yours Sam, having the original bolt holes as mere pass-throughs for gripping bolts! I've kicked off with my original, which is to sink twice as many, much smaller nuts into new holes, and fill up/ignore the old holes. Here's an image of the first holes, the bloody tap I managed to break off in an original hole (yeah, check if you're using a starter tap on a bottom-out hole before you start using it....) And finally a lovely, professionally made diagram of the order of th
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