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  1. I'll be interested to see if the developers add in an easier mode. I'm a pretty dedicated gamer and even I'm finding the early part of the game a little bit of a slog, trying to do enough jobs to save up some money for some new vehicles! Currently anyone hoping just to jump in and instantly;y get behind the wheel of their favorite rig will be disappointed.
  2. I've only got the Fleetstar so far, and it's got then Inter name above the grille I'm impressed they actually reached out and licensed the various makes of vehicle for the game. Of course, it's a video game so there's going to be a level of disconnect between reality and gameplay, the Fleetstar is a "weak" truck you get right at the start so it's struggling with a flatbed load + one trailer to get up dirt road hills, which feels pretty pathetic! Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people will experience these old rigs in this game, people who'll never sit in a truck seat in the
  3. I know many members here might have no truck (hah) with video games, whether you think they're a waste of time or just not something for your generation. But if your kids or grandkids play playstation, xbox or PC then check out the newly released Snowrunner. I'll let one of the preview trailers do all the talking It's a bloody good time fanging around in old and new gear getting bogged, winching out, customising your trucks in the garage, trying to complete deliveries and contracts in both North America and Russia. The visuals of a fall landscape in Michigan and ve
  4. So 4 years after the first Palethorpe (RIP) auction where I got the 35, and 2 auctions since, the very last bits of gear are being sold by the realtor... Turns out all this time this was sitting up the back paddock! Tony must have used it as a parts machine, and it has the radiator I need! Just need to work out how I'll collect it...
  5. It's going to be left up to my tame mechanic to get into it at some stage, though I don't see it happening any time in the next decade with the list of stuff he's "gonna". With any luck it's simply the water cavities want cleaning out...
  6. I *finally* got around to scanning my TD35 manual, here it is for any and all vintage enthusiasts to utilise. Down with the photocopy scalpers on ebay! Google drive link Other good sources for manuals are the smokstak forums, which has a dedicated subforum for manuals. And the website ManualsLib seems to have a good many there too.
  7. Finally got to use this machine at the local big vintage show, and the bloody thing overheated in short order! There really is something not right in the head with it. Hoping we can rip the blade kit off of it and pull the head to find out what's going on sometime in the future...
  8. Just a bit of "a year later" on the first thing I painted, if anyone is interested to see the results. Both grey parts were painted at the same time (on the left it's mostly rusty now) The horizontal bar in the centre was wire brushed back, cured with a paint on rust converter then airbrushed with grey primer. The right hand wheel was sandblasted, though not completely to bare metal, then airbrushed with grey primer. As you can see the cleaner surface and lack of rust underneath means the wheel is still looking relatively beautiful, compared to the left hand even thoug
  9. Well said. I think a lot of Americans don't realise, you're the most economically and militarily important nation on the planet. A considerable amount of news time in foreign countries covers the actions of your country, with good reason as it effects all sorts of things all over the world. Which is why your leader is a laughing stock. He runs his mouth via social media without any regard for advisors or diplomacy, which literally causes diplomatic relations (or more importantly stock markets) to change on a whim. I dare say he's done more damage for US relations via his unfiltered twitte
  10. You're quite right, the solution our government has shamefully stood by has been condemned by the UN and all. Nice to see right wingers getting upset by some musings from someone on the other side of the world, though I wouldn't go so extreme as to call you snowflakes or something childish like that 😌 As for THE WALL, just like our country the USA has the biggest "illegals" issue through people coming on planes and staying over their visa terms, by a huge margin. You wouldn't need to slug the taxpayer XX-billion dollars to fund an improvement in security there. But WE N
  11. This thread reminds me of a good story. Been around dairy animals a lot through a family farm, then I started working "up north" where cattle stations the size of small US states blend with mining sites. Had my fair share of getting close to these free roaming brahmin-cross animals whilst I was in a vehicle, but never on foot. One time staying at a mining camp there was a group of animals in the camp, they'd come in to graze the lawns and the gardens. I was walking to dinner and thought I'd move close to this yearling on the footpath and it would hurry along. Big mistake, I got within its pers
  12. Don't be so sour, you're free to join as our 7th state whenever you like bro🀣 Not all yanks are so delicate as that either, considering the Union won. It is nice to see people of various stances discussing the illegals situation with a bit more nuance and tact than "THEY TOOK OUR JERBS SHOOT EM ALL!" but I have to laugh at anyone supporting this wall nonsense. It's very clearly just being used as a wedge issue to distract from other issues. There's no sane reason to construct a literal wall across the US border, as opposed to increasing the level of the current border systems in place no
  13. Luckily I live in a freedomless, gulag covered socialist hellhole so the surgery to fix that will be federally funded by the 3% higher taxes we pay 😝
  14. Eliciting a hard emotional response, shouting down "the others" as traitors and enemies of the people who should be set upon, calling out the nations "debt to fallen soldiers"... You know those are all hallmarks of fascism right? Your president is under investigation for foreign influence, by the dreaded Reds no less. You yanks are crazy 🀣
  15. I think I'm getting a bit clever, I'll tie up a tarp to the front axel and have it under the machine lower towards the rear, creating a catchment sheet. Everything should run down the chassis and off the sump onto the sheet then to the back where I can collect it with a plastic tub. Steam cleaner sounds really good, does it get everything off or do you still degrease?
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