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  1. TD-6 Kioti backhoe project - complete

    Wow that's one way to keep an old machine relevant and useful, great job!
  2. A TD35 in Australia

    Yet another video, how to chain up a dozer blade. Happy to accept feedback and criticism from old timers who know this stuff better than me
  3. A TD35 in Australia

    Here's something nice, a scan of the greasing guide for the TD35. And here is an album with some more random scans of pages, the quality is quite good considering it's not a scanner but an ap on a tablet taking a photo then converting it to black and white etc. Chained up the blade, sadly no sign of a hydraulic pump to go on the PTO yet... but I've not been looking that hard, something will turn up. One of the tracks seems to slew away from the chassis by about 3 inches when its parked up, no doubt to do with the way the weight settles. Doesn't look too good but hopefully no harm comes from it, the tracks seem to slew back to normal when I'm on the move. Trying to get the footwell and seat area scrubbed up to anti-rust it, but there's so much dried grease and dirty and stuff and it's pretty hard going to get a wire wheel amongst it all. There's also about a half inch gap on the axle cover underneath the machine that I'm worried about, on the join just "above" the greasepoint marked 10B on the greasing chart. My tame mechanic says not to worry, just bung loads of grease into it, but I can't help but be worried about the structural integrity of the thing... Perhaps it needs a spacer or something.
  4. Chaining up blades

    I dunno, I would have thought a chain to the face would probably just ignore the goggles and go straight through the skull... Got it chained up allright, finally moved the machine for the first time in 6 months. One of the tracks front ends was warped out away from normal position by about 4 inches which had me worried but as soon as I moved it it settled back to normal.
  5. Guns

    Sad to see the school level, tribalistic name-calling continues but not unexpected. But then again people generally don't start these kinds of threads to discuss the topic, it's just a flag to self champion your chosen Team and degrade anyone not in it. I like how the types who are rabidly anti gun control also seem to be the SUPPORT OUR TROOPS types. You are proud of your civilians serving as military forces... yet also apparently if civilians didn't have access to firearms suddenly "the government" would click its fingers and those very same highly esteemed military forces would turn into goose-stepping civilian-murdering "baddies". So I guess it's "we love our troops, except we trust them about as far as the length of a rifle"
  6. Chaining up blades

    Anyone got general advice for chaining blades into place? I have no pump on my TD35 at the moment, so I'll need to life the dozer blade with tractor forks then use some trucking chains to try to fix the blade into place. I'm guessing I want to chain it to as close to the cylinder anchor point as possible....
  7. Guns

    Thankyou for completely validating my view.
  8. Guns

    You yanks are crazy. The amount of chest thumping, tribalistic, us-vs-them-no-middleground-the-opposition-are-the-worst-people-alive on display around here is... well, it fits the stereotype I guess. Real-world-consequence topics treated like barracking for a sports team "if it isn't my coloured team then it should be shouted at and ridiculed without pause!" Not to mention that as soon as any long time Team A supporter shows an inclination towards having a civil dialogue with Team B or Team C suddenly Team A completely disowns them and screams traitor. This is what happens when people hold ideas and opinions as a hardened part of their self-identity, as opposed to something you can change freely. (I'm not reference this thread in particular, just a foreigner in a mass-shooting-free society looking on in general)
  9. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    I knew a bloke bought an AOS6, for a carton of beer. Took the head off and behold number 1 was broken and had gouged the liner. Couldn't pull the liner out for any love or violence so shrugged and said "we'll weld it up and re-hone it" and he did. It smoked a little bit of oil but ran fine for years until he gave it away.
  10. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    A truckie I worked with was a big Mustang fan. He was buying and importing models from the US for under 30,000 AUD that were selling in aus for over 60,000.
  11. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    What's a few thousand dollars for shipping and customs when it's a 20k to 150k purchase to start with?
  12. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Is the shade of red the same that Inter used all through the years?
  13. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Titan attracted an international buyer...
  14. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    It's a shame it's going, the old boys casket was taken away on it.
  15. TD 40 smokey

    My TD35 runs similar sometimes, I just assume the fuel pump has one lifter being intermittent or needing a good clean out.