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  1. Yes mine only worked on the high side , and if I selected the low side the sentry light would immediately come on . I checked all powers and grounds , added a ground as per the update , verified cab to chassis ground good ( cab is isolated) checked micro switch and wires for proper operation . I had replaced the pressure switches with updated style (no help) I then disconnected the sentry , ohmed out solenoids , and then installed an ohm meter on the switch and while monitoring the switch added 12v to the corresponding solenoid with tractor running in neutral . Confirmed
  2. I did that previously while watching the pressure switches with a volt meter . This was with the sentry hooked up and used a power probe tapped into the wires going from sentry to solenoids , bl/wt and bl/Blk
  3. Any luck using the forum search function located in the top right corner ?
  4. I added power to the wire the module should output power to the solenoid . I wasn't on the power or ground input side to the module . I also believe that depressing the clutch resets the sentry , and I have had this module out overnight in order to perform all of the other testing . I wish it would have fixed it just by removing power .......
  5. Update : I wanted to confirm that the side not working (low side)on my tractor was capable of working , and that the sentry was not adding power to the solenoid , and was properly removing power from the side that was working (high side) when I selected the other . I clamped on a power probe to the blue wire going to the high solenoid , and as expected the sentry added 12v when the high side was selected and removed 12v when the low side was selected . moved power probe tester to the other blue wire that goes to the low side solenoid , showed no power no matter what I did with the le
  6. I wanted to post the factory wiring diagram for the 88 series sentry system . I am pinpoint testing my system to ensure I don't have an issue that isn't the actual module (my sentry light is coming on for the low /odd side gears) I was unable to find a factory schematic online , so I was able to take a picture of the schematic from my local dealer . Just wanted to get this resource up for anyone else looking to check things . this picture is of the early system AFTER dealer updates . The newer system is the same as the one pictured , the early system has a different clutch
  7. Looking to sell a few Tractors from my collection , But I don't see a dedicated for sale Area . are for sale posts allowed here ? any other tips where a good spot to list IH tractors would be ? Thanks in advance
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