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  1. 706 clutch/trans brake

    Finally got it all figured out the clutch disc was bent from trying to put it together with the clutch on the flywheel got a new one and all is good works perfectly. Thanks for all the comments and help.
  2. 706 clutch/trans brake

    Installed new trans brake and adjusted dump valve and nothing changed clutch is still not releasing.
  3. 706 clutch/trans brake

    Ok thanks I tried putting the tractor back together with the clutch on the flywheel but it would not go so I took it off and put it on the shaft and bolted it to the flywheel though the bottom hole. What does the dump valve do? and how should it be set?
  4. 706 clutch/trans brake

    Hey guys. I bought a 706 with a bad clutch a while ago and have finally had time to get it split and a new clutch installed. I have everything reassembled and went to try moving it for the first time and it still would not go into gear properly you can slip into gear and when it is moving you can push the clutch in all the way and it does not stop it slows down a bit but does not stop. So I looked in the bottom cover and everything is moving as it should. So I figured it had to be the trans brake so I took the cover off with the trans brake and there is about and 1/8th inch of pad left on it is this enough? Also there was a good amount of leather in by the drain plug in the same cover from a seal I am thinking? Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    Thanks for the offer If I end up buying a new one it will likely be a Precision Trailer as they seem the best for the best money. I have not heard the best things about Big Tex from the guys I have talked to.
  6. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    Ok that makes sense I found that the tri axles are a good bit cheaper.
  7. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    Thanks guy will look at all brands mentioned. What do you like about a tri axle? Most I have been around are really hard on tires.
  8. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    Thanks for all the replies was looking at used PJs or maybe a new Diamond C or Big Tex. How long of a deck are most of you running? and has anybody had a Big Tex before?
  9. Brake fluid level

    I opened that side and it was dry and clean but the axle seal was toast. Ok will look to see if it is taking air anywhere it started doing this after it sat all winter.
  10. Flat deck gooseneck trailers

    I have been thinking about getting a gooseneck flat deck trailer and was wondering what you guys thought of them would have two 10000IBS axles and the monster ramps. Would be pulling it with a 3/4 ton 24V cummins auto. What brands are the best? Thanks
  11. Brake fluid level

    Hey the brakes were acting up on my Loadstar 1800 tandem the left back would lock up and it took a few pumps to get anything to work so I checked the fluid and it was an inch down from the top of the reservoir is this enough? Thanks
  12. 4 Wheeler won't start

    Is likely a connection issue or the starter brushes are wore out happens every year or two to my Dads 2009 Honda 500 Forman it gets started lots so they wear out fast.
  13. TD-9 Questions

    Yes the Gas/Diesel lever is the one in front of your left knee when sitting on the machine, once it is running on diesel if it has a ignition switch it needs to be shut off as soon as its running on gas and I always shut the gas valve on the fuel bowl off once its running on diesel. The steering clutch's are likely not stuck if the tracks are rolling. I would not try to start it on the diesel side with the starter because it will not start as it is not turning over fast enough I was told the only way to start them on diesel is to pull start them but have never tried this. Thanks for saving another one from the scrap!!!!!
  14. Was wondering what you guys think a running engine out of a 1952 TD9 would be worth? I have one that someone is trying to buy from me so was not sure what I should tell him I want for it. Was thinking somewhere around $750.
  15. 706 with bad clutch is it worth buying?

    Last one.