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  1. a quick update: we put a pressure gauge on the port recommended and found that at rated speed (2200 eng. rpm) the pressure was around 210psi. as soon as we idle the tractor down too about 1800 or less the psi rapidly drops off and continues to do so. with the engine idling and holding the pto lever engaged we have about 60 psi. so from the info given that would mean we will be pulling the pto unit and resealing it. Thanks for the info guys!
  2. Okay thanks for the info we will check it and see where its at.
  3. Hi guys, my dad has a 1486 that we use for baling and pulling the mixer wagon and we are having an issue with the PTO not staying locked in as soon as the RPMs go lower then 1500. We are wondering what would cause this? it has around 7100hrs on it. Any info is greatly appreciated thanks.
  4. I have a spare if you need in my parts machine I can pull it out and send it your way if you need it.
  5. Thanks so much for the replies we will try to remove it with out moving the cab as Sparky says. The line that is leaking is one of the main returns i think it is under the middle of the cab it is a 3/4" rubber line.
  6. So some hoses under the cab on Dads 1086 started leaking really bad and the only way to get at them is to remove the cab. So we are wondering what is involved in removing the cab and how long it would take to remove it. We are hoping someone that has done this before could give us some pointers on the best way to do it. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  7. That is a little bit far away for me. Yes that is to bad.
  8. Thanks for the info. From looking at the pics in those web sites it looks like the oil pump drive gear is in a different spot so it will not work for me. Yes you are right there is no 204 was thinking of something else meant to put 203.
  9. So I am in the process of rebuilding the engine out of my H and I need a cam and a few lifters. I have easy access to a parts engine from a 203 combine. I know that they are both a C153 engine and that the combine has a different head. So was wondering if the cam and lifters would be the same or are they different? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. That sure looks dusty we never have dust when we chop but then here you never see a chopper with out a tow rope on the back and the trucks always get stuck at least once.
  11. Kurt What size are those back tires? and where are you getting them? Thanks
  12. Welcome, If you move this to the construction side you might get more ideas. I did the same thing to my TD-9 to get the front crank pulley off I used a three point puller and no heat and it came but if it is really stuck you might break the pulley. Also the oil pick up is different from the tractor to the dozer, the pan is different to, the back mounting plate is different, the fly wheel is different and the fuel filter mounting bracket is longer to allow for the leavers on the TD-9 and the flipper on the lift side (when sitting in the seat looking forward) is different to allow for different angles of the flipping leavers on a TD-9 can't think what else I did but there might be a few other things. Have fun with it. Still working on mine the block was full of mice nests in the water jacket still getting them out but it runs good.
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