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  1. engine bought seems to be in a very good condition, everything loose and in working order. What now? I am completely unfamiliar with these engines. to start how can i check if there is a spark? I will order a manual, but does anyone know if there is a manual online so I can get started
  2. can anyone tell me the year of manufacture? of this 3pk M with this serial number
  3. Hello, must be a 1.5 / 2.5 hp LA because a 2.5 / 5 hp didn't use the LAA prefix. NOT sunny here, thanks
  4. I may not have asked my question correctly, I am not concerned with the color of the paint, but with the lamp itself, color of the lens or bulb, what version
  5. Hello. is there anyone who can tell me what kind of taillight is original on a 1950 white Farmall cub? only white or a combination of white and red and in which version a combination or with a separate "bullet" lamp What's original on it?
  6. Hello I'm going to look at an IHC model M engine soon. I am not familiar with this type of engine, what are the most important things, what should I definitely pay attention to. before I make an offer. the engine is said to be loose, has compression, is complete and has a spark on the ignitor but does not run please advice.
  7. I have a H1 magneto with a cracked housing will it be possible to use an H4 mageneto main body to rebuild the H1
  8. can anyone tell me how to remove the throttle rod that runs under the cylinder to the butterfly valve
  9. are the LA engines always delivered in gray or later red, or are they also sold in green? or was my engine painted over later by a creative person? can't find another color under the green paint
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