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  1. it's not my machine, ask the question for someone else. it is indeed a 500 model payloader with a bucket and a BD-154 engine search filter numbers preferably renumbered to numbers available now for the entire machine
  2. looking for all filter numbers or replacement numbers for an IH D500 payloader
  3. actually wanted to change as little as possible, use original wiring harness. switch from positive to negative ground. swap the wires on the ammeter swap the 6 for a 12 volt coil. and of course exchange the 6-volt dynamo with separate voltage regulator for a modern 12-volt dynamo with built-in regulator, this fits nicely without any adjustments and put all 6 volt stuff in a box so that I can always go back to original if I want.
  4. very satisfied with the answers received. That's how I make it on the tractor. never thought of all the IH manuals I still have on the bookshelf. after a bit of searching, found hereby the explanation of IH of a 12volt system with an external resistor
  5. it's not a denso alternator, maybe the base, I wanted a small 1 wire system alternator but these are not available. so this one was built especially for me according to my wishes. I measure 3 ohms on the primary side of the ignition coil (between the + and - terminals) does that mean I'm on the right track? or do I still need to do something with an external resistor to protect the contact points?
  6. farmall cub 6 to 12 volt question I am in the process of converting from 6 to 12 volts. want to use a standard 12 volt coil, but will it work with the contact point in my distributor or should it be a coil with an internal resistance. and what exactly is the difference? read a lot of conflicting information online, don't really know what the right approach is.
  7. does anyone know what type of plow this is. for sale as a farmall (cub)plow, seems a bit big for a cub to me.
  8. pictures are of a W4 I think they are all the same.
  9. is just a thought it seems like a forgotten part of history
  10. in war efforts I was referring mainly to equipment specially made for military purposes such as military trucks, weapons, trac-tractors, half-tracks, tanks etc. and an endless amount of semi-products made for other manufacturers. IH has made a huge number of military products but see little of them on the forum again. maybe a separate chapter will encourage people to share their stuff with the rest of the forum members
  11. hello, might it be possible to add an extra chapter? about what IHC has produced and done for the war industry. i know the name is RED power but ihc has also meant a lot to the world in green. especially in the second world war. I don't see much of this on this forum, I think that's a shame. this should certainly not be forgotten how much effort IH, too, has meant for our freedom
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