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  1. Thanks for all the responses. Would my D239 engine bolt up to a 574 back half that was gas? Basically id be using my front half and a gas tractor rear half? My original tractor being a hydro version I realize that i would have to deal with a clutch setup, so also would the clutch setup from a gas tractor fit my D239? Thanks...
  2. What all tractor models have a D239 engine in them? I have a good engine that i would like to drop in a different tractor from a hydro tractor that has a bad hydro.Like to know what all models to search for. Thanks...
  3. Thanks for all the replys. Im hoping it wont be too bad as both tractors look pretty much identical. Is the flywheel thats on my 574 hydro different than one thats used for a gear drive? Anybody know for sure? The gear drive back half that i am buying does not have any clutch componets or flywheel with it. Ill have to come up with these parts.Any suggestions o the clutch?
  4. Anybody else have any thoughts on my original post?
  5. I have purchased the back half of a Manual 574 IH to replace my non working hydro back half of my 574. Anybody done this before? What issues will I run into? Diesel if it matters. Everything looks about the same except for some steel lines exiting near the seat area. Ill need a clutch as there is not one included with the back half that i bought. Is the hydro back half worth any money to speak of? Thanks..
  6. Thanks that would be helpful as I don’t know how to do it. Is there anything in the directional control valve that might be causing my problems? That seems to be where the noise and vibration is coming from.
  7. OK heres an update: I did what was suggested and capped the fitting off the drive control and everything is still the same. So I reconnected the line and took off the fitting on the bottom of the foot and inch valve , started the tractor and as expected no fluid came out until the pedal was pushed all the way down. With the pedal down and fluid flowing I could put my finger over the fitting and stop the flow easily, Is this normal? What kind of pressure should I have there? Thanks for the help...
  8. Been out of town for ten days. Ill do what was suggested and report back. Thanks for the replies...
  9. So I guess there’s no easy way to get to them?
  10. Ive read something about that test block but don't know where to get one. Is there anything in that drive control valve that I might find that was obviously defective if I took it apart? That steel line {green arrow in photo} that goes from the drive control valve to the foot & inch valve definitely vibrates and buzzes loud and I was just assuming it was some kind of relief valve.
  11. The tractor moves both directions until it comes under a slight load such as a hill. Then its obvious that a relief valve or something else is opening up and diverting the pressure.
  12. Well I can get gauges from somewhere. When I get them where do I hook them to and what pressures should I look for? Please be specific as I don’t have a clue as to how to do this. Im pretty mechanically inclined just never did this before. Is there any procedures that I need to follow to do this correctly? I have a manual but it’s pretty vague about this. Is there something in the drive control valve that could be releasing pressure when the tractor meets a little resistance such as going up a hill? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the replies. Just really want to know what I need to do to get to the relief valves.
  14. Any ideas why the marked steel in the photo would vibrate and buzz really loud? Could something in that valve body that that line is attached to be causing my problems? Are there any relief valves or any thing else in there that could be opening up and causing my issues? The noise and vibrating seems to be coming from that general area.
  15. Foot and inch valve seems to work fine. Check it for what? How do I check it? Thanks
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