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  1. It passed that test so I pulled the horn button and it was a little cruddy where the metal cup and the steering collum meet so I cleaned them up and it would kind of work. Under the horn button are 3 metal tabs, I tweeked them up just a bit and now the horn works as it should. Getting close to my first road test! Thanks for the reply!!
  2. I now have turn signals on all 4 corners but it took 4 new lights! The horn is still an issue however. I have power to the relay and if I jump the relay the horn will sound. Pushing the button makes no noise.
  3. One more question. How does the horn button come off?? Horn is not working.
  4. I interested in an exhaust manifold for this truck. The engine is a BG 265.
  5. Also checked the parking brake as it did not work and found this. The shoes are not great but there and only 2 of the 4 springs are there but sitting in the bottom of the drum. I spent a little time internet searching for these but have not yet located new ones.
  6. Not that I have found yet but the is a pipe plug on the end near the bottom.
  7. I am finally getting some time to get this truck ready for a road trip. It came with no tail lights so I got some and mounted them and now have tail lights and turn signals on the rear. Now it is on to the brake lights and there seems to be no switch on the brake peddle but there is a switch in the brake line under the cab going to the rear wheels. Is this what I need to work on to get brake lights to work?? This truck is a former forest service truck used as a water truck. The tank and wiring were removed by the previous owner so I am guessing a bit with the wiring. Thanks
  8. I wonder if they use this fee structure along with a gas tax to help maintain great roads? The unloaded weight might work in your favor.
  9. This little paragraph says collector plates will not work for me on this truck. Except for the four former military vehicles listed above, truck type vehicles with Collector plates cannot haul materials weighing more than 500 pounds, not including the weight of a camper, lid, or cap that is mounted on the truck, the weight of a trailer or load drawn by the truck. https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/vehicles/title-plates/collector-plates.aspx
  10. Line set ticket says FA 58 front axle 6.16
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