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  1. CIH LBX332 = New Holland BB940. It’s very possible the next newer models (NH BB940A and the CIH LB333) use many of the same parts. The model preceding the BB940 would be the BB590; not sure how much there is in common between those. I don’t think there is a CIH equivalent of the BB590.
  2. Care to elaborate? That is a New Holland baler with CIH decals; I’ve been keeping an older NH big square baler going that is infested with NLA parts.
  3. Will the tractor free roll (speed up if you don’t use the brakes) down hill?
  4. I would give Rowse a call. They are good about supporting customers directly.
  5. Yea I think Jenkins said that detonation did no favors to thin top lands. That was also ’70’s tech too. 😏
  6. The top land on those BBC pistons raised my eyebrows a little. That is supposed to be a high performance engine? The top ring land is wide enough to last 20,000 hours in a diesel engine. I am not an engine builder but I have most of The Chevrolet Racing Engine by Bill Jenkins memorized, and one of his piston prep rules was to try to get the top ring as close to the piston deck as was practical. The idea being to reduce the lag of chamber pressure acting on the top ring to improve the the seal of the ring to the wall. That was with the SBC, maybe the valve clearance requirements on the BBC makes high ring placement impossible.
  7. I think B and D is pretty much the same profile as Circle C rollers. I helped install a set of Circle C recovered rollers in a NH 479 mower conditioner some years ago. They are a somewhat more effective than the OEM NH rubber chevron but can’t touch the Massey Twin Max conditioner. And yes, if you are dealing with alfalfa, good conditioning is critical for dry hay. Might as well just forget about making dry alfalfa in all but the driest climates without a conditioner. Silage is a different matter.
  8. I do have a fuel pressure gauge that I could use to check the rail pressure. What should it be?
  9. More than I would like. Typical neglected Detroit. The fuel system on this engine has 2 factory filters, one between the tank and pump (primary), and one between the pump and the injectors (secondary). I have had chronic problems with the primary filter loading up with rust from the fuel tank, but the last time I replaced the primary filter, the misfire didn’t go completely away. I ran the crane today and it runs good most of the time. Had to prime the fuel system by hooking up a 12V diaphragm pump to the alternate outlet of the secondary filter though.
  10. I have never hear my brother complain about rocks. It’s not a high risk around here but not nonexistent either. The NH rubber chevon conditioner was apt to spit rocks back out the front of the machine with potentially interesting results. Same thing would happen with corn ears.
  11. No significant external fuel leaks that I can see, no fuel in the oil either. The fuel lines are suspect though as some of the rubber lines and all of the remaining steel lines are original. I have noticed in recent uses that the engine will misfire intermittently like it is passing some air bubbles through the fuel rail. I am assuming that the unit injectors have a poppet in them like any other injector. If a poppet seat is leaking will that allow the system to drain back also?
  12. @AngrySailor Detroit 53 question for you. Is there a check valve in the fuel system somewhere? I have a 4-53 in a Gallon crane that seems to have the fuel system drain back when it sits. Real pain to start that way. Fuel tank is below the engine. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Far as I know NH is mostly rubber chevron. I know they have steel but not common at all as far as I know. The hard core alfalfa guys out west rank the conditioners as Massey and Deere about the same and the best (depends on which Deere version), NH behind them somewhat and MacDon doesn’t even get mentioned.
  14. My brother went from a NH HW325 (14’ sickle head) to a Massey WR9770. He says the tractor unit is much nicer to operate. I have found that the Twin Max conditioner that Massey has is more effective than NH's popular rubber chevron. Before the HW325, my brother owned 2 HW320s and a 2550. Each step newer was a step dumber. Maybe NH has improved, we don’t care. The Massey does what we want.
  15. I’m not so thrilled with NH mowers in general but you will very hugely like the switch to a self propelled mower.
  16. I buy my round baler replacement PTO shafts from discbinedr, always been treated good. He went out of the way last fall to find something I could use (exact replacement was unavailable for ??? time) and saved some money in the process.
  17. If it will pull normally in forward, the power shift is fine.
  18. Lawn has been dormant for more than a month here. Crops still look good except for alfalfa which has been showing the lack of subsoil moisture since first cutting already.
  19. Excellent. They will get alfalfa dry about a day quicker than the NH rubber rolls could here. And that was with the NH rubber rolls set so they were in fact crusher rolls, basically shimmed so they were touching, which is what NH says you shouldn’t do, but it works. The Twin Max can turn alfalfa to mush if set too tight. If I had to go back to trying to make dry alfalfa behind NH rubber rolls I would quit. Period.
  20. B & D Rollers in MN. Circle C in OR. We used to have NH mowers with the rubber chevron conditioners. They worked. The Massey Twin Max that replaced them is much better. Two pairs of steel on steel rollers.
  21. Wet grass could conquer my dad’s ‘85 2wd F250. Every time.
  22. There are various sources. I watch them via Youtube.
  23. Would you know what flight number that incident was? I like watching air craft crash investigations and I don’t recall seeing that one.
  24. One of the more sought after items that fell out of the sky were the broken pieces of turbine from the engine that failed on Flight 232. Plane was at cruising altitude when it let go, and at least some of the failed turbine pieces exited the plane altogether and fell to the ground. There were widely advertised notices about these pieces in the area where the failure occurred, as investigators really wanted to find the failed part and find out why it failed. Incident occurred in the summer, it wasn’t until corn harvest that the last large part of the turbine was found, by a lady running a combine. The turbine fragment got hung up on a snout of the head.
  25. https://www.bergmanmfg.com/info.html They work awesome. Neighbor uses these to pull paired 650 bushel wagons to town behind an 8X20 Deere. They do get out and plug in lights and put the lock pin in the hitch latch.
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