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  1. I’ve got 16.9R-28s also. I would love to switch the tractor over to 18.4r-30s and 20.8r-42 like my MX150 has--that thing rides like a cloud. Not likely to happen though, too many $$. Do you have any idea how much weight you are putting on the front axle of your MX170? I am fairly certain part of my problem is overloading. I can get the back end light pretty easy (no ballast at all), the L750 loader has a lot of reach which doesn’t do the front end any favors. I handle two big rounds at a time quite a bit, also loading manure gets pretty heavy.
  2. I wondered about BKTs. One local tire guy did recommend them. How many hours can you get out of them? Do they fail or wear down? I’ve got something like 2500 hours on the fronts of my MX170, lugs are probably at least 60% yet but there is cracking everywhere, and one tire for sure has the bead separating from the sidewall. Mitas tires, on the tractor when I bought it. The big advantage I see of Firestone FWD tires is the close lug spacing, that should reduce carcass flexing.
  3. 1500 actually sounds somewhat reasonable, for what you are getting. I have to replace the fronts on my MX170 (loader tractor). The old ones have been giving trouble for a couple years now, carcasses are failing from the overloading. I was advised to install Firestone FWD tires on it, best price I could find was 936 each. Ugh.
  4. “Worshipping the porcelain throne” some wag once said. Take it easy, hang in there!
  5. Technically, all of the IVT/CVT tractors are hydrostatic drive. The hydro is not transferring all of the engine power to the wheels like it does on a true hydro drive like say an IH 186, but it make the infinite variability of speed possible.
  6. The dissection incident reminds me of something that happened at our dairy when I was college age yet. A student I knew, a ranch boy from Montana, was riding along with the local vet. By chance they got called out to fix a DA at our dairy. When the vet started cutting the student passed out and fell back into the nearest water fountain.
  7. I don't think its the higher speed. One of my NA MXs is 25 mph and has no cracking. Yes they do all come from Doncaster. The Euro exhaust stack is different from the NA and might be a little heavier as it has heat shielding that the NA doesn't have or need. Might depend on the type of tires and the vibration they generate also.
  8. The Euro MXs have cracking problems with that elbow too. Haven't seen it on my NA MXs.
  9. Just when I think I've seen it all -- a zip line for hay. Makes stacking small squares on a wagon behind the baler look like slothfulness.
  10. Just curious why you prefer to scrape with a tractor? This area you will usually find a skid steer on that job. We have no choice but skid steer because of the barn layout.
  11. Is that a drag hose feeding a dribble or broadcast bar?
  12. Crap! Hope the the 170 is okay. My brother scored several cylinders in his 5140 this spring from running hot. I think it was from air trapped in the block after a radiator r & r.
  13. Ya, we tried mattresses in a short row of stall for maybe 10 years or so. Almost impossible to keep them cow friendly. I think at least half of the free stall barns around here are sand bedded, for sure of the smaller dairies.
  14. I think the 420 (56hp, 1750 rated lift, roughly 6000#) is closer in size to a 40XT? Just dreaming but I would like to own a 90XT. Would fit nice between my 1835B and MX170. But I would be smarter to get a compact wheel loader instead of a large skid steer. Embedded tires have come and gone in these parts as far as I know.
  15. Dairy stalls . . . never ending source of work. The 150/170 share an mfd axle and it is heavier than the 135. The 100/110/120 also share an axle. What model Case skid steer is that? We have a 420. Its kind of in limbo now, as brother bought a CAT 226D to replace it, mainly to get 2 speed and a cab. The 420 was a good machine for the most part, just kind of back heavy and had some head gasket issues early on.
  16. Glad you found out your little girl's problem! Familiar scene with your 170 front. Just got my 170 back together last night after replacing the left front swivel and planetary assembly, and putting new bearings/seals/bushing in the right side. Had the same problem you have with the lower kingpin bearings spun in the axle housing. Installed new ones with Loctite 620 (680 would be better) and hoped for the best. IMO those axles aren't heavy enough for heavy loader use. They are rated for 15,000 lbs rolling. My loader has enough breakout force to get the back end dangerously light with out extra weight. That would put way over 15,000 on the front axle.
  17. Troy Farmer, your dad reminds me of my dad. About the same age too. If you want some pics of a stall plow, we have one. Made from a regular IH plow share. We began using a stall groomer that uses 3 field cultivator shanks and sweeps. It looks like the plow will get minimal use from now on as the cultivator is aggressive enough to pretty much eliminate the need to plow.
  18. Hope the young one is on the mend. Had a nephew sick once when he was 3 or so, intestinal problem. Turned out he had amoebic dysentery, presumably contracted by drinking water from a puddle on the yard.
  19. U-C, interesting system in the video you posted. In 2010, when my bride and I where returning from our honeymoon, we saw stacks of loose hay, out in the field in Nebraska. Would have been NE Nebraska, not so far SW of Yankton.
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