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  1. Tell me about an MX190

    Regarding the 18 speed trans, I had a New Holland TM120 that had an 18 speed power shift. Lighter transmission obviously but the same characteristics as the old Magnum trans, rougher shift between 6-7 and 12-13.
  2. Tell me about an MX190

    I think the last year for the MXM was 2007.
  3. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    No kidding. At least he didn’t have to retrieve it with a Scaterpillar.
  4. Need Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    The engine will run well, except maybe won’t quite make full power, with a dead lift pump. The problem is the injection pump is harmed by the lack of fuel pressure, and eventually fails.
  5. Need Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Good chance the VP44 is failing. Ditto what CIHTECH said about a fuel pressure gauge plumbed right at the injection pump inlet, only I have seen 5 psi is the minimum. Those pumps NEED to have one, or they will get die way prematurely when the lift pump fails or gets weak. The lift pump is electric for those who don’t know. The fuel pump does not run when the key is in the on position but the engine is not running. The pump will run for a limited time if the starter is “bumped” and the key is left in the run position. Since its an ’01 it will show codes in the odo window, early models won’t.
  6. New member has question in the front row

    Now you made me drool. I would like to have a 1256 with a Hinson cab to go with my 856. The 12 would get stalk chopping duty in the fall. One can always dream . . . *sigh*
  7. Fireman`s Rule

    I’m not sure I like where this could go. I was taught in gun safety that there is no such thing as an accident. Someone somewhere did something wrong/negligent. So where do you draw the line?
  8. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    The New Holland 195 isn’t very good at keeping the gate tight shut with slop either. For some reason the engineers didn’t position the cylinders such as to hold the gate tight shut, which allowed the gate to float up an inch or so. Dumb.
  9. Can you explain this a little more? Were they trying to foreclose you so they could mop up red ink on other deals that they lost money on? I have heard of that in the 80s, pull the loans on a solvent operation so they could make up what they lost on an insolvent operation.
  10. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Not impressed with the New Holland TM120 that I had for 3 years. Nice enough to operate, but was a couple steps back from the MX Maxxums I was used to. Used way too much fuel and was under performing at that. My dad had a 706 gas that was a dud. Good power, but couldn’t keep the engine together. One overhaul only lasted 700 hrs. He traded it on a new Case 1835B skid steer that was definitely a best buy. Story has it when the sales guy came to look at the 706 that the dipstick blew out when he jerked the throttle open.
  11. Guns

    We are having bad things happen when kooks get their hands on weapons. We can get rid of the weapons, or get rid of the kooks, and the problem is solved. The trouble of course is we can never be sure we are rid of either one. It used to be we had the weapons but not the kooks and did not have the tragedies we do now.
  12. Guns

    How many people heard about this?? The media is awful quite about it. We have a culture problem in this country, guns are only a part of it.
  13. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    I don’t mess with gassers as much as I used to. From the mists of the past, if the plug was fouled from oil consumption I cleaned ‘em out and ran ‘em some more; rinse and repeat. On the other hand, I quickly learned that fouling that resulted from a rich fuel mixture would never respond to cleaning. They got chucked and replaced. It’s worth noting that certain plug brands work better in certain applications. NGK makes good plugs, but they will not work in my Honda 200 ATVs. The right heat range matters too. Used to have a Case W10B with the 377 gas. Fouled plugs regularly with Autolite 386s, went to 388s and never touched them again.
  14. mx 110 intermittent hydraulic or electrical fault

    Check the PTO/Trans controller for fault codes.
  15. Couple local roads

    Here is my latest snow toy. Works well on my 1/4 mile driveway.
  16. Case maxxum 5150

    Just evidence of how poorly configured the 3 point controls were on the 51/52 series Maxxums, the MX Maxxums didn’t use any of the 5000 series controls. Everything came from the boxcar Magnums, even though the MX Maxxum tractor was still very much the same as the 5000s except for cab and sheet metal.
  17. Case maxxum 5150

    I second finding an Operator’s Manual. The 3 point controls on those tractors are confusing on a good day. I’ve been around them for 20 years and can’t explain how they work. For the North America folks that weren’t aware, the 5150 is the same as our 5250.
  18. Shifting Gears Questions

    I never had an problem with the IH transmissions popping out of gear, except maybe on my junkyard fugitive 856 which exhibits every IH vice known to mankind. In my opinion the best way to shift the unsynchronized 06-86 gear box is to treat it the same as a truck trans--use the clutch as little as possible, or double clutch it. Use the TA also on upshifts, the gear speeds match up quicker.
  19. Gear oil question

    MFD should not make a difference, except that the 25mph gearing was only a factory option with the MFDs--a Euroland braking regulation thing. I wonder if the speedometer calibration is off on your tractor?
  20. 7130 vs 7120?

    You can easy use up a 7140 on an FP230. We ran a 7140 on both a 900 and an FP240. Good match. FP230 is the same cutterhead as a 900.
  21. Gear oil question

    34” rear rims? All the 2wd Maxxums I’m around will run around 19 on the road. 2 are 18.4-38s, one is 14.9-46.
  22. Gear oil question

    If you have the 20 mph geared tractor you probably won’t get the heat build up I was seeing any way. Both my MFDs are 25 mph.
  23. Gear oil question

    I have two MX Maxxums with MFD (Carraro axles). Rebuilt the finals on both last year. Put the specified 85-140 in. Was concerned about how hot the hubs ran after that. I don’t use my MFDs very hard, and do a lot of roading. When I drained the planetarys at the end of the summer I used 80-90 instead. The hubs run cooler now. The later CNH stuff and quite a bit of Deere’s tractors are running hydraulic oil in the MFD axle.
  24. International Harvester by Fiat...

    Speaking of brand name recognition, Fiat will forever to me stand for Fix It Again Tomorrow, after having seen that blurb years ago before the CNH merger.
  25. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    About full time MFD . . . my brother has an MFD 7140, they did not have the auto MFD shut off. Forgetting to turn off the MFD before turning around doing tillage at 7 mph will get your attention real quick, especially if there is a transmission line pole in your turn radius.