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  1. I can believe that. Back in the day I did a fair bit of baling in HI 2, although HI 1 was more frequently used. Raking I use mostly HI 3. This with the 4 speed.
  2. Update. As of today it seems our little boy is holding his own. It is possible that in some ways he is in better shape than he was 24 hrs ago but that is hard to tell. We are thankful things are holding steady. We try not to look at the obstacles that remain. The little girl I referred to above (had the same E. Coli bug our guy got) might get to leave the hospital this week. She has been there for a month. I hope they get to go home soon!
  3. You got that right . . . these modern cabs are so tight and have enough glass they turn into oven right quick with no AC. Open ta door you say. That is ok unless you need to hear a round baler monitor beep to stop the tractor . . . and you don’t hear it over the engine noise when the door is open. 🤨
  4. Having been there and done that I don’t think there is any engine that can produce a crackle that can carry for miles like that D360. It is awful. Makes a straight pipe 2 stroke Detroit sound almost pleasant.
  5. Last night proved to be a rough night. Our little guy just got plumb wore out and couldn’t keep breathing on his own, so the doctors intubated him. He is now sedated and breathing by machine. Very scary for us but this may be better on the long run for him. Thank you all for your concern!
  6. Thank you for your support! I need to be unselfish and mention that there is another child from our area in the same hospital with the same problem and they are still struggling with it also. That child also needs our prayers. Today that child turned 4 years old. Not all all how those parents thought they would be celebrating a 4th birthday.
  7. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Seems like we haven’t gotten to a point of real recovery yet. Hemolytic uremic syndrome can be an awful foe to deal with.
  8. My brother’s 766. My dad bought it in the 80’s from a bankrupt neighbor. Got 13 or 14 thousand hours on it. Real welcome replacement for a gas 706. Did a lot of everything over the years but close to 2/3 of the hours were rung up on the TMR wagon. Now it is the rake and odd job tractor. Here it is doing standby fire control duty for me last fall during baling. Fortunately we didn’t need it. Fast hitch. Came factory with 34s on the rear; switched to 38s some years ago.
  9. No putting Covid 19 back in Pandora’s Box. Too late. Much too late. If our goal is to eliminate Covid then we may as well add the seasonal influenzas to the list as well. Besides, this smacks of fear mongering and I have had enough of that! At this point I trust nothing that the government/CDC/Fauci/Whoever official have to say about Covid 19 Absolutely didn’t come from the lab in Wuhan -- now looks like that is likely a lie. Masks will limit Covid spread -- shown to be a lie. Vaccine will protect against variants of Covid -- looks like another lie. So when am I supposed to start believing these jokers??
  10. I WILL NOT use a K&N or any other such type filter. I used to have a pair of them on my go kart which has a sled engine on it. The filters sat on a pair of 90 rubber elbows, one per carb. Between oil from the filters and oil from the 2 stroke mix getting blown back out of the carbs by reversion, there was a coating of oil on the inside of those 90* elbows. On the oil was a coating of dust. An oiled pleated cotton filter like that does not stop all the dirt.
  11. Here is what makes me scratch my head. Let’s use yellow fever for an example. When Memphis TN had an outbreak of YF in 1873, a stunning 60 some percent of the whites who contracted it died. And that was across the age spectrum. Now look at Covid 19 which kills less than 1% of the people who contract it, and then often older people with health problems. I have personally heard very little for long term effects of Covid 19 survivors. So why is the government et al begging, bribing, cajoling, threatening and what ever else they can think of to get people to take this vaccine?? And, like it or not, it IS a new technology; since Covid isn’t very frequently fatal and often without long term side effects (as far as we know), it seems to me like it is not a stretch to suspect that the cure possibly could be worse than the ill. I hope some good comes of this new vaccine technology, but I prefer to err on the side of caution.
  12. Picture of a smoke map. From satellite I assume. Saw it yesterday.
  13. Video with a variety of nice heavy fully mounted plows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60vNKbriqyU
  14. Yes. I have a 4 bottom setting here for garden use. Pull it with my 856. Semi mounted is nicer in the field put a royal pain for garden use in a tight space. Huh. You should see what the Europeans have hanging way out there . . . 5-6-7 bottoms and then rollovers to boot. Fully mounted. A moment of silence please for the 3 point components.
  15. Mine were vibrating pretty noticeably . . . especially the MX170, worst was around 1400 rpm. Been getting worse for long time. Good thing you mentioned the balancer . . . that might be a suspect on the MX135 if the vibe doesn’t go away with a new dampener . . . somehow that tractor seemed to have a different characteristic to the vibration -- and it came on rather abruptly.
  16. Welding really thin stuff is where either a 120V wire welder with flux core or a MIG with .025 wire is handy. Years ago I cut and rewelded Aaen pipes for a sled engine . . . talk about pop can thin . . .
  17. I was gonna say, doesnt look like a gross weight problem. More likely a weight distribution or brakes problem. Chain and binder on the back of the crawler are loose yet but the trailer ramps are up. My guess is they didn’t have enough quite enough weight on the truck and it started sliding. Reminds me of when I loaded my MX170 on a trailer in CT. I had blocks in front of all the trailer wheels so the trailer wouldn’t push the pickup away.
  18. If you didn’t know this already, your friendly John Deere dealer will probably be able to help you out there as Deere and Co. has been in bed with Kemper for a while.
  19. Hopefully that cures your problem. I’ve got the coupler out of my MX135 and MX170 at the moment. Dampener was getting loose in both. No rattle in either of them, just vibration. Both had the old style dampener in and I am going to reinstall the new style. The MX170 flywheel will need to be machined to accept it but the MX135 already has the flywheel that is compatible. These are the second and third MX Maxxum couplings I’ve done and on all of them the dampeners were worn and loose but the U joints were reasonably intact yet. Usually, upon close inspection, I can find at least the beginning of brinelling on a couple of the cross legs. I get the dampeners from Ag Parts and the U joints from the auto parts store. I try to get the Spicer U joints, although this time they gave me a set of MOOG joints and they look good too.
  20. Very good to hear of improvement from MinnesotaFarmall and searcyfarms! God still gives blessings we don’t deserve. @searcyfarms Our little guy is holding his own. Yesterday didn’t feel like progress really, as he was more miserable than he had been on Tuesday. But the medical staff seems to be pleased with how things are going. Really hurts to watch these little children suffer from this.
  21. LOL. Slight correction. Your utility ENDS here.
  22. I have discovered that with just a mini excavator, given enough time, I can unerringly find every buried utility in the vicinity of which I am working. I have long ago decided not to pursue a career in dirt work . . .
  23. 95-98% of new cases/death are unvaccinated . . . Ya. Awesome. The number cases is hardly a blip on the radar to begin with anymore. And yet there is talk of “masking up”. Idiots. I think they about got this pole beat into the ground . . . with their foreheads.
  24. Ya it’s hot. Was a one shirt day ‘cuz it wasn’t worth changing shirts; they’d be drenched right away anyway.
  25. Interesting. That spike beginning in Dec has exactly the same proportions as the spike that occurred in Iowa, only about a month later than it occurred in IA . . .
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