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  1. Here in NZ we used to do this till about 15/20 years ago. Then we switched to stainless steel sleeves and they improved the wheel cylinder performance over and above the Brass ones. Nothing wrong with the brass ones - a heck of a lot better than the cast iron bores but there is a ferris/non ferris reaction with the brass sleeves in the iron casting. I resleeved my 1973 Dodge D100 Adventure this way and 10 years later they are performing better then new - I can park the pickup up for 2 years - pump the brakes - start the ole girl and just keep on trucking - cast iron bore wheel cylinders will of rusted the bores through the water absorbed by the hydraulic fluid (its known to be hydroscopic) - hence why many manufactures used to recommend you flush the hydraulic system on a regular basis.
  2. I don't envy your task Mike. Of course we've watched the results of the delugeds down your way. Bloody shame some besuracraits can't understand Mother Nature however what else can we expect from penpushers in a concrete jungle being dominated by ideologies in Govt
  3. I have a 1981 585 Doncaster that I bought as it was still a genuine IH tractor before the Case IH period. All I know is the 85 series straddled both eras and there were some panel differences in the latter years. No doubt there may have been some mechanical updates but they remained pretty much the same
  4. I can only echo everyone's thoughts and condolences. My deepest respect to your Mum.
  5. Same here in NZ. They called it badge engineering. It allowed new vehicle importers to bring more vehicles in that way during a time when we had tight import restrictions. S0 10 dodges, 10 Desoto and 10 fargo's was better than just 10 Dodges. Same panels different badge, different engine size ( same family of engines tho) and maybe different upholstery and voila you had a different vehicle.
  6. Mike I spend working hours in transporting structural steel. The b......t we have to tolerate going onto construction sites must add at least 50% costs to the final invoice. When my trucks are on the road there is one rule, drive 50 meters onto a site and all the weird crap comes out. So I can drive 99% of the way to a job but the last 1% of the journey is a totally different scenario. And like you I let people know and there are times I dont get to speak to our clients cause they fear my backlash to the stupidity. Oh well maybe I can go farming full time and just talk to the cows and the birds and the trees. At least they dont respond with more stupidity
  7. Mike - the top one is a AB160 owned by L G Price over in Blenheim. I've stood by and admired this vehicle at Crankup Edendale several times. It's a good tidy example of that era
  8. Agreed Marty. My view of the day photos of Aucklands congestion are left well behind Mike's view - or yours from your truck.
  9. True Mike But she does it with such sincerity that the masses cant differentiate any difference. Be kind!!!! Huh grrr But wait there's more Support the nurses and teachers and the Police when seeking power Then cut em off once you dont need their support. May David Parker and his ilk find solice in their weetbix. I am sure some rural communities would prefer to bury em instead however let's be kind to each other. My rant is over as my IH 585 is still as reliable as the day it first started lol. No politics or b/s involved ?
  10. Mike - we may have to send Ches and Dale over to clean up and show em how it's got a mighty taste lol
  11. Mike - The first two photos remind me of an early Toyota Ad - Buggar
  12. Mike - Is that an AB110 in the background? Not too many of those survived up our way - the humidity and rain rusted them out real quick
  13. Yeah I could jump the potholes in the back paddock and think I was super cool in my own life time hahaha
  14. Buggar that for a joke. Definitely not 4 me but I admire his abilities and courage
  15. I'm 1 bullet away from falling foul of our socialist Govt's new rules. So count my lucky stars shes only a 10 shot mag. But I'm not convinced Aunty cinda can teach an old dog new tricks.
  16. And we can colour coordinate them around NZ. East Coast North Island ones are a different colour (dark brown) than Auckland province ones ( grey). Helps you know where you should you get lost - just look at the road kill and you could know which part of NZ you are in lol. Our farm has a lot of willows along a river boundary and the kids can use up 130 .22 bullets in one night and still leave live ones behind. Rifle barrel is a tad warm when finished
  17. There is one of these at Edendale Crankup each year I've been. There are a few in the North Island but more down the South Island. Still not a common beast as the 276/434/444 was more popular
  18. The next question tho Marty is Did IH kiwi front? 2nd question If he did - was he well behaved lol? Looks like you guys had plenty of IH gear to swoon over
  19. There are a couple of metal gates or guides that wear on the outer edge. If you are not very deliberate in your shifting actions the wear in the guides accentuate gear selection problems. I've just done my 585 and rebuilt thes gates and find it's taken away the poor selection/jamming issue. By making the guides more accurate you guide the selector arm better and thus dont try to engage 2 gears at the same time. I experienced exactly what you first described and learnt real quick to move the speed range change deliberately / slowly and with an over emphasized h movement. This let's you keep going but nothing replaces fixing if properly.
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