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  1. So do I wish you a Happy Birthday? Of course !!!! Or seek retribution for dragging my name past Aunty Cindy? Every day above ground is a good one Wish you many more my friend.
  2. Oh boy Mike. I beat that filled ur undies quickly. Just don't tell Aunty Cindy. She'll lock you down for being too lateral in your thinking you are doing essential work. Lolol Just glad Noone hurt
  3. I'm proud of our flag too.Beats the Aussie one 😆. As usual they had to copy ours hahaha
  4. That's a very open ended question. We need to know more about the rest of the engine. Bore wear, piston skirt wear, big end and main bearing journal wear or ovality, oil pump wear are just the ones off the top of my head. A camshaft can be reground and thus reconditioned without the need for replacement yet it's the total overall condition of the engine that needs to be considered.
  5. Haha / our sister is still playing with our freedom. I vote we should send Mike to Wellington on one of his IH tractors to present our concerns! Get Her to meet a good keen man 😁
  6. But does that allow for a 'whatsamacallit' in the conversion?🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Well what can I say Mike. Touchè as the French would say. Many a true word said in jest. -:)
  8. Sorry Mike but we are still suffering under lvl 3 restrictions which are not much better than lvl 4. Only good aspect is I can go back to work and get the trucks moving but do not ask if we can send a construction crew 150 kms to Hamilton. You'd think we had asked for the Queens Jewels!. Never mind - the bank manager says its off to work I go!! And by the way the Inter 585 is back going after blocking up a fuel filter. IH Kiwi was in his element giving me instructions. Probably more like he was gloating at me being stranded in the middle of a paddock while the heavens opened up. Ah such is life.
  9. Nice Aussie AB series Mike
  10. This isn't anything earth shattering but after feeling better after a major cancer operation I got energetic two days ago and topped (bush hogged) and harrowed my 6 acre hay paddock. I had the 585 serviced prior to to winter setting in down under - main work done was brake seals and new handbrake band so the ol girl had the cab off and the top of the gearbox off to get into replacing this piece. I also welded up some of the wear in the external gear shift selectors and stopped the jamming of the range change gears. Those of you who operate the 85 series with the H pattern will know what I mean. It does the tractor good to get out and get hot and work for a good length of time. Over winter it does menial tasks around the block and doesn't get warm enough to stir everything up. The job took a tad under two hours and she never missed a beat - that maybe a short time for some larger operations but I find that once a tractor gets hot any issue will come to the fore. The exhaust ran clean all the time and she didn't use any oil which makes me happy - it may only be a small d206 but she works her little heart out. I've attached photos cause everyone likes photos or else it didn't happen LOL BJ
  11. I recently had a bowel cancer operation. Prognosis is good but the mental roller coaster ride I've been on leading up to the operation was almost a bigger battle than the disease itself. I had the Grim Reaper sit at my table and I " get it" when a young lass like this talks about the Valley of Death. I am truly grateful to be able to keep living through the skills of some mighty surgeons and my and my families fortitude to think positive. Family Inc guys on here who has sent me constant messages of support BJ
  12. I'm in New Zealand so can help you here but in the USA I have no idea
  13. Where abouts in NZ are you.?Several members here through both Islands may be able to help you on a more local basis
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