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  1. And to make matters worse I blew a hose and lost most of the hydraulic fluid later in the day I walked away at that stage 😂😂😆😆
  2. You dinged your digger I got mine stuck Happy birthday Buddy Enjoy the company of your daughters. Just make sure the tank is working for Mrs J in February lolol
  3. I've got my digger stuck today digging clogged drains. 2nd time in 2 weekends. It's sitting abandoned till tomorrow morning when I can get the bulldozer to it and pull it out. Nothing damaged other than my pride (again). I need lessons off Master Mike!!
  4. Been touched myself -, Bowel Cancer - so I can relate to the journey. It's as much a mental journey as it is a physical one. Think positive stay the eternal optimist and love each day as it comes
  5. We use GPS and it's a godsend. No more illegitimate excuses from Drivers. They know it's there and we can reason any delay before contacting the driver. I know we all face a good driver shortage but I'd rather have a truck parked than an incompetent fool damaging gear.
  6. A true barn find! Even though that roof had collapsed it looks as it still gave protection from the weather
  7. A mopar powered by a mopar. Cant go wrong with the combination. Better than most efforts where a 350 chebby has been slotted in. A cummins would be terriffic but at least its on the road and going rather than sitting rotting away. Shes a cool beast
  8. Ah but Mike Where there is a wall There is a way Hahaha BJ
  9. Mike Takes 1 to know 1 lolol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Your ripping into paddocks was very impressive
  10. Yeah 21 and never been kissed!!! Or so I am told lol
  11. Hey Seth Whats a good hourly rate to charge Mike? I suppose board and lodgings need to be considered! Plus he'll charge for the scenic view 🙂
  12. Id better be careful when down your way. If the weather is right you'll have me working for my keep on one of these beasts Lol
  13. And thanks to Marty we are all now world famous in our own right. Mrs Farmal is most impressed lolol
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