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  1. 35desoto


    Yeah I could jump the potholes in the back paddock and think I was super cool in my own life time hahaha
  2. 35desoto


    Buggar that for a joke. Definitely not 4 me but I admire his abilities and courage
  3. I'm 1 bullet away from falling foul of our socialist Govt's new rules. So count my lucky stars shes only a 10 shot mag. But I'm not convinced Aunty cinda can teach an old dog new tricks.
  4. And we can colour coordinate them around NZ. East Coast North Island ones are a different colour (dark brown) than Auckland province ones ( grey). Helps you know where you should you get lost - just look at the road kill and you could know which part of NZ you are in lol. Our farm has a lot of willows along a river boundary and the kids can use up 130 .22 bullets in one night and still leave live ones behind. Rifle barrel is a tad warm when finished
  5. There is one of these at Edendale Crankup each year I've been. There are a few in the North Island but more down the South Island. Still not a common beast as the 276/434/444 was more popular
  6. The next question tho Marty is Did IH kiwi front? 2nd question If he did - was he well behaved lol? Looks like you guys had plenty of IH gear to swoon over
  7. There are a couple of metal gates or guides that wear on the outer edge. If you are not very deliberate in your shifting actions the wear in the guides accentuate gear selection problems. I've just done my 585 and rebuilt thes gates and find it's taken away the poor selection/jamming issue. By making the guides more accurate you guide the selector arm better and thus dont try to engage 2 gears at the same time. I experienced exactly what you first described and learnt real quick to move the speed range change deliberately / slowly and with an over emphasized h movement. This let's you keep goi
  8. Love the dash
  9. I'd say the driver or owner just had a good sense of humour and put some good badges on.If so it's worked cause look at all the comments here ??
  10. Wow It's all I can say
  11. Yeah but I'm at the other end of the country- up north so as to speak. 1st Earthquake wasnt an issue - It was the other two later in the day out at sea that caused the Tsunami warnings. My daughters school @ Pahia was evacuated for the day ( shes a teacher) and all the boats in the Bay of Islands were put to sea to ride out the waves. High tide was HIGH and the currents and flows exceedingly strong.
  12. My English teacher at college said:- Swear if you must. But dont swear till you must. Its stuck with me throughout the years. Cant say I have always achieved his lofty thought yet I can say I remember something I was taught lol
  13. Those chicks must be poor too. Ripped Jean's n all poor lasses lol
  14. Best of luck - hopefully mother nature does most of the guiding
  15. Its $2.00 a liter here in New Zealand. Multiply x 4 to get a gallon =$8.00. And you are worried? We are just screwed here!!
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