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  1. All too true regarding any one travelling - make it home safe! It's better to be a bit late than dead on time
  2. Neat - a good way to up cycle 😁
  3. Good compression is one of the basic necessities of a diesel engine however before we dismiss your compression as being OK what was the reading ? For you to say "Compression is OK" suggests someone has taken a compression reading and this fact will greatly assist in the next steps or decisions over what can be done. IF the compression is still up where it should be then the engine theoretically is good subject to the rest of the bearing and such being in keeping with the overall condition of the engine. Good compression equals good "firing' or ignition of the fuel. Low compression results in poor or non ignition of the diesel. By the sounds of it, if the compression is good, we have eliminated one point that could be causing your problem. All we have to do is find the culprit :-) 😁 Cheers Brett
  4. Here in New Zealand it's a priviledge to have a firearms license. We do not have a constitution like the USA so no second amendment. It puts a totally different perspective on the argument. Unless you live here and understand our lifestyle it's a moot point. It's the same for some of us looking into the USA. We have not lived by your history nor your rules - it is hard to maintain the same perspective or outlook on life. For all our faults we don't do too bad for a small nation in the South Pacific.
  5. Guys - my dad would have been 92 also on Feb 2. We lost him 18 months ago - he was plain worn out. He was no farmer but he married a farmers daughter and Mum never lost her love for the land and passed that onto me and one other brother. I think to get into your 90' s is a credit.
  6. To answer simply Yes we are We have our issues but sometimes Im grateful to be a simple country boy who lives down underπŸ˜ƒ
  7. It was a real buzz to see the traction engines in the tractor pull. The oldest engines pulled that trailer the longest! Their torque was/is fantastic. But at least two hours from lighting the fire till you can move so no fast get aways.
  8. Local show? Lol I come down from Auckland for the whole weekend and I know Franklin Vintage Machinery boys were there too. Crank up is world famous in N Z πŸ‘ It was a shame they couldn't run the big tractor pull like previous years but at least it's still retained its uniqueness. You couldn't run a show like that in Auckland as the PC brigade would be up in arms. Bring on 2020' s show
  9. I was at Crank up too and saw the tractor - but didnt connect it to being your one here LOL It was a good show and I love going to Crank up. It's a great two days and your tractor is a credit to all concerned. I was excited to watch the IH3388(?) in the tractor pull - just walked away with the pull trailer. I was invited to crew one of the traction engines and again a new experience but I digress and am taking away from your thread on your Dads tractor Well done Cheers Brett
  10. On the English ones was it the 454 ? - 434 and 44 had mechsnicsl steering with power assist sometimes
  11. Thanks for the information so far I have rechecked the plate inside the cab and my letters and numbers are correct to the tag TractorData states the serial numbers for the 90/91 ones but there is no link on the 92 onwards listing. It states two 5120's - the 90/91 at 88 HP and then another entry for the 92 onwards ones for 90 odd horsepower. My numbers are either a late 91 or an early 92 and hence my confusion I couldn't get the first site to tell me much and I hope its my lack of computer skills thats not allowing me to find the info LOL The Tractor is far from perfect but it has a good engine and running gear. The cab is well and truly used but nothing a darn good clean wouldn't fix 80% of the issues. There are a few lights to replace and so far I have learnt that the headlights are the same as an 895. If I'm wrong please correct me
  12. Hello all My turn to ask for some information please i'm right in the process of buying a Case IH 5120 and the seller has provided the serial number JJF1008270. I have tried several sites to see what year this tractor is or its year of production but I am having no luck. Tractordata doesn't list this one nor do some of the other sites I have used. Anyone out there able to help me? thanks Brett
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