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  1. Yeah but you all got together and had a good time Congrats to the newly weds!!
  2. They are very similar to the 584. I have a 585 and the gear and range change mechanism wears and can jam up. The fix is to weld up and redress the block that wears along with replacing any worn ball joints etc. They are a sturdy 62 hp ag tractor. I run a topper/bush hog @ 1.8m wide and it's all good. Tows the farm trailer A OK. Just got to remember it's a short stroke d206 engine. For more torque you need a d 229 however they are honest work horses.
  3. Good one Mike. Us Kiwis with our British heritage understand. A lovely talented lady
  4. No But it's an interesting angle hehehe
  5. Had 2. First one lasted 17months and moved out - it was an acrimonious split and I reckon the winners were the lawyers grrrr. 2nd one has hung in there for 31 yrs so I cant be too bad lol.
  6. Me too - esp when shes cold and cranking over. Come on girl come on!
  7. Freightliner owners was/is Daimler and they used an existing Merc Benz cab when the FL series trucks were introduced in the 90's. Saved oncrash tests etc when doing a new model and extended their ability to recovery costs on new models
  8. 8.3 Cummins was an option on these FL80' s so it is a factory swap
  9. Well done Mike. Its terrific country you are in. I use to tramp in Queen Charlotte sound many many years ago
  10. Cant complain over the scenery Mike - bloody marvelous
  11. Mike - Did you stand at the end of your driveway as suggested by our lovely leaders? Or listen to the dawn service from the comfort of your house? We compromised and sat on the veranda watching the sun rise and listen to the national anthems Cheers Brett
  12. Lost our family farm to an Uncles divorce back in 85. All my Grandfathers hard work lost to some who hadn't done as many hard yards. May your nephew do well
  13. Mike - it was a blast down there. Gotta say the highlight was being entrusted with Martin's W4 plus meeting those two likely lads and Trevor, Martin's father. From a North Islanders point of view it was refreshing to enjoy a relaxed, laid back, interactive display without all the H+S bullshit overpowering the weekend. Its a credit to the Edendale Vintage Machinery club thats their efforts are so well co-ordinated and received by the public. I trust your local Nelson A+P Show was a success. Cheers Brett PS retiring??/ My dad retired at 87.5 yrs - worked for the Railways for 70 years b
  14. Thanks Mike With the projects I have at home I will have to lived till I am 150 - then retire LOL However work keeps interfering. The next show for me after Edendale is the Franklin Machinery boys display at Karaka in March Cheers Brett
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