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  1. But I also appreciate driving a Btd6 down the road is not in the same league. Apologies for the reminisce
  2. Dave - Drive it there. I've driven Marty's ones back to Gore and had a hoot! Bloody neat fun racing along at 20 mph lol. Had to concentrate on the steering high speed wobbles hahaha. It was refreshing to set the tractor at a constant speed and watch the world go by - beats working and stressing in Auckland. Had time to think and reflect which we seem to not allow time to do these days.
  3. Classic Kiwi Humour. Shame he's gone to the happy hunting ground. His sense of humour was unique
  4. Ah soo My engrish not soo gooood lol The savior to my longlivety is to not be related to a killer beez or a tribesmen or .... Mike's offer hasn't been forgotten and is warmly being worked on however CT scans and blood tests etc are part of my recovery. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Marty - cruising on the W6 is laid back and a neat way to "slow down"
  5. I remember those Coke bottles Mike Didn't we get 5c back for handing them in for reuse? And now we are to get bottling companies to impose a levy to take them back as part of the Greenies recycling aims? Seems weird that we are going back to what we already had however like you there's a bit of wear in my tracks too
  6. Far out - thats neat. And in such good condition
  7. A David Brown based tractor is as good as any tractor that has had a good maintenance achedule. They employ basic technology and are strong for their hp range. Abuse it and it will eventually bite back. I started out on them and was never disappointed for what they are - a good basic tractor with not a lot of frills.
  8. No I don't have it but will try to find it online and listen
  9. Got his LP with Chubby Checker. Absolutely grates my children when I crank up Jingle Bell rock on Xmas day.lol
  10. Darn. Definitely a legend in his own lifespan.
  11. I love the grilled on those AA series trucks - I'd say they are the same as a B series in USA. The 54 would be an Aussie build too? USA never had that body style
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