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  1. I bought a 1973 DodgeD150 club cab in Boise Idaho and shipped it to New Zealand. I had a high trust in the seller as the first time Touched it was on arrival in Auckland and it came out of the shipping container. Suggests about 12500 kms lol
  2. Mike - this year we have been struck hard with what we call onion weed and an invasive daisy - so a two fold problem. Its downgraded our hay and the answer apparently is to use Tordon in late August or Sept. Big bumma as we had good pasture 4/5 yrs ago and now have to buy something similar to rid ourselves of these weeds. Oh well back to work I go to solve another dilemma. Had ragwort 10/15 yrs ago but now only get the odd plant which we can pull by hand. All it means is we cannot stop or the blighters will return with vengence Cheers Brett
  3. Oh how did you guess Mike lol. I was raised to work hard, stay focused and you'd get to your goal as noone was going to give it to you. However we seem to have either bred or allowed a younger generation to have a perverse perception on what it takes to get ahead. No hand outs in my camp - you earn your stripes. And I am proud to be middle aged white guy who is apparently a ' Boomer'. I pay my share of taxes both locally and nationally which is a lot more than some others. I'd better enemy rant while still ahead. It's a lovely day here and it's a good day to finish off the new calf shelter. Br
  4. A lot of people have become sheeples. Seems fitting to many who are lead by those who know no actual facts
  5. Yes but I'm here in NZ. It's not that big but a good set of binoculars certainly help
  6. Have had a good view for two nights here in NZ. Surreal to see and comprehend.
  7. Partially on their way to entering the Darwin award!!
  8. 35desoto


    My main ones are a couple of good .243's. But I have an itch for a wooded .280 Remmington
  9. The silencing of guns in Europe at the end of WW1 More commonly known as Armistise Day
  10. More Longmire - please tell me more. Just getting to the end of Longmire on Netflix and love that storyline and setting
  11. In my late teens and early 20's I'd never be caught at home in a Saturday night. That was the cruelest form of punishment to have to stay home on Saturday evening. Yet by 25 I was married and a youngun so the highlight of a Sat was to go for a drive to get him to sleep. Nowadays it's a hassle to stay out too late lol
  12. My Dad was similar - had both hips replaced plus three vertebrae fused. We used to joke with him that he was worth more in scrap steel than anything else when he passed. He died at 92 from everything else wearing out and all his replacements in working order. He became the bionic grandfather.
  13. Yeah but you all got together and had a good time Congrats to the newly weds!!
  14. They are very similar to the 584. I have a 585 and the gear and range change mechanism wears and can jam up. The fix is to weld up and redress the block that wears along with replacing any worn ball joints etc. They are a sturdy 62 hp ag tractor. I run a topper/bush hog @ 1.8m wide and it's all good. Tows the farm trailer A OK. Just got to remember it's a short stroke d206 engine. For more torque you need a d 229 however they are honest work horses.
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