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  1. Who wants manuals?

    Hi Tony I have been away for a few days - I'll check when I get back. Its reasonably detailed. And also a big thanks to vtfireman85 for his generosity. Mine took a while to get here but seeing I'm half a world away thats not surprising.
  2. Who wants manuals?

    Yes - that's reasonable postage. How can I pay you? PayPal or .., ? cheers Brett
  3. FARMALL calendar

    My other passion is Hot Rods so I take those calendars - cut the pictures out and laminate then. Some I keep and the others I give away. By laminating them I preserve the quality plus I can attach them to the wall and not mark the photo. My friends just love it when I can give them some .. "workshop Art" Cheer Brett
  4. Who wants manuals?

    I'd be keen on the 454 operators manual if you don't mind letting me know how much to post it to New Zealand Cheer Brett

    Basically NO!
  6. I'm a racist and didn't even know it.....

    Sometimes I'm grateful for being a simple country boy who lives down under. I will not and cannot accept most of this PC crap. One thing the PC brigade forget is you can't change the laws of physics nor the path of mother nature Brett
  7. The 12 Days Of CringeMas

    Merry Christmas everyone There is a reason for the season And polictical correction cannot alter that Brett
  8. 806 wet stack/slobber?

    Is it a wax build up in the diesel fuel? Some countries have a summer fuel ( with a wax in it) and a different mix/makeup for winter. We used to get new trucks here in NZ that would start to fail as soon as we moved them off the wharf. The fuel filters were choked with this wax - the trucks were originally destined for a tropical climate but here in NZ the cooler weather caused the was to solidify. Just my .o2c
  9. Anybody need a mother in law?

    It's your house!
  10. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Hi guys - I went to check out the Steiner site via the link and ended up at an architects site also called steiner. Oh dear lol - gotta try getting to the right site a different way
  11. Brutus

    It will look a million dollars with a good cut and polish !!!😅
  12. Hope my flags annoyed my deere neighbours

    Cool - esp the flags
  13. World's problem solved by a 5 year old.

    As the saying goes Out of the mouthes of babes ...
  14. What's Your Heritage?

    100% 5th generation Kiwi ( New Zealand) Base make up Welsh/ English 50 %and Scottish 50% With a name like Jones I can't avoid the Welsh/English connection but acknowledge the stubbornness of my Scottish heritage Family Bible starts in 1798
  15. Why/where are the other countries?

    X 2 from NZ. I don't have much to add but check in regularly