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  1. TA

    Once I got the pto driven gear out of the way, it came apart easily. The hardest part was removing the snap ring on the pto shaft.
  2. TA

    I started working on pulling the TA out. Does anyone know where I can get a wrench for the nut holding the clutch carrier? I was also wondering if the input shaft can be taken out of the front? That would allow me to remove the pressure plate and throw out bearing giving me a lot more room.
  3. TA

    Already have it split, I want to drop the center housing off to someone who knows what they are doing.
  4. TA

    It grinds in both ranges and in neutral. It has never stopped moving. It makes the most noise at idle under a load. Can't hear it very well at high rpms's.
  5. TA

    The TA worked good but made a bad grinding sound. Sounded like a bad bearing
  6. TA

    Farmall 504 diesel
  7. TA

  8. TA

    Anyone in metro Detroit / the thumb that rebuilds torque amplifiers?
  9. Farmall 504 hand pump

    Are you parting out a 504, I'm looking for some parts?
  10. Farmall 504 hand pump

    Good luck, does the pump have 4 hydraulic lines?
  11. 560 Diesel Hydraulics

    I doubt if 560's are the same as the 504. The spool valve is on the right side below the seat, and the relief valve is behind that.
  12. 560 Diesel Hydraulics

    Our 504 had the same problem. There is a relief valve behind the spool valve, it was stuck open. The same pump used for the remotes is used for the power steering on ours. The second pump is for the 3-point.
  13. 505 3 point

    504 Farmall, oil level and filter are good. The relief valve got stuck one time, so I'm thinking something else is sticking
  14. 505 3 point

    Last year I noticed the three point started lowering very slowly. Made it hard to plow with as I had to drop the 3 point and wait 20 seconds. Anyone know what could be the cause? I'm planning on splitting it apart soon and replacing bearings in the rear end.
  15. Blow By

    I don't like those tires either, they were cheap though so we got them. There horrible for parades.