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  1. haven't worked on it yet, motor stuck completely
  2. farmall-nick


    i know where one ih cabover sits, not sure the model but its white with a box, from an old box truck siting on it.
  3. Q-jet carbs are awesome, i have one one my 392. vacuum choke works amazing runs great its a 850 cfm.
  4. Hi all, I just bought a 1937 international pickup. first of all how do I know the exact year, on the title I have it shows 38 but on a cab card it shows 39 and on a bunch of other papers it says 37. I looked on the tag under the hood it says -37 so my guess is 37. I started working on it, I cleaned points, plugs and got spark. tried to start it, it will sort of start and backfire any suggestions on why it is backfiring? is it timing or stuck vales? I wouldn't say it has amazing compression either which hints to stuck valves to me. it is a very clean truck with little rust, I was surprised it had electric windshield wipers in that year. any help is appreciated, if you all want more pictures let me know I would be glad to post some more (: thanks in advance, nick.
  5. i like that yellow truck its neat, thats what i wanna do.
  6. i have seen that one, it looks like its well done. i need to find that same size sleeper
  7. hey, i would recommend brake and equipment warehouse in Minneapolis MN. they had everything for my loadstar. i think they will ship too there prices are super reasonable. http://brakeandequipment.com/
  8. got any pictures of loadstars with sleepers?
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