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  1. Was that a guy named "Stoney"Carl Stonhoff from SE Iowa? He has quite a collection of wood weights for decoration.
  2. Seems like Arts-Way and maybe another company made front end loaders specifically for the 4156 and the Case tractors of similar design. I have that advertisement somewhere deep in my archives but that is like trying to find which haystack to find the needle. in.
  3. I've seen those AM General/Crane Carrier Corp M195's in the military vehicle magazines and in surplus sales. From my interactions with guys who operated them in the military, and ones who used them as surplus trucks in the civilian world, once you learn the quirks of the Cat tranny, it is nearly bulletproof. seems like it is a cross between a powershift and a clutchless transmission. Out in youtube land, there are a couple of videos of how to operate. Looks like once you get the hang of it, it seems to be simple, just a steep learning curve. From what I gathered, that truck and maybe one other piece of Cat equipment used those transmissions so finding parts is a crap shoot. I'd like to purchase one, or the version with 6x6 and heavy rear winch. It would look good next to my M35A2
  4. Tebben is still in business and making rippers. Clara City, Minnesota.
  5. I thought that was the operating manual for anything powered with a Detroit diesel.
  6. Did Lombard have any viable competition back when they were building the steam log haulers? It seems like once the internal combustion engine came into common use, then everyone was copying their half-track truck design.
  7. I like seeing the Cat yellow, but I think the logos should have been the old C style of that era. As for the color, Big Bud did paint a handful of their tractors a harvest gold color. For some reason I want to say they were for export to Iran prior to the revolution. Saw one picture of them on the interweb years back.
  8. Steel Soldiers is one of the largest forums out there. Lots of information that is categorized by vehicle type. Very active forum. But beware, there are some real ******** on there. Also, a lot of moderators on there is a two edge sword. Not just one or two, but several. don't ask a simple question because a common response from the moderators is, have you used the search function, and have you read the tech manuals? Good knowlege base in there but difficult to pry it out of there. By far the largest clearinghouse on military vehicles though. I scroll around in there but seldom post due to the same answers get tiring.
  9. From back in my day as a propane delivery driver, have it in black and white about who is paying for the propane bill if you have one. There were times when the landlord did business with us via feed, chemicals etc.. and his policy to us was "don't let the gas run out in the house, my tenants are responsible for the bill though" Made it quite difficult when they would run out, then stiff us on paying or bounce a check, then we refused to haul gas to the tank until they were back current. Landlord would come and chew our asses because the tank was empty, but wouldn't take financial responsibility and pay for the gas. Sadly they kept him paid up, and took care of the property and screwed the propane company (apparently REC had the same issues too). Wound up pulling the tank out when the tennants tried to have another supplier fill our tank. Finally came to an agreement, if he wanted it kept full while tennants were there, he had to pay us, otherwise keeping gas there was based on the renters ordering and paying for gas. Second renter batch, the landlord paid for it, and collected from the renters who trashed the place. Eventually the metheads who were the third set of renters when I was with the company burned the house down.
  10. For an American made generator outside of a Generac, you would be looking at a John Deere/Mi-T-M, Wacker Nueseon, Winco, Multiquip, Gillete, North Star (they appear to be a re-badged Gillette).
  11. I would say the top of the stack of the tractor was 6 feet tall. Rear wheels 3- 4 ft tall. Comparing to the 40hp model. The water trailer held maybe 10-15 gallons. Threshing machine was maybe 6 ft long, 4ft tall. I'll have to see if we got good pictures of it to show comparison.
  12. This weekend, my wife and I went to House on the Rock near Spring Green, Wisconsin for a little getaway. One thing really caught my attention and there was no explanation (as was most things there). Basically at the end of this one hallway was what appeared to be about a 1/2 scale or larger (7/8ish) Case steam tractor, water tender, and case threshing machine. Does anyone know what the story on this set up was? My first thought was a salesman sample,, but the size of this unit would be way too big for a traveling salesman to use to entice people to buy Case equipment. Used for exhibitions like fairs and shows? Second thought was it was a reproduction as there are quite a few of those things throughout the complex. My other thought was this was just something someone fabricated up decades ago for their own enjoyment. Things seemed to be in the right proportions and at first glance accurate to being usable. In the House on the Rock, there are several steam tractors on display, they all were somewhat bastardized with lights, decorations and what nots. A couple looked like they might have been British. One was in the old time America street scene, the Case units, three more located in the same room as the carousel. Then in the Inferno room, there are some various parts and pieces of large stationary steam engines, including that main housing for an Allis Chalmers unit. A large diesel engine for a ship, and several large wrenches (like 5 inch and up) used in plant service. Lots of other stuff, some really bizzare and creepy. Strange things, random objects, etc..
  13. No matter what brand of machine, almost every old engine drive welder will have problems with the high idle circuit or controller. Lots of times the owners opt not to fix that, so it means once the machine is fired up it goes to full throttle. Several owners over the years have said they can manually move the throttle for what a new controler/board costs. Granted it may shorten the life of the engine, but depending on how long, often, and the conditions the machine lives in.
  14. Right now lead time on most any Lincoln or Miller welder is over 4 weeks (unless it is setting on the dealer's showroom floor). That is somewhat driving the cost up on the used marked as of late, many contractors have been calling and needing a machine "yesterday". So they buy what can be had, even if used. We are getting contractors calling from far off places needing one. Typical question is Do you have one on your floor and if you don't, is there any way you can get it faster than ____ weeks? Praxiar/Airgas/Mattheson/XYZ company keeps telling us the same thing. Your store in _____ told us the same story and your competitor did too. What are you doing to get them to bring in machines faster? We need it!!! Used equipment now has value if you know someone who needs it right away. Leads depending on length, connections and gauge size of the wire can be worth 250-500 buck right now. When I get in cable, my prices are going up exponentially since the last order.
  15. We watched it too. Being a former farmer, and my dad had been in a similar situation as Kaleb, it was even funnier than many others would see. Mainly because we had been in very similar circumstances. Seeing some of the British version of Top Gear and Grand Tour (think that was the name), I couldn't have expected anything different with Jeremy Clarkson. Absolutely love his political incorrectness and willingness to call things as he sees them. Gerald running the combine, with a mask, talking his own language, with a two way radio was the cake topper. I'd like to see the scenes that didn't make it in, or get Cheerful Charlie's thoughts (like omg, W**?)
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