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  1. Identify as vaccinated (technically you are, you probably had some sort of vaccine in your lifetime).
  2. Buying from Harbor Freight puts American workers out of a job. I have only a handful of Chinese tools (ones that have been modified and sacrificed for a purpose). I despise HF's junk.
  3. Hobart is Miller's economy line of machines. Lincoln has two lines, but they both say Lincoln. Being a dealer, I tell people when comparing Lincoln to Miller when it comes to price, make sure it is an industrial Lincoln and not a retail machine. They look a lot alike and often have the same product names, but different stock numbers. As for Esba, good machines, and a bit more expensive than Lincoln or Miller. But once you have one, you won't want anything else. Buy from a welding supply store.
  4. After reading the posts about obscure IH divisions, there was a point brought up. The IH Service Bureau and the information they published. Does anyone know if they published any sort of agriculture textbooks? Thinking along the lines of something similar to John Deere publishing's Fundamentals of Machine Operation and Fundamentals of Service. Granted, they were from the green brand, but the FMO's survive nearly 50 years after first being published along with FOS. That is if you don't include the nearly 30 year run of Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery prior to the FMO and F
  5. Couple of things that could be the cause. As mentioned earlier, your regulator might be a bit "off" on the tank pressure, showing some when you have almost none. In my business we have a lot of people call on friday asking the question "my tank pressure gauge is reading zero, how much gas do I have, will it still do some welding?" Being we are in the gas business and often times I don't know the quality of their regulator or if there are hang-up spots on the dial, I tell them that at zero you should assume it is empty. The other thing is that in an argon/carbon dioxide blend, the
  6. Biggest compliant I've had about younger guys buying things I've sold on FB or CL is they want things marked as "sold" when they say they want it, but haven't coughed up the money or when the transaction will take place. Their response is, Oh maybe sometime in the next month or so. Sorry but if I'm selling now, that means I want to move it now, and paid now, not later. In my business we sell Lincoln and Miller welders. We will have people come in and say they want xyz welder. Come to the price, and then they say they will be in next week sometime to get it. I ask for something to hold
  7. M35A2


    Go big or go home when it comes to an air fryer. We got one, it works good, just too small though. My wife's daughter got it for her on a birthday. If you were a single person and were only doing a single serving, then it would work good. They work great to also warm up left overs that you don't want to get soggy in the microwave. We fry bacon in it, warm up pizza, onion rings, you name it.
  8. Happened yesterday after my posting about the mig gun liner. Customer called on the phone here is the conversation: my autodarkening helmet doesn"t work what's it doing or not doing doesn't work please explain what you mean its junk please explain don't work, what more do you need to know? in order to help you, I need to know more about your problem i told you its junk can you clarify, i'm on the phone with you and can't see it, what brand of helmet is it? one that your company sells please elaborate, we sell Lincoln, Miller, J
  9. We have this problem on nearly a daily basis with customers and mig welders. They call and want a new drive roll because their wire won't feed and the wire hangs up. Drive roll $40-$50. We tell the customer that their problem is the liner which costs $15-$20. They want drive roll. They buy drive roll. They complain problem isn't fixed. They buy new liner, it works. Now they want money back for the drive roll. Face plant.
  10. Back when I worked for the grain elevator in the fuel department, we did three different blends at our over-the road station pumps. Early october we blended #2 with a pour-point depressent from Farmland/Cenex (done at the terminal). That would get the fuel down to the teens. By late november, depending on the weather, we had the depresant plus a 70-30 #2-#1 blend. Mid december until late february we were at a 50-50 plus depresant blend. Our dyed pumps usually were at a 30-70 blend most of the winter as the county road department and school district pulled from those pumps.
  11. Biggest gasoline in-line engines that I can think of were the old Hall-Scott engines they used in Oshkosh and similar sized trucks in the late 50's.
  12. Armstrong Tools are part of the Apex Tool group which owns Crescent and Gearwrench. They closed operations about a year or two and their brand went away. Allen brand was part of that fiasco too.
  13. More than likely the blue rods are some sort of a "super rod" They kind of use that as a generic term for a rod that tends to weld disimilar materials. There are lots of brands of it out there, but most of it is made by a handful of manufacturers. That rod is a high nickle rod, which allows for bonding of many different metals to adhere to each other. Biggest producers of that are MG, Bohler, and Harris (a brand of Lincoln Electric). Harris has a product nearly identical called Super Missile Weld. Theirs is a redish orange, but does the same thing. Not cheap products, but they do wor
  14. MG is part of the Messer-Eutectic-Castolin family. They offer some standard welding rods but their bread and butter business is specialty rods and fluxes. They make just about any kind of rod to weld any sort of metal together or to another product. The issue is most people only need a stick or two and they only offer it in 5 or 10 pound packs.
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