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  1. Been a while guys, but I can't remember 100 percent on whether to check my trans fluid on the stick with the stick screwed in or just resting on top. I moved last year and misplaced my manual. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, I will try to find a part number for the spring before I pull things apart. I have misplaced my parts book and am not familiar with the top of the trans.
  3. My 175C circa 1983 is running great when running. If it sits a couple of days it will power up and you can hear and see the trans build good pressure. If you put into gear it will go in the last drive position that it was in when parked. If it was in forward, it will go forward but won't in reverse and vice versa. Today I thought it would not work for me. It was in reverse and would work fine in reverse, if placed in drive it would start to go but just not quite get into gear. No matter what engine speed. What allowed it to work was placing in forward idle down and shut off engine, then restarted with it in gear. Worked all afternoon well. I am afraid I may not get it to work tomorrow though. Trans fluid is topped off. Any ideas what I am up against? Thanks, Quinn
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