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  1. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    So now you have me thinking that a 4BT transplant into the O-6/ODS6 parts tractor sitting out back is a good idea.
  2. Diesel Starting Carb question

    Thanks Pete, after submitting the post I was thinking along those lines but was considering it would give the engine a few more RPM to help with the changeover from Gas to Diesel.
  3. Quick question regarding the fixed speed throttle plate. Dose the lock washer go under the throttle plate or under the head of the screw? This is the way it was when I took it apart but the parts manual is not clear in this area. Picture attached showing the orientation as it is now.
  4. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Tim, you are all in the forefront of our best thoughts and well wishes. My offer is standing and will be, whatever Meg and I can help with please, please let us know. Whether it is You, Lisa, Erika or Chelsea we can and will pitch in where we can. It was nice seeing you and Lisa in passing this weekend, despite all that is going on she looked well.
  5. Down to ordering the last parts, all of the electrical components. What company would you guys recommend for wiring harnesses? I will be using a magneto and will be adding the headlights sometime in the near future when I find a good set.
  6. Yes I am using MIG for a majority of the sheet metal repair. I repaired the perforated portion of one of the hoods using MIG but it was a pain in the a**. So I cheated on the other two hoods and had one of my dads friends TIG in the other two perforated patches. It would be much easier overall to use TIG as far as controlling excess fill and warping, but my TIG skill level isn’t the best and I don’t think it would work the best with this old metal.
  7. Just went and measured the seat post on my OS4 and OS6. They are both identical. Like I said earlier the “W” series seat post is not the same, but you can make an OS4 one out of it as they are easier to get ahold of as long as you don’t mind or have someone do the fab work. The flip over seat, spring and etc are the same on “W” and “O” series. There is a minor difference in the ”O” series mount that bolts to the transmission cover but again a “W” series mount could be modified correct. I can take some pictures of my OS4 and my brothers W4 seat assembly but will have to do so this weekend. If you can’t find an “O” series seat assembly I can trace the outline of one of my seat posts and send it to you so you have a pattern to work to. Also, if you search “IH Orchard” on ebay there is a gentlemen that has been parting out an OS4. Can’t remember if the seat assembly was listed or sold.
  8. I have an OS-4 and OS-6 sitting side by side that I can confirm for you tonight. All "O" series should be the same. I can tell you the "W" series seat post is different in that the seat post is straight instead of having the orchard style drop down.
  9. Deal breaker!

    Had my brother stop in Ohio on his way to TN to pick up a good MD cylinder head that “came off a running machine.” Got a phone call and pictures from my brother so I knew it was bad. Two of the valve seats were rusted clear out of it and it was cracked in two spots. Seller couldn’t believe it, stuck with the came off a running machine story.
  10. Making little gains but nothing big yet. Still working on getting the grill to a point not where I’m satisfied with it. I ended up working on the OS4 grill in parallel as they both needed some of the same adjustments. Ended up re-making my own rib reforming tools, this time they seem to work much better. Both grills were pushed in at the bottom so I used a bottle jack (overkill) some sand bags and a 2x4 pushing on the main beam of the hose to get them right. It was a little tricky because I had to push them way past the intended shape for them to hold it once the pressure was removed. On another note, machine shop called and the replacement head for the ODS6 was baked, blasted, magnafluxed and has no cracks (insert cheerful song and dance.) It will get valve seats, new starting valves as none were salvageable, a good set of reground intake and exhaust valves and will be decked clean and flat.
  11. KWRB, I don’t recall seeing one in original condition with “Grove” on it in NY. They have had 70 years to be moved around the country so it’s not out of the question. I based my observation on all of the internet searching I’ve done looking for parts, information and pictures.
  12. Between owners and parts manuals mine show the same with a mix of Orchard and Grove on the same models. My own observation has been the tractors sent to states such as California and Florida were lettered “Grove” and New York, Washington and Michigan lettered “Orchard”
  13. That’s why i’m using CIH Iron guard paint. It’s middle of the road cost and quality wise so I won’t be too terribly upset if I get some working blemishes. I know the Red and Silver won’t be correct but it woks for me.
  14. Orchard 6 you might have to wait in line. I still have my OS4 and ODS6 to finish. Then my brothers ODS6 and W4, and then I think I may have my uncle convinced to let me do his O6.
  15. This weekend I was able to make slight headway but nothing significant. Got the hood, grill and fuel tank prepared with a DA sander to remove the sand blasting roughness. The cleaner metal revealed many more high and low spots that require hammer and dolly attention. I also think I will get the grill reforming tools as I’m just not yet convinced its good enough yet. I think I can justify them since we have three “6” series grills and two “4” series that all need attention. As if there aren’t enough irons in the fire I pulled the grill off the OS4 to give it some attention before this summer and my brother took the (hopefully) replacement head for the ODS6 to the machine shop for me.