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  1. A little off color question tonight but I am helping a neighbor with some odds and ends repairs on an Oliver / Hart Parr 28-44. The big item that needs attention is the carb and I don't have any experience with this particular make and model. We both would prefer to send it out and have it completely gone through. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reputable place to rebuild/repair an Ensign carburetor?
  2. One of the important factors you didn't mention is the ceiling height of the barn and ceiling height under your loft. More light is better has been the age old tale, but with led's, too close and too many lumens can make them unbearable. In addition the type of bulb that you want to use will also dictate spacing and total desired output. For example, my preference is to use 5k, frosted LED bulbs. The particular once I purchased were 2200 lumens. My ceiling heights range from 8 to 10ft. After converting all of my existing fixtures from fluorescent to LED, I could easily reduce the number of fixtures by 1/3.
  3. Does anyone have the specs/process to establish the required shim stack under the bull pinion carriers when setting up a differential in a letter series tractor, specifically and H or W4? My manual covers setting up the ring and pinion to establish correct tooth contact but not establishing the overall differential shim stack. Being straight cut teeth and the differential only supported by ball bearings I have an idea of what it should be but am looking for confirmation. I had to replace one bull pinion carrier, and the differential so the original shim stack may be in the neighborhood but Id like to get it where it should be.
  4. Add me to the list as well. Several listed locally but all rust buckets or will require a fair amount of $$ to find and replace missing parts. I did manage to find a Logan model 200 lathe two months back that will do the majority of the turning work I need so at least I am 1 for 2 right now.
  5. Getting ready, finally, to start surgery on the rear fenders. This is going to take some patients and a lot of mig wire.
  6. Did you decide on bolting the transmission to the existing frame without cutting it down, or will you be cutting it shorter?
  7. So I'm a bit of a Naval history nerd. I listen to a lot of his Dry dock episodes as background while working. I find this one especially interesting as there are few consolidated accounts of the recovery and salvage as a whole after Pearl Harbor. The engineering, manpower, and pace at which these events were conducted is truly impressive.
  8. Search dry ice cleaning / blasting on youtube and watch to your heart's content. The freezing effect really doesn't do the work, its the instantaneous impact and rapid expansion of the frozen pellet turning back into into a gas. The freezing part only has to do with generating the blasting media, in this case dry ice pellets.
  9. This may be a little out there but have you ever looked at dry ice blasting? It has become a fairly common technology that can even be rented. The only mess you are left with is the removed paint as the blasting media (dry ice pellets) turn back into gas upon contact with the workpiece. It is used quite a bit nowadays for various residential restoration applications including paint removal from intricate woodwork and mold removal as there is very low to zero likelihood of damaging the underlying material.
  10. SAM86

    lemon law

    Kurt, don't hold me to this, but I thought in NY, all used vehicles had to pass a NYS annual inspection at the time of sale with a new window sticker issued, even if the current inspection was still valid. I may be recalling this incorrectly as I usually buy lease turn-ins and they would be due for them regardless.
  11. Wow four months and no updates, time does fly with all the chaos, kids and changing jobs. Working on and have completed many small repairs but no real big items. Finally had it out and about under its own power this past weekend. This is hands down the smoothest and quietest running one in the collection. Now the bad, I messed up something during the transmission reassembly or the differential is toast. This one was not running or driving prior to tear down so I don't have a baseline for its normal transmission sound. After driving it for a while, going through the gears, right turns, left turns, holding individual brakes I have ruled out the gear set side. Sounds and feels the worse making a left tun with light brake pressure applied. So I am thinking its a bad differential, or I messed up setting up the ring and pinion after replacing the broken left bull pinion carrier. I expected some noise after resetting the ring and pinion backlash but not growling and vibrating. Ohh well, live, learn, fix, hopefully don't repeat, move on to the next lesson.
  12. General rule for coarse vs fine thread pitch is if the threads are in cast material they will be coarse. Note, there have been exceptions to this rule. Reason being cast material is never perfect and coarse threads can tolerate imperfections to a greater degree while maintaining tear out strength.
  13. I have always gotten the best rates through local credit unions. Heck this last time it was even through one I wasn't a member of. Keep in mind the dealer gets a cut of the financing if you use there options. I always secure my own first and make them beat it. With the given auto market I would bet they could get you good rates just so they could hang onto a small percent that may still be a better than option than you can find. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong as well.
  14. Mine was free, but failed in the open position. Spoke with radiator shop and no dice. If its cloth they don't have a method of removing it and they cant disassemble the bottom tank. So, new thermostat is in and I am in the process of reverse flushing the radiator. Still have some stubborn plugged cores but I think the majority are open. Needed to use a 1/2hp sump pump to get enough water flow through the radiator to knock out as much cloth material as possible and it certainly did. Sump pump is plumbed into the radiator outlet and is pushing water out the top inlet.
  15. Thought I would get the water table, kiddie pool and giant dinosaur sprinkler setup for the kids today. Well needless to say they really didn't get used. On the other hand a sand box full of water provided all the entertainment needed. Next time I'll start with the sandbox first and save the extra water.
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