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  1. Thank you nomorejohndeere for the links. Don't have Facebook so I never look there. May have a friend try to send a message for that complete 345 in Chelsea if it's still available.
  2. Good morning all, I have a 67 1200B pickup and I have some engine issues with it. The 304 that is in it has a cracked block on the right side of the engine. Been running it for a while with heating issues. I had the radiator re-cored thinking it was plugged up causing my issue. Radiator also had cracks around filler neck. Well, installed the new radiator and finally had enough cooling system pressure to expose the crack. Obviously water had not been drained out of it at some time in its life ( I bought it non running). Would like to go the route of replacing the whole engine with a good running one since I believe the crack isnt my only issue. Where could I find a complete 304, 345, or 392 to replace it with? Any IH salvage yards for trucks in Iowa, or guys with parts stashed? Thanks for any help provided.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their help on leads to find a head. Today I bought a very nice 943 head from a member of this forum. Very excited to try it on the 815. Thanks for everyone's help
  4. I will admit I have looked at marketplace without being on Facebook and yes, it seems that is mainstream now for buying and selling. I can't say I really need much in the way of equipment other than a head. But, of course there is always a want list. Ha. Thanks for the heads up about Bigiron. I'll check it out.
  5. I don't have Facebook, and never will. I hear that's where a lot of people go. Same here. Not me.
  6. All, Thank you for the input. I may need to either route, as I would like to have some sort of head before fall. Just going to keep my eyes open for something.
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any leads on a useable IH 843 or 943 corn head that could be bought in Eastern Iowa or surrounding states. I have been looking for one for quite some time and not having much luck. I see a couple on tractorhouse, but was hoping not to make a 4 to 5 hour drive one way. If I have to, I will, but just trying more local first. Not trying to make a classified ad here, just wondered if anyone on here had any leads. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. 9.5x15 tri ribs on front, leave the 18.4x34 on the back. I set mine up that way last year and has worked well so far. JMO
  9. Thank you both for your replies. I will see if I can find the stuff I need and get it fixed.
  10. What is the best sealant used to apply to these tubes when Im ready to reinstall them?
  11. Thank you both MinnesotaFarmall and Nebraska1206. I assume that the injector sleeve tool is not available other than finding a dealer that has one (and then let a guy borrow/rent it)?
  12. Today I finished up removing the injection pump and injectors from the 806 due to the injection pump leaking. I have a few questions, and I apologize in advance if these have been answered before. As I was pulling out the injectors, the brass sleeve came out with three out of the six injectors. What is the best way to install new sleeves? Should I be worried about the other ones leaking? I had to destroy the sleeves to get them off the injectors to be sent to the shop. I had the coolant drained and was as ready as I could be for it to happen, I was just hoping it wouldnt happen! The reason for pulling injectors was to do them along with the pump. I just thought that would be the right thing to do since we have never done them or the pump since weve owned it. Also, this tractor has an M&W turbo installed and when I was ready to pull the pump, the timing was set at 6 degrees BTDC. I see the book calls for 8 degrees BTDC. Was there any advantage to running it at 6 degrees? Tractor ran decent but has always started hard, just assumed it was either from the leaking pump or just an engine that has 6600 hours. Any advice, or tips or experience is appreciated. Pump, injectors and lines are going to BK diesel in Dubuque, IA. Thank you.
  13. Then the dash would be grey. I've read that they switched in mid 1960 and I believe I read that from Bermuda Ken here on the forum.
  14. Late 60 series panels were painted black, I believe after 1960 or 61.
  15. That's pretty neat If you still have all the stuff that it was mounted to. I have a pretty good old 430 here. Just wouldn't mind having a spare in the shed. But, unfortunately that's too far for me. Lol
  16. Dang, wish I was closer. I'd take you up on your 46. I'm in eastern iowa. A little far for me to pull it.
  17. I see the sand trap rake in the background. Very cool. Saw that at Red Power in Des Moines a few years back.
  18. Try holding the key switch in the "start" position and wiggling the pto switch. Often times on Quietlines the pto switch will be just barely engaged and it will act as if you have a dead battery or a bad neutral start safety switch. Have had several here that have done this. Just a thought. If that works, replace the pto switch.
  19. Dad's '65 1206 is 7771 and it has the decal on it. Had it before we painted it. So yes, I'd agree with Red 56 Turbo. Definitely a decal model number.
  20. Here are some pictures. It's pretty rough but you can still read the tag.
  21. I have a friend who went to a sale Saturday and bought an IH 735 liquid manure spreader. It is in pretty rough shape but he was wondering if there is any information on these out there? How long they were built, different models, etc. By what little research I've done online, I'm assuming these were not very popular in our area (east IA). I see they made a 725 model as well. Pictures of manuals online but none for sale. Just looking for any general information out there, past experiences, general knowledge...thanks!
  22. Thanks Matt and TP. I thought this looked plenty wide for a 9 foot window behind the 990. The bar rake I have does okay for now, just seems in rougher terrain it won't pick up all the finer grass. I'll give this a shot, I don't think I'm out too much if it dosent work.
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