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  1. My best guess is it's had engine work done to it. I can see RTV silicone in between the oil pan and engine block, so someone's been in the bottom end for sure. For what I do with it, I'm happy. The wear and tear on things I assume the hours to be fairly accurate. Could be 21000, who knows I guess. It sure ain't 1000! Haha
  2. This morning, I took the "new to me" 475 out of the shed and put it behind the 1206 to chew up some stalks. I thought for a pretty light disk it did an okay job. H1 with the TA ahead. Only did 14 acres but still had fun. The 12 was running good with a nice haze out of the stack. A notable hour change as well today-She hit 11,000 hours.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Where did you see it? I agree, if that was my price range I'd just as soon by a 7000 series magnum. But a 3500 hour 5288 would be cool.
  4. Can't beat a 460 diesel for fuel economy. I use mine for all sorts of jobs. Baling, raking, mowing, sowed oats and disked with it also. Backing wagons in the shed. I've heard a lot of guys say they start hard, but after some engine work on mine it starts pretty well with the glow plugs. Working on getting fast hitch working to use on the blade. Needs rear tires someday and paint too! I've used my gas 460 for all these jobs as well, including blowing snow with the #80...which it will do in a pinch but as was said above, she's a tad fast in reverse.
  5. I've got both gas and diesel here. Not much to look at. Top one is a 1960 diesel, the bottom picture is a 1959 gas. Both had hard lives before they got here and were saved from the scrap man.
  6. Thank you. I have noticed the ones online I've glanced at, as well as the 5288 I called on, have 42 inch step up rims. Do guys install those to help with ground clearance I assume? And yes, the two main jobs it would have would be snowblower duty and tillage in spring/fall. Like I said also, I'm sure it would find more things to do than that. I do love my 806 and 1206 which are my main tractors. But boy, as I get older and with every spray of snow in the face clearing the driveway I'm thinking any sort of cab might make that snow moving job a little more bearable. Haha.
  7. Thank you for the info. Now that you said that I do remember reading that in the past.
  8. Hey, that's understandable about the sentry. I see why people install them. They need the tractor and if it works use it. At the tune of 4k I'd probably slap one in to get it by. I agree, if I did buy one with the harness in it I'd try to get it fixed ASAP but I'd have to have the money to do it. You gotta do what you need to do sometimes.
  9. Thank you, that was good information and good experience from use. I do plan on talking to Mike in the future and asking questions. Sounds like your tractor has worked out for you well. I agree that most of the 98s should have already had issues this late in the game and if well cared for have been fixed. Just gotta watch out for the test harnesses.
  10. Yes, an issue that happens to many people with many different tractors. As was stated, I didn't ask which tractor was good in the mud. I'd prefer to stay on topic. Thanks.
  11. I can't say any of what you're saying about a 5088 is important to me, because I never said I was interested in a 5088, and also, I don't plan on driving in less than ideal conditions. I guess that makes me a "hobby" farmer because I choose to use my head and use common sense about whether to go spread cow poop after a 3 inch rain or wait. We also did the "real" farming as you describe. The cows still pooped and the manure got spread. Crops all got put in and taken out. We just waited for the ideal conditions. I guess we were fortunate? Hit it on the right days? And to think it was even our source of income and it still worked out like that... With all do respect your story makes no sense. You used a heavier tractor and it sank in the mud and your good old 1066, that potentially weighs 2 tons less than the 5088, saved the day. Thats great Matt. Sounds like you had a bad day and want to blame it on the tractor. "Inches" of ground clearance don't mean squat when you sink in the mud 2 feet with a tractor that could easily weigh 2 tons more than the tractor you pulled the spreader out with. It was obviously too wet for what you were trying to accomplish. Ain't the 5088s fault.
  12. I'd say the moral of your story is don't spread manure when it's wet out. If the 1066 only had "inches" to spare on the belly it sounds like you should have picked a better day to demo a 5088? I guess I'm not following what was so bad. You buried it. I'd also say it sounds like you drove to close to the fence, but what do I know. At the end of the day, whatever the purpose of that riveting story was, isn't really enough to scare me from buying an 88 series tractor. But, thank you for the input.
  13. Thanks again guys for the advice. Next rainy day I might give Mike a call and see what I need to look for.
  14. Thanks for all the ideas to look for. I knew the sentry was a big one on these tractors. I called on a 5288 today. Guy was nice and seemed honest about it but said it had a test harness in it. I've seen pictures of Mike's 88 series transmission rebuilds. Has the damage already been done if they had been running a test harness in it?
  15. I've debated the idea of also going up to a boxcar magnum. Watching the online auction sites the price difference isn't all that much to go up depending on many factors I guess. I've used a few boxcars before helping farmers in the field and they are nice to run.
  16. Good afternoon, I have been thinking about buying a larger tractor for my small farming operation here for quite some time now. I've really liked the thought of the 5288 or a 5488 but really have no knowledge about them. From what I've read it's about the same as everything else. People loved them or people hated them. What's a guy need to look for when buying one of these tractors? Main thing I've read is make sure it has a sentry module instead of a test harness. Where is the sentry module located? What are specific points that people recommend looking at (beyond your normal stuff when buying a used tractor-been down that road many times)? Mainly looking at one for winter time work (snow blowing), and spring/fall tillage. Leaning more towards a 5288 with the possibility of getting one with a dual pto unit. I bet it sees 50-75 hours a year tops, unless I absolutely love it and sell the rest of my tractors! Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  17. Thanks for getting that cleared up. I was pretty sure I said "local Case IH dealership".
  18. I would say no, not me, but the company that was hired that should know the rules of their state and counties on what should be legal and not. But, I'd rather stay on topic.
  19. The picture was from this past March. Not recently.
  20. The local Case IH dealer hauled my 815 combine home for me with the 15 ft 810 platform still attached. Total trip was around 50 miles. I was surprised that they would do that. But, with the size of new machines I guess I shouldn't be! That head is a small one compared to today's standards.
  21. I have a standard 1206, and although it does not have the wheatland options like dust shields, it has the wide coverage fenders. I have a set of K&M steps on the left side and they are great. Not original, but if you're going to climb the front of one of these tractors it makes it a breeze. Also would allow your ROPS idea. Here's a picture of mine for reference.
  22. Looks like a 350 utility diesel to me. Looks like it has fuel filters. Can't be many of them around.
  23. Definitely a pieced together tractor. Depending on what the 3 speed that's in it looks like you might get an idea what it come out of. If done right that would be an awesome tractor. Lack of hydraulics though unless a pump was added in the driveline.
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