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  1. Second to last picture shows the hood and looks like there was one star on it. Very faint outline. Didn't see any on the grille, but it's pretty rusty. Can anyone else see what's left of stars on their sheet metal? I'm assuming the stars had words on them pointing out features of the tractor?
  2. Got it washed off today. I'd say it was white at one time. There's two stars on the gas tank and pretty easy to see now.
  3. On your C is there any remains of star stickers on your sheet metal? Looking at mine again today the remains of the stars have a white border along the points. You can see the white border bled through the red repaint.
  4. Do you happen to have any photos of that? Would be very cool to see.
  5. I agree, it's definitely not rare but they aren't everywhere either. Still a pretty cool part of history either way. Yours looks like it was taken much better care of and clearly shows the white original paint. Mine I don't think i will feel bad documenting what little is left and repainting someday.
  6. Would love to see your serial number to see if it's close. Like the story above says, he claims it was sold new at Clines to his neighbor in 1950, which after was purchased Clines sprayed it red for him. The guy I got it from was the second owner. Poor tractor never saw a shed until the 2nd owner.
  7. I don't see them as "rare" at all, and certainly not claiming it to be. Interesting and or unusual would be my choice of words. I would like to repaint this one white someday, but will I ever get to it, I doubt it. I just like the story behind it whether it's true or hearsay. This one needs a bath soon so we blast the white bird poop off it and see what's what.
  8. I double checked mine in the light and it's actually 52136, I misread the 2nd digit. Mine needs a good bath and just a little more time to investigate it. It definitely got painted red after the demonprogram because there is red all over it as well.
  9. I've seen some of those as well. Thought I've seen some with stars on the hood but maybe they all didn't have it.
  10. This one looks to have outlines of a 5 pointed star on each side of the tank. Again, inwill post better pictures if I can get it to clean up well enough
  11. Does anyone know or have heard of how the 1950 demonstrator program worked? Did each active dealer get one of each model, or just order one of them based on previous sales? I'm assuming the dealer applied the promotional stickers and signs, so there's probably no set way the stars or promotional stickers were applied?
  12. Yes, I did a search and I believe I have read that before on here as well. Thank you for posting that info. I will clean it up and get better pictures. It was getting dark on me tonight. NY bill O- did you ever see any of the stars on your hood, grille or gask tank before it was repainted?
  13. I believe this one is in the range serial number wise. It is 53136 or 56, need a better view in better light to decipher the 4th digit. Major castings are March 1, 2 ,3 of 1950. Some castings have an S suffix.
  14. Yesterday was the 560 diesel, today I went and finally picked up this project I bought back in January... Story starts with a guy from work who likes to collect red iron like myself. Keeps saying he has a white demo C he wants to get rid of and tells me several times about it. Not really wanting too many more projects I finally cave and ask for pictures. It's rough. Sat outside about everyday till he bought it 20 plus years ago. He ran it for awhile and then parked it in a barn. Sheet metal is beat, looks like the cows trampled over it in the pasture. Had wheel weights, junk tires. I go to look at it and I see T codes on many of the major frame castings. Dusting it off it has specs of white all over it, including under the seat base and fuel tank. Looked up the serial number and it's in the range people talk about. There's the faint outline of two stars on the fuel tank. I'm thinking it's most likely a real one. His story was the tractor was one of the white demonstrators from HD Cline in West Liberty Iowa, which is where I bought this from. The previous owners neighbor bought it from HD Cline and had them paint it red. The previous owner bought it from his neighbor and the neighbor told him this story. I have no proof of anything other than what he told me. I believe it's a real white demo but don't have much proof other than serial number and white specs of paint. Here's some pictures. I will post better pictures with a good bath here this week sometime. But good news, it does run now!
  15. So far it seems like a solid tractor. TA is strong. Clutch works good, somebody actually has it adjusted correctly to where it shifts well. Started fine today with glow plugs. Has 2 12 volt batteries in parallel so plenty of cranking power. No water in the pan when I cracked the drain plug. Working it will tell the underlying issues it has or may have.
  16. Been wanting a 560 diesel for years and today I finally got the chance close to home. It's a 61 model, complete with all the short comings and issues! It does run. I drove it home this afternoon. Had to get a tug from the auctioneer but it took right off. So far I think it only has minor issues but time will tell. Nothing that can't be fixed.
  17. I'm just thankful you gave me my dose of small humor today, thanks! All in good fun!
  18. Sure, the H is almost buried,funny..... Best part is, a little N series Ford would be long gone in that little drift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!
  19. In my experience I've found the 460 to be a handy tractor. But it's gutless for its size and looks, hands down, in my opinion. If you have hills, you'll be thankful for the TA if you pull any sort of load behind you down the road. My experience has been loads of square bales. You get good at the 5th to 4th down shift if it's a good hill. Now the 560 gas doing the same job had way more lug. Guys that say a 560 gas don't have lug probably haven't drove a 460 gas. It's no 400 series diesel but it's way more than the short stroke 221! Even though they have their shortcomings or faults, I'd rather have 10 "60" series tractors than one 2 cylinder green machine, any day. HA Not that any of these ramblings matter, just my experiences.
  20. I have two 460s, one gas, one diesel, and one 560 gas. Overall I like them. Like someone said along the lines in another post, "when you're loyal you tend to embrace the shortcomings" will apply here. Definitely not the easiest tractor to get on or off, especially with fast hitch. Went through the motors on both 460s. The diesel starts well, the gas also does. The 560 is a gas hog but has decent power. The 460s are no powerhouses. Mine are rough and had hard lives. They are Easy to work on. The fast hitch makes them 100 percent handier in my opinion. All three of mine have it. Power steering can be lax at times, but could be due to age and worn parts, not necessarily the models themselves.
  21. Not looking to get mileage out of it. Not looking to go down the interstate. It's a timber crawling wood hauling hay pulling truck. Farm truck. Lots of slow running low rpm jobs. Stays within 15 miles of the farm. Not a show queen. You know, what these things were built for. Work. I guess that's my fault, I should have mentioned that above. I don't think it's that crazy sounding if the 404 could bolt up to the existing 4 speed. Ford did it for years if you recall. A 460 big block in an F250, most of the time with no overdrive, probably till 1992. I know this because I have one. 10mpg or less. I'd say when this grain truck was still on the road it was screaming at 50-55, and that was with a 5 speed and 2 speed rear. Don't really see the difference if the 404 could be bolted to the 4 speed. Still screaming with several tons less to lug around.
  22. It would most likely be a tight fit. Have to have both engines side by side and make measurements. It could probably be done with the right parts. I just wondered if it had been done or could be done, but I think it will be more work than it's worth.
  23. Thank you for your input. I assumed they were different, just thought it might be an option to bolt in but wasn't reading of any success stories. A motor transmission swap might be doable but just thought I'd weigh options. I'm in Eastern Iowa.
  24. Have you done it? Does it work out alright?
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