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  1. Update: I put the valve back together and the valve itself works great no leaks. Still have the creep in the tilt. I ran it to fully retracted and unhooked my hoses from the remote coupler near the right side fuel tank and the cylinders still will creep with the weight of the bucket and hoses unhooked. So, thank you for the suggestions to the cylinders leaking internally, because that's looking like the real culprit. The ones on the loader currently are not even a matching pair, two different bore sizes (a previous owner quick fix). So, I ordered a new pair of matching cylinders and will replace once they get here and I hope that solves the issue. I will report results once I get it fixed. Thanks again.
  2. I have Samson brand on my 504. Came with the tractor and seem to hold up good so far for a Chinese tire. Also have a set of Samsons on my 560. They are 16.9-38. I installed 5 years ago and no issues so far. Haven't used it hard but enough to warrant saying they are decent for the money. Rather have Firestone but here cost is an issue sometimes.
  3. Thank you for explaining. That makes sense. Sounds like it would be unrelated to my issue. Probably worn spool and valve body. To rule it out I will try new o rings and clean up springs and balls for detent and try it. Maybe spool wasn't centeri g 100 percent of the time causing leak by. Next I could test tilt cylinders.
  4. Very well could be. After tearing that apart last night everything had that rusty oily gunk inside (not in the valve, but inside the pipe where the detent springs are). It's obvious that the valve has wear, but possibly those items inside could have been holding the valve open slightly sometimes allowing it to bleed out. I'd be more convinced if this did it every day, but somedays it functions just fine. Someone has modified this loader like a 2000 loader I believe, with two lift cylinders along the front beams of the loader rather than one in the center. Cylinders are newer, which don't mean anything but aren't leaking yet and I thought I would tackle the leak first in the valve. Another question, what does the unlatching piston do in the valve? Has the little o ring on a small shaft behind the detent balls? Does it relieve pressure inside the valve so one can connect hoses downstream? I thought maybe this could be an issue with the creep but I won't be surprised if I'm wrong.
  5. Tonight I took apart my outside remote valve as it had been leaking and also controls the tilt function on my 2001 loader. 90 percent of the time I use the tilt function on the loader, I return the valve to neutral and the bucket slowly creeps, or tilts, downward. It won't stay in the desired position. The other 10 percent it will hold where its been placed and hold a load just fine. I figured my creep issue would be in the valve. I see no torn o rings but a pretty stiff unlatching piston and some very slight scratches on the valve itself. What's causing the bucket to creep? Is putting new o rings in going to solve my issue? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Yes, I haven't opened either one and I'm in the process of returning. Or if someone needs them I'm happy to deal. I assumed that there wasn't anything interchangeable, just thought I'd double check and make sure it wasn't a one kit covers all kind of deal. Like I said wiper seal in the kit was too small anyhow. Appreciate your time and thank you for your time posting the pictures.
  7. Update: I called my dealer with part numbers in hand, and as was said before in previous posts this kit was not available together but they had the part numbers there and they had most of the parts in stock for one cylinder. I ended up ordering since I needed seals for both sides. Thank you @7and8and1456 for posting the pictures. That's exactly what I needed.
  8. I'm going to take a guess that the kits I ordered will be for the 2 way cylinder, seeings how there are more pieces listed in the parts diagram.
  9. Thank you very much for posting these diagrams! My 2001 is pressure up, gravity down, mounted on a 504 utility (I have a conglomerated mess for bucket cylinders, but not relevant at this time) Looks exactly like the second parts breakdown you posted. Would the kits I have currently have some parts that would fit this cylinder, or would this be a kit for the 2 way cylinder? I could see if my dealer recognizes these part numbers listed.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add that I did buy that kit, not from Baum, but from Reliable Aftermarket parts on ebay. Same part number. It's not even close to what I have. By looking at the kit, now seeing what I have inside my cylinder, i assume is for the original tilt/bucket cylinders. Wiper seal in the kit is smaller inner diameter than what mine is. I can see the components in the kit and they are smaller and there are also about twice the seals and o rings in it than what I pulled out of my cylinder. I guess that's why I'm here. I read all of that thread, even before I ordered these kits to confirm. Still not right. I could be wrong, I'm just assuming I either have odd cylinders or I didn't get the right stuff.
  11. Thank you. I may end up having to do that. I have a number off the wiper seal and it looks readily available but the o rings will be the next battle.
  12. BIL just recently put a 4BT in his M. Made one heck of a tractor out of it. Came out of a generator I believe.
  13. Hello again all, I was looking to find the internal seals and o rings for the lift cylinders on my IH 2001 loader. Is there still a kit available to repair these cylinders or do I need to order each o ring and seal individually? I have it apart and I see the wiper seal, two o rings and two white Teflon type seals that go on both sides of the main o ring. I didn't know if there was anyone out there that had the paper parts manual to look up part numbers for this loader. Im guessing my dealer does not have these anymore.. Both lift cylinders leak and would just like to see if new seals would slow it up for a while. Thank you.
  14. I did a helicoil for my D236 when I had the head off. Been working fine. Torqued to specs and then retorqued after running. That was 1/2-13 bolts.
  15. That is a nice setup. Before this disk I had a 470 18 ft. Really liked it as well, but found this locally and this was in better shape plus has the hydraulic wings. Manual wasn't terrible but a lot of time bolting and unbolting to fold up to go down the road. Dad had the same size in a 490 behind his 1206 row crop and it was all it wanted here.
  16. My best guess is it's had engine work done to it. I can see RTV silicone in between the oil pan and engine block, so someone's been in the bottom end for sure. For what I do with it, I'm happy. The wear and tear on things I assume the hours to be fairly accurate. Could be 21000, who knows I guess. It sure ain't 1000! Haha
  17. This morning, I took the "new to me" 475 out of the shed and put it behind the 1206 to chew up some stalks. I thought for a pretty light disk it did an okay job. H1 with the TA ahead. Only did 14 acres but still had fun. The 12 was running good with a nice haze out of the stack. A notable hour change as well today-She hit 11,000 hours.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. Where did you see it? I agree, if that was my price range I'd just as soon by a 7000 series magnum. But a 3500 hour 5288 would be cool.
  19. Can't beat a 460 diesel for fuel economy. I use mine for all sorts of jobs. Baling, raking, mowing, sowed oats and disked with it also. Backing wagons in the shed. I've heard a lot of guys say they start hard, but after some engine work on mine it starts pretty well with the glow plugs. Working on getting fast hitch working to use on the blade. Needs rear tires someday and paint too! I've used my gas 460 for all these jobs as well, including blowing snow with the #80...which it will do in a pinch but as was said above, she's a tad fast in reverse.
  20. I've got both gas and diesel here. Not much to look at. Top one is a 1960 diesel, the bottom picture is a 1959 gas. Both had hard lives before they got here and were saved from the scrap man.
  21. Thank you. I have noticed the ones online I've glanced at, as well as the 5288 I called on, have 42 inch step up rims. Do guys install those to help with ground clearance I assume? And yes, the two main jobs it would have would be snowblower duty and tillage in spring/fall. Like I said also, I'm sure it would find more things to do than that. I do love my 806 and 1206 which are my main tractors. But boy, as I get older and with every spray of snow in the face clearing the driveway I'm thinking any sort of cab might make that snow moving job a little more bearable. Haha.
  22. Thank you for the info. Now that you said that I do remember reading that in the past.
  23. Hey, that's understandable about the sentry. I see why people install them. They need the tractor and if it works use it. At the tune of 4k I'd probably slap one in to get it by. I agree, if I did buy one with the harness in it I'd try to get it fixed ASAP but I'd have to have the money to do it. You gotta do what you need to do sometimes.
  24. Thank you, that was good information and good experience from use. I do plan on talking to Mike in the future and asking questions. Sounds like your tractor has worked out for you well. I agree that most of the 98s should have already had issues this late in the game and if well cared for have been fixed. Just gotta watch out for the test harnesses.
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