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  1. Then the dash would be grey. I've read that they switched in mid 1960 and I believe I read that from Bermuda Ken here on the forum.
  2. Late 60 series panels were painted black, I believe after 1960 or 61.
  3. That's pretty neat If you still have all the stuff that it was mounted to. I have a pretty good old 430 here. Just wouldn't mind having a spare in the shed. But, unfortunately that's too far for me. Lol
  4. Dang, wish I was closer. I'd take you up on your 46. I'm in eastern iowa. A little far for me to pull it.
  5. I see the sand trap rake in the background. Very cool. Saw that at Red Power in Des Moines a few years back.
  6. Try holding the key switch in the "start" position and wiggling the pto switch. Often times on Quietlines the pto switch will be just barely engaged and it will act as if you have a dead battery or a bad neutral start safety switch. Have had several here that have done this. Just a thought. If that works, replace the pto switch.
  7. Dad's '65 1206 is 7771 and it has the decal on it. Had it before we painted it. So yes, I'd agree with Red 56 Turbo. Definitely a decal model number.
  8. Here are some pictures. It's pretty rough but you can still read the tag.
  9. I have a friend who went to a sale Saturday and bought an IH 735 liquid manure spreader. It is in pretty rough shape but he was wondering if there is any information on these out there? How long they were built, different models, etc. By what little research I've done online, I'm assuming these were not very popular in our area (east IA). I see they made a 725 model as well. Pictures of manuals online but none for sale. Just looking for any general information out there, past experiences, general knowledge...thanks!
  10. Thanks Matt and TP. I thought this looked plenty wide for a 9 foot window behind the 990. The bar rake I have does okay for now, just seems in rougher terrain it won't pick up all the finer grass. I'll give this a shot, I don't think I'm out too much if it dosent work.
  11. Hello, Just wondered if anybody on here used or uses an IH model 30 wheel rake yet? Just bought one at the local auction, mainly because it was cheap. Looks to be all there but hasnt seen a shed it's whole life. Ordered the operators manual here a few days ago. Just wondered what everyone thought of them. Did they work well for what they were? Was hoping this would pick up finer hay and grass than the number 15 bar rake would. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Jeff, if you were closer I'd be interested in your 990 as a spare machine. Those mowers just run and work. Got one here and Dad had one growing up. Had very few issues with it. Wobble box arm finally broke on Dads and he "upgraded" to an 1190.
  13. Isn't that the IH 816 mower conditioner? Came before the 990 I believe and it was not a very good machine from what I read.
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