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  1. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    I always remember my great grandpa saying when I was younger (and I'd be laughing so hard I'd cry) "It's windier than a sack of a$$holes out here!"
  2. Rare Axle Extension

    Clutch/brake pedals indicate it's an 06 series of some sort...IMO.
  3. 756 rear end noise

    I know what I'll say here might be a bit of work, but pull your left brake apart and wiggle your bull pinion shaft to see if has any play. My 1206 had a bearing out on this shaft and it made a big clunk while driving. It was bad enough that the P.O. kept driving it and chipped a bunch of teeth off the pinion shaft gear and the bull gear. Wasn't a bad repair but bad enough, especially when the P.O. didnt say anything about it...
  4. Block heater question

    Dad's 826 had a lower radiator hose in it for years until it started leaking. I always thought those were a cleaner look and it worked well too.
  5. 1086 will not start

    I Some 86 series tractors have a safety switch in the park "gear", which I believe would be around the linkage you were just working on. Double check to see if there is a simple push button switch in the park slot that the shifter lever would hit when the lever is in park. If there is, make sure it's wires are connected.
  6. Looking for

    I guess I shouldn't doubt my previous post. Your tractors are built in 1970, so a gold demo wouldn't be out of the question, would it? Or has someone already figured out the range of numbers that the gold demos were produced for the 826's? My apologies if it has been discussed here before.
  7. Looking for

    I've been there too, hopefully he pulls through for you. I doubt its what you are looking for, but there was another 826 listed in Yesterdays tractor classified ads in NE. Claims its a Gold Demo. Posted today 1/3
  8. Looking for

    Did he ever get back with you?
  9. Looking for

    826 listed in WI on Yesterdays Tractor photo ads, I believe today 12/29. Sorry if it has already been looked at.
  10. Looking for

    There's an 826 listed today (12/20) on Waterloo IA Craigslist in Elgin. Thought I'd post it in case you didn' see it...
  11. Looking for correct Super H muffler - not just one that fits

    If you look at the specs, the muffler at yesterday's tractors isn't the same As Steiner. 2 1/2 inch outlet vs 1 3/4 inch. YT has a Stanley I bet. Use the one from Steiner...to me that's the original style.
  12. A big thanks to...

    Thanks guys! Red Power was a blast. Really wanted to get to the meet and greet but I had some storm cleanup to do from the night before. Thankfully it wasn't too bad!
  13. A big thanks to...

    Thanks Nate. Had a good time talking with you about your sand trap rake at RPRU on Friday.
  14. A big thanks to...

    Just wanted to say thank you to Todd Roberts and the crew at the Farmall Shop. I took a work out seat suspension to RPRU on Friday and Todd fixed me up with a new seat and pre-cleaner bowl as well. Installed it on Saturday and I love it! Come fall it will be a more enjoyable ride hauling grain to town.
  15. Red power roundup times?

    Looks like 8am to 8pm each day.