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  1. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/grd/d/lathrop-ih/6821601855.html
  2. I have both a 460 and 560 gas. Both have fast hitches and narrow fronts. 560 has 16.9s on The back, 460 has 15.5's. The smaller lighter jobs I use the 460. The bigger heavier pulling jobs I like to use the 560. On the 460 the TA is your friend, it has no lug. Also seems higher geared than the 560. 560 has more lug, obviously because it has a longer stroke and a few more cubes. They both seem long to me while driving looking down all that sheet metal so one being more nimble than the other I don't see it. They both like fuel. They both have a wicked fast road gear. Both are hard to get on/off. I don't have any experience with the diesel models. The 60 series is probably my favorite tractor series.
  3. I should also mention the 371238R2 is a cast iron steel housing, and the 691789C11 housing is aluminum.
  4. I have a question for the experts... I have a Farmall 460 diesel that is currently torn apart. The D236 engine that was in it is getting swapped with another D236 engine I just bought. Going to put it together I noticed that the oil filter base on the new engine is not "notched" to allow the steering shaft to pass under it. I took the old filter base off the original engine thinking I could swap them. It looks like the original filter base, part number 371238R2 has the pressure relief valve in the housing itself and the base off the new engine is part number 601789C11 and it's relief valve goes into the engine block. Are these interchangeable? The bolt pattern is the same but the two housings and gaskets are not the same. Wondered if anyone has run into this issue and what they did about it. Im assuming the short answer is no, but i thought id ask. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for any help!
  5. wendyoakscubs


    "A two second Google search would have answered that..." Jon, where in the world do you think you need to come off like that? The guy had a question...why can't you just answer it with respect and leave all the extra BS out of It? So what if he could find it on Google? He had a question, let someone else answer it if you're gonna act like that. That attitude practically ruined Only Cub Cadets when you were a moderator over there. I suppose there should be a disclaimer over on the new forum "Everything Cub Cadet" saying "don't ask any simple questions, that's what Google is for". I don't frequently post here but I read almost every day and I think the same thing is starting to happen here as it did over there on OCC. Certain members are sick and tired of your arrogant talk already and it makes a simple topic turn into a pissing match. I get it, you're a competent mechanic and you and I have had conversations before over the phone and you have helped me. But man, I'll speak for myself or several when I say I'm sick of it, I wish you'd knock that stupid BS off. Just post and be decent to people. Ban me, flame me, I don't care. I enjoyed reading this forum until J-Mech started this crap over here. Just wonder what boast fest or arrogant post will be around the bend.... Sorry for the rant and I apologize to the OP. An 886 is a sweet tractor. Better than a Deere.
  6. I have this setup in my shop. Just installed it about 4 months ago. Compressor set at 125 psi though, but I think there is room to set it higher if needed?. 3 outlets across the shop with one off the compressor. No issues so far. The tubing is kind of a pain to install by yourself (I thought anyway, takes a little bit to get it the shape you want) and I didn't care for the black clips that hold the pipe to the wall or ceiling so I used conduit clamps instead. No leaks but installed a ball valve off the compressor and I shut it off when not in use. I got mine off Amazon and for my needs and budget it works great.
  7. My 67 1206 I've had for a few years now. Used it on the disc, and pulled corn to town. Has just shy of 11,000 hrs on the tach.
  8. 1970 gold demo 826 posted on YT photo ads today in Indiana.
  9. Posted today on Yesterdays Tractors classifieds section, a 1970 826 in Fullerton, Nebraska that was in a fire. Phone number listed.
  10. Also, in the search, there is a guy selling a turbo off an 826, listed on Oct. 19, location says NW Missouri. Maybe call to get a number? I apologize if any of these are repeats.
  11. Also on Des Moines CL, guy is selling a wide front and a Westendorf loader off an 826. Maybe contact him to get the number? I typed in 826 on Des Moines CL home page and it came up.
  12. There's an 826 listed on Des Moines Craigslist two hrs ago in the farm and garden section. From Pattonsburg, in case you didn't see it.
  13. I would guess Case brand looking at the front spindles...
  14. Good evening folks, Looking for a little help with my 560 pto. It started to slip on me while baling hay. I have looked through past topics on this issue but there isn't one that specifically says the adjustment process. I have the planetary pto with the band adjustment on top of the unit. Just looking to see if I can adjust before I pull the unit to rebuild. Thank you for your time.
  15. Waterloo Craigslist, posted 5 days ago from today (5/21) IH 826 German Diesel in Wellsburg IA. Has a phone number listed.
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