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  1. wendyoakscubs

    Tractors by "Date" 1206

    My 67 1206 I've had for a few years now. Used it on the disc, and pulled corn to town. Has just shy of 11,000 hrs on the tach.
  2. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    1970 gold demo 826 posted on YT photo ads today in Indiana.
  3. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    Posted today on Yesterdays Tractors classifieds section, a 1970 826 in Fullerton, Nebraska that was in a fire. Phone number listed.
  4. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    Also, in the search, there is a guy selling a turbo off an 826, listed on Oct. 19, location says NW Missouri. Maybe call to get a number? I apologize if any of these are repeats.
  5. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    Also on Des Moines CL, guy is selling a wide front and a Westendorf loader off an 826. Maybe contact him to get the number? I typed in 826 on Des Moines CL home page and it came up.
  6. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    There's an 826 listed on Des Moines Craigslist two hrs ago in the farm and garden section. From Pattonsburg, in case you didn't see it.
  7. wendyoakscubs

    What brand of running gear is this?

    I would guess Case brand looking at the front spindles...
  8. wendyoakscubs

    Farmall 560 planetary pto adjustment

    Good evening folks, Looking for a little help with my 560 pto. It started to slip on me while baling hay. I have looked through past topics on this issue but there isn't one that specifically says the adjustment process. I have the planetary pto with the band adjustment on top of the unit. Just looking to see if I can adjust before I pull the unit to rebuild. Thank you for your time.
  9. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    Waterloo Craigslist, posted 5 days ago from today (5/21) IH 826 German Diesel in Wellsburg IA. Has a phone number listed.
  10. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    Also an 826 listed in the YT non photo classifieds on 4/18 in Wisconsin. Didn't see it listed here previously so I thought I'd mention it.
  11. wendyoakscubs

    Looking for

    826 listed on Yesterdays tractors on 4/14. May be a repeat?
  12. wendyoakscubs

    Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    I always remember my great grandpa saying when I was younger (and I'd be laughing so hard I'd cry) "It's windier than a sack of a$$holes out here!"
  13. wendyoakscubs

    Rare Axle Extension

    Clutch/brake pedals indicate it's an 06 series of some sort...IMO.
  14. wendyoakscubs

    756 rear end noise

    I know what I'll say here might be a bit of work, but pull your left brake apart and wiggle your bull pinion shaft to see if has any play. My 1206 had a bearing out on this shaft and it made a big clunk while driving. It was bad enough that the P.O. kept driving it and chipped a bunch of teeth off the pinion shaft gear and the bull gear. Wasn't a bad repair but bad enough, especially when the P.O. didnt say anything about it...
  15. wendyoakscubs

    Block heater question

    Dad's 826 had a lower radiator hose in it for years until it started leaking. I always thought those were a cleaner look and it worked well too.