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  1. I would assume that large bracket in the center of the tail gate in the picture is for what I'm assuming your calling the swing arm. Im guessing that bracket bolts onto the bottom of the belly of a tractor. In the operators manual it looks like on a 560 the mounts bolt to the sides of the TA and rear end housings. Ive included two more pictures of the engine side shields. With the curve at the top (again, assuming the curve goes to top) that almost seems to be a dead give away to fit a Massey Harris 44 as they have those curves side shields off the hood. Also found some pictures of MH 44 axle housings and it looks like tat rear plate for the ball/socket mount would bolt right to it.
  2. Also, it did come with a set of engine screens but the tops (or bottoms, depends on how you'd look at it I guess) have a curve to them on one side. I can get pictures of them tomorrow.
  3. Yes, my curiosity is getting the best of me so I'm trying all my resources. The axle mounts say MH 401 Possehl. Any ideas what that means? I see the MH possibly meaning Massey Harris.
  4. Good evening, I recently bought a 2-MH corn picker that was in the neighborhood. The previous owner said that he inherited it from his uncle when he passed (came with the farm) and he has no information on the history of the picker. From what I can see, it is a 2-MH. Looks to be one with an open elevator (not covered on top). The biggest question I have is the mounts. There were mounts laying underneath it in the building its in, so I grabbed what I could lift and throw in the truck the day I bought it. Brother in law also has a 2-MH and says some of the mounts are not listed in his manual. The rear axle mounts he says are for a 560, but has no clue on the rest. I have a few pictures here and I was wondering if someone recognized them. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Bates Corporation has them in stock, 382510r1 bushing, 26.00.
  6. Dad and Grandpa had 915's. Loved them for combining oats. Never had a pickup head. Cut straight out of the field. Grandpa had three different 915s and Dad and I had one. Worked on just about every part of one of them. Served us well for the age and condition. Got to know them inside and out so repairs were not a big deal. Three out of the four ended up getting cavitation in the sleeves so they went to pasture. Made more parts for the next one...
  7. Well I found a problem. Just pulled hitch pump apart and 4 out of the 7 bolts holding the pump halves together were loose. I'm guessing that's where my pressure was going and why there was so much turbulence in that area. Going to replace hitch pump and report back results.
  8. I had a chance to look at the innards while the tractor was running. I had a good amount of oil running down the right rear side. I had some drips coming from the 3pt lift cylinder itself. Also had oil spraying out towards the front left of the housing, to the left of the pto shaft and gear. Is the oil spray near the front normal?
  9. Well I hate to burst your bubble...but if you thought the 5th millionth 1066 was the 5th millionth tractor they ever built ...i have to agree with Big Bud guy...i doubt it is! Better crunch some numbers and see how bad they messed that one up. Old F20 has a lot of facts to prove it was the picture in the tractor. Read the article again. He said it's got silver paint on it. If it's that big of deal to you, ask him about it. He's the owner. I've met Old F20. I got no reason not to believe him. I saw it personally in Des Moines and appreciated the fact that he brought this piece of history to light for us collectors. Great restoration in my opinion.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I will check both here in the next couple days. I did have a large amount of oil coming from the top when I started looking into it. I have not checked since cleaning the unloading valve. Would an open unloading valve cause the stream of oil? What else would?
  11. Tried swapping relief valves with my 1206. No change. Where should I be looking next?
  12. I had a question about a 1066 I'm working on. It came in and customer said the 3pt won't lift. I did some messing around with it and found that the 3pt would lift by moving the remote. So, the IT manual said check unloading valve under seat. I did, and there was crud in the valve holding it open. I also replaced the o-rings in the drop valve as there was crud in that valve too. Well now 3pt will raise at idle with no load. To reset the drop valve, I put my 3pt snowblower on and adjusted the drop valve per the IT manual as well. Now my issue is the 3pt wont lift the blower at idle. Remotes seem sluggish at idle moving the snow spout (don't have a gauge to deadhead, but they seem slowwe than normal). Speed the tractor up to pto speed and works fine. Could this be a relief valve issue? I took the snap ring out of the one in the tractor and there was no debris in it. Prior to all this work, owner claimed he changed the hydraulic pump and fluid approx 30 hours before this repair. Why, I'm not sure. Just looking for some input on what the issue may be. Thinking try to swap relief valves? Thanks for any help.
  13. X2 to what Dan said. I've tried it with my dad's 1206 on a #200 fast hitch blade. It does not work.
  14. Looks like there were a lot of nice tractors there at the show this year. I am looking forward to next year's state show at Brown Farm in Central CIty. There was great attendance this past year and would expect it to be a very large show next year. Hoping to get something fixed up for it.
  15. Better yet...here's a test. Take the pin out of the adjustment clevis and let it hang out of the way. Try to push the lever down that the clevis attaches to. Does the arm go really far down or will it stop after an inch of travel or so? If you can move it to the point where the arm is straight up and down, looking squarely at it, you have a cam actuator problem or the band is broke. If it only moves an inch or so, might be bull pinion shaft seals need replaced or oil soaked bands(already mentioned) . Hope this helps.
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