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  1. Thanks Matt and TP. I thought this looked plenty wide for a 9 foot window behind the 990. The bar rake I have does okay for now, just seems in rougher terrain it won't pick up all the finer grass. I'll give this a shot, I don't think I'm out too much if it dosent work.
  2. Hello, Just wondered if anybody on here used or uses an IH model 30 wheel rake yet? Just bought one at the local auction, mainly because it was cheap. Looks to be all there but hasnt seen a shed it's whole life. Ordered the operators manual here a few days ago. Just wondered what everyone thought of them. Did they work well for what they were? Was hoping this would pick up finer hay and grass than the number 15 bar rake would. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Jeff, if you were closer I'd be interested in your 990 as a spare machine. Those mowers just run and work. Got one here and Dad had one growing up. Had very few issues with it. Wobble box arm finally broke on Dads and he "upgraded" to an 1190.
  4. Isn't that the IH 816 mower conditioner? Came before the 990 I believe and it was not a very good machine from what I read.
  5. Thank you Hagan that picture will help a bunch! Stronger800, thank you for the reply. I did read that in previous posts but just wanted to double check.
  6. Thank you. Those pics do help. This muffler looks very similar to the round ones in your pictures. If this one I found isn't IH stamped its probably as close as Ill get until they reproduce some. Another question to all here. This 806 has the M&W turbo setup. Will I be hurting anything to put a muffler in place of its current straight pipe?
  7. Hello, I had a question about Farmall 806 mufflers. I have a lead on a possible used original 806 diesel muffler. It looks to be in good shape and I would like to have one for mine eventually if I get it fixed up. I was wondering if anyone had a good picture of a known IH muffler just for comparison to the one I found? Any pictures or tips would be great. Thank you.
  8. Does the baler like to shear pins during/after a tie cycle? If so, check the twine needle safety dog and the associated linkage under the chamber of the baler. There is an arm that rides on top of the needle saddle that, when in the tie cycle, pops up a "dog" (essentially a stop) that will prevent the plunger from smashing the needles if something were to come out of time. The dog stops the plunger instantly and will shear the flywheel pin. If the dog is not set correctly, or binding, or won't pivot freely it can hang up and will stick up too long on every tie cycle. Been through this before on my 430 and Dads 47 balers. It would be a good idea to at least grease or oil the shaft this dog pivots on and make sure it works to avoid smashed needles. Just something to check.
  9. I also use the 460 and 560 fast hitch. When you have nothing that works very well to break beads.
  10. I also use the 460 and 560 fast hitch. When you have nothing that works very well to break beads.
  11. I would assume that large bracket in the center of the tail gate in the picture is for what I'm assuming your calling the swing arm. Im guessing that bracket bolts onto the bottom of the belly of a tractor. In the operators manual it looks like on a 560 the mounts bolt to the sides of the TA and rear end housings. Ive included two more pictures of the engine side shields. With the curve at the top (again, assuming the curve goes to top) that almost seems to be a dead give away to fit a Massey Harris 44 as they have those curves side shields off the hood. Also found some pictures of MH 44 axle housings and it looks like tat rear plate for the ball/socket mount would bolt right to it.
  12. Also, it did come with a set of engine screens but the tops (or bottoms, depends on how you'd look at it I guess) have a curve to them on one side. I can get pictures of them tomorrow.
  13. Yes, my curiosity is getting the best of me so I'm trying all my resources. The axle mounts say MH 401 Possehl. Any ideas what that means? I see the MH possibly meaning Massey Harris.
  14. Good evening, I recently bought a 2-MH corn picker that was in the neighborhood. The previous owner said that he inherited it from his uncle when he passed (came with the farm) and he has no information on the history of the picker. From what I can see, it is a 2-MH. Looks to be one with an open elevator (not covered on top). The biggest question I have is the mounts. There were mounts laying underneath it in the building its in, so I grabbed what I could lift and throw in the truck the day I bought it. Brother in law also has a 2-MH and says some of the mounts are not listed in his manual. The rear axle mounts he says are for a 560, but has no clue on the rest. I have a few pictures here and I was wondering if someone recognized them. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Bates Corporation has them in stock, 382510r1 bushing, 26.00.
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