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  1. All but 3 they just go to shows. Two of them left to go back to work cutting hay the next day. Two had planter Monitors on. And the rest do odd jobs around the farm.
  2. There was probably 6 or 7 that didn’t show up
  3. We hosted a 1206 only day here on the farm. It started as just shop talk. Then it went to, let’s see how many we can gather up. So we got 12 tractors that show up. It was a great turn out.
  4. Thanks guy's. My next project is a super H hopefully I can get it done faster and get some pictures up.
  5. I posted this for the two local guys that read this forum every day. And they said it would take me forever to get it done. Well here she is 9 months later ready to get back to work.
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