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  1. I will see if I can get a video posted
  2. This is our splitter we got this 3 years ago for cutting wood for an outside wood burner. I have a 4-8-12 wedges. I can only take logs up to 24 inches in size.It’s fast and the boys can run it while I load.
  3. I just wanted to say that it was nice to meet everyone and put a name and a face together. I am in the front row far left next to mr plow and my Dad is right behind me. I don’t make the first picture but my son was in the first picture with my Dad. Thanks again and we hope to see everyone again at another show thanks David
  4. Thanks guys for all the good information. Like I said before this is something we don’t see around here. And it was something good to hear about.
  5. So we have a question here at the shop about LP tractors. So we know how they are filled but back in the day where did you fill them from?? Did the have delivery trucks like today? Or you go get it in a tank then transfer it? Home tank? just thought about throwing it out there and finding out. We don’t see a lot of them around here I only know of one in the area and I think it is a 706. I don’t even know if it still is being used. thanks for the info David
  6. I didn’t get pictures but it’s wedged just like a NASCAR
  7. Yes that is it. They were a trucking company out of Cincinnati Ohio
  8. Yes I don’t know the weight but the back axle is empty. It drives off of the front axle and has a 4 speed automatic
  9. Not sure but I know it ran on the great American truck racing Circuit its a 71 kw and started racing in late 70-1990.that is just want I was told
  10. So my brother got this truck and it sat at the farm for a couple years. And he finally got it running. It did race we do know the guy that ran the truck. And it was on the Smokey and the bandit 2 Movie. You have to watch for it in the beginning of the movie.
  11. I called the other day for max rolls and the price is .46 cents. That is with a delivery date of January or February. I payed 31 cents a year ago.
  12. Thanks guy's. My next project is a super H hopefully I can get it done faster and get some pictures up.
  13. I posted this for the two local guys that read this forum every day. And they said it would take me forever to get it done. Well here she is 9 months later ready to get back to work.
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