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  1. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Box 📦 like I want

    Here’s what we did, we had the trailer and then we took the dump bed and the hinge and frame rails and fit it in the frame of the trailer the pump is from the dump truck and runs off the transmission. Works well
  2. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Plowing In ohio

    I think it is 35 qt total i have one on my 1256 the last pan I seen sold brought $2500 on line
  3. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Plowing In ohio

    They had sweet corn in that field and the other one we plowed was wheat
  4. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Plowing In ohio

    Man the guy that painted that tractor really did a nice job next year I will bring a bigger tractor and hot lap you😂
  5. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    The two that I like are. This one here is a mechanic’s special. And, If I still farmed I would own it.
  6. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    Tractor hauling in the winter/salt spray

    So I work in salt all winter here is what we do. Take a clean bucket and put barking soda in it. We used a hole box one of the small ones. Then we add a quart of purple power. And a quart of car wash soap. Mix it up then put in a pump sprayer then spray it all over. Then hit it with the power washer. This works good for us, we have been using it for two years now. It even works good for your truck and car. And a hole bucket will last a while. But the key ingredient is the baking soda you need to neutralize the salt.
  7. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    5-20 auction 986

    $19500 was the winner from what heard. And i think it is going to Greensburg Indiana. I was not there this is all second hand.
  8. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    5-20 auction 986

    The hours on that tractor are right. I know the guy he bought the tractor new and then had health issues and then decided to rent the farm out. It has brush hogged around the farm and that is all it has done.
  9. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    1066 Got new paint

    I painted it for a friend of the family.
  10. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    1066 Got new paint

    Thanks guy's. My next project is a super H hopefully I can get it done faster and get some pictures up.
  11. 2 hot 2 farm 1256

    1066 Got new paint

    I posted this for the two local guys that read this forum every day. And they said it would take me forever to get it done. Well here she is 9 months later ready to get back to work.