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  1. I am building a 1206 with a DT361 engine and I need some advice on the flywheel. How much wear can there be on the flywheel and pressure plate before replacing? I have a depth of 1.966 on the flywheel surface to the pressure plate. Is this too much? Thanks
  2. No, I'm referring to the 2 small round seals. I believe 1 is neoprene and the other is black rubber. They're in the complete gasket set, but they may fit a different application and are not used on the D361. Since I did not find any on the 3 heads I have, I am assuming this to be the case. Just wanting a second opinion. Thanks you for your replies.
  3. I need to clarify what information I am looking for. What I need to know is the order in which the seal fit onto the valve stem. There are 2 types seals in the gasket kit. Since the old ones were already gone, I am not for certain on the correct placement. I have looked for a breakdown that would show me, but haven't found one. It's been a while since I've done a head and have forgotten, but I'm certain that someone on here can tell me.
  4. Can anyone tell if the D361 has seals on the valve guides or boots on the valve stems?
  5. you are correct, I finally found that information in one of the manuals I have. I disassembled one of the other heads and the seat are good, so I will be using that head. Thanks to all who replied and tried to help.
  6. I am rebuilding a D361 for my International 1206. I have stripped the head down to replace the valves, springs and guides but I have some pretty bad pitting in the valve seats. I was told that some heads had replaceable valve seats but some of the earlier heads did not have replaceable seat. The earlier head had to have the seats cut down. My head is part #345149R2. Does anyone know if the seats are machined into this head or can they be removed? I have looked but I don't see any way to remove the seat. I also have a #345149R3 that I haven't checked yet. Does this head have re
  7. Ok, thanks. I'll split it at the transmission and go from there.
  8. I guess I didn't explain which seal I am needing to replace. If you look at the transmission parts diagram, #11 and #13 are the seals that I think I need to replace. My problem is the center compartment is filling up with oil and letting the oil run down the drive shaft and leak out into the clutch. I have the tractor split right now to replace the #3 seals but don't know the easiest way to get not the other seals to replace them. Do I need to split the tractor into 3 pieces or can I get to the #11 and #13 seals by taking the top plate off the transmission?
  9. I have a IH 504 that has started leaking hydraulic oil into the clutch. I am assuming that there is a seal somewhere that needs replacing, but I'm having trouble finding how to get to it. I have split the tractor at the front of transmission. Do I also have to split it at the back or can I that the top off to get to the seal? This is a non torque amplified tractor.
  10. Can anyone tell me what belt I need to fit my Woods L59 mower attached to a Farmall Super A. The belt was gone and I want to make sure I order the correct length.
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