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  1. Ok, thanks. I'll split it at the transmission and go from there.
  2. I guess I didn't explain which seal I am needing to replace. If you look at the transmission parts diagram, #11 and #13 are the seals that I think I need to replace. My problem is the center compartment is filling up with oil and letting the oil run down the drive shaft and leak out into the clutch. I have the tractor split right now to replace the #3 seals but don't know the easiest way to get not the other seals to replace them. Do I need to split the tractor into 3 pieces or can I get to the #11 and #13 seals by taking the top plate off the transmission?
  3. I have a IH 504 that has started leaking hydraulic oil into the clutch. I am assuming that there is a seal somewhere that needs replacing, but I'm having trouble finding how to get to it. I have split the tractor at the front of transmission. Do I also have to split it at the back or can I that the top off to get to the seal? This is a non torque amplified tractor.
  4. Thanks to both who replied. You were right on your information. I got the seal replaced and am ready to start reassembling. I appreciate your help.
  5. This is the shaft I'm talking about. I need to replace the bearing and the seal behind it.
  6. I'm working on my 504, trying to replace the seals on the IPTO shaft in the transmission. How does the shaft come out? Do I have to pull the gear out to get the shaft out? I have already remove the throwout bearing and the cross shaft to the clutch pedal.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the injection pump drive shaft nut should torque at on a DT 361? It is in a 1206 IH. Thank you.
  8. Just a quick question, can you polish lifters? And if so, what is the best way to do this?

    DT361 rebuild

    I want to make sure, when you say "front side of bearing" do you mean the side toward the flywheel or toward the inside of the block. I polished the side inside the block using 320 grit wet sand paper on a solid flat surface. But just to be safe I'm ordering a new main bearing tomorrow and starting fresh.
  10. TGFAIN

    DT361 rebuild

    Thanks I copied that article for reference. O.K. Thanks
  11. TGFAIN

    DT361 rebuild

    By 'fitting the pistons to the liner' do you mean making sure the piston fits inside the liner easily? The answer is yes.
  12. TGFAIN

    DT361 rebuild

    I built a press, using a heavy plate on the bottom and a machined puck(for lack of a better word) and sucked it down into the cylinder with 3/4 fine all-thread. It worked great. I agree, I'm not comfortable with the .003. Tomorrow I'm going to order another Main bearing and make sure I didn't get a faulty one the first time. Then if I don't have clearance, I'll be making a trip back to the machine shop. Thanks for your input.
  13. TGFAIN

    DT361 rebuild

    I apologize if I'm not posting correctly. I will keep all my questions in one thread. This is not my first rebuilt engine, 2 years experience in tractor shop and 9 years in diesel truck shop in my earlier years. But it is my first DT361, and from what I've heard, they are in a class of their own. I'm just trying to make certain I get it right. The question about the pistons was for future reference. I'm not there yet, just checking others opinions. The question about the protruding bearing on #1 main: Flush end to end in the saddle, the protrusion is toward the front of the b
  14. Thanks. I didn't think there was, but wanted to make sure.
  15. Can you tell me if there is a certain position the crankshaft can be placed so that you might install all 6 piston rods without turning the crank?
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