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  1. I Guess i should have made it clear that i am asking for help instead of smart ass comments from keyboard tractor experts. If you don't have anything constructive to add try some STFU.
  2. The Alternator is a new single wire type that is putting out 14.1 at idle. The ground from the battery and starter switch and solenoid go to the center post that the steering controls are mounted on at the lower pedestal. When it cranks it starts right up in summer and a little longer after a few choice words and threats followed by a squirt of ether in the Winter. I Don't have the pull rod starter setup that's stock but a master power shut off and a momentary switch that works when it wants too. The only thing i can think of is the alternator might be "spiking" high amp shots or the solenoid
  3. I Have been needing to replace starter solenoids about every 4 months or so. At first they start breaking down by not sending power to the starter momentary switch (not stock) which is a push button type switch, then when that stops working , i can take a jumper wire to cross the two main terminals on the solenoid when the power is turned on and that works for a while then over time nothing will work. Could the Alternator be putting out too much power burning these things out? I'm not good with electrical. This tractor has been converted to 12 volt.
  4. The Manufacturers rep at the factory emailed me and said no other brands are compatible in any way with their soybean based mixes. He said if i cross brand mix colors or additives the paint will fail in many different ways. Now that can be taken in several ways. one, it's the truth or two it could mean just buy all of our stuff and nobody else's.
  5. I Wouldn't think that would be a problem. Amazon.com ships all of the time without special charges, just extra packaging. You can just get me the contact information if you don't mind. Thanks, Tom
  6. O.K. I'm in Maine, what part of the Moon are they sitting? I'm good at guessing but not that good.
  7. Let me know what you find. I Emailed the Van Sickles folks and they said their hardener's chemistry is specifically blended for their paint only. So i'll need only their brand. Thanks for your help.
  8. I Bought two gallons of the Van Sickles tractor and implement paint on a closeout special for $9.00 a gallon but they didn't have any hardener and can't get any. So i figured i could find it on Amazon or Ebay...nope, just thinner. So i contacted Van sickles themselves and got three different wild goose chases that didn't have hardener but just thinner. I've tried to google it but nothing comes up. So that being said does anyone know where the **** i can get two quarts so i can get my Super "C" and implements painted before the end of the universe? Thanks.
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