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  1. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Ed I have not confirmed pto speed to tach but used it on maure pump with good results. It seems to be real close to what you would expect RPM wise. When I had the 2 to 1 on it it was obviously way off. The tach drive is from cummins / case dealership. I was wrong on the aftermarket factory tach it is already 2 to 1 so being that the cummins comes off motor at .5 to 1 it equals 1:1 ratio. So the gear up in between was not needed.
  2. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Go to page 1 of this thread. There is a pic of 3 hubs, I used the bluebird bus application one that is the top one in pic.
  3. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Well she works good other than not coming up to temp have to look into that. Used 3/4 tank of fuel in 8 hrs. How does that compare to everyone else's fuel consumption? And band saw wouldn't touch hardened axles so my brother said to do it this way.
  4. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Well I can't get backed into pump outs close enough to barn without cutting these axles down. Looks like mine are 31" long and the shorter factory axles are around 22" which make the tractor 8' wide. I will make sure to use band saw so everyone is happy. And I still have enough axle to run hubs for duals.
  5. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Yes I have used their stuff, have some silicone on air intake and CAC line. There stuff is good and cost effective. Not sure where that came from. Dad got it. Front tires are bigger than I thought and now it makes me want 20.8 - 38 rears so it sits level. but oh well happy with it so far. This should answer your question on tach: Goes in oil fill hole and runs off pump nut. So far only think will work on rotary pump becasue p pump has a bigger nut.
  6. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    What is the standard length supposed to be? I agree with leaving enough for duals. This tractor will not be set up for row crop spacing. This is the parts for tach. There was one extra o ring don't know which one. Ih cable hooks up to it and my tach worked at correct ratio.
  7. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    We worked it a bit this past weekend and mine did not come up to temp either. Has new thermostat with flex fan. Wondering if I may need to switch over to a clutch fan. Will wait and see what it does during hot summer first. Yes kruegerdiesel tach drive is from cummins / case dealership. I was wrong on international factory tach it is already 2 to 1 so being that the cummins comes off motor at .5 to 1 it equals 1:1 ratio. So the gear up in between was not needed. Buddy Eric hauled it for me up to farm. He also did a great job wiring for me. I did not have patience for making wiring look nice! Did conversion in my garage over winter. This weekend on farm we put on other new rear rim and tire and larger fronts so I don't cut in. No its not on the fenders. On 6" Pump. 10.00 - 16 vs 14L - 16.1 Helper ready for bed. I am ready to cut off axles. Any reason I shouldn't? I am gonna peal steel off my hog barn if I don't. How long should I cut them down to?
  8. 756 with cummins

    CWINN what injection pump you running? What year dodge did motor come out of? (wondering what size turbine housing you have) You know how much boost you are running under load? Pyro temps? Just comparing to mine.
  9. 4EH Batteries ?!?!?!

    This is my spacer.
  10. 1256 Cummins Conversion

    Well here are some more pics. Been a long winter project but turned out decent I think. Will be running manure pump shortly. Narrowing up battery cover. Gauge pod mock up for murphy switches Throttle cable mock up Leds Gauge pod murphy switches for running pto pump all day long Tilt steering bushing 5140 Air filter housing and upper rad hose setup. This was very hard to make all work and keep factory hood holes. Hooked up the heater grids. Also have block heater. EDIT: Cummins pump is .5 to 1 international tach is 2 to 1 so works just fine hooking the two up with international cable. Tightest part of under hood compartment is the right side of hood to 3" air inlet tube from filter housing to turbo. Needed some bushings in steering. Finished up and ready to get some work. Any inexpensive 1256 emblems? I cant find anything reasonable. I am fine with aftermarket as well.
  11. 4EH Batteries ?!?!?!

    This is how I did my group 31 conversion on a 1256.
  12. This is how I did my group 31 conversion on a 1256. Hammered the old tray flat, put a flat stock front and side on it with a hold down for the rear rod, then cut new lid down to 14" on hold down bolt centers. Best I came up with was a 2 x 4 spacer cut down and painted black. Have to get a pic of that. I am using 2/0 welding wire for cables and so far I am getting away with 1 battery in Michigan Comparison info from specs found on internet and batteries avail at family farm and home: L" W" H" CCA Volt $ notes 3EH 19.25 4.25 9.75 875 6 $95 in series you get 875 CCA 4EH 19.25 5 10 930 6 $128 in series you get 930 total CCA 31 12.9 6.75 9.27 1000 12 $145 1 battery gets 1000 CCA and less cables to keep up.